A spectaclar reunion with characters for TDtA,TDM and TDS Hosted by Blainely and Josh


Whats Going on With the 24's Lives?

Blainely : I'm your host Blainely

Josh : And I'm Josh

Blainely : Yes my name is Mildred the most beauty full 19 year old

Josh : Oh please you mean 33

Blainely : Sshhh!

Josh : Where talking about our 24 new contestants

Blainely : Yep

Josh : Thats right!. Lindsay,Charlie,Cheryl,Rodrick,,Jonsey,Sonya,Brock Lee,Elliot,Pattie,Chloe,Emmet,Zach,Calie,Joshua,Carlos,Casey,Bozo,Daniella,Hope,Zoey,Joey,Damien,Lia,Donald and Mackbeth.

Blainely : Wow that was a long range of fame names. Speaking of fame Lindsay spent her money making a reality show!

Josh : The Lindsay Show

Blainely : But after the final 2 they crahed it and it didn't have a season 2 !

Josh : Now time for the new hit Band The CH squad.

Blainely : The hit band with the mebers Charlie,Cheryl and Chloe! Look at this

The video shows Charlie,Cheryl and Chloe dancing

Cheryl : I lost my boyfriend

Charlie : I lost my trends

Chloe : I lost my friends

Cheryl,Charlie,Chloe : To the end!

Chloe : But I never walk on a sidewalk!

Charlie : And I never takl when i DONT WANNA TALK!

Cheryl ; And I never touch a sock!

Josh : Wow taht was good but short!

Blainely : But there rival Band the High Rankers consisting Rodrick,Bozo and Damien. Take a look at there fight

Rodrick : You stole our song!

Cheryl : Did not!

Bozo : Stop lying you little f****** ba****s!

Charlie : (Punches Bozo in tummy)

Damien : Come down loonies!

Chloe : (Punches Damien in face)

(Bands start to quarrel)

Blainely : Anyway Jonsey,Brock Lee and Elliot became good friends on a cruise but Pattie ruined it

(Video starts)

(3 friends sitting on a table)

Pattie : (Throws glass at Jonsey)

Jonsey : Hey that was you!

Elliot : Wasn't!

Pattie : (Throws glass at Elliot)

Elliot : That was you! (Points at Brock Lee)

(3 start to quarrel whiles Pattie laughs)

Blainely : Who knew Pattie was that cruel

Josh : Next our two favourate twins Joey and Zoey in the Own show Joey and Zoey

A video shows the two in a room talking about stuff

Blainely : Its a show about the 2's lifes as opisites twins

Josh : Dosn't that copy Zack and Cody

Blainely : Anyway the new detectives The D-tects

A video shows Sonya,Emmet,Zach,Calie and Joshua looking for clues

Josh : It turns out there looking for Carlos and Lia 2 of the previous winners!

Blainely ; Oh and our 4 people! Mackbeth,Donald,Hope and Daniella are going on a detective mission to find the D-tects

Josh : So hilarious!

The Dance Contest

Josh : Lets meet our contestants minus Carlos and Lia!

the 22 came out of the limo

Lindsay : Oh watch it!

Charlie : Stop pushing

Zoey : super Zoey

Chris,Blainely and Josh : Because you three were squabbling you are not in the dance contets

Chris : Every round 3 people will be eliminated

(Round 1)

Bozo : Hey Brock Lee look there!

Brock Lee : What? (Gets tripped by Bozo)

Damien : Elliot you will never win in a dance fight

Elliot : Oh yeah!

Damien : (Punches Elliot causing Elliot to fall)

Pattie : Whao!!! (Falls)

Chris : Elliot,Pattie and Brock Lee are elminated

(Round 2)

Cheryl : I QUIT!

Rodrick : Me too!

Jonsey : Me too

Sonya : Me too!

Chloe :Me five

Chris : All you quitters are elmiminated

(Round 3)

Emmet : I quit!

Zach : I'm doind the moonwalk! (Trips) Ow pain!

Mackbeth : I'm doing the moonwalk too!(Trips) OW! Double pain!

Hope : I QUIT!

Chris : Our final 6 Damien,Bozo,Casey,Daniella,Calie and Joshua will be competing for the million

Racing For the Million

Chris : Thats right a 2 or 3rd chance at it.

Josh : Ooh this is getting Interesting

Blainely : Thats right

Chris : Anyway you'll go through 3 locations from last seasons

Chris : The games reserve,the mansion and the plane

Josh : And the prize is a million

Chris : I already mention that

Chris glared at Josh

Josh glared back

Blainely : If the case gets destroyed you will go home prizless

Blainely smiled

Round 1 (The Games)

Chris : On your marks get set go!!!!!

(6 run through reserve)

Damien : Hey Casey you look beatyfull!

Casey : I'm not falling for that!

Damien : Hey Bozo there is a big elephant infront of you

Bozo : I'm not gonna fall for....

Elephant : (Picks up Bozo with trunk and lings him in the pig poo)

Bozo: I smell! DAMIEN!!!!!

(5 meet first obsticale)

Damien : I've watched Total Drama the Adventure and I dont remeber monkey bars!

Calie : Tough loser! (Punches Damien)

(Everyone but Damien gets across)

Damien : Wait for me!

Joshua : Ahhhhh! (Falls in pig poo below monkey bars)

Chris : Bozo and Joshua are out!!!

Round 2 (Not a Mansion Idiot)

Chris : Second round you have to play hind and seek in the mansion

Damien : I'll be the seeker

(Round starts)

Casey : Cool hiding place (Hides)

Daniella : Tell me again why am I on this show!? (Hides)

Calie : That Damien better have hard luck finding me

Damien : Here contestants,contestants,contests

Calie : (Laughs at Damien)

Daniella : (Shouting at Casey)Find your own hiding place! (Pushes Casey away!)

Damien : Found you Casey

Chris : Casey's out

Daniella : I'm out

Chris : Danie-

Daniella : We know

Round 3 (Planedemonioum)

Chris : Last round is to find the case in the cargo hold

Chris : First to get there hands on it wins

Damien : And the person that doesn't win?

Josh : Oh thats easey

Blainely : The loser has to....

Calie : What!

Damien : What

Carlos and Lia : Hey

Calie : You's are supposed to be missing

Lia : I know

Carlos : We lied and we spent our money on a mansion

Damien : What does the loser have to do!

Josh and Chris : Take the drop of shame into the film lot

Chef : (Starts plane as challenge starts)

(In plane)

Damien : There it is (Reeches to grab it)

Calie : OH DAMIEN (Shows up in bikini)

Damien : (Drools)

Calie : Thats right keep looking!

(Case take sthe drop of shame)


And The Winner Is.....

(Back in Aftermath studio)

Chris : Luckily we have another case and Calie gets it!

Calie : Yes!!!!!!

Josh : Oops (Drops case in pot of lava)

Damien : The case!

Calie : You......

Damien : You.......

Damien : You animal

Calie : You monster

The End

Josh : So thats the end of our reunion

Blainely : Yep

Damien : Theyboiled the case! (crys)

Calie : Spaz (Rembers what happened to case) (crys

Chris : Spazzes

Blainely : In mood for latte

Josh : Yeh

Chris : I'll stay here with the contestants


Chris : Spazzes!!!!

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