Act Episode Eliminated Winner(s)
1 Washed Ashore N/A N/A

In this episode, the players are put into tribes and set off to find their tribal areas, AKA, their new homes. Nobody is eliminated, but the game begins and the first bit of drama unfolds to the game.

1 A Tale of Two Tribes Tony Karbo

In this episode, the Castaways were put to the test of teamwork. They were each paired up with another member of another tribe and were forced to work together to find a flag. In this chance challenge, the Castaways had to find flags with notes on them they could not see. It was purely chance as to who won and who lost, and this caused a feud between Tony and Tiffany. In the end, Harvey became the Chief and was the swing vote between the two, sending Tony home.

1 Hiding Secrets Oliva Chur

In this episode, each tribe is put to their wits in a challenge of sinking buoys to the ocean floor. They competed fiercely, but in the end, the Chur tribe redeemed themselves from their previous loss. Harvey and Tiffany discovered the hidden idols in their base camps, and began the long trek into pure and dramatic chaos.

1 The Ultimate Blindside Natalie Karbo

In this episode, both tribes are put against each other in a treasure hunt. By the end, Tiffany and Hailey have supposedly ended a long feud from a high school rivalry, Harvey and Daniella have become the best alliance in the game, Marmalade has shown her fierce side. At elimination, the Chur tribe gathers around and discusses the issues at hand. Daniella comes over with the plan of voting off Tiffany, which inevitably backfires. Tiffany plays an idol, and only one vote (hers) counted. In a shocking blindside twist, she votes off Natalie instead of Hailey.

1 Starved For Rice Tiffany Karbo

In this episode, the tribes are put to extreme tensions. Harvey and James get in a fight, and Hailey struggles to prove herself to her team mates. The challenge came down to a canoe race to find three treasure chests. Karbo won for the second time in a row, and in an epic blindside, Tiffany was eliminated from the game for being an enemy to Hailey, and a potential hazard to her health.

1 Down to the Wire James Chur

In the Act One finale, the tribes are put in a somewhat relief challenge. James is stung by a wasp in the reward challenge, which triggers an allergic reaction. He is taken to a hospital, while the others compete in the challenge.They needed to throw coconuts to targets to score points. The Karbo tribe loses, and James steps into a bear trap. This injury causes him to be evacuated and eliminated from the game. Daniella is forced to choose between Harvey or Marmalade, Scarlet's aunt passes away (possibly due to foul play) and Zane realizes that the bear trap was actually set up by the producers to catch food for a later reward challenge. To find out what happens, read Act Two!

2 The Big Merger Marmalade Tony/Olivia/Harvey
In this episode, the tribes merge after Tony and Olivia win in the reward challenge, then join the game. Some new alliances formed, and all in all, Daniella had to choose who she wanted to partner up with. Olivia won the challenge and gave her crown to Harvey. At elimination, Harvey got most of everyone to vote off Daniella. He played his idol on her, saving her from elimination, and blindsiding Marmalade.
2 Operation: Traitor Bait Daniella Harvey
In this episode, the Barosa tribe continues the game in the first merged reward challenge. Scarlet and Tony go off on a three day vacation for pampering and for the search of the hidden immunity idol. They cannot vote but are not immune for the night's elimination. At the immunity challenge, Harvey narrowly wins, and at elimination a tie is formed from Hailey and Daniella. Daniella loses, and is eliminated.
2 Marooned at Sea Scarlet Hailey/Michael/Harvey
In this episode, the players wake up on a raft at sea. They must use their wits to sail around three islands to get back to base camp. Hailey ends up in last, getting a shabby raft, but actually jumps into first place by landing at Base Camp on accident. In the end, Michael and Olivia made it lastly, but Michael got immunity. After several plots, Hailey gave up her crown to save Harvey, who in the end managed to blindside Scarlet.
2 When It All Comes Crashing Down Olivia Brady
In this episode, the players were put to the test of a nightfall challenge. After Michael owned Harvey in the reward challenge, he also managed to make the final two in the Midnight Immunity Challenge. After finding his third flag alongside Brady, he failed to raise his name-flag in time before Brady did. Brady won immunity, and Olivia quit just out of stupidity to claim a ten thousand dollar cash prize as consolation. The others of course go on to higher cash prizes.
2 King of the Jungle Harvey Tony
In this episode, the players competed in an obstacle course and a relative-meeting challenge. Harvey won the reward challenge to be with his father in Paradise Island, but it didn't go so good for him. At the obstacle course challenge, it came down to Tony versus Harvey, with Tony actually winning immunity. With Harvey vulnerable, the others were able to vote him off, and keep the game in their hands as opposed to letting Harvey control everyone.
2 Exile Island N/A N/A
In this episode, we get to see how everyone on Exile Island is doing. As the episode goes on, the former castaways compete against the final four in a betting challenge. Hailey loses, and instead of going home she gets air lifted back to the main island. She also got a clue to a hidden one-vote-only idol, but instead threw the card down.
3 I've Played You Like I Play Solitare Tony Hailey/Michael/Brady
In this episode, the final four competed in a challenge to determine who will go home in a sudden death challenge. They competed in an obstacle course, and then a pole-tossing challenge until eventually Tony ended up the player without the proper score to win. He got sent home, leaving the final three to think about the upcoming events.
3 The Line-Up Michael Hailey
In this episode, the final three went through a series of long challenges through the many islands that have been visited in the game. The game, however, was won by Hailey, who chose Brady to come to the final two with her.
3 When The End Strikes Nigh Brady Hailey
In this episode, the Exiles cast their votes for the winner.

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