Bobby (TDIOT)
Team C
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "A piece of puzzle..."
Place 15th
Friends Valen, Hannah, Layson
Enemies Craig, Joel, Zara
Fear TBA
Talent TBA

Bobby labeled The Inapropiriate Childish Idiot was a contestant on Total Drama Isle of Terror. He was good friends with Layson which was on his team. Team C. He was cheated out by Joel which hide a puzzle piece in Layson's room and blamed Bobby for it.


"Hey." "What?" "Your mom." is his catchphrase. CoD is his game. He's that one kid you just want to shut up and grow up. Sadly for our contestants, Bobby "Buttz" decided to bless the show with his precense. Tough luck, guys.

Audition Tape

A small boy was playing a video game in his room. The room was messy and everything was out of placed while snacks were placed everywhere. "I feel like I will be a very good competitor in this show as I am actually funny. I do the best 'Your Mom' jokes and… more 'Your Mom' jokes." The teen bragged. "I’m Bobby and all my friends love me. I will win and stuff." He laughed and ended the video.

Total Drama Isle of Terror

In Same Game, New Pain, Bobby got himself introduced to Valen. Valen coldly turned him away while he just stood there, watching her go.

Bobby is mad about the challenge.

In Build Your Future, he got himself aquanted with Hannah after disobeying Joel orders. Hannah and Bobby got along well despite her timid personality and his childish view on life. His team won the challenge so he was safe from elimination. 

In A Piece of the Puzzle, Bobby formed an alliance with Hannah to eliminate Zara just in case of elimination. Bobby constantly questions why Hannah listens to Joel and Hannah even thiugh they look down on her. Joel notices the potential threat in Hannah if she continues to get filled with hope and spirit, so to break it, he got framed Bobby and eliminated him to break her spirit. 


  • Bobby has appeared in 3 episodes.
    • 4 if the meeting episode is included.
  • Bobby is the second in the row that has been cheated out.
    • Joel cheats at the challenge and blames Bobby for it.
    • Valen made the fire in episode 3 and blames Eleanoria for it.

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