Carlos (SS)
Clam Chowders


Gender Male
Hair color Black
Relationship Ember Jay Birch
Family Wife
Friends None
Enemies None
Fear Rattlesnakes
Talent Winning Challenges, Reality Show Strategy
Carlos, labeled as The Media Hog, is a character on S.S. Total Drama.


Carlos comes from a financially-struggling family, and have worked on a farm since he was a child. But Carlos' life changed when he joined Outlaster, a famous reality show on television, he didn't make it too far but his popularity was immense, so immense he returned three times, only to finally win on his fourth try. Carlos also appeared in Phobia Factor three times, and competed twice in The Astounding Race with his wife, another winner of Outlaster, who he met during his second time competing on the show, and whose wedding ceremony in Cancun was broadcasted worldwide.

Carlos was asked to participate in Total Drama because the producers think his presence will raise the number of viewers.


  • Despite his wardrobe and reality show history being a reference to Rob Mariano, he is not a parody of him and has a different personality.
  • In fact, the author has never watched Rob Mariano in Survivor.

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