Act One: The Pirate Bay

The treasure that lies beneath us holds the secret to it all.


Episode One: You Are a Pirate!

Part One (Episode One):

The ship floats along the waters of Brazil. The wooden floors crack under the pressure of dozens of crates and fruit baskets. Zane stands in front of the captain’s wheel, announcing in front of fourteen frantic members of this ship.

“Off the coast of Brazil, these fourteen people have gathered to experience a vacation of a lifetime. But not all is good here on the ship!”

A woman with large red pigtails dashes in front of the camera, trying to pull out a tarp from under some crates.

“The ship is about to sink! There are only two life preserving canoes that these fourteen members must get in to escape to their own islands to inhabit for a trial of challenges and struggle! They can only leave with seven members on their canoe. They will follow a map to their designated island, and will be stranded there to survive!”

The camera pans to a frantic woman with blue hair, blue eyes, and a blue top. The bolded word Misty appears beside her.

It then pans to a blonde headed boy in a cyan shirt with a wavy image of water on it. He yanks out a bag of oranges when the word Blake appears in bold beside him.

After, it moves over to a woman with red pigtails and a skull on her black shirt. She swings from a large rope attached to the mast above, landing feet first into a blue life canoe, sitting down a small tarp for her to relax on. Ember appears beside her.

It then scoots beside her to a large model with blonde hair and a blue boomerang on his white shirt. He dives into the canoe, earning the second spot with a bag of rice. Brandy appears beside him.

"And to make this experience even worse on them, this season will not allow them any luggage as if it were a real shipwreck! They have only the clothes on their backs this go around!"

Then, a taller woman in a green sweater dives into the canoe with some blue berries in her arms. She is trampled by Misty and Blake. When she sits up, her hair is a mess, and Rebekah appears beside her.

A lonely boy with a green shirt on, messy hair, and even a grungy smell appears in front of the camera. He jumps onto the canoe with a live chicken in his arms. Harry appears beside him.

A slightly tan woman in an odd (ugly as thought by her companions) bathing suit dives out into the water. She comes to and adjusts her hair, climbing onto a safety ladder. She climbs her way to the top and into the canoe. Dakota appears beside her head.

Ember stands and slices the rope holding them up, dropping them into the water.

“There goes the first crew from this sinking ship! Remember this: if this ship sinks with anyone on it, you’re out!”

A small black boy with a massive afro yanks out a tarp and dives into a red canoe. He sits back and relaxes. Roger appears by his chest.

Axel, a boy with flaming hair, dives out onto the canoe with nothing in his arms. He pulls up his chest and drags in a rope.

A man in a chef’s hat jumps out to the edge. He looks down to see that the ship is actually sinking, going deeper down as time moves on. “We have to go right now!” he shouts. Landon appears by his chef’s hat.

A gothic boy approaches the canoe with a shovel in his arms. He dives out onto the canoe, preparing to use it as both a paddle and a shovel in case it could ever be useful. Kevin joins his shovel beside his left arm.

A woman who looks like she doesn’t get out much dashes out, tripping over herself and landing flat on her face in the canoe. She climbs her way back up and grabs an oar. She, however, has nothing. Claire appears beside her cheek.

An over-dramatic woman with purple hair and a pink shirt drags a crate alongside a rope wrapped around her arms. She dives into the canoe, pulling the canoe in but spilling the contents. Katie appears beside her.

A woman with long purple hair and goggles to support her style jumps in the canoe. She sits up and pulls out a machete retrieved from the ship. She chops the rope off, dropping the canoe into the war. Zane smiles and sees them off. Violet appears next to her.

They sail off, separating themselves from each other. However, their paths soon cross again as they arrive on a small sandbar. They dock their canoes and stand nearby to their host, still in their groups.

“Welcome, castaways, to season two of Castaway Island! We are here now on the Pirate Bay, where you will each be competing against each other. However, if you’ll note from before, we began with twelve players instead of fourteen. And so, each of you will stay together and vote someone out of your group. The two people voted off…well, this journey is about to end. You will each write someone down and, when I call time, you will reveal your votes.”

Zane hands out small scrawls of paper and pens to pass around. He stands back, waiting for a few moments before finally raising his hand to call for time.

“We’ll start with our first group. I’ll point to you, and you’ll reveal your votes.”

He points over to Misty. She holds up her paper. Pokemon boy. “That’s one vote Harry.”

Blake holds his up. Pokemon. “Harry,” he mutters.

Ember holds up her card. Loner boy. “Harry,” she mumbles.

Brady holds out his. Black headed boy with the poke-ball. “Harry.”

“That’s four votes on Harry. That’s enough. Come stand by me, son,” Zane says. Harry frowns and approaches him. He stands beside and droops his head.

Zane points to Roger. Diamond chick. “That’s Claire,” Zane says.

Axel then shows his card. Plumbob. “Also Claire.”

Landon raises his card. Creepy girl. “Claire,” Landon says.

Kevin raises his. “Claire,” he says, letting the others ignore his unusual scribbles.

“Four votes Claire. That’s enough. Come stand by me, honey.”

She approaches him and stands on the other side of Harry. She frowns.

“Now then, based completely off of first impressions, your crews have decided to abandon you from the competition. How does it feel?” Zane asks.

“It sucks, bro. It really sucks,” Harry mutters.

“I have to agree. I thought this would be a longer game than this!” Claire shouts.

“Well, this is it. The first impression vote is over. However, you two are not out. You now have been given the benefit of the doubt, and will now be air lifted to your islands, and since your crew abandoned you, you will be swapping groups! Claire, you will join the opposing players as well as you, Harry.”

Claire and Harry cheer and exchange hugs. They then walk to their opposing groups. “Now then, before we send you two exiles off, we will name your crews. Misty, Blake, Ember, Brandy, Rebekah, Dakota, and new exile Claire…”

“You will now be known as Mansaru!” They exchange high fives and hugs.

“Roger, Axel, Landon, Kevin, Katie, Violet, and new exile Harry—you will be known as the Jorek crew!” They do the same.

A helicopter flies above them, lowering down to the sandbar. Claire and Harry are brought inside. Zane takes a seat beside them, while James (the intern from season one) hands them pieces of a map, and then jumps back onto the copter. It takes off, while the others jump back into their canoes and leave off to their islands.


While on the helicopter, Zane hands both of them small capsules. “Open these when you get to your home islands. It’s here you can begin your quest earlier than the others. And, if I were you, I’d work on something constructive to earn your trust back,” Zane says.

Claire smiles, while Harry still looks disappointed.


The camera pans out, spotting the canoes below the helicopter as it takes off, leaving the others in the dust.

Part Two (Episode One):

“So, we made it!” Misty exclaims, paddling the canoe with the others.

“I hope Claire won’t be upset with us or anything. I mean, we didn’t vote her off—but…” Blake says, thinking about what Claire could do to them in spite of her other team.

“Don’t worry about it! We can do anything with or without her!” Ember cheers. She holds up peace signs and sticks out her tongue. “Rock and roll, baby!”

“Oh please, Ember. You’re not Nicki Minaj taking a selfie,” Rebekah scorns.

“Wow you must be fun at parties,” Ember scolds. She grabs an oar and continues to paddle.

“I’m fun at parties!” Dakota cheers randomly.

“You’re a killjoy,” Brandy mumbles.

“Well fine then!”


On the Jorek canoe, they remain active and cheerful. “Yo homies! Dat was fly~!” Roger says.

“What?” Landon asks.

“Jussayin’ bro! Dat was fly dat you didn’t vote me off bro!” Roger holds out his knuckles for a fist bump.

“I don’t speak ghetto wannabe. Does anyone?” Landon asks his companions.

“I’m willing!” Axel bumps his fist.

“See bro? Das’ what it’s about man!” Roger exclaims.

“You have to be kidding me. I’m paired up with…with this?” Violet asks herself.

“I heard dat’ yo!” Roger shouts to her.

“Let’s just keep cool! We can do stuff and win and stuff!” Katie exclaims.

“I just wonder how that kid is doing at our camp. What’s his name?” Violet asks.

“Harry,” Landon replies.

“Ah, right…him,” Violet sighs.

“Hopefully he isn’t useless.”

“Hopefully we can win a few challenges and not become some mincemeat to the others. We don’t really know how we’ll do until this first challenge rolls along,” Kevin says.

“Is that our island?” Landon asks, looking out to a foggy island in the distance.

“Land ho!”


On the Mansaru island beach, Claire approaches a rock and sits down. She opens up her capsule and dumps out the contents. It’s a note. She opens it up and reads it to herself.

If you are reading this now, then that means you were exiled by your former crew members. Here you are, now, sitting on the beach of the other crew. You can choose what to do; set up your camp, or use this time to search for the Golden Doubloon. This doubloon grants you immunity when played at an elimination, or for this season’s twist, it also allows you to mutiny to the other crew. Doing so will remove yourself from your current members and send you to the others. Use this wisely. Your clue to the doubloon:

Deep in the dirt near the forked tree, you will find your hidden truth.

“Forked tree, huh? I’m gonna do myself a favor and look for this just in case.”


Harry lays down on the sand. He takes a moment, and then sits back up. He reads the note from the capsule, and stands up. “I’m gonna look for this. But I think I might work on a fire before they get here.”


In the Mansaru canoe, Misty looks out with her hands covering her eyes from the sun. “I think I see our island!”

“Awesome!” Ember cheers.

“Already? It’s been like, an hour and we’re already there?” Rebekah asks sarcastically.

“Thank god,” Brandy says. He wipes some sweat from his forehead.

Confessional Camera: Ember

“Woo! I’m so stoked to be here! And, looking at my crew mates at this point in the competition, I think I can make some use out of this Misty character. She seems…reliable.”


“Do we swim there?” Dakota asks.

“Are you stupid?” Rebekah asks.

“That’s…yeah, why would we abandon ship?” Blake asks.

“Well I mean…it was just a suggestion,” Dakota asks, cringing.

“Just stop talking before we throw you overboard,” Rebekah sighs.


On the Jorek canoe, Roger sits back and chats with Axel.

“Yo dawg, we should totally be fraands’ bro!”

“Um…okay,” Axel agrees.

Confessional Camera: Violet

“I hate everyone. I really…just really do.”


Back on the Mansaru island, Claire digs in the dirt next to a tree with an unusual dent in it. She digs up a rock with a small inscription on it.

