Camron labeled The All Around Guy competed on Total Drama Isle and Total Drama Vegas .

Quick Cats
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "TDI: Back to the School Days


Place TDI: 9th


Relationship None
Friends Chris, Matt, Samantha, and Cayla
Enemies Nicholas, and Ashley
Talent Skateboarding

Chapter Guide: Total Drama Isle

1: Camron is put on the Quick Cats. His team lost, and he voted Nick

2. Camron forms an alliance with Matt and Chris to get rid of Nicholas team loses and votes off Nicholas

3: He votes Nicholas asa least important person, and his team won

4: His talent is basketball, but doesn't compete. He votes Nicholas out

5: He doesn't get his answer right, but his team wins

6: His team wins

7: His team loses and he votes out Maria

8: His team loses

9. Samantha joines a alliance along with Matt and Camron. His team wins.

10. He drives in the race but crashes. His team wins

11. For the dance, he is paired with Samantha. He wins when Samantha does an imitation of a ride at the fair, the Tango, when he really meant the dance, tango.

12. Camron spent most of the episode trying to explain to Samantha about bowling. He hit's eight pins and his team won.

13. Camron worried about Samantha when she fainted during the challenge. He voted for Alan

14. Camron was the reason there was a school challenge he was out in the first round. He was then voted out by Ashleys allience. He voted for Ashley

18. Camron hanged out with Cayla, Chris, and Samantha. He wants Matt to win and voted out Nelly.

Reunion. Camron played basketball with Matt and Chris against Cayla, Lizzy, and Samantha. His team lost. When Roman announced season two, he was picked to be on it.

Chapter Guide: Total Drama Vegas

In "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas," Camron walked off the shuttle, excited about Vegas. This excitment ends when everyone finds out there is a challenge. He teamed up with Chris and Matt. At a regular hotel, he asked about them staying there. He was taken into a room, to be eliminated from the challenge. He screamed to Matt and Chris, warning them. He was then taken to the shuttle. Later, Samantha joins him on the shuttle to be hugged, only to be annoyed by it. He is satisfied with Matt's win and the choice of penthouse.


Total Drama Isle

Guy's Alliance

  • Leaders: Matt, Camron, and Chris
  • Samantha