Team Smart Foxes

Bridgette is an TDI original character labeled "The Surfer Chick". She appears in Total Drama Season of Stars as a part of the team Smart Foxes.

Total Drama Season of Stars

In Like Old Days she awaits to return to the island in the big ship. When she hears from Chris that it is going to explode she starts to run to the life boats along with all the other contestants. Bridgette hops on a boat with a fox on it with half of the other contestants. When the boat arrives to the docks she finds out that this was a challenge and she was on the winning team. In Dream Match she is first shown in the Foxe's girl cabin talking to Leshawna, Sugar and Dakota about Geoff and how cute he is. She is later seen at the challenge where she refuses to fight with Geoff wich ends up with her team's loss and her elimination. She is later mentioned by Geoff in Gaming, dodging and more.

Opening Sequence

She is seen looking at Scott along with Sam.

Promo Clip After Elimination



  • She is the first girl eliminated in TDSOS


Interactions with:


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