Candice, known as the Quiet Lady, was a contestant on Total Drama Surprise (TDS), having been on the Brave Illusionists team. She was the first to be voted off, and doesn't return until the very last episode of TDS. She is a contestant of Total Drama Surprise 2: World Tour, and is on Team Victorious


Candice is very, very, very quiet and secretive. She can be a bit too quiet sometimes. When her older brother saw auditions for Total Drama Surprise, he thought it would be a perfect chance for her to start talking more and making more friends. When she ended up in the Surprise Mansion, she didn't say anything until the first challenge, Obstacle Course, the same challenge she was voted off in.

Season One

In Obstacle Course, Candice was the first to try the course. She made it far, but didn't finish. After the challenge, she got irritated at Suri Mane and was voted off at the end because everyone thought she wouldn't be any help

In Talent or Nothing, she was one of the judges

In Losers Decide, She appears and says that Rex needs to go. She didn't do anything important in this episode

In Aftermath I: The First and Late Aftermath, And Where Losers Decide, Again!, she introduced herself as the host along with Nathan of Season 1's Aftermath. She was on Team Derald, and agreed about Xav going home

In Aftermath II: Who Should Win?, she introduced herself again, and along with most of the contestants, was on Team Sylvester

In Final 2!, she appeared, but didn't have lines

Season Two

In Let's Choose Teams!, Candice was the ninth person to arrive, and was put on Team Victorious

In Can You Handle Beverly Hills?, she was Team Victorious's cart person, and was the last to reach Suri Mane. She survived elimination, and along with most others, voted for Zack

In Texas Bull Racing!, she didn't do much

In New York Excercise!, she helped Rex to put the flag in second place, and for the first time Team Victorious escaped elimination

In Heading Towards Honolulu!!, she wasn't seen doing her surfing trick, a goof in the episode

In Bouncing Around Tokyo!, she was the first to fall in the water. She voted for Andrew because he dropped the idol

Total Drama Surprise

Candice was a contestant on Total Drama Surprise. She was voted off in the first challenge for being to quiet, although lots of people regretted it. Candice talks a lot with Suri Mane, seeing if she could be on the second season of TDS.

Candice (TDS)
Brave Illusionists
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Gray
Episode Eliminated "Obstacle Course"
Place TDS: 19th
Relationship None
Family Father, Mother, brother
Friends Everyone (Except Enemies)
Enemies Mandy
Fear Talking too much, making too much friends, being in a large crowd
Talent Staying quiet, hiding
Origin English

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