Cathy, labeled The Sad Soul is a player in Total Drama Insanity.

Murderous Mosquitoes
Gender female
Hair color Blond
Episode Eliminated "Hunt or be Hunted!"
Place 15
Relationship Cody
Friends Cody, Daisy, Beth
Enemies Craig


All her life, Cathy was ridiculed for her weight. She was born bigger than average, and despite her constant dieting and exercise, never lost weight, only gained it. As a result of being naturally overweight, Cathy was banished to the nerdy group at her school, even though she is prettier than the ugly nerds and she isn't into what the nerds are into. When TDI started, Cathy was the main funder for the show, so she was a natural selection for TDIn. She joined to find at least one true friend who doesn't care about her weight, and possibly a nice boy who likes her for who she is on the INSIDE.

Time on TDIn

When Cathy got off the bus in Who ARE These Freaks?, she cut off Chris when he welcomed her. She stood alone until Cody approached her and talked to her. Cathy was placed on the Murderous Mosquitoes team, and assigned a room with Daisy. In One Kick for the Team, Cathy played defense for the first half of the game. Her team lost, and she voted for Matt Tollin. In Batons, Schemes, a Hot Tub, and Ice Cream, Cathy was not picked to be in the relay race. Her team won.

In Both Reached for the Flag, Cathy left the hot tub during the party her team threw, and Craig denied her entrance and insulted her when she got back. In the confessional, she admitted that she thought Cody was cute. Cathy played defense in the capture-the-flag contest. He team lost, and she voted for Courtney. In Let's see how much you suck!, Cathy was one of the judges for the talent show. She picked Zeke to be in the show. She ran away crying after Craig insulted her on national TV. Cody ran after her and confessed his feelings for her. She ran into Cody's arms and cried. After a long silence, Cathy went for a walk with Cody, her new boyfriend. Her team won the challenge.

In Take me out to the Drama Game!, Cathy spent breakfast time flirting with Cody and enjoying his company now that they were a couple. She played second base. Her team lost, and she voted for Craig. In A Dark Shade of Drama, Cathy's team won, and she voted for DJ.

In Hunt or be Hunted!, Cathy spent the challenge time not focusing on dodging paintballs or using her paintball gun, but instead on making out with Cody. Her team lost. Cathy voted for Zeke, but was eliminated.


  • Cathy received three votes throughout the show. (three in Hunt or be Hunted!)

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