Southern Belles
The New Charlotte
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "So, I hope you like horses!  "
Place 17th
Relationship None
Family Mother, Father, Brother
Friends Daisi, Kassi, Mari, Johnnie, Josie, Ryan
Enemies Chuckie, Louie
Fear Knives, Sharp Things, Weapons
Talent Being Clumsy, Playing the Clarinet

Charlotte is labeled as The Clumsy Girl in Total Drama States.


Chapter 1- Charolette introduced herself. She was seated with Daisi. She voted for Ryan in the Pre-Game Immunity Vote. She was put on the Southern Belles. She wanted to race, but the horse ran away. In the second race, she was cheerleading when she accidently let go of her pom-pom and it hit Kassi in the head, causing Kassi to lose the race. That is what ultimately caused her elimination, recieving votes from Teddie, Kassi, and Nik. She voted for Teddie.


  • Charlotte is an appearance edit of Sadie.
  • She was the first female voted off and the second person overall.
  • She received three votes.

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