Bonnibel, labeled as the Candy Girl is a contestant in Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem. She was originally on the Spiky Sea Urchins team.

Spiky Sea Urchins
Gender Female
Hair color Pink
Episode Eliminated "Marine's Inside Story"
Place 13th
Relationship Many Boyfriends
Family Sister, Cousin
Friends Kaylie
Enemies Dusk
Fear Cavities
Talent Being pretty


Bonnibel is Kaylie's sister. Some people call her Bonnie but she prefers to be called Bonnibel because she's a fan of Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time. Because of this she dyed her hair pink just to match it with Princess Bubblegum's. She also loves to eat candy but she knows it's unhealthy so she only eats one a piece every day. Like Bianca and Kaylie she also loves to show off her beauty. She has won many beauty contests and has made a lot of boyfriends though not as much as Bianca. When she heard that Kaylie was heading off to Total Drama she was interested as well and joined it too.

Bonnibel joined Total Drama because she thought it would be fun and hoped to make lots of friends.

Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem


  • Bonnibel is the second TDBPM character to have an Adventure Time referance. The first one is Kenzey.
  • Bonnibel is Princess Bubblegum's first name in Adventure Time.
  • Bonnibel is the fourth TDBPM character that I've named myself. The others were Dusk, Margaret, and Leonardo.

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