Gender Male
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship None
Family Mother, Father (deceased)
Friends None
Enemies None
Fear Blood
Talent Doing Flips
Clark is The Hardcore Parcore of the group.


Clark is your avarage teen. He loves to sleep, eat, hang out with friends, play sports, and play video games. However, he has a passion not many understand. He loves hardcore parcore. Parcore is when you jump over anything in your path by juming over it. Many times flips are involved. Clark has taken martial arts and gymnastics all his life so he's flexible and agile, perfect for the sport. Clark's friends don't understand his passion, but Clark doesn't care. He's in a diffirent world when he is parcoring. Clark's parents are a little worried for Clark, as he's a bit of an adrenline drunkie. He'll do anything for that fight or flight hormone. However, his little brother, Lewis, has a diffirent view. Lewis wants to be like his big brother. Often, Lewis tapes Clark parcoring. He's become an internet hit. Clark doesn't let the fame get to his head. He just loves doing what he loves.

Clark joined Total Drama: The Production to spread the word of hardcore parcore. Clark also thinks his strentgh and agility will help in challenges.

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