To gain your next clue, you must be exiled once more in the reward challenge. You will be sent to Shipwreck valley, where you will stay and gain a new clue. It’s there for you to take.

“This was…just terrible!”


Harry rubs a stick furiously over a leaf to generate a fire. As he does so, it sparks and the leaf bursts into ash. He has it over the sticks gathered around a makeshift stone fireplace. It slightly lights up, making a small fire. He stands up and does a small dance, and then looks over to the beach beside him.

“A forked tree, huh?”


The canoes arrive on their beaches nearly at the same time. Mansaru jumps off, wondering where Claire is. Their camp is still empty.

“Claire?” Blake asks, looking around. She emerges from the woods with some sticks and stones.



At the Jorek campsite, they spot Harry, lying down by the fire and a small bed of rocks.

“Someone was really productive. That’s an A+ in my book!” Katie exclaims.

“Yeah. I wanted to prove myself able to do stuff instead of being kicked out first,” Harry says.

“You’re off the block for sure!” Landon exclaims.

Confessional Camera: Harry

“I was on the block?”


The Mansaru tribe carries sticks and stones around, building a small base for a shelter. Misty stands by Claire with Blake.

“What were you doing while we were out there paddling?” Misty asks.

“Geez I’m sorry! I was out looking for stuff but this island’s small!” Claire defends herself.

“You have something and I want to know what this is,” Blake scorns.

“Nothing! I’ve been trying to find stuff, honest!”

“We’re watching you,” Misty scolds her. She walks off.

“Wow she sucks,” Claire says, frowning.

Confessional Camera: Misty

“I don’t like this. She’s got something hiding up her sleeve.”


As the screen pans out, it shows Zane near a microphone. He says into it, projecting to the islands, “It’s time for a challenge! We’re gonna start this show off with one reward challenge. It’s an extra special reward, too! Get on your canoes and paddle back to the main island, you’ll see a map in your island’s mail slot, and prepare for the challenge. It begins roughly at sundown. So—get to it!”

Part Three (Episode One):

On the beach of the main island, Zane stands in front of the two crews. “Mansaru, how are things over there with you?”

“Well, we’re behind. Claire didn’t do jack-squat when she was left alone there. I’m upset with her, but you know…the other team is behind too, I’m sure,” Misty says.

“Actually we’re doing good. Harry made us a camp fire which is really helping us cook some rice n’ junk,” Axel says.

“Yo dawg’ dat is fly!” Roger exclaims.

“Okay…now I’m angry,” Blake says, turning back to her.

“And now, we begin with the first challenge of the season. As you may know, this entire season is based on pirates and what they do. So, today’s challenge is going to be based around the shipwreck gimmick. You will be swimming out to sea to retrieve pieces of a wrecked boat. You must bring back as many planks as you can hold and alternate players. The crew with the most planks back here to shore in one round wins the reward! You’ll know what you’re playing for when we’re done. Determine a turn order and let’s get started!”

As time passes, the players line up in order. Misty and Roger line up first. Zane raises his hand, readying the challenge. He smiles and sends them off. They grab sets of goggles and run into the sea, going under water.

The two spot a small sunken ship at the bottom of a shallow end of the sea. They swim down. Roger gathers up three smaller planks, while Misty only gets two larger planks. They approach land and drop off their collection.

Blake and Axel go in next. Blake gathers four smaller planks, and Axel comes back up with only one very heavy plank. He drops it off and realizes what he did. “Oops.”

Ember and Landon dive out into the water next. Ember gathers up three small logs of wood with Landon coming out with three more bits of planks.

“Ember, those are logs and not planks. It doesn’t count!”

Brandy and Kevin run out to the water. They dive in, looking around. Kevin comes out with four planks, while Brandy still searches around underneath.

Brandy comes out as Harry dives in. He has only one plank. Rebekah dives in afterwards, while Harry comes out with one large plank.

Rebekah comes out with four planks when Katie dives in.

“Get it Rebekah!” Ember cheers.

Katie remains inside when Claire dives in. She searches around and pulls out one small plank. It’s too heavy for her, however. Once she gets it up, she throws it down and hands off her goggles.

“Useless!” Dakota shouts. She snatches them and dives in, just when Katie comes out. She throws down one plank when Violet dives in.

Dakota comes out with three planks. She throws them down and lines up with the others.

Violet comes out with three planks, throwing them down and granting her team the win.

“Jorek wins at sixteen to fifteen! Congratulations, Jorek crew!” Zane exclaims.

“Useless!” Brandy shouts to Ember.

“For winning, you get a clue to a buried treasure hidden on your island. As well, you’ll get to steal something from the other crew’s campsite. You’ll pick someone to send over right now and take something away. Who will it be?”

“I’ll go, dawg!” Roger exclaims.

“Alright, I’m down for letting him go,” Axel says.

“Fine,” Kevin sighs.

Roger joins the others on the canoe ride to their camp, while the others go back one member short, but they do gain a map to a buried treasure on their island.


On the Mansaru camp grounds, Roger jumps off and approaches a collection of junk. “We could always use anotha’ tarp dawg!”

He grabs the tarp and walks off, leaving them without one and adding a second to their inventory. He approaches a large white boat, where he is escorted back to his crew’s campsite.


As he arrives, he sees them all roasting marshmallows over the fire Harry built. “Waz’ dis dawg?”

“We got marshmallows for winning, too!” Landon exclaims.

“Just found em’ laying here,” Violet says, smiling. She bites into her marshmallow, narrowly breaking her stick.

“What do you have there?” Katie asks.

“It’s a tarp dawg!” Roger says, dropping off his newly collected tarp.

“Cool! We can use this like a blanket and the other one we have like a roof! This is awesome!” Harry exclaims.

“Yo welcome dawg!”

“Let’s make a literal toast. To a good game!” Axel cheers, holding up his stick. The others hold in theirs and toast marshmallows.

“Jorek forever!”


Back at Mansaru, the players just sit there. Rebekah and Brandy work on carrying banana leaves to a small hut to form a roof over their shelter.

“Well, we sucked today,” Ember sighs, sitting by a slowly dying camp fire.

“If you hadn’t brought in those logs,” Blake says, stopping himself from causing any sort of drama.

“I know, and I’m sorry bro,” she says, slightly smiling and holding out her knuckles for a fist bump.

He smiles and bumps fists with her. She stands up and walks off to meet up with Misty. “Misty, come here, I need to show you something.”

Misty rolls her eyes and goes along with it. They walk out into the woods, and Ember looks around to make sure nobody is there.

“I have a proposition.”

“What?” Misty asks.

“We form an alliance. Me and you join forces and vote some people out. I know what I did was bad, and I’m sorry for screwing it up, but I know you have something in you that shows you’re a good player. We can do this together and vote off that idiot Claire if you want!”

“Well…it’s not that bad of an offer,” Misty says, stopping to think. “I might just take you up on that offer,” she smiles.

“But we need someone else. Did you watch the last season?”

“On and off. Why?”

“We cannot pull off another Harvey-Daniella alliance. Harvey played an amazing game and honestly was my favorite—but if we’re going to rock this game like him, we need a third and reliable member.”

“You liked Harvey? He sucked! I hated him! My favorite was Brady!” Misty exclaims.

“Just stop talking and think of someone who can join us.”

“What about smart-mouthed Rebekah? Her attitude sucks but she could really help us out!”

“I’ll go ask her.”

Ember leaves the wooded area, and returns moments later with Rebekah in one her arms, holding her and dragging her through.

“What is this?”

“It’s our proposal. You, Misty, and I can be in a girl’s alliance. We’ll dominate this competition and take out the annoying idiots like Dakota and Claire. What do you say?” Ember asks.

“I say I love your idea, and I would love to be a part of it. What should we call ourselves?”

“The Rebellion Chicas!” Misty exclaims.

“Rebellious Chicas, more like it,” Rebekah adds.

“Shadow Rebellion,” Ember replies.

“Ooh, I like that!” Misty cheers.

Confessional Camera: Ember

“Excellent. We have it established! We’re officially the first alliance—I think—of this season. And I’m super excited. Watch out, Mansaru. We’re coming to get you!

We are: The Shadow Rebellion.”

Episode Two: Bounty of the Fallen

Part One (Episode Two):

The sun rises over the two nearly adjacent islands of Mansaru and Jorek. On the Mansaru beach, Misty lay back to tan herself. Rebekah approaches her, sitting down and pulling out a stick from her sweater pocket. She plays in the sand a bit before pulling it off.

“You’re finally coming out of that thing?” Misty asks.

“Yep,” she says, revealing a white T-shirt and laying back.

Back in a shaded area (shade being simulated by two palm trees), Brandy and Blake collect more banana leaves and fallen logs to build a small shelter. Within their time there, they have three walls set up and a sturdy roof.

“This was fun,” Blake says, taking off his shirt.

“And we have some left over stuff. We could probably build a wall or somethin’ and add a door,” Brandy recommends.

“Speaking of which, we’re the only two guys left on this island since that exile swap. We should work together,” Blake whispers.

“Why not?” Brandy asks a rhetorical question.

“We know Claire is up on the block because she sucks, so we’re in the clear for at least one elimination,” Blake says, lifting up a plank of wood.

“Dakota will also be up, so we’re safe there too. I don’t think they’re so cold hearted as to vote off the guys. Too much PMS,” Brandy giggles.


Dakota kicks a stone nearby to the campsite. She stands near Claire, who pouts over by the sand. Ember walks by, dragging some collected rope behind her.

“Hi!” she exclaims to her, but she’s ignored.

“Well fine then, Amber!”

“It’s Ember,” she corrects Dakota.


“Just stop talking.”


In the Jorek island camp, Axel and Roger joke around about their real lives inside of the forged hut. The banana leaf roof on top of the tarp shields them from the sun, a bed of wood gives them a nice walking space, and with their spare time they’ve even constructed a porch and a makeshift bed area outside near the beach.

“Breakfast is readeh’!” Landon exclaims aloud. Everyone gathers around the cooking pot over the fire to see Landon has cooked some beans and rice.

“Uh…how do we eat this?” Katie asks.

“You get a flat rock,” Landon pauses and lifts up a somewhat flat rock, “wash it off in the water, dry it, and bring it over here and make a ‘plate’,” Landon says. He dips his rock in and pulls out a chunk of rice and bean. He sticks it in his mouth, pulling out the rock and eating his food.

