Channary is labeled, The Troubled Girl in Total Drama Idiots.

Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "?"
Place  ?
Relationship  ?
Friends  ?
Enemies  ?


Channary was born in Michigan. Her Dad left her at a young age and she was left with her mom. She was the 2nd oldest of three kids but none from her original Dad. She moves a lot and goes to a lot of different schools. She had some good friends but also bad friends who pushed into the wrong direction. She started swearing and doing other bad things at the age of 12. All she wants to do is turn her life around but she is addicted to stuff that will keep on making her turn back. One day she met a nice guy that would try to help her get of trouble but he was killed in an accident. She joined Total Drama Idiots to finish what her good friend started and make her life have a meaning once again.

Total Drama Idiots


Audition Tape


  • Channary is an Asian and is proud of it. Sometimes she makes offensive comments about Americans but is always joking.

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