Total Drama Island is a story about 22 characters going to Camp Wawanakwa for a summer camp. It's part of BigBlaster's re-imagining. The eliminations and other stuff are different. The episode Camp Castaways is replaced, and no special is included.


1: Not So Happy Campers - Part 1


Chris greets the audience in a cheerful mood.

Chris greets the audience to the show, Total Drama Island. He talks about the deal, what will happen in a bonfire, and about TDI's winner's prize. He talks about how they should win, and the theme song plays.

"Welcome back to Total Drama Island!" Chris said. "Okay, let's see our contestants."

The first boat arrived with a boy with a green T-shirt with a "D" on it. "DJ! Welcome to the island!" Chris said.

"This is where I'm staying?" DJ asks.

"Yes! Camp Wawanakwa!" Chris said. The next boat arrived with a girl with a blue tracksuit. "Eva, welcome to the island," Chris said nicely. "This is Camp Wawanakwa.". "I don't like cheerful people," Eva answered. "Now shut it and make me find my place!!!!!!!!"

"Geez, take a pill." Chris said to Eva.

"I don't take pills!" Eva answered, angrily.

The next boat arrived with a guy with a with orange hair and a blue shirt with a hamburger in it.

"Harold! Welcome!" Chris said.

"So, we're staying here?" Harold asked.

"Indeed," Chris answered.

The next boat arrived with a beautiful guy with a brown shirt.

"Justin, welcome to the island." Chris told him.

"Thanks." Justin answered.

The next boat arrived with a girl with blonde hair and a bikini.

"Lindsay! Welcome!" Chris said.

"Okay, I'm so confused. Where are we staying?" Lindsay asked.

"We're staying at Camp Wawanakwa, Lindsay." Chris answered.

"What is "Wawanakwa"?" she asked, confused.

"IT'S THE ISLAND!" Chris said, losing his temper.

"Oh, that's where it is!" Lindsay answered.

"IT'S HERE!" Chris answered once again, angrily.

Lindsay walks to the other side of the Dock of Shame. The next boat arrived with a guy with a red shirt and cacky pants.

"Noah! Welcome!" Chris said.

"Dude, why do you have sacrasm?" Justin asked.

"I don't know," Noah answered.

The next boat arrived with a fat guy. The fat guy says, "Woohoo! Chris! Where is this place?!"

"Owen! Welcome to camp!" Chris said.

"I'm so glad to be here! Woo!" Owen said, then walked back to the Dock of Shame.

The next boat arrived with two girls wering pink underwear.

"Katie, Sadie, welcome to camp." Chris said.

"EEEEEEEEEEEE! We're at summer camp!" Sadie said.

"EEEEEEEEE! We came here to win!" Katie said.

The arrival is cut all the way to the picture.

To the camera, Chris says, "We don't want the arrivals to take long. You'll be board, so we cut them.

"Take a picture. 1, 2, 3, go!"

Chris takes the picture. "Okay, campers, meet me at the bonfire."

At the bonfire, Chris says, "Okay, this is your new home for eight weeks. The winner of Total Drama Island wins one thousand dollars. We'll be selecting the teams. If I call your name, go stand on team one. LeShawna. Owen. Cody. Justin. Noah. Lindsay. Izzy. Beth. Katie. Sadie, and Heather. You guys are the Screaming Gophers!"

"EEEEEEEEEE! We're on the same team!" Sadie says, excited.

"Everyone not called before is on the other team," Chris says. "DJ. Geoff. Bridgette. Courtney. Ezekiel. Gwen. Trent. Tyler. Eva. Harold, and Duncan. You guys are the Killer Bass!"

"I'm in the Bass?!" Courtney says.

"Go put you bags in the cabin and eat at the main lodge in ten." Chris said.

After putting back all the bags, they meet Chef at the main lodge. "Get your good, sit your butt down, and eat!" Chef said. After everyone gets their food, Chris announces the first challenge is a cliff dive.

2: Not So Happy Campers - Part 2

Eliminated: Eva

"Okay, so your first challenge is a cliff dive. You must jump off the cliff, hit the safe zone, and avoid a bunch of man-eating sharks!" Chris said.

"Really? This is ridiculous," Bridgette said.

"No! It's not!" Chris said. "If you chicken out, you don't complete the challenge. After jumping, you'll get crates! These crates are for making a hot tub! The winners will enjoy a hot tub party! The losers will vote someone off! So, let's start the game right now!"

"Okay," says Courtney. "Who wants to go first?"

"I'll go," Tyler says.

"I should go, eh," Ezekiel said.

"Fine," answers Courtney. Ezekiel jumps.

Geoff jumps off next, then Bridgette, then Eva jumps off the cliff, losing her temper. "THOSE BACKSTABBING-" Eva said.

"You have temper, eh." Ezekiel said.

"Your enjoying this!!!!!!!!" Eva said angrily.

Eva punches Geoff, taking him out of the safe zone.

"Stop! Do you have bad temper?! What are you?! A hulk?!" Bridgette asks, angrily.