“It doesn’t taste bad, either, so…”

The others follow suit, except for Violet. “I have you one ready, Violet,” Landon says to her before she can leave. She turns around and looks at him awkwardly.

“Hopefully I can score a buddy in this game. And, hopefully you’ll be that buddy?”

“Are you trying to start some sort of alliance with me or something?”

“If that’s how you take it.”

Violet grabs the rock plate and digs it deep into the pot. She takes a bite.

“I’ll definitely think about it.”


“Yo homie! How we spose’d to eat dis junk?” Roger asks, pulling out a chunk of burned rice from his mouth and throwing it down.

“Well excuse me for not spicing it for you,” Landon scorns.

“Just let it go, bro,” Axel says, trying to talk Roger down.

“Yo’ lucky I didn’t lose a tooth, yo.”

“Um…anyway—I say we should try and rock today’s challenge like we did yesterday’s. Speaking of that—where’s that map piece we got?” Harry asks, looking around at the others.

“Oh! It’s in the shelter—I’ll go get it!” Kevin exclaims. He stands and runs over to the shelter, looking inside for a small piece of a map.

“I hope today’s challenge is fairly easy. Last night wore me out,” Harry says, biting into his meal.

“That little bit of swimming you did tuckered you out that much?” Axel asks.

“Well, yeah. You guys aren’t tired?”



In the woods of the Mansaru camp, Ember, Misty, and Rebekah meet up and sit down on some rocks.

“Here it is. The first meeting of the Shadow Rebellion alliance!” Rebekah exclaims.

“Yeah…I’m kind of excited. Hopefully today’s challenge will be easy enough to win, right?” Misty asks.

“Hopefully. Now then—first order of business: the boys. Do you think they’re aligned in any way?” Ember asks.

“They only have each other versus the entire female population of the island. I’d say it’s a definite yes,” Rebekah replies.

“I don’t believe we should go for them first, however. I feel like we should go for either Claire or Dakota. Which one is less of an asset to us?” Ember asks the two.

“Well, Dakota is stupid. Claire’s trying to prove her worth so she might be good for a while. I think either of them can go first,” Misty strategizes.

“I couldn’t agree more,” Rebekah agrees with Misty’s thoughts.

“So basically, if Dakota goes first, then the next elimination we eliminate Claire?” Ember asks.

“Yes ma’am,” Misty says.

“Plan is set in motion. We’ll call this one…um, Operation: Failure Takedown,” Ember says, holding out her right hand to the center of the ground.

“Operation: Failure Takedown is a go!” Misty holds out her hand as well.

“Let’s get this party started,” Rebekah holds in her hand as well. They raise all three of their hands and whisper-shout:

“Shadow Rebellion!”


In the Jorek campsite, Landon sits back with Violet. “So, about that ‘offer’,” Violet whispers to him.


“I think it’ll be fun. We can work together and go to the finals. I’m more or less a lone wolf so I don’t care about sticking with that Katie girl. Chances are she’ll go early anyway, so…yeah,” she whispers.


They bump fists and share some laughs.

“Won’t this be some fun to tear up?” Axel asks.

“You got it, yo’!” Roger whispers. They perform a secret handshake and back away from the shelter.

Confessional Camera: Violet

“An alliance at this early in the game? It’s nice to have someone but I can only hope they keep me in. They’re not voting off Landon if he cooks for us, so he’s obviously in the clear. I’m the one with a target painted on my head if anyone knows about this.”

Part Two (Episode Two):

“Listen up, Castaways! It’s time for the first ever immunity challenge! Head over to the base camp island for the competition to begin!”


With the two crews docked on the beach, Zane greets them with handshakes. “Congratulations, castaways. You’re about to compete in the first challenge. However, before we do this, we’re introducing a new twist on the season!”

“Oh god, no,” Ember sighs and cringes.

“On a very small sandbar nearby to us now is a crashed miniature ship. This is known as Shipwreck Island, where two players from each crew will be spending the entirety of this challenge and the day. They will not be able to eat unless they eat bugs. And, they will return at sundown. So, since Mansaru lost the reward challenge yesterday, you will be picking someone to send out of the challenge first.”

“You guys think I’m super weak, so I volunteer as tribute,” Claire says in her annoying voice, seizing the moment to find the doubloon and stepping out of the crowd.

“Claire, you will now pick someone from the Jorek crew to bring along with you.”

“How ‘bout that other exile? Harry?”

Harry walks through the crowd and stands next to her. “Claire and Harry, once again, you two are exiled and will be sent to Shipwreck Island to stay.”

The white boat arrives and the two jump on and leave to the sandbar.


There, they dive off and walk through some water until they find a stand. Pick one rope.

Claire picks a rope to the right of the stand, with Harry to the left. They begin pulling the rope up until a bucket comes out of a small hole beneath them. Claire’s has a piece of paper in it. She opens it up and reads it to herself quietly.

Welcome. You have been exiled from your crews, and are stuck here to Shipwreck Island. You will get a clue to a golden doubloon hidden in your base camp. At the fork of the tree, head left instead and you will see.

You may share this with your partner or keep it for yourself.

Claire thinks about it, and turns to Harry who sits inside of a broken up fake-ship. She approaches him and sits down.

“How would you like to be in the best thing ever?”


Out in the middle of the sea sits two massive pirate ships made of plastic and wood (had it been real, the show’s entire budget would be sunk). On a life raft below, Zane rows the castaways out to them.

“Today’s challenge is a game of Pirate chess! Mansaru and Jorek will get on their respective ships, and will defend their masts. You will each be placed on the ship, and after five minutes, the battle will begin. In that time you will be able to equip anything you can find to defend yourselves with. At this time, you will need to make your way to the other ship by climbing up it, swinging to it, or going through the hole using a life raft. Either way, you must get on that ship or defend your own.”

“Sounds cool!” Ember cheers.

“H-U-S-H! As I was saying—one player from your tribe will be designated as the Captain. The Captain can use various ropes on the ship to hogtie a player from the other crew. This player will be out of the challenge unless they can escape. Only the Captain can do this hogtying, but the others can help capture the player. As for the others, you are trying to climb to the top of the three mast logs to unhook the mast and cause it to fall into the ocean. Once all three masts of one ship are down, the challenge is over. The crew still with at least one mast wins the challenge, while the others send someone home.”


“What are you talking about?” Harry asks.

“An inter-team alliance! Look, us exiles have to stick together, right?” Claire asks, sitting down in the sand.


“We have to work together, then. You pick someone trustworthy from your camp, and I pick someone I can trust from mine. That way we have an alliance of four people nobody sees coming! It’s a fool-proof plan!”

“Huh…I like your thinking!”

Confessional Camera: Harry

“She is going to get me eliminated. She’s crazy, but her plan really could work…”


“Five minutes starting…now!”

The Mansaru ship and the Jorek ship head frantic. Ember climbs to the top of the ship’s tallest mast and fastens the masts tighter with extra rope. She then climbs down and locates a fake sword made of hard metal. It would hurt, just not slice.

Brandy picks up a pirate hat and places it on his head. “Let’s get ready, Mansaru!”

Roger and Axel work together to block up a stairway from the hole of the ship. They pile in random cannons and shelves until it’s barely passable.

Landon throws on a captain’s hat. “For Jorek!”

“Your time is up! May the battle begin!”


Ember climbs up halfway to the highest mast. She grabs onto a lose rope and swings on it. Outward she flies, throwing herself off and landing on the ledge of a smaller mast pole.

She climbs her way up, when she’s surprised by Katie who kicks her hand off. She shrieks, but reaches back up and grabs onto Katie’s leg. She screams, and Ember jerks her arm back to trip her up.

She climbs to the top and lifts Katie into the air. “Sorry, hun!”

She throws Katie into the water below the ship, and begins to undo the first blue colored mast of the Jorek crew. She snaps off one rope when Kevin climbs up to her.

“No-no!” He swats at her with his arms, trying to push her. She pulls out her metal fake-sword.

“Stand back, pretty boy!”


Rebekah sneaks her way through the hole of the Jorek ship. She reaches the blockade and sticks her foot through. She trips over a cannon’s end, however, and tumbles over.

“Intruder!” Axel shouts. He, Roger, and Landon appear at the stairway up. Landon pulls out some rope and walks down to Rebekah, who is furiously trying to get away. He grabs her leg and ties it up, pinning a bit of the cannon onto the rope.


Katie takes the opportunity of being thrown into the water. She swims over to the hole of the Mansaru ship. She climbs up and sneaks inside. Amidst the chaos, the entire crew fails to notice her.

She climbs up to the shortest pole and begins undoing one of the mast’s ropes. When it pops loose, it falls down and alerts Dakota.

“Hey, look! She’s not on our team!” Dakota shouts.

“Useless!” Blake scorns to her. He begins climbing upward, nearly reaching the top when a second rope comes undone. It lands below, releasing the mast into the ocean.

“Nice try!” Katie exclaims. She dives from the mast deck and lands on the ship’s board.

Distracting the other crew members, Katie signals Violet who is standing idly by. She smiles and dives into the water.

She pulls her biker goggles over her eyes and goes underwater to camouflage herself. She climbs up into the hole and sneaks by the entire ship’s crew, avoiding being captured. She approaches the second tallest pole and begins to climb.


“What are they doing!?” Ember exclaims to herself. Kevin grabs her, but she gets loose and kicks him off of the platform. She undoes the second knot, releasing the mast.

Ember grabs onto an idle rope and swings to another mast deck. She climbs her way up, and begins to undo another knot.

Misty climbs through the hole. She spots Rebekah who struggles to get out. “Shh,” she whispers, as she steps over her rope.

She lurks in the shadows of the ship until reaching the tallest pole. She begins to climb when Landon pulls her down by her feet. She, now lassoed, is tied up.

“Where did you even learn to do that?” she has to ask.

“I know a lot of things.”


Violet climbs to the top of the second tallest pole. There, she quickly undoes the first mast knot. She looks down to see that Katie is tied up to the first pole she undid.

She releases the rope, knocking it into the water.

“What was that?” Brandy asks, looking off of the side of the ship. He looks up to see another rope falling down to him. He shrieks when it smashes into his nose.

The mast falls off, putting Jorek in the lead. “We have another one over here, captain Brandy!” Blake shouts in pain.

Part Three (Episode Two):

Ember loosens up the final rope to the second mast, knocking it off. “You guys suck!” she sticks her tongue out, and laughs. She walks over and grabs onto a rope, swinging over to the tallest pole. She climbs upward to the top.

