Killer Sharks
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Episode Eliminated "TDW: Sweet Baby Jamie"
Place TDW: 13th

Carol, labeled The Over-excited Celebrator, qualified for Total Drama Woods and is on the Killer Sharks.


Total Drama Woods

Carol is the first camper to arrive on the island. She loves to celebrate and is very hyper.

In Here and Now?, she wants to celebrate their arrival, but it is turned down by Chris. During the challenge, she says she's always wanted to jump out of plane and excitedly jumps out, but only gets 5 points.

In Fame Is the Name of the Game, Carol doesn't talk, but she is not eliminated.

In Canoewrecked, Carol is partnered with Oscar, but does not talk.

In The Gold Meddle, Carol participates in the swimming challenge against Rena. She rides a shark, which she calls "sharky", to shore and wins the challenge for her team.


  • Carol's appearance is an edit of Izzy.

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