Byron (TDItW)
The Killer Koalas
Byron (TDItW)
Gender Male
Hair color Green
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Fear The deaths of his favourite characters, anime spoilers.
Byron, labeled The Anime Fan, is a contestant on Total Drama Into the Wild. He is placed onto the Killer Koalas team in Total Drama Goes Down Under! Part One!


Name: Byron

Age: 16

Team: The Killer Koalas

Label: The Anime Fan

Job/Hobby: Watching anime. My favourite is DragoOrb X

City: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Three Words to Summarise You: Powerful, Fanatic, Mysterious.

Why do you want to be on Total Drama:

To show everyone that I, like my anime heroes, have what it takes to win.

Greatest Fear?:

Missing something important whilst I'm here and being spoiled on anime storylines.

Why're you gonna win?:

I've had sixteen years of training for this in front of my television. How can I lose?


  • Byron is modeled after Goku's clothing from Dragon Ball Z.
  • His favourite anime is a reference to Dragon Ball Z.
  • Byron is the third character to receive a redesign, following Abagail.
  • Byron's current design is an edit of canonical competitor Cameron.

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