“What are you idiots doing? Stop her!” Landon shouts to the remaining players.

Roger and Axel gang up together, climbing to the top relatively close to her.

“Get away you weirdos!”


On the Mansaru ship, Violet tries to jump to the pole to climb up, but fails and slides down on her butt. As she lands, they decide to tie her up.

However, Kevin is climbing up the rear of the ship unnoticed. They’re busy watching Ember win.

Kevin climbs up and grabs onto the tallest pole. He begins to shimmy up quietly.

“Come on, Ember! You can do it baby!” Blake exclaims.

At the top of the deck, Kevin feels slightly sea sick, but holds it in. He begins to undo the first knot.

“Stop him!” Ember shouts, pointing over at Kevin with her sword.

“What?” Brandy asks. He looks up and spots a rope spiraling down at him. “Crap! Stop him before he gets-“

Katie undoes her rope bind, and tackles Brandy. “Get her off of me!”

Kevin quickly competes with Ember’s untying skills. She undoes the first knot. Kevin struggles, but he gets down to the final knot and yanks it out of its place.

The final mast falls ever so slowly into the waters below. He cheers and throws himself off of the deck, crashing into the water but still being kept afloat by the mast.

“That’s the final mast from Mansaru! Jorek wins!”

Ember stomps furiously and throws down her sword. “We would have had this in the bag if you jerks had just listened to me!”


As night falls, both islands get their exiles back. Claire returns to Mansaru, and Harry to Jorek.

“So, how did it go over there?” Violet asks, walking him back to camp.

“Claire got this idea of an inter-team alliance. There’s a hidden golden doubloon on each island near the fork in a tree. She said to get a trustworthy person. Isn’t that stupid?”

“Well…” Violet stops and looks at him. She smiles. “That’s not too bad of an idea either. What were you thinking of doing?”

“Well, actually I was just talking out the side of my head—but, you think it’s a good idea?”

“Totally. I think it could really work out. Don’t tell anyone else, and when we’re alone we’ll go look for that Doubloon.”


Claire walks back to her camp alone. She sighs and approaches the camp fire.

“Welcome back, Clarence!” Dakota exclaims.

“It’s…uh…Claire,” she corrects her.


“How did it go on that island?” Misty asks.

“Eh…it was okay. How about you guys? How badly did we own the other losers?”

“We lost by a few seconds. Ember did a good job, though. Really pulled her weight today,” Misty congratulates her, patting her on the back.

“Yeah but I’m the reason we lost. I wouldn’t be surprised if you guys voted me off tonight,” Ember says, giving them all puppy dog eyes.

“I can’t vote off those eyes,” Brandy flirts.

“Aww you,” Ember says, fluttering her eyes.

“Misty, can I talk to you for a second?” Claire asks.

“Sure,” she stands up and walks with her.

Out in the woods, in the Shadow Rebellion meeting spot, Claire sits down. “So, there is something I need to tell you about.”

“What?” Misty asks.

“Harry and I have joined together in an inter-team alliance. We’re going to rock this game at merge, and we each need one person from our home crews to bring with us. I’m choosing you!”


“Before you say it—there’s also a hidden doubloon on this island that grants either immunity or will let you go to the other crew for the rest of the game. Now—I know where it is, and we can look for it tomorrow or even tonight!”

“That’s…stupid. But smart at the same time. I’m totally in!

“Awesome! We can look around whenever you want!”

“Let’s just wait it out until elimination tonight. What did your clue say?”

“There’s a forked tree near the beach. It says to look in the opposite direction of where I dug before to see the next clue. Probably some weird stick thing that points to the doubloon or something.”

“Forked tree, huh? Interesting…”


After a few moments, Misty calls in Rebekah and Ember. They take a seat. “So, who are we voting off tonight?” Ember asks.

“Claire approached me with something interesting. There’s a hidden doubloon on this island that grants you the ability to go to the other crew forever, or for immunity. She also started an alliance with Harry on the other tribe. She’s working with them, now and it’s a genius plan,” Misty says.

“So…Dakota?” Rebekah asks.

“Here’s my thinking. Claire is stupid, right? I’m going to use her tomorrow to find that doubloon. When we do, I’m taking it and keeping a hold on it. Next time we lose, we vote off Claire. That way, she can’t spill this information to anyone accidentally. I have an idol, and we know who is working with who on the other tribe. It’s genius. If there’s another Shipwreck Island thing tomorrow, we send Claire and hopefully she’ll pick Harry again. She finds out who he’s working with, and then we’re golden. We’ll know who to target in the end game!” Misty explains.

“That’s…a great plan!” Ember exclaims.

“So tonight, we vote off the dead weight Dakota. Then, the next night we lose, we kick out Claire. Sound good?” Misty asks, putting her hand in.

“Perfect,” Ember adds her palm.

“This is a perfect plan!” Rebekah adds in her hand as well.

“Shadow Rebellion!”


At the base island, the castaways approach a stone bleacher and take their seats.

“Welcome, Castaways, to the first elimination ceremony of the game. This season, we have two things to change about eliminations.”

“What are those things, Zach?” Dakota asks.

“Well…um, it’s Zane by the way—um, this season will not have the Chief twist. You will vote off people without the aid of someone from the other crew.”

“Alright,” they all nod and say.

“As well, with fourteen players, the first three players of the competition eliminated will still go to Exile Island to live for the rest of the game. However, they will not be on our Exile Jury to vote for a winner at the end. As well, Exiles this season will be referred to as Shanghaied. So, when you are Shanghaied, you are eliminated. The three eliminated first will be considered permanently eliminated. So, cross your fingers.”

“I hope I get to stay, Zabe!”

“Misty, how are things at your camp?” Zane asks.

“Fine. Just fine indeed,” Misty winks down to Claire. She smiles.

“What was that about?” Zane asks.

“We’re friends!” Claire exclaims.

“Uh huh…how about you, Dakota? How do you think you are viewed on the island?”

“I think I’m a wonderful addition! I’m an amazing superstar!”

“Okay then. Let’s jump to elimination, then! Misty, start off the voting.”

Voting Camera: Misty

“Sorry, but you are definitely not a superstar.”

Voting Camera: Brandy

“Thank god this girl is finally going home. She’s so stupid and annoying—very deserving of that exile vote.”

Voting Camera: Dakota



“I’ll now read the votes.”

Misty relaxes beside Rebekah and Ember.

“First vote: Ember.”

“What!?” Ember exclaims. Dakota laughs.

“Second vote: Claire.”

“Third vote: Dakota. Scattered votes tonight!”

“Fourth vote: Dakota.”

“Fifth vote: Dakota.”

“Sixth vote: Claire.”

“And the first person Shanghaied from Castaway Island: Pirate Bay is…”


“What!? Bu-But I’m a superstar! How could you do this to me you arrogant little punks!”

“Dakota, you’re out first so you will not be on the jury. You’re out for good, but you will get to love on Shanghai Island for the rest of the game. Let’s go!”

“No—shut up Zabbo! You suck! Mister, you suck! Blandy, you suck! Brakes, you suck! Rebiker, you suck! Embarrased, you suck!”

“You don’t know any of our names, do you?” Ember asks.

“Shut up Embarrased! Clarence, you suck too! All of you just suck-suck-suck-suck-suck! I hate you spas!”

“What in the world is a spas?”


Dakota is hauled off by some interns, permanently kicking her out of the game. Zane bids adieu, and the remaining Castaways leave the area.


“So, Landon, how are you tonight?” Violet asks.

“Good. You?”

“Well, I learned something very interesting today. There’s an idol.”

“There are idols in this game! I knew it!”

“It’s a doubloon hidden near a forked tree. Harry said to look in the opposite direction of where he dug for the first clue, so if that’s the case we can find it really easily!”

“I like the way you think! We’ll get to it tomorrow morning when everyone’s asleep, alright?”



Ember Dakota IN
Claire Brandy Blake LOW
Dakota Misty Ember Rebekah Claire OUT

Episode Three: I'll Fight For You!

Part One (Episode Three):

Rebekah sits up in a bush, looking out to the sea. Out there, Brady sits in the water, relaxing. He sighs and floats on his back in his bare underwear.

“What are we doing?” Claire asks.

“Wha—firstly – why the frig, secondly, why are you here?”

“You asked me to come into the woods and look for stuff but you just kind of left,” Claire explains.

“That sounds like something I’d do, doesn’t it? Anyway—how about you leave me alone and go play with Misty or something?”

“Why are you spying on him?”

“Why are you still here?”


“So, uh…how’s life going for ya?” Axel asks Roger, sitting down on the sand.

“Not dat’ bad yo’ yo!”

“Uh huh. So, how do you think today’s challenge will turn up?”

“Fine yo’!”

“Alright…so um, are we like, technically an alliance?”

“I guess yo’!”

“Okay then. So let’s uh…keep this crew afloat!”

“Dat makes no sense yo!”


“So, I was thinking today when I was walking on the beach,” Misty whispers to Claire while adjusting her seat in the sand.


“Today is a good day to look for that doubloon!”

“Really? You don’t think it’s too soon?”

“I feel like it’s never too soon to assure your safety!”

“Alright!” Claire exclaims, pulling out the letter from her back pocket. “We’re going out to the woods to look for a forked tree.”


In the woods, Claire and Misty search around together. Behind them is an arrow formed of branches pointing down into the dirt.

“Where do you think the thing is?” Misty asks.

“Probably around here somewhere. We just need to look harder. Think: forked trees.”

Misty looks up and spots the arrow pointing down. “Hmm…” she mutters. She nudges Claire on the shoulder. “I hear someone coming! We should look again later.”


“So, what are we looking for?” Violet asks Harry as they approach the forestry of the island.

“The doubloon,” Harry replies.

“What does the clue say?”

“The clue said something about like, a fork in a tree.”

Violet looks upward behind her. The twigs form an arrow shape pointing down to the dirt space behind her.

“What about over there?” Violet asks, pointing to the twigs in the arrow shape.

“An arrow? Maybe we skipped a clue or something.”

The two approach the area underneath the arrow. “Should we dig or…?” Violet asks.

“The dirt is really tough. We should come back later after the challenge with some water or something.”

“Alright. We can do that, I suppose.”


Landon stirs a pot of beans and rice mixed together at the fire pit nearby to the shelter. Katie approaches him, rubbing her shoulder.

