South America
Gender Female
Eliminated Finale
Place 2nd
Teammate Jorge
Relationship Clay
Friends Jorge, Clay, Kenyatta, Evelyn, Sylvia, Kermit, Grover, Charlote, Phineas
Enemies Kasandra
Hometown Sacremento, California
Original Pyramid Piece Teamwork
Cealey Farmer was a character competiting in Endurance. She was labeled The Optimistic Strategist. Cealey received 2nd Place.


Cealey was born on a day when the sun was shining and the birds were chirping. Her nursery was yellow, so she grew up in a very positive environment. Growing up, people noticed that Cealey always found ways to put a positive spin on things. When Cealey was fourteen and her grandmother died, Cealey gave a speech at her funeral, remembering all the fun times she and her grandmother had spent together. Heading into high school, Cealey started to face the beginning of the real world. When walking in hallways, she always heard negative things. Starting in her sophomore year, people started saying negative things about Cealey, saying she was "too positive, too sunshine-y bright". This started to make Cealey change. She started being negative about somethings. When Cealey heard herself talking on a video one day, she realized she didn't like when she sounded pessimistic. So, she created the Optimistic Gurlz Club at her school, allowing girls to always find optimistic looks on things. Cealey is still pretty optimistic, although she does find herself saying negative things sometimes. Cealey auditioned for Endurance because it sounded like a fun way to spend her summer time, and a way for her to use her brain strategically.

Chapter Guide

In This Is Endurance, Cealey told the camera about how she was very optimistic. She said she was part of The Optimistic Girlz Club at her school. Charlote was too and the girls got really excited and jumped around and accidentally knocked Grover overboard. Cealey sat below Charlote for the bunk. When Candice made a list for the teams, Cealey was not happy at all. She, Charlote, and Evelyn made a fake list to show to the boys, which they fell for. When Cealey's scheme was found out, she was partnered up with Jorge, someone who she found annoying. She was placed on Team South America. Later, she ranted on about how much she hated Jorge after he let seagulls attack her. JD suggested that they pick the Teamwork piece which they did. They also picked the trip to Belize. She was confused about what a Samadhi was. She watched the red and blue teams tie their streamers together which Clay later knocked down with a rock.

Temple History

# Chapter Other Team Status
9 Dialed In Europe Safe


  • Her pic is drawn by Sprinklemist.
  • Cealey's full name is Cealey Farmer. This may confuse some since she's related to Chris McLean but her mother married a man with the last name being Farmer.
  • Cealey and Jorge received one Samadhi.
  • Cealey and Jorge have been sent up to temple once, but they weren't eliminated.
  • She is a vegetarian.

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