Killer Bass

Killer Grips

Team Amazon

Heroic Hamsters

Villainous Vultures

Gender Female
Hair color Blond
Episode Eliminated "TDI:Basic Straining

TDA:Top Dog

TDWT:Chinese Fake-Out

TDAS:Sundae Muddy Sundae"

Place TDI:14th




Relationship TBA
Family Mother, Father,
Friends Courtney, Bridgette, Zoey, Geoff, Mike, Dawn, Gwen
Enemies Heather, Owen, Ezekiel, Eva, Duncan, Leshawna, Noah, Justin, Katie, Tyler, Izzy, Beth, Harold, Cody, Trent, DJ, Lindsay, Sierra, Alejandro, Cameron, Stacy, B, Lightning, Scott, Jo, Dakota, Sam, Anne Maria, Brick, Chris, Chef
Fear Spiders
Talent Dancing, Singing, Songwritting,

Cher labeled The Overachiever.

Cher lives in Latvia. She's well known in school beacuse she always wants to win in the competitions. When there is a talant contest in the school she always is singing and dancing. Even Cher always wants to win, she makes a lot of friends and she always helps her friends when needed. Sometimes with her winning she makes enemies to. She will do anything to win and make new friends. She writes songs for her self sometimes she records them or sometimes she rewrites them. She started dancing when she was in the 7th grade. She takes 2 dance lessons in week one in Tuesday and the other in Friday.

She first heard of TD when two of her friends made her watch one of the episodes. The episode she saw was Basic Training. After the episode she wanted to join the show. She auditioned for a spot to join the series. Her best friend in Total Drama is Courtney.

She is an antagonist or an anti-hero like Courtney.

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