Vital Visions
Gender Male
Hair color Dyed green
Episode Eliminated "So You Think You Can Flashback?"
Place 20th
Relationship TBA
Family TBA
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA
Fear Courtney (from TDI)
Talent N/A

Cedric, labeled The Duncan Wannabe, is a competitor on Total Drama Flashback.


Cedric was obsessed with Duncan from the first season of the show ever since it aired. He started to act like him, behave like him, and look like him. He dyed his air, pierced his ear, and wears roughly the same color clothes. However, he lost most of his friends after he started acting rude to them. He finally was accepted into Total Drama when he sent in his audition from jail.

Cedric said he would give the money to Duncan or get plastic surgery to look like him if he won Total Drama Flashback.


  • Cedric is an edit of Owen's Camp TV design.
  • Cedric's original name was Dan, but that was taken.

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