“Hey Landon, you got a sec’?”

“What is it?” he asks, continually stirring his beans in a circular motion.

“I think I hurt myself in the last challenge. Not positive though.”

“It looks out of socket. You might want Zane to check that out.”

“I swear if I get evacuated for inju-“

Kevin appears behind her, snatching her arm and pulling it back into socket. She screams and drops to the ground.

“Oh my god, Kevin, why did you—“ Landon stops. He nods his head sideways and goes back to his beans.

“You’ll thank me in about twenty minutes,” Kevin explains to Katie.

“Excuse me?” she asks, crying.

“The pain will go away soon.”

She twitches on the ground for a moment while Kevin walks away.

Violet and Harry approach the hut from the forest behind them. “Go talk to some people. Keep this discovery on the down-low.”

Violet approaches Landon and takes a seat next to his feet while he stirs the beans.

“Landon, I have something to tell you.”

“What is it?” he asks, looking back at her.

“There’s a hidden doubloon that acts like an idol. And I know where it’s hidden.”


“The only issue is that Harry also knows. We’re gonna dig it up and stuff but once we do we need to vote him off so I’m the only one with it. With Harry gone we have the chance to do stuff. We’ll be safer without him.”

“But wouldn’t he be a good goat vote?”

“Landon, he’s a danger to us.”

“Attention crews! It’s time for the first reward challenge! Get on your canoes and come over to the main island!”

Part Two (Episode Three):

The crews approach the main island on their canoes. They float out to the sandy shore and jump off, approaching Zane at a challenge setup.

“Welcome, crews! Jorek crew, take a good look at the Mansaru group with one less member. Dakota—voted off first at last night’s elimination.”

“Who?” Katie asks, rubbing her shoulder.

“Dakota,” Zane repeats himself.


“Never mind her. Today we have our very first reward challenge! You’ll be completing an old fashioned treasure hunt. There is a treasure chest buried underneath the pots in front of me. The red pot represents the Mansaru crew while the blue represents the Jorek crew. You must perform several tasks to get the treasure. You must construct your shovel from a kit strewn high in the trees behind me. Then, you’ll need to use the shovel to shovel dirt into a bucket to weigh down a weight. Once it has enough weight, the scale will unbalance and release the key. You’ll then need to dig up the treasure and use the key to unlock it and retrieve the contents of the inside. Understood?”

“Seems fun enough,” Violet says.

“Jorek, you’ll be sitting someone out. Who will it be?”

“I’ll sit it out,” Katie says, rubbing her shoulder and taking a seat.

“Alright. Katie will be sitting this one out. As for the rest of you, we’ll begin this challenge…”


The entire Jorek crew charges for the trees behind. Mansaru takes a moment to form a strategy, and then Misty and Rebekah charge for the trees. Rebekah gets a grip and climbs to the top while Misty works behind as a support.

Axel reaches a branch, but it snaps and he tumbles off. He lands on Kevin who screams in pain. Rebekah reaches a box tied to the tree. She begins trying to undo the knot.

Landon approaches the box at the top of the tree when his support branch snaps underneath him. He slides downward only slightly but regains his hold on the tree. Rebekah takes the box back down the tree and kicks it open.

Claire and Ember begin assembling the shovel kit. Claire manages to snap the head and base together while Ember assembles the grip. With the shovel ready, the boys, Brandy and Blake, take it and head back for the buckets.

Landon unties the box and drops it. Roger catches it and begins to break it open.

“We’ve already lost!” Harry exclaims, pointing back to Brandy whom is filling in a bucket with dirt.

“Just go faster!” Violet exclaims, throwing together the last bits of the shovel. She pushes Landon off with the shovel, sending him over to the buckets where he proceeds to fill the bucket with dirt.

Brandy’s bucket sinks and crashes into the sand, where a latch releases a small golden key into his hands. He cheers and races back to the pots with the shovel in hand, and proceeds to dig out the dirt.

“Break the pot!” Misty shouts at him.

“Oh!” he says, raising up the shovel and smashing it down onto the pot. It shatters and reveals the chest almost immediately.

He dives onto the ground and inserts the key, twisting it and popping the lid open to the chest.

“Mansaru wins the reward!”

They gather around and look to the insides of the chest. Inside are several tiny red balls about the weight of a penny.

“What is this!?” Blake asks, pulling a handful out furiously.

“Congratulations! You will each get to spin the wheel of food. Wherever the most balls land will grant your crew that food. Let’s get that wheel carted in here, shall we?”

Moments later, James and Dakota appear with a large wheel in their hands. They drop it off in the sand and walk back to the white elimination boat.

“Misty, grab a ball and throw it into the slot. Then spin the wheel.”

The wheel has eighteen wedges. Three of them say ‘Cheese dinner’, three say ‘Steak and Potatoes’, three say ‘Tacos’, three say ‘Meat Surprise’, three say ‘Italian Ravioli,’ and the final three read ‘Pizza’. Misty inserts her ball into a small white slot that drops the ball in the middle. She gives the wheel a spin, and the white internal piece spins counterclockwise to the wheel with double the speed.

When it slows, a latch releases and the ball falls through onto the ‘Pizza’ wedge.

Blake approaches and throws in his red ball and spins the wheel. It lands again on the ‘Pizza’ wedge.

“Two votes Pizza!”

Ember approaches and smiles. “I’m feelin’ it, Zane my boy! Sausage, pepperoni--“

She inserts her ball and gives it a spin. It lands on the ‘Ravioli’ wedge. “Wow this wheel sucks!”

Brandy approaches the wheel and inserts his ball. He spins it and it lands on the ‘Pizza’ wedge.

“Three for pizza, one for Ravioli. Rebekah and Claire, spin the wheel. If it ties, I’ll spin it.”

Rebekah approaches the wheel and smiles. She tosses her ball in and spins the wheel. It lands on the ‘Pizza’ wedge, and the mini challenge is done.

“Pizza it is!”

“Aww I don’t get to spin?” Claire frowns.

“It’s Pizza. Do you really care?” Ember asks.

“I’m a vegetarian.”

“I’m sorry to hear you’re a lesbian,” Misty retorts, smiling.

“A vegetarian. You know-“ Claire stops after realizing it was a joke.

“Now then—head back to your camps. Immunity in a few hours!” Zane orders.


At the Jorek campsite, the players gather around the camp fire. Landon reinserts the cooking beans and rice he took out from earlier. “We’re almost done,” he says, reheating the beans.

“We need to try extra hard during the challenge. Let’s not pull what season one did and have alternating eliminations. Let’s win tonight and get them to send someone else home!” Axel exclaims, trying to make the crew happy but failing.

“I wish we won the pizza,” Katie sighs.

James approaches the crew’s grounds and hands Kevin, the closest to him, a note.

“What’s this?” he asks.

“Just read it,” James replies bitterly.

He unravels the paper. “JOREK: Circle the names of two people to go to Shipwreck Island. One must be from your home camp while the other from Mansaru.”

Kevin reaches his hand out, and James stares at him confused. “What?”

“Pen or something. You have one, right?”

“Oh, right!” James exclaims, pulling out a large marker resembling a tiki head. Kevin sighs and gathers with his crew.

“Who should go to Shipwreck Island?”

Seeking this opportunity, Violet realizes that she and the other of the alliance could speak for the first time. She pulls Harry over. “Who should go?” she winks.

Harry realizes what she is getting at. “Send Claire.”

“Claire isn’t available because she went last time. Pick someone else.”

“Um…Misty?” Harry asks.

Kevin nods and circles Misty’s name. “Now we send someone from our crew.”

“I’ll go! I’m tired from this last challenge, you know,” Violet says, looking slightly pitiful.

“What about me? My arm is kind of broken, here!” Katie exclaims.

“Get over it,” Violet scorns. Kevin sighs and circles Violet’s name. He hands the paper back to James, and he takes off with the list.


At the Mansaru camp, everyone gathers around a wooden table setup with fifty different samples of gourmet pizzas. “Way better than beans!” Ember exclaims.

“Before you eat, however,” Zane interrupts them from sitting down, “One of you is going to the Shipwreck. You will bring whatever food you want, but you must leave before the dining here begins. Since Jorek lost, they got to choose who goes.”

He pulls out a list and adjusts it so he can read the circles. “First up: Claire is ineligible to be exiled. Second up: Misty, you have been Shipwrecked.”

“Ugh!” Misty exclaims with disgust. She grabs a plate and piles on dozens of pizzas; two per tray onto her plate. She takes the fattening sum of grease with her onto the elimination boat, where she is transported to Shipwreck Island.

Part Three (Episode Three):

On Shipwreck Island, Misty chews on a pizza made of sausage while approaching Violet.

“Hey, I’m Violet!” she exclaims, holding out her hand. Misty stubbornly ignores her handshake. “Okay…um, has Claire tried to um…speak to you?”

Shipwreck Camera: Violet

“If I can get it out without revealing myself, maybe this Misty chick will be the person aligned with her.”


“What do you mean?”

“Alliances or anything?”

“You’re Harry’s choice, aren’t you?”


“Claire approached me with the idea of the inter-team alliance. The thing is, I love the idea, but we cannot work with Claire. I know where the golden doubloon is, and I just need to get it.”

“You know you can mutiny over to us if you use it, right?”

“Yes. I also know I can royally screw over someone’s game by mutinying them if I play it on them.”

“That’s allowed?”

“As far as I know, yes. As for Claire’s alliance idea, I am not the biggest supporter. Have you located your crew’s doubloon?”

“Yes, but I need to dig it up first.”

“Good. Get it and keep it just like I am when I get back to camp. If we lose we have to vote off Claire so that the alliance remains unknown to anyone but me and the other crew—your crew. And if you can hang in there without using it, we can become a powerhouse at merge. Me and you to the final two. How does that sound?”

“That’s a genius plan! I’m totally in!”

Shipwreck Camera: Misty

“I’m doing whatever it takes to survive out here. If I get myself tangled up in an alliance that wants me out, I can always play my doubloon for safety. Violet might be an asset to me, but she has to make merge. I actually pray we lose today to ensure nothing of ours is revealed by the blabbermouth, Claire.”


At the main island, the crews gather around Zane. “Jorek and Mansaru, take a look at each other. Jorek, Violet is not competing today but you must sit someone out to even the teams. Mansaru, Misty is not competing today. That means that we will only have a five versus five match in today’s immunity challenge. Who will be sitting out?”

