Buddy, labeled as The Boss, is a contestant in Total Drama: Los Angeles. He is on the Silver Screens.

Silver Screens
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "The Coldest Game Ever Played"
Place Sixteenth
Friends None
Enemies Eleanor, Sue, Emmett
Fear Letting someone else take over
Talent Taking charge


Buddy always has been bossy. When he was little, he instructed how cleanup would go in pre-school. He’s in high school now, and he’s the student body president. Everybody looks up to him and admires him for being a nice, caring, considerate leader. He is a control freak, too, and doesn’t like it when other people take the leadership role. He always has to be in charge. He joined to use his leadership skills and to show the world what he can do.


  • Buddy is named after Buddy Valastro, the head chef at Carlo’s Bake Shop, which is featured in the show Cake Boss.
  • Buddy Valastro is often referred to as the Cake Boss, so that is where Buddy’s label comes from.

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