Cillian (SS)
Soaring SeagullsCillianSSTD
Gender Male
Hair color Platinum Blond
Relationship None
Family Father, Mother, Brother
Fear Being Arrested
Talent Deceiving

Cillian, labeled as The Troublemaker, is a character on S.S. Total Drama.


Cillian acts as innocent as possible around people, waiting for the moment when everybody turn their back only for him to start performing his shenanigans. Cillian always gets away with his acts of vandalism and juvenile delinquency using his innocent baby face and bright blue eyes. Cillian causes all that trouble just for his own entertainment, and in the majority of the time, he doesn't have any intention behind them.

Cillian joined Total Drama because he thinks he will be a good deceiver in the strategic game.

After S.S. Total Drama

After S.S. Total Drama, Cillian was exposed as a cheater and a troublemaker to all the country. He felt like his life became meaningless now that he couldn’t fool people anymore, but then he had an idea. Cillian started working out and let his hair grow, becoming almost unrecognizable, and quite a chick-magnet. He now uses his looks to date many girls and break their hearts for fun.


  • Cillian was originally the second contestant eliminated, but the first out was scrapped.
  • Cillian's name comes from one of QOS's multiple sockpuppets, and one of the two that managed to fool me.
  • Cillian was supposed to return in my cancelled story, Total Drama Ranch. He would have gotten 3rd out of 22.


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