Optimistic Olympians
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "To be determined"
Place To be determined
Family Mother, father, sister, brother
Friends To be determined
Enemies To be determined
Fear Abandonment, betrayal
Talent Helping out others, writing, playing the piano

Charlie, labeled The Wallflower, is a contestant on Total Drama: Mount Olympus, and a member of the Optimistic Olympians team.


Charlie never stood out. Although he’s a caring and thoughtful person, he’s quiet and self-conscious. He tries not to bring too much attention to himself, and is cautious to let people into his life. Although he has a wall up, he truly cares for the people that take the time to get to know him. Although he’s young, he’s mature for his age. His Aunt Helen used to give him books to read, even though they were “too old for him.” Charlie enjoyed them enough that his dad shrugged it off. This was where he developed the constant urge to read, which later led to his motivation in writing. As a result of over-thinking the smallest of things, Charlie will often feel guilty for things he had no influence on. He’s not afraid to take responsibility, but sometimes this crosses the line into overly remorseful. He’s also skilled at listening with intent. You can tell him something and expect him to remember it a year later, not because of an extraordinary memory, but because he puts the desires and feelings of his friends above his own. Charlie might be shy and timid, but he’s not naive. He sees things, and he understands. He's a wallflower.


  • Charlie's picture was drawn by BrunoSomebody and used with permission. Thanks, Bruno!

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