Screaming Rulers
Terrible Tikis


Gender Male
Hair color Dirty blond
Episode Eliminated "War and Puzzle Piece"
Place TDS: 1st
TDTJ: 11th
Relationship Amanda
Family Parents
Friends Gary, Devin, Alex, Sharissa, Meg
Enemies Elena
Fear Not being funny, clowns
Talent Making people laugh
Carson is labeled as The Joker in Total Drama School. He was placed on the Screaming Rulers team, and ended up winning the season. He returned for Total Drama: Tiki Jungle, and was placed on the Terrible Tikis team.


Carson is the most popular kid at his school. Why, you may ask? He's not extremely athletic or good-looking. It's all because of his great sense of humor. Carson isn't a target for bullies, because they just stay away from him because he can smooth-talk his way out of a fight. He can even make friends easily just by saying something funny. Carson's slogan for the school election was "Pick me, and I'll make every day in school fun." Of course, he was elected President. Carson really likes girls. They like him back, but not in a romantic way. It's just because of his hilariousness. Carson joined Total Drama School to make some new friends. Even if he loses, he's sure to make a joke about it.

Total Drama School

In Chapter 1, Carson was the first to arrive. He tells Chris that the school is "tight" and asks if there are any hotties there. Sure enough, once Amanda arrives, he begins to flirt with her, but she just ignores him. When Ricky comes out, Carson faints because of his odor, and once Helga arrives, she trips over him. He is later put on the Screaming Rulers with Amanda, Veronica, Kurt, Devin and Emilee.

In Chapter 2, Carson admits his disappointment about having to get up so early. During the potion challenge, Amanda reveals that she wants to vote him off, and puts his hair into a potion. During the tie-breaker, Carson has to play rock, paper, scissors against Helga. He wins, and that means the Rulers win, so he is safe.

In Chapter 3, Amanda, in the confessional, admits she is using Carson and Veronica. Carson doesn't do much in the episode, but when the Rulers lose, Carson has to vote someone off. He wants to vote off Kurt, and Amanda "agrees", but actually decides to vote off Carson. At the elimination, neither Carson nor Kurt was voted off. It was Devin. Carson gets mad and says to Kurt that the next chance they have, he is so voting him off.

In Chapter 4, at the beginning, Carson is having a dream about flying burritos but is woken up by Chris. He is half-asleep throughout the whole episode. He wonders if his dream was an omen. His team picks him to eat for the burrito-eating contest. He is wolfing down burritos before the challenge even starts. He then faints after he eats them all. When the real challenge starts, Carson wins and Chris still lets him. Meg gets extremely mad because she thinks it is cheating. Carson doesn't do much after that, but since his team won, he is safe.

Audition Tape

Carson is in the hallway at school with his friend Connor. Connor says, "Carson wants to be on this show. I think he should. He's totally cool, and watch him. He'll win this thing. Trust me." Connor then leaves, and Carson smiles for the camera.


  • Carson was meant to be an inoffensive, somewhat funny but generally mediocre character from the start since I wanted my first winner to be an "everyman" type.
  • When writing for Carson, I wanted him to be somewhat Owen-esque, as in just likable and detached from basically everything, but he ended up being far less likable than I had intended. As a result, I booted him early in Tiki Jungle.


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