Brandon (TDW)
Screaming Beavers
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "TDW: The Gold Meddle"
Place TDW: 19th
Friends Rena, Derek
Enemies Michael
Talent guitar playing

Brandon, labeled The Rocker, qualified for Total Drama Woods and is currently on the Screaming Beavers.


Total Drama Woods

Brandon is the tenth camper to arrive on the island. He loves to play the eletric guitar. He is cool and smooth. He joined Total Drama Woods to get a band together.

In Here and Now?, he arrives on the island and immediately falls in love with Rena. He jumps out of the plane, but misses the target

In Fame Is the Name of the Game, Brandon was chosen by the Screaming Beavers to play his electric guitar. He is the final performance and needs a perfect 10 to beat the Killer Sharks, which he achieves.

In Canoewrecked, Brandon is partnered with Derek. Brandon asks him if Rena likes him and Derek said it should be obvious. Brandon also boosts Derek's confidence about cooking by telling him a story about messing up on stage.

In The Gold Meddle, Brandon tries to talk to Rena, but fails. Michael sees this and tries to get Brandon eliminated by telling him that he should win over Rena. Brandon tries to help Rena out of the water, but gets stung by a jellyfish. He tries to romantically bring roses to Rena, but sees her kissing Michael. Brandon is eliminated because of his disabled hand and the fact he voted himself off.


  • Brandon's appearance is an edit of Trent

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