North America
Gender Male
Eliminated Battle of the Labyrinth
Place 3rd
Teammate Sylvia
Relationship Cealey, Kasandra (one-sided, ended)
Friends Sylvia, Cealey, Kasandra, Grover, Jorge, Evelyn, Kermit, Roddy, Charlote, Phineas, Kenyatta, Rainer
Enemies None
Hometown Honolulu, Hawaii
Original Pyramid Piece Strength, Knowledge
Clayton "Clay" Edwards was a character competiting in Endurance. He was labeled as The All-Around Strategist. Clay received 3rd Place.


Entering in kindergarten, Clay already read at a fourth grade level. His teachers knew he was destined for great things. Clay wasn't just good at school, though. He was also the fastes in his class. In middle school, Clay qualified for the high school track and cross country teams. Since he was part of a high school team, Clay got stronger than his other middle school students. Even besides his smarts and phsyical strengths, Clay was also great socially. He got along with everyone, students and teachers. He was known for being the class clown. When high school came, Clay's popularity went a little bit down, since football jocks and cheerleaders dominating the food chain. Clay's parents had him focus more on his school work. Clay eventually became the smartest of his age in Hawaii. Clay auditioned for Endurance because he realized all his strengths would eventually give him a victory.

Chapter Guide

In This Is Endurance, Clay was found playing a game of "Horse" with Phineas. He won the game. He told the camera how he was one of the smartest in his state of Hawaii. Clay picked a bunk above Grover. When Cealey, Charlote, and Evelyn told the boys the fake teams, he believed them. He was an all-star at the team picking challenge and he was paired with Sylvia as Team North America. In confessional he found out that he was supposed to have Kasandra, which he thought he might've got farther with her. When Sylvia told everyone of Kasandra and Rainer's plan, the brown, orange, purple, and green teams formed an alliance. Clay and Sylvia were lucky because they got to pick two Pyramid Pieces which were Strength and Knowledge. Their trip they picked was the trip to Brazil. He was confused about what a Samadhi was. Clay, Phineas, Sylvia, Cealey, and Evelyn watched the red and blue teams connect their totem pole streamers. He knocked the streamers down with a rock.

Temple History

# Chapter Other Team Status
3 Squeeze Play Australia Safe


  • His image was drawn by the talented Sprink.
  • He is a vegetarian.
  • A pic of his toucan, Toko is below.
  • He has been sent up to temple once, but survived the first time.


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