Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Eliminated TBA
Eliminated TBA
Friends Lindsay, Amy, Samey, Tom, Jen, Ellody, Mellody
Enemies  Josee, Jacques

Clarie Is one of the contestants in The Ultimate Race 1. She is with Lindsay and is a part of the Models/Co-Workers.


Clarie is often nice and friendly. When it comes to challenges she can be really competitive. She and Lindsay become friends when they was young and Lindsay throw doll on her. She is really focused on the race but she act that she don't care about it so no one will think her as a big threat.


In the first epiosde "First Place Wins!"Clarie was introduced with Lindsay as the Models/Co-Workers.They choose Scare at the Either/Or. They managed to get to the second elevator. When they was on the top Clarie got a little bit annoyed by Lindsay when she asked if they had pink or red helmets. They managed to get on the last flight in fifteen place.

In the next episode " Muscle Brain VS Muscle" She and Lindsay managed to get fifteen place again but was not mentioned in the episode so much.

In "Modern Art Is Modern" Clarie was doing the Botch Or Watch and Clarie completed it in fifteenth with Taylor and Jacob. She and Lindsay came in fifteenth place again.

In "Sort The Fish" Clarie and Lindsay got to the airport last but Lindsay toaught they was first so Clarie got a little bit annoyed. They managed to get on the second flight. Lindsay is happy that all on the second fligh is on the same flight but Clarie is annoyed bu Lindsay so she said that they all are actually lost which made Kelly surprised. When Lindsay says that they have been in a fashion show in Bali Clarie says that they know everything about Bali. She and everybody else in the second flight didn´t like when Owen, Brody and Selma farted. At the Botch Or Watch Clarie decided to dive for the clues, She and Taylor got the clue at the same time. At the Either/Or she and Lindsay choose sort and they arrived fifteenth to the chill zone.

In "One More Time"

In "Wooden Shoes In Netherlands" Clarie and Lindsay really become big enemies with Jacques and Josee. When they was on the first flight Josee threw Lindsay´s make up bag out from the plane and Clarie got very angry at them and wanted them to be eliminated. When they arrived to Amsterdam Clarie and Lindsay choose to do the give at the Either/Or. When they arrived to Singel they choose not to do the Fast Round. Clarie and Lindsay was struggling on the Either/Or because they felt that the bouquets was heavy. When they saw a man with a boat they asked if they could ride it to the flower market so they did the Either/Or very easily. When they arrived to the Flower Market they said that the Twin Geniuses could ride the boat with them to the starting point. When they arrived to the Flower Windmill Lindsay completes the Botxh Or Watch super easy. They came in second place and that was one of best legs for the Models/Co-Workers.


Episode 1: 15th

Episode 2: 15th

Episode 3: 15th

Episode 4: 15th

Episode 5: 14th

Episode 6: 14th

Episode 7: 13th

Epsiode 8: 14th

Episode 9: 13th

Episode 10: 11th

Episode 11: 12th

Episode 12: 5th

Episode 13: 2nd

Epiosde 14: 2nd


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