“My arm is still hurt. Can I sit out again?” Katie asks.

“Normally we would not allow it, but for the sake of the injury we will have the medical staff look at you and let you sit out.”

Katie nods and takes a seat on a peanut gallery bench.

“Today’s immunity challenge is a keep-you-hands-on-the-idol challenge. I have in front of me a statue of the immunity idol I forgot to give to the other crew last time. You will keep your hands on this enlarged idol for as long as possible until one crew is left remaining. When one crew is obliterated, the other wins immunity. Simple enough?”

“How does this relate to pirates…at all?” Ember cannot help but ask.

“Because you’re doing this out on the water!”

A large idol is revealed out in the ocean behind Zane. There are ten small platforms to balance on while around the arena are cannons that shoot balls of water.

The contestants swim out and balance themselves onto the platforms. They have formed themselves so that Jorek is on the left and Mansaru is on the right.

“Every thirty minutes I will hinder your progress. Let’s begin!”

“It’s so exciting to be competing!” Claire exclaims, cheering and raising her hands.

“Claire you freaking idiot!” Rebekah scorns.


“Mansaru down to four players,” Zane says, raising his hand and showing the number four on his fingers.

Claire swims back to shore and takes a seat next to Katie.


The first ten minutes pass and nobody else has removed their hand from the idol made to resemble a pirate’s sword. “How do you think we’re doing?” Kevin taunts the Mansaru crew.

“Shut your trap you little punk!” Rebekah scorns to him. He giggles and flips his hair to the side.

After twenty more minutes, James and Dakota are set on the water shooting cannons. They are assigned as James to Mansaru and Dakota to Jorek. Zane orders them to aim and fire the water in bucket loads to knock them off.

“Prepare for the first wave of hindrance. For the next five minutes, you will be attacked by water missiles. Good luck!”

Dakota takes the first shot. “Boom boom!” The water splashes onto the platform containing Axel. He shrieks and topples off of the platform and into the water.

“Four to four!”

James fires his cannon, and the blast slashes against Misty’s top. It slices the back open and it falls off. She shrieks and covers herself up with both arms.

“Four to three!”

“That’s not fair!” Rebekah shouts, red faced and ashamed. She dives into the water where she collects her top.

“Boobies!” Brandy exclaims.

“Shut up!” Rebekah calls back.

Confessional Camera: Rebekah

“I’m so ashamed…I…”


Another twenty minutes passes. “Ten more minutes until a new hindrance.”

Again, nothing happens for ten minutes. The two arm their cannons with water and beans this time. They aim and fire.

“Ow, god! What’s in the water!?” Blake shouts, grabbing onto his head with one hand but still remaining on the idol.


“That’s jacked up, yo!” Roger exclaims as he is hit by another blast. He tumbles into the water, as it knocked him off balance.

“Tied again. Three to three!”

The water blasts Blake, and he tumbles off as well. “Ouch!”

“Two to three.”

“Hang on for dear life, Brandy!” Ember exclaims.

“We’re in this to win it!” Landon cheers for his crew.

Thirty minutes passes again. The two arm their cannons with double the water pressure and take their aims.

“Double the water pressure without beans. Let’s get started!”

The cannons aim and fire. The pressure smacks into Ember’s back, cutting it slightly and sending her into the water.

“You just friggin’ cut my back wide open!”

“Relax, girl, you’re fine!” James exclaims.

“Shut up you intern!”

“One left on Mansaru.”

Brandy holds on tightly. Don’t fail this for your team, man!

Dakota aims and fires her cannon, smashing into Kevin and knocking him off.

“Watch out, Dakota! Don’t knock off our people! Knock off the traitor who voted you off!” Harry exclaims.

“Sorry Horky! I’m supposed to shoot people on your crew!”

Twenty minutes passes by. “Guys, I can’t keep going…” Brandy sighs. His arm has turned a whitish color of pale, and is tingling.

“Please don’t drop out on us, man!” Ember exclaims.

Brandy’s arms slips. “Crap!”

“Jorek wins immunity for the second time in a row!” Zane approaches the group of eliminated Jorek members and hands them an idol that resembles a sword attached to a belt.

“Mansaru, we’ll go collect Misty and tell her the news. As for you, I’ll see you at elimination. Again. Where we will shanghai the second person who will not be on the Jury.”


Misty and Violet return to their crews. “Are we really losing this badly again?” Misty asks her crew.

“Sadly, yes.”

Violet gives her home crew a hug while the Mansaru group moans and groans over losing another member.


In the woods, Ember, Misty, and Rebekah have a meeting. “We’re voting out Claire, right?” Ember asks.

“Yes. Vote her off. Oh—that reminds me—I need to go look for that doubloon before we kick her off. Make sure she doesn’t have it, you know.”

In the woods, Misty looks to the ground underneath the arrow formed by the branches. She smiles and proceeds to dig the dirt up. At the bottom of her hole she unearths a golden coin with a string hanging off for a necklace. She smiles and hides it in her pocket.


"Who should go home tonight, man?" Blake asks Brandy.

"I'm thinking Rebekah. She caused a massive distraction and is only a large tumor on the crew. She just nags instead of helping us out."

"Alright, bro."

At the main island, for the final time, the six Mansaru players gather around for elimination. Each takes a seat at the stone bleacher, where they adjust to their surroundings.

“Welcome, Mansaru. You may be upset to hear that, again, the person you eliminate tonight will not be on the jury. Brandy, how are things in the camp?”

“Rather good, actually. We aren’t fighting or anything like I’m sure the Jorek guys are.”

“Rebekah, how do you think today’s challenge went for you? I realize you’re a bit ashamed,” Zane asks.

“My top popped off and everyone got a view of my no-nos. This is like…ugh.”

“I realize it’s touchy. Before we vote, though, I have to ask: how are you basing your votes? This goes to everyone, by the way.”

“We base our votes based on who isn’t pulling their weight. I’m sure there is some aligned voting but for the most part we need to try and win,” Ember speaks for her crew.

“Interesting. We’ll begin voting with you, Ember.”


Voting Camera: Ember

“Misty’s plan is basically fool-proof. Sorry, Claire.”


Voting Camera: Brandy

“Blake and I have some sort of understanding. And that understanding is that the girls will be undermining us. Claire will hopefully vote off Rebekah with us…”


Voting Camera: Claire

“Rebekah, you’re a nice girl, but you aren’t helping me and Misty win this game. You have to go.”


Voting Camera: Blake

“I think...Rebekah or Claire tonight…?”


Zane returns to the bleacher with the boat behind him. He pulls out the box of votes. “I will now read the votes.”

Rebekah, Ember, and Misty relax in their seats.

“First vote: Rebekah.”

Rebekah’s eyes widen.

“Second vote: Rebekah.”

“Third vote: Rebekah.”

Misty looks to the side awkwardly. Why is everyone…?

“Fourth vote: Claire.”

“Fifth vote: Claire.”

"Sixth vote: Claire. We're tied. You have ten seconds to consider changing your vote. If anyone does consider, they will stand and I will re-tally the votes,"

The boys, Brandy and Blake, stare at each other. They sigh and stand together, as if they could reach each other's thoughts. "Brandy and Blake switching votes. We will now view the voting record and will re-vote someone off."

Zane leaves to visit the video booth for voting. He returns later with two slips of votes: each with the name 'Claire' written on them.

“Second person Shanghaied from Castaway Island: Pirate Bay: Claire. I’m afraid you will not be on the Jury.”

Claire and Rebekah look at each other rather awkwardly. She stands and sighs, giving Misty and evil look, and approaching the elimination boat without speaking.


“Looks like this was the first sort of a betrayal. See you tomorrow.”


Rebekah Brandy Blake Claire LOW
Claire Misty Ember Rebekah Blake Brandy OUT

Episode Four: Let's Steal A Player!

Part One (Episode Four):

“Select one member from your crew to go to the Jorek camp. Be sure they take this bottle with them,” Rebekah reads from a note retrieved from a box in the stream.

“Ew, I don’t want to go to those cocky peoples’ campsite!” Ember cries out.

“Relax your boobies. I’ll go,” Brandy volunteers.

“You want to leave your boy behind?” Blake teases.

“Let’s face it: with Dakota and Claire gone we’re left two boys to three girls. I mean—you girls can be honest with me. We know you have an alliance or something going on and you know the boys are sticking together. I might as well take off.”

“We aren’t gonna lie to you, Brandy. We do have a little thing going on but you know how this game works!” Misty exclaims.

“I’ll be back momentarily.”


“Select one member from your crew to go to the Mansaru camp. Be sure they take this bottle with them,” Landon reads from a note retrieved from a box in the stream.

“I wonder what this is about?” Kevin ponders.

“I might as well go. I can probably get some stuff out of them so we can learn their weaknesses, ya know?” Katie asks, standing up to leaving.

“Chances are that they also have someone coming to give us a visit,” Harry inserts his two cents.

“Likely. Well, Katie, let’s get going I guess,” Landon says. Katie approaches the letter and takes the bottle from the box.

When the white boat arrives, Brandy steps off and Katie steps on.

“Hey!” Brandy exclaims as he approaches the Jorek crew.

“Just open the bottle,” Violet orders.

“Geez, you guys are really welcoming aren’t you?”

Nobody replies. They fold their arms and Brandy shrugs. He smashes the bottle onto the ground and pulls out a second letter.

“Dearly Mansaru,” he begins, “if you are reading this now, it means your home crew has decided to maroon you. You are here now at the other crew’s campsite to-“


“—remain for the rest of the competition!?” Katie exclaims on the other island.

“You’re joking!” Blake exclaims. He snatches the letter from her hands and skims the wording. “Oh my god we lost the strongest person on our crew!”


“Is Katie really that bad of a loss?” Kevin asks the others.

“I don’t want to be he—actually…you guys win everything. I think I do, actually, want to be here!”

“But that just singles me out as the only female in the camp! Oh my god this sucks!” Violet screams out in anger.

“If Mansaru loses, Katie is gonna go home. We can’t lose Katie!” Landon exclaims.

“And if you lose you’re voting me out. As for Blake, I would say he is in danger. The girls want him out as it is. You guys don’t have any vendetta against Victoria, do you?” Brandy asks.

“It’s Violet,” she corrects him.

“Oops. Sorry.”

Confessional Camera: Landon

“This is actually great. I can score an alliance with him because you know he is desperate to survive here. If he aligns with me, Violet and I are golden. We can form a blindside against someone lazy if we ever lose a challenge.”