"Go with that backstabbing, manipulative cowboy, surfer girl!" Eva said, losing her temper.

"You have to stop!" Bridgette said.

Eva angrily answers, "WHATEVER! I DON'T NEED A LAME TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Then Trent jumps, then Gwen, then Duncan, then Harold, then Tyler.

DJ and Courtney ask to chicken out. The Screaming Gophers are up next.

"Who wants to go first?" LeShawna asked.

"I'll do it!" Trent said.

"I should do it!" Justin said. "I'm a good jumper. I can put my legs up while I'm jumping! If it's worth anything for a beautiful guy, I can charm the sharks."

In the confessional, Justin says, "Once I charm the sharks, they can bring me to the beach!"

Justin jumps, then Izzy, then Katie and Sadie together, then Cody.

"Can I please chicken out?" Beth asked.

"Sure," Chris said. "Here's your chicken hat."

Owen jumps next, then Heather, then Lindsay (which isn't shown), then LeShawna, then Noah.

"The Screaming Gophers win!" Chris announces.

The Gophers are pulling their crates to the camp grounds. After they reach the camp grounds, they lift their crates off. The Killer Bass are carrying their crates. However, Eva refuses to do it.


"What's that supposed to mean?" Bridgette asked.


"Why? I'm not strong, and I don't have muscles on my arms!" Bridgette said. "Ask DJ instead. He's a big guy."

"Fine. I'll find him." Eva said.

"Ow! My hands, eh!" Ezekiel said.

"Carry my crate, homeschool!" approached Eva.

"Why, eh? I'm not strong enough!" Ezekiel said.

In the confessional, Ezekiel says, "Eva can be a little scary, eh. She loses her temper every time."

The Gophers are building their hot tub. The Bass didn't build their hot tub yet. It was times up, and the Bass didn't even make their hot tub.

"Bass, you don't have a hot tub," said Chris.

Chris checks the Gopher's hot tub. "The Gophers win invincibilty!"

The Gophers cheer, while Sadie and Katie squeal.

Bass, I'll see you at the bonfire. Gophers, you guys will rock the awesome hot tub!

The Bass are at the bonfire.

At the confessional, Bridgette says, "Eva has got to go. Her temper got the better of her."

"Here's how it works, Bass. There are eleven of you, but only 10 marshmallows. If you don't receive one, you will walk the Dock of Shame, and leave on the Boat of Losers. And you can't come back. Ever." Chris says. "The first marshmallow goes to... Tyler. Bridgette. Courtney. Harold. Zeke. Gwen. Geoff. Trent. DJ."

"The final marshmallow goes to..." Chris says.

Eva and Duncan open their eyes big. "Duncan". Chris announces. "Time to walk the Dock of Shame, Eva." Chris says.

Eva walks the Dock of Shame angrily. "I DON'T NEED A FREAKIN' THOUSAND DOLLARS! I WANTED TO WIN!" Eva said, with her temper lost.

3: The Big Sleep

Eliminated: Sadie

The episode opens at the Bass cabin. Ezekiel is fooling around with Bridgette, while Bridgette tries to stop him.

At the confessional, Bridgette says, "I obviously don't have a crush in Ezekiel. He's a homeschool guy, and he's annoying me... just a little."

Next, Lindsay says, "I loved the hot tub party!"

The campers are awoken by a terrible noise. It was Chris flying in a jet. Heather gets up and says, "What kind of host are you, Chris?! Do you need to disturb us?! Really?!"

"Sorry, I just LOVE torturing you!" Chris says.

Owen wakes up and says, "Does anybody have a donut?" he says in a sleepy voice.

Everybody gets out of their cabin. "Okay, campers, let's eat breakfast in one minute! But before that, we need to run. Well, to run, you need energy. Now get ready!" said Chris. "Just get on with it!" Courtney said.

"I won't let you spoil the moment!" said Chris.

"Now... go!" said Chris. The campers run.

At the confessional, Gwen says, "This will be interesting... or not."

All the campers reach the main lodge. They ate better breakfast, like pancakes with sausage patty, and blueberry pie. After eating breakfast, Chris announced the Awake-a-thon. The campers get ready for the challenge.

At the confessional, Owen says, "I want beans!"

At the confessional, Heather says, "Who cares about beans?"

All the campers are awake, except Katie and Sadie. The Gophers are yelling, "Katie! Sadie! Wake up!"

Katie and Sadie ignore the Gophers by snoring.

Izzy said, "Come on, guys! Stay awake! Don't get tired eyes! I once went with Graham Cracker in a long date in the night! BUT JUST ROCK IT!" she bounces to the woods.

At the confessional, Noah says, "Forcing us to stay awake isn't exactly right, brainiac."

"So, what do we do?" Lindsay says.

"Stay awake, Lindsiot!" Heather answered.

At night, when the bonfire is boiling, everyone except Geoff is sleeping.

At the confessional, Geoff says, "I'm looking at all those people, and I'm thinking, there's no way they're gonna wake up."

Owen wakes up and says, "Has anybody got beans?!"

"Get over it!" Noah answers.

Next morning, the people are awake.

