Team Misfitz

Britt blos

Episode Eliminated "New Year's Farewell""
Place 2nd,
Relationship Jade
Friends Ivy, Twilight
Enemies Hannah, Rosalie, Saber

Britt, labeled as the Brit, is a contestant on Total Drama Frozen.


Britt grew up in the ever-popular city of London, England. It’s in this hustle and bustle city that he developed his bizarre manner of speech (some might call it an accent, but they would be mistaken.). He would spend his days with his mates, as they went to the cinema, or down to the stone-filled beach. But part of Britt wanted something different, when he was at home, wrapped up in his blanket and sipping from a cup of tea he would watch Total Drama. The show was his all-time favourite, and when they came to London, for World Tour, he was there, silently cheering on team Amazon. All of that would come to help Britt, as he and Sierra began to blog together, and eventually, when they were casting for the new season, Sierra was able to sneak his name into the draw for him. Britt joined Total Drama Frozen to show the world that the Queen knows how to run a country, and that the brit’s will always be in it to win it!

Total Drama Frozen:

In It's a Winter Wonderland Britt arrives after Hannah, and his accent and looks daze her. When she suddenly kisses him, he is shocked. When he doesn't say anything, she runs away. Britt wants to chase after her but Saber stops her. Later, Britt is seen with Saber telling Twilight if she makes a snowman her wish will come true. When he is announced to be on team Elf, he is shown cheering with the rest of his team. 

It's Still a Winter Wonderland

The Frosted Towers

Snow Day

A Kipper for Skipper

The Winter Showcase.

This Snow is Real

'Tis the Season

Ticket to Win

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Polar Express

New Year's Greeting

New Year's Farewell

End of a Season

Theme Song: 

Alexz Johnson - Skipping Stone (Lyrics Video)-004:22

Alexz Johnson - Skipping Stone (Lyrics Video)-0



  • The character image was drawn by, Manatee, thank you!
  • In the original Frozen, Britt also placed second- However the outcome was very different. 

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