“Well…um…” Katie does not know what to say. The Shadow Rebellion stares her down while Blake stands off on the side lines. Katie awkwardly walks over to their lean-to shelter.

Blake takes a seat next to her. “If we lose the challenge, you know, one of us is going home.”

“What do you mean?”

“Ember, Misty, and Rebekah have an alliance going on. If we lose, those three will dominate us. Unless we get some stroke of luck, of course.”

“Oh my gosh that sucks!”


In the woods, Harry proceeds to dig up the golden doubloon from the dirt. He yanks up the doubloon and places it around his neck.

Confessional Camera: Harry

“If we lose tonight, I’m using this. I have to mutiny over to be with my main alliance with Claire!”


“Attention castaways! It is almost time for the reward challenge! Bring your butts and your wits to this one!”

Part Two (Episode Four):

On the main island, the castaways arrive on their new crews. “I see you got my letters.”

Brandy and Katie exchange awkward glances.

“Well, Jorek, take a look at Mansaru. Claire voted off last night in a tied revote.”

Harry looks slightly uncomfortable and shrugs.

Behind Zane is a platform with ropes hanging down over a pool of water. Below it, in front of the pool of water, is a lever attached to the ropes. There are two hanging ropes, each attached to one edge of the lever. When pulled to one side, it release a small bit of the rope at a time like a crank. If cranked left, the left rope releases, and if cranked right, the right rope releases. On the lever are several chains. On the left side are three locks attached to three chains, which is copied on the left side.

“Today’s challenge is known as ‘Marooned Revenge’. Brandy and Katie, for their respective crews, will be cast up on the ropes. While hanging, they will support themselves. If one falls into the water, the challenge is over. As for the lever in front, one person for each crew will be assigned to pull the lever to release the ropes on the other person’s crew’s rope. The two will end up fighting to tug the ropes down. The others on the crew will be digging in x marked areas for keys. Three keys is all it takes to unlock one side of the lever. We have randomly decided that: Roger and Ember will be tugging the levers, and that Axel, Landon, and Kevin will be searching for keys. So, Harry and Violet, you two will be forced to sit out today’s reward challenge. Would you like to know what you’re playing for?”

After a moment of silence, they nod.

“Today you will be playing for seasonings,” Zane releases a tarp over a block of seasonings, “and some chicken to put the seasonings on!” he pulls back a tarp to reveal three blocks of chicken.

“Alright!” Ember cheers.

“Awesome, yo jazzy dog!”

“…did you just say ‘jazzy’?” Ember asks.

After a moment’s time, Katie and Brandy are hoisted onto the ropes above the water. Zane signals the challenge to begin.

Over on the beach, Kevin, Axel, and Landon dig down deep into the sand below a red painted x, while Misty, Rebekah, and Blake dig aside them under a blue x.

“I got it!” Axel exclaims. He rips out a golden key and throws it over to Roger. He sticks it into a lock and twists.

They move down to the x beneath them. They continue to dig as Misty arises with the first golden key for Mansaru. She tosses it over to Ember, where she unhooks one lock.

Kevin shrieks in pain as a crab snaps onto his wrist. Axel arises with a second key, pushing Kevin over. He throws the key over and moves down to the final x in the sand.

Down there, Axel proceeds to dig. At the second Mansaru x, Rebekah and Misty continue to dig furiously while Blake slightly slacks off.

“Got it!” Axel exclaims. He throws the final key to Roger.

Roger unlocks all three locks and begins to crank the lever in his direction. Each tug pulls the rope up one inch for Katie.

“Each rope has fifty inches. Each tug is one inch off!” Zane explains through a megaphone.

Roger pumps it another five times until Rebekah emerges with a key. “What are you doing!? Stop him!”

Ember realizes that she is allowed to stop Roger from pumping. With only forty inches left, Katie struggles to hang on.

Ember tackles Roger to the ground. He screams, ‘yo dawg my hair!’

He pushes her off and jumps back to pumping the lever. He drops her to thirty-eight inches.

Blake emerges with the final key and throws it over to the sand. Ember jumps to get it and Roger continues to pump.

“Sorry, girl,” Brandy apologizes to Katie.

The lever pumps ten more inches from her. At twenty-eight, Ember finally unlocks the lever. She grabs a hold of it and pumps off five inches before Roger can steal control back. After three inches are pumped off, Ember regains her control.

“I’m slipping!” Katie screams out. He takes one final breath before plunging into the waters below.

“Jorek wins the reward!”

The Jorek crew congratulates each other happily.

“Also, remember that buried treasure map? Here’s another piece to it.”

Roger accepts the next map piece. He pulls the other from his pocket and assembles it.

“Wait a minute bro-dawg! I know where dis is at mane!”

The crew gathers around him. “The beach!”


Back at the campgrounds, the castaways gather around a pit nearby to the ocean. “It’s down there, yo!”

They proceed to dig in the sand until a chest noticeably pops into view. They yank it out, rather ruthlessly, and kick it open.

“What’s this?” Violet asks, removing a half of a flag and some sewing needles.

Beneath it lay a note. Axel lifts it out and stares it down. “Congratulations on finding the buried treasure! But this is the first of two in your quest. On the island is a second buried treasure you will need to find. Dig it up, sew together the two halves of the pirate flag, and bring it with you to the immunity challenge to gain a massive advantage. A clue to the location will be given away at the next reward challenge,” he reads off.

“I figured it would be an idol,” Landon sighs.

“Nah. There aren’t any idols in this game. They caused too much stuff in season one so they omitted them,” Axel replies.

Confessional Camera: Violet

Violet face-palms.


“I wonder what that buried treasure is?” Katie asks on her way back to camp.

“Don’t worry about it,” Rebekah says sarcastically, “it’s just a reward. All we need is immunity.”

“You’re really mean!”

“And you’re really lazy! I can’t wait for you to go home!”

“Calm down, Bekah. We haven’t lost immunity yet!” Misty tries to calm her down.

They arrive at camp. Before Rebekah can say something in anger, James approaches them with a letter.

“Please select one person to go to Shipwreck Island from both your and the Jorek camp site.”

“Oh, this again. They won’t be able to compete in the challenge, and won’t be able to slow us down. We’re sending Katie!” Rebekah shouts.

“Katie and Brandy are ineligible, it says. Same with Misty and Violet.”

“Then we’re sending Blake and…uh, the chef boy Landon!” Rebekah shouts.

They circle the names and send James off.

Part Three (Episode Four):

At Shipwreck Island, Blake and Landon arrive together. They stand against each other nearby to the shelter. The clouds begin to swarm the island and rain. The two sneak inside of the shelter and huddle against the left wall.

“So, you’re Blake right?” Landon asks.

“Yeah. Landon?”

“Yep. How are things at camp?”

“Sucky. Katie is getting yelled at a ton by Rebekah. I wish I had the power to vote her off but I know I don’t. At elimination which we are obviously going to, it’s going to be either me or Katie. The girls are sticking together.”



“I saw some jars outside. I wonder what’s inside?”

“I dunno. I’ve never been here before.”

Landon leaves the shipwreck hut. He approaches the hut again and throws in the three pink jars he collected. Blake takes out three notes—one from each.

The first note reads, “Welcome, exiles! Today you two have the highest power against the immunity challenge. In the other vases are blueprints to the challenge. Select the options available to you to best help out your team.”

The second note includes a blueprint of a large skull rock with a wooden inside. “Circle one place inside of the rock to hide the ticking time bomb. Then circle three places each, with the two pens with one for Jorek and the other Mansaru.”

The two circle various locations to plant some sort of special item.

The final note reads, “Circle three places equally for each crew. These will contain ropes to chop that will lead to the bomb.”


On the main island, the rain clouds turn to thunder. The two crews align themselves with posts. The first post labeled with the Mansaru flag and the other Jorek.

“Welcome, players, to today’s immunity challenge! First of all, Jorek, you will be sitting two people out. Who will it be?”

“Axel and Roger,” Kevin speaks for the crew.

The two nod and take seats on a peanut gallery bench.

“Now then—today’s challenge is a relay race. Ahead of you all are three posts: each with a rope tied down to small puzzles. The first post includes a knotted rope you must untie to release puzzle pieces. Solve the puzzle and place it onto the combination lock to reveal the numbers. Then lock in the numbers by twisting the lock to release the pirate sword. Use it to chop the first leg’s rope, then follow the cut rope to the second person. Hand off the sword, and they will cut their leg’s rope to release more puzzle pieces. This will be repeated until the fourth person is reached. The fourth person will be given three pieces of a map as collected by your other team mates. They must assemble this map to find the location of a hidden ticking time bomb. The person designated must approach the bomb and slice both wires, then carry the defused bomb out and back to me to win immunity!”

“Sounds confusing,” Ember says.

“We have randomly chosen. Jorek: first chopper will be Kevin, then to Harry, and then to Violet, and finally to Brandy. Mansaru: first is Misty, then to Rebekah, then to Katie, and finally to Ember. We will begin once everyone is assembled.”

Everyone takes to their posts. “Let’s go! Slice the rope to finish!”

Kevin takes off from the starting line along with Misty. They approach the first leg, where they furiously untie the knots.

Kevin unties the first knot, revealing his puzzle pieces. The three are assembled together to form a sort of key. He places it onto a tile to reveal the numbers: one, two, and three. Kevin takes to a safe nearby, where he slides the tumbler to one, two, and then to three, where the safe clicks open.

Misty finally finishes her knot, and begins to assemble her puzzle. Kevin rips out a pirate sword from the safe and a grey map piece. He takes the sword and slices off a bit of the rope atop the safe. The rope drops and reveals a hidden path from behind the leaves in the brush aside him.

Misty finally gets the safe open, but Kevin is far gone.

Harry gets the drop off of the sword. He takes it and slices the rope of puzzle pieces, but fails to slice all the way through. Misty finally drops by and hands off the sword to Rebekah.

Harry finally slices through, but Rebekah does on her first try. She assembles the five puzzle pieces to reveal the code: five, eight, and two. She assembles the tumbler and twists it to open the safe.

Harry finally assembles his puzzle, but Rebekah is already gone with the rope chopped and map piece in hand. Harry goes on to hand off the sword.

Katie takes the sword drop off and chops her puzzle pieces down. She assembles the twelve puzzle pieces, but reveals a false code. Two blocks of the code are missing. “I did it wrong! Crap!”

