This story is rated PG-13.
There is some language or violence that may not be appropriate for people under thirteen years of age.

Chapter 1: The Pregnancy

7:00 am, Monday. I woke up this morning, and I wasn't feeling so hot. My stomach was turning or something. Was it the pasta last night? No, it can't be.

I had no idea what it was. All I know was my stomach was empty.

I didn't know what it was.

I went down stairs for breakfast like every other morning.

" I don't feel so good, mom." I told my mother. "It's just the Mondays, dear." she told me.

As usual, the bus was waiting for me. I got my bag and got myself a seat.

I always sit next to Gwen.

"Oh, I don't feel well." I told her

"Then why didn't you stay home?" asked Gwen

"But, today is soccer season, and I don't wanna miss out."

We got to school. I was getting ready for soccer, even though I didn't feel well. It's just the paticapation that counts for me.

I got on to the field. It was the start of the game. The other team kicked the ball and I got hit...IN THE FACE!!!

I guess I wasn't paying attention.


Me getting hit in the face. DJ is very concerned.

DJ was really worried about me. So he immedietly took me to the sick bay.

I laid down on a really hard bed, and the nurse gives me a cup. I guess she wanted my pee sample, which is disgusting, but I did it anyway.

I gave my sample to the nurse, she played around with it for a few minutes, then I get this "You're pregnant." from her.

What?! I'm pregnant?! But, How?! Then I remembered, I had a date with Geoff, and I guess we went a little too far.

How am I gonna tell Geoff? How am I gonna tell mom? ==Chapter 2: Who am I gonna tell?==

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