Caleb (TDW)
Team Super
Caleb copy
Gender Male
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Brown
Episode Eliminated "TDW: Don't Lose Your Temper"
Place 12th
Relationship None
Family Mother
Friends Jordan, Daniel
Enemies Cody
Caleb is labeled the Big Wuss and competed in Total Drama Westside.


Caleb is the kind of guy that loves to pick fights with people, but just plainly can't back up what he says. He signed up to Total Drama so he can take boxing lessons from a master and actually get tough.


In Episode 1 he arrived on the island trying to act tough but soon got scared when Jordan threatened him. He was put on Team Super with Marcus and Daniel and soon made friends with both of them. In the challenge, he was doing good until he got scared and jumped off. His team was then put up for elimination by Cody. He ended up safe because nobody saw him as a threat.

In Episode 2 he seemed to be the odd man out as nobody wanted to make an alliance with him. In the challenge he lost early due to being scared off the pole by Kris. His team was safe that night.

In Episode 3 he still couldn't get an alliance with anyone. In the sleep challenge he ran into a bear in the woods and tried to scare it but ended up peeing his own pants. He then ran from the bear and passed out from exhaustion. His team was safe again from elimination.

In Episode 4 he started to become angry becaus ehe realized everyone saw him as weak. In the challenge he wet himself yet again and then was kocked out by a tranquilizer quickly along with Daniel putting his team into elimination. Everybody was originally going for Daniel but Jordan lied to Caleb and told him everyone was talking crap on him. This pushed Caleb over the edge and he began to yell at everyone causing his elimination.


Daniel- These two were on the same original team together so they bonded through that even though Caleb was voted out quickly partly due to Daniel's other alliance.

Marcus- He was on the same team with him and when he was voted out first, he said Caleb was one of his friends.

Everyone Else- Besides Daniel and Marcus, Caleb offended everyone else in the competition when he yelled at them and called them names which eventaully got him eliminated. It can be noted that he most likely hates Jordan the most for lying to him.

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