Bridgette Summers, the heroine of the first season of 'The Young and the Dramatic'.

Bridgette Summers, a character on The Young and the Dramatic, first appeared in the first episode of the series as she moved to Wawanakwa City, the story's central location.


Bridgette is a hard worker, and is very determined. When her father died at a young age, her mother worked three jobs just to get by. Bridgette learned from her mother that it takes hard work and determination to have success, as her mother proved. As Bridgette grew, she became more self-sufficent and independant, teaching surfing lessons in the summer, and shoveling snow off of driveways in the winter to help her mother get by. Soon, Bridgette attended community college, with the help of her own hard work, and a bit of her mothers, and recieved a degree in Business. A year after college, Bridgette made a decision that would affect her life entirely. She would move out of the family home, that she shared with mother for all of her life, to Wawanakwa City.

The Young and the Dramatic

Bridgette Summers first appeared loading up her Jeep for her move to Wawanakwa City. Her mother is shown to be saddened by Bridgette's decision to move, but Bridgette assures her that she will be fine. After her mother makes her promise that she'll be safe, Bridgette takes a chance and moves to Wawanakwa City.

Upon arriving in the city, Bridgette met with her landlord, a strange girl named Dawn, who welcomed her to Wawanakwa City. However, Dawn left Bridgette curious after she mentioned the Duncan Abraham case, stating that it was just a "murder case that took places years ago". As Dawn left, Bridgette was left to feel concerned and curious at the same time.

After taking a chance, Bridgette decides to visit the Wawanakwa Daily's office, the local newspaper, in search of newspaper articles concerning the Duncan Abraham case. However, she is shocked when she learns that all articles concerning the case have vanished completely. As she is about to leave, she is shocked to see a rather new resident running into the newspaper office. When he sees Bridgette walking towards him, he runs out and into the streets, leaving Bridgette to be confused.

Later, Bridgette visited with the Wawanakwa Diner, where she meets Gwen, a young and mysterious local. She informs her of the Duncan Abraham case, leaving Bridgette to consider Gwen an ally. However, Gwen soon leads her on a wild goose chase to the local high school where she learns that a teacher, Blaineley O'Halloran, had mysteriously vanished seven years previously.

After finishing her talk with the school secretary, Sadie, she talks with the principal, Cody Anderson, who refuses to speak with her until she mentions the Duncan Abraham case.


  • Bridgette Summers is somewhat based off of Phyllis Summers, a character on The Young and the Restless, for her hard work and determination.

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