Bradley, labeled The Reminiscent Skater, is a contestant on Total Drama Showdown.

Gender Male
Chapter Eliminated "TBA"
Position TBA
Relationship TBA
Alliances TBA
Family TBA
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA
Origin Dakotacoons


Ever since he was little, Bradley loved to skateboard. When he met his favorite skateboarding idol, Tony Eagle, when he was younger, he was immediately discovered to be a skateboarding prodigy. Ever since then, Bradley has been traveling around the world constantly. Due to this, he has never been able to make any friends or a girlfriend, even though many girls admire him. When he accidentally injured himself during the W-Games, he lost all of his sponsors, and thus, never professionally skateboarded again. He since has faded into obscurity. Bradley joined Total Drama Showdown in order to gain his fame back and put his name back on the celebrity map.

Total Drama Showdown



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