The contestants from Total Drama Island (Lens Way) and Total Drama Action (Lens Way) will be in this special special!

Part 1 - The Total Drama Casts Lives

(Celebrity Manhunt Music Plays)

Blainley : I'm Blainely the worlds prettiest 18 year old

Josh : Dont you mean the worlds most lieing 30 year old

Blainely : They dont know that

Josh : If you lie your pants will go on fire!

Blainely : Says you!

Josh : There lighting there lighting!

Blainely : (Slaps Josh)

Josh : Ow.

Josh : Still lighting (Balinely slaps him again)

Blaineley : Anyway we are talking about 22 contestnats of Total Drama they are....

Josh : Lindsay,Justin,Heather,LeShawna,Tyler,Katie,Cody,Izzy,Noah,Bridgette,Harold,Owen,Courtney,Duncan

Trent,Gwen,Ezekiel,Beth,DJ,Beth,Sadie,Geoff and Eva!

Blainely : So do you know what the 24 did I dont well the video does!

Josh : Well first Lindsay went to Paris with Tyler.Tyler got a sprots career Lindsay got a music career they had fancy dinners every single place on earth! Shopped everywhere and were stinking rich!

Blainely : But Justin,Harold and Duncan are a new band and made a song listen!


Duncan : I should have one Total Drama!

Justin and Harold : Fair and square!

Harold : But the just said come my kiss my

Duncan and Justin : Dairy Air!

Justin : We made it hard but we were just gonna lose

All : Its not like we even had to choose! Yeh Yeh

Josh : We would show you the rest but it was so awful we didn't!

Blainely : Speaking of awful 3 awful TDI teens were in a wrestling fight!

Video shows Courtney,Heather and LeShawna fighting each other contantly punching and kicking a scrathing and....booty bumping?

Josh : Anyway......Katie , Cody , Izzy and Noah were superstars in movies until Ezekiel ruined them

The clip shows Noah,Katie,Cody and Izzy on the red carpet until Ezekiel comes and accidently tells there secrets!

Ezekiel : Oops sorry dudes!

(Clip ends)

Blainely : But did you know that Bridgette,Owen,Trent and Gwen went on a tour around the world!

Josh : Anyway something else! DJ and Geoff are now rappers

(Rap Video)

DJ : Its DJ rap in mall , with a ball that will fall cause its small next to a wall and I'm tall

Geoff ; Geoffery gansta on the house.Spitting like a mouse ,kissing like a spouse

(Video Over)

Blainely : Talk about a horrible rap video!

Josh : But did you here Beth,Eva and Sadie are on a protest


Video shows Beth,Sadie And Eva at Chris's house with we should have made it to season 2 signs

Chris : Get lost

Eva : No far we didn't get a chance!

Sadie : We were botted early!

Beth : And didn't make it to season 2

All : We demand a season 3

(Video ends and all of the TDI and TDA cast come in)

Chris comes in

Chris : There will be a season 3 but first meet our 2 newcomers for season 3 Alejandro and Seirra!

Part 2 - Alejandro and Seirra

A tall muscular good looking Latino jumped out of the limo

Alejandro : Its me ladies! Alejandro I'm gonna be in season 3!

All girls : Huhh

Chris : A copycat Justin!

Alejandro : Shut uop host boy! (Trips Chris)

Chris : Okay fine Seirra come out

Seirra : AHHHH! Its the total drama cast and Cody! (Hugs Cody to much) Sorry oh its nice to meet you guys I've been waiting all my life

Heather : Freak.What do we have to do to be in season 3!

Chris : Well 15 of you will win this challenge and go on but 7 of you will fail miserbly!

Eva : Better not be one of us 3

Sadie : Yeah

Beth : Better not!

All 3 : Yeah!

Part 3 - Who Shall Make it To Season 3

Chris : Challenge is to go in small groups and find me (Disappears in a helicoptar) Bye!

All : What!

Beth : Look I found a way

Duncan,Justin,Eva,Katie,Sadie and Courtney followed her

Katie : Aren't you coming guys!

Everyone except for Beth and her crew shook there heads

Eva : Fine (All of crew step out of doorway)

Chrsi comes back and blows a confetty

Chris : Those of you who didn't leave are in season 3! Beth and your "crew" you dont make it

Beth : AGAIN!

Sadie : Beth its your fault

Eva : I'm gonna crush you Beth

Justin : That would have been my chance if it weren't for your stupid thing!

Duncan : BETH!

Courtney : BETH!!!!

Chris : See you next time on Total Drama World Tour

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