Harry throws the sword over to Violet. She proceeds to chop down her puzzle pieces and assembles them in order. She reveals the code: eight, two, three, nine, six, and eight.

She enters the code into the tumbler, when Katie finally twists her puzzle correctly. She twists the tumbler, but Violet is far gone with her map piece.

She races to the top of a small cliff where a rock shaped as a skull reveals a hidden manor. Brandy takes the map pieces off of her hands and assembles them.

“Some sort of bedroom!”

Katie finally appears and drops off the map pieces to Ember. Ember sighs and assembles them together. “Looks like a kitchen.”

Inside the manor, Brandy and Ember cross paths. They bump into each other. “Oh—sorry…Ember…” Brandy stares into her eyes. She glares back. Time stops, but the two eventually shake it off and race off.


Upstairs in a bedroom, Brandy locates a small bomb ticking down from an hour. He lifts it up and slices off one wire. He slices the other and throws the wires to the ground. He places the sword to his side and takes off.

Ember locates the kitchen. She looks around, but fails to find a bomb. She kicks open kitchen cabinets, and finally finds it tucked behind fake bowls. She slices off both wires and takes off.

Brandy bypasses the third stand.

Ember bypasses the stairwell.

Brandy bypasses the second stand.

Ember bypasses the second stand and races in the wrong direction into the woods.

Brandy bypasses the first stand and runs toward the finish.

Ember appears from the woods right by the exit. She appears in a tie with Brandy. The two throw the bombs at Zane, whom catches both.

The two flags for the crews remain down. Brandy realizes what he must do, as the challenge has not been called to a finish. Ember remains blinded.

Brandy pulls out his sword and slices a rope to the flag, which causes it to rise into the air.

“Jorek wins immunity! –again!”

“No! How!?” Ember shrieks.

“He raised his flag up first. Did you not see me motion to it?”

“No! You didn’t announce we would need to do that!”

“Actually, I did. Right as I yelled ‘go!’”

“Ugh whatever! You rigged this you jerk face!”

“Calm down, Ember,” Brandy says to her, smiling and winking.

“Go make out with your immunity idol while I go pilfer in the woods!”


At the Mansaru campsite, Blake returns to see the moping crowd. “Did we win?”

“No, we lost. Again. Because of you,” Rebekah says, pointing to Ember.

She frowns.

Confessional Camera: Katie

“Finally! The target is off of my back and it’s gone over to Ember! I’m gonna be in for another week and be on the jury!”


“We all know who we’re voting off tonight,” Misty says. She looks sternly at Ember.

“Ugh,” she sighs. She stands and walks off.

Confessional Camera: Misty

“She knows the plan.”


At the main island, the Mansaru crew arrives and takes a seat on the bleacher. The five players remaining sit around, grumpy about the loss…again.

“Welcome back, Mansaru. I’m sure you’re excited about being here again, yes?”

“Obviously,” Misty says, groaning.

Confessional Camera: Misty

“I’m considering using this to move to the winning people’s crew, you know,” Misty says, lifting up the doubloon from her pocket.


“Ember, you look a little distraught. How are things with you?”

“I lost the challenge because if your riggage.”

“Uh huh. Rebekah, how are things at home?”

“Home being camp? The challenge of being at this camp is avoiding the hashtag-drama going on around the place. Blake and Katie are buddying up while the girls, aside Katie of course, are contemplating which to kick. Yay, of course, to voting off one of them. Nay to voting one of us.”

“Blake, how do you think you will do tonight?”

“I’m sure I’ll be fine. The target isn’t really on me right now.”

“Alright. Since the target isn’t on you, how about you start off the voting?”

He stands and walks off to the voting booth.

Voting Camera: Blake

“I think…Katie is my ally right now. Ember it is!”


Voting Camera: Ember

“I hope they aren’t mad at me for losing…I have to vote the Jorek off. One less moron, right?”


Voting Camera: Rebekah

“Idiots. Idiots everywhere.”


“I will now read the votes,” Zane says, approaching the bleacher with the voting box in hand.

“Let’s just get it over with,” Ember sighs.

“First vote: Ember.”

“Shocker,” she moans.

“Second vote: Ember.”

“Third vote: Katie.”

“Ha! She voted for me even though she knows she’s going home!” Katie exclaims.

“Fourth vote: Katie. Two to two.”

“What!?” Katie exclaims questionably.

“The third person shanghaied and ineligible for the jury vote…”


Katie stands and gawks. “I thought—“

“We had a plan going so you wouldn’t go nuts and pee in our beans or whatever. So…yeah, that’s that. Please leave,” Ember smiles.

“You…you tricked me!”

“Technically she’s the first Jorek to go. I mean, she swapped crews but you know,” Blake mutters.

“Katie, step down.”

Katie steps down and heads over to the elimination boat. The boat takes off, and James approaches the group with a necklace labeled with an ‘L’. “This is the loser necklace. From here on out, wearers of this necklace will go on our jury. As well, since we are out of the pre-jury phase, Shipwreck Island is no longer in affect. Mainly because your crew has been obliterated, but yeah.”

“Thanks for the pep talk,” Rebekah says sarcastically.

“Yep. Tonight, you guys are down to four to Jorek’s seven. The merge is coming up soon, so you will be fine if you can maintain your camps for a few more episodes. Head back to camp.”


Ember Katie Blake LOW
Katie Misty Ember Rebekah OUT

Episode Five: If We Lose One More Time...

Part One (Episode Five):

“Here we are again. Back to four people to Jorek’s seven. Ugh,” Misty sighs, drawing a large middle finger in the sand surrounding their lean-to shelter.

“What are we doing that’s so wrong?” Blake asks, returning his upset and disgust.

“I think we just suck!” Rebekah exclaims in disgust.

“We cannot lose again. If we do, we end up going down to three people. Do you think Jorek is getting tired of someone?” Blake asks.

“Hopefully. Hopefully they’re tired of someone and want to forfeit the challenge or something,” Ember injects.

The four remaining Mansaru members sit around, putting sticks into the fire pit.

Confessional Camera: Ember

“This show is getting really tiresome. We don’t get the chance to relax or anything anymore. It’s hard, really. If we lose again, I think we might take a turn for the worse and vote off Rebekah. She’s really bossy and mean and frankly she’s not in the right to be here. Blake is more of a valuable member.”


On the Jorek crew’s ground, Kevin meets in secrecy with Harry. They hide behind the trees, sitting in the woods.

“Let me ask you a personal question,” Kevin questions Harry in private.


“Am I the only one thinking life around here is getting…boring? We’re stuck here with a full crew and the others are dropping like wildfire. I feel like we should kick off someone who irritates us tonight.”

“You mean…forfeit?”

“Just once. We’re gonna kick someone out. Not Brandy—that wouldn’t be right. Someone from our own original crew.”

“Well…what are you thinking exactly?”

“I’m thinking of just getting everyone’s opinions at the moment. Soon we’ll make a consensus of who goes and who stays.”


“How’s the rice?” Violet asks, approaching Landon and his cooking pot.


“No mold or anything?”

“I had to throw some stuff out, but overall…yeah. It’s fine.”

“Alright. That’s cool.”

“Hey guys!” Brandy exclaims, approaching them.

“What’s up, Brandon?” Landon asks.

“It’s Brandy.”


“Anyway—I was wondering when the food and stuff is gonna be ready?”

“What do you really want?”

“To know when the food is gonna be ready?”


Confessional Camera: Brandy

“If you can’t be polite at a camp with total strangers, how do you think you can survive?”


“Soon. Is that it?”

“Look bro, I’m trying to make friends. I got switched with your friend who got booted last night. I’m trying to stay in!”

“Bro, if we lose we aren’t going after you. You’re the least of our worries.”

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing at all.”


“I’m considering getting people to throw the challenge. If we do, we’ll be voting out the annoying black kid. What do you think?” Kevin interrogates Axel.

“But…Roger’s my friend. I can’t do that to him.”

“Roger is a little punk. He thinks he’s safe and we should show him otherwise.”

“…Well, I’ll think about it. But if we throw the challenge…don’t you think that would make some people mad?”

“I have Harry on board so far. If you join it’ll show we have a consensus.”

“Go ahead and say I’m on board, then.”


“I’m starting to miss my best bro,” Blake sighs, throwing twigs into the fire pit. “But I think we’re considering voting off Rebekah when we lose again,” he whispers to the cameraman.

The cameraman nods.

“Rebellion meeting!” Misty calls in the woods. Ember approaches her with some sticks in her arms, with Rebekah nowhere in sight.

“This is probably a good time to tell you not to follow a word I’m about to say. Talk to me in the woods when Rebekah leaves.”

Rebekah arrives and enters the brush with the girls. They take their respective seats, crossing legs and batting eyes.

“Phase one of our ‘attack’ is done. We have the Jury stage at our side now, so no matter what we have the bonus on us. We lose, we vote Blake. Simple enough. If we lose again after losing Blake, one of us will go home and that won’t be good at all, will it?”

“Nope,” Rebekah replies.

“So we need to try our hardest to win. At merge, we’ll need to go after the strong guys. So, first out is Landon, then Brandy, and then Kevin. After that it’s anyone’s game when we transition into part three of our winning scheme.”

“Seems alright. Meeting adjourned?” Rebekah asks.

“Yep. Ember and I are gonna collect fire wood. Go talk Blake into thinking he’s safe.”

“Okay,” she replies, prancing off into the woods.


Confessional Camera: Rebekah

“I’m excited to know that our alliance is unheard of! We’re gonna strike like snakes!”


“Alright, if we lose again, we have to vote out Rebekah. K’?” Misty entices Ember.

“Reasoning? I mean—I agree but I want to hear it.”

“Rebekah has been getting on my nerves severely. She goes home, Blake trusts us because we didn’t vote him out. That’s another friend on our arms that we can turn to the shadows. I have Violet and Harry on the other side to work with me, too. So in the end, everything works out fine. Just remember to write down Rebekah’s name.”

“What about Blake?”

“Tell him or don’t tell him—I don’t care. Might be safer not to tell him because he could go talk to Rebekah and force a tie vote on us.”

“Alrighty then.”


“Alright castaways! It’s time for your reward challenge! Head to base camp and get ready for the reward of a life time!”

Part Two (Episode Five):

Part Three (Episode Five):

====ssshhhh this also is not a section!====

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