Caleb, labeled the Gaming Strategist, is a character in Total Drama the Unknown. He is on the Toxic Termites.

Caleb (TDtU)
Toxic Termites
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Two Can Play That Game"
Place 2nd
Relationship None
Family Unknown
Friends Pam
Enemies Gillian, Eric, Nina,
Fear Unknown
Talent Playing video games


Caleb used to be teased for playing World of Warcraft, and was teased even more for playing a girl character. Constantly abused, his anger began to build up. When he won a tournament for the game and won 50,000 dollars, he plotted to use that money for revenge against those who bullied him. Before he got his revenge, he decided to get even more money by winning his favorite show.


  • Caleb's name was originally Gerry, but was changed due to another character being named Gerard.

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