At the confessional, Beth says, "It's finally over?!"

"The winners are the Bass!" Chris says.

The Bass all cheer.

"Gophers, I'll see you at the elimination bonfire," says Chris.

At the bonfire, Chris says, "Here's the deal: there are eleven of you, but only ten marshmallows. If you don't get a marshmallow, you will walk the Dock of Shame, and leave on the Boat of Losers. And you can't come back. Ever. The first marshmallow goes to... Owen. Well done. Lindsay. LeShawna. Beth. Izzy. Noah. Justin. The rest of you got at least one vote. The next marshmallow goes to... Cody. Heather."

Sadie and Katie hug, looking too nervous about being separated.

"The last marshmallow goes to... Katie." Chris announces.

Katie, sobbing, says, "Why?! Why are you separating us?!"

"I so can't leave Katie behind!" Sadie says.

"Plus, I'm dumber than her!" Katie says.

Sadie says, "Don't sweat it, Katie. You can win it. I know you can. Please do it!"

The Boat of Losers takes Sadie away. Katie, now sobbing loud, waves Sadie good-bye.

4: Dodgebrawl

Eliminated: Katie (Quit)

This episode opens at the Gopher's cabin. Katie is sobbing outside the cabin because of Sadie's elimination. Heather checks on her. "What are you doing?!" Heather said.

Katie ignores her and continues to sob.

Suddenly, the megaphone yells, "Alright, campers! Come to the gym for your next challenge.

Everyone runs to the gym except Katie, who is still sobbing outside the cabin. Heather yells, "Katie, come on you little loser! Get over your BFFFL and get to the gym!!!!" Heather angrily said. Katie continues to ignore her and Heather decides to leave Katie by the cabin.

At the confessional, Gwen says, "A sports camp? Are you serious? As if."

At the confessional, Katie sobs and falls down.

Katie finally arrives at the gym, feeling tired.

"You missed breakfast!" Heather said to Katie. Katie sobs again, annoying the other campers.

"Today's challenge is a classic game of dodgeball." Chris said. "Here's the deal: if you get hit with the ball, you're out. If you throw out the ball in your hands or if you throw a ball at the person and they catch it, you're out."

"Begin! Best of five games wins!" said Chris

Heather brings up Katie, LeShawna, Cody, Owen, and Noah to play game one. Only Owen, LeShawna, Cody, and Noah agree to play. Katie refuses to play due to missing Sadie. Heather then tells Beth to replace Katie for game one. Cody hits Ezekiel, but Geoff hits Noah.

"Come on, people!" Heather said.

"Shut up..." answered Katie.

"I wasn't talking to you!" said Heather.

"What's going on?!" Lindsay said.

"You're not even playing, Lindsiot!" said Heather.

At the confessional, Lindsay says, "Heather is such a mean person. I can't believe she is! I thought she was nice! But, I'm starting to think that maybe Heather is a mean person."

At the confessional, Heather responds, "Who cares about the power of nice? That Lindsiot is one of it. She is a hero, I'm mean. You are right I'm mean."

The Bass win the first game.

The next game, the Gopher's players were Lindsay, Justin, Owen, Heather, and Cody.

"Bring it on!" Tyler said.

The Bass players were Tyler, Harold, Courtney, Ezekiel, and DJ.

At the confessional, Katie says, "Us against them? Oh, well. It's just two separate teams."

Cut to the fifth game, the Gophers won 3 games, and the Bass won 2 games.

"The Gophers win!" Chris announces.

All the Gophers except Katie cheer.

At the bonfire, Chris says, "I only have 9 marshmallows on my plate. And you know the routine if you don't get a marshmallow. The first marshmallow goes to... Courtney. Well done. Harold. DJ. Tyler. The rest of you received at least one vote. The next marshmallow goes to... Bridgette. Duncan. Trent. Geoff."

The bottom two are Gwen and Ezekiel.

"The last marshmallow goes to..." Chris said.

"Gw-" he almost announced.

The Gophers approached him.

"Stop!" Katie said. "You know what? I quit. I can't stand not being with Sadie! I'm going!"

Katie runs to the Boat of Losers, and is by herself.

The campers wave to her goodbye.

"Well, that was weirder than I expected. I guess Ezekiel and Gwen are both safe for tonight."

5: Not Quite Famous

Eliminated: LeShawna

After Katie's elimination, there was some trouble on the Bass cabin. DJ was surrounded by a family of cockroaches.

"Cockroaches!" DJ said. He jumped to his bunk and tried to kill the cockroaches.

"What is going on, eh?" Ezekiel woke up.

"Cockroaches... on the ground..." DJ said.

Suddenly, the megaphone popped out. "Alright, campers! Time to meet me where I am!" Chris said.

When the campers saw the stage, they thought it was a surprise show. "Today's challenge is a talent contest!" Chris says. "You will be practicing in solo. Practice your presentation by the cabins and test your skills!"

The Bass are up for practice.

"Okay, who's gonna practice first?" Courtney asked.

"Me!" Ezekiel said. "I could shoot a bow arrow."

"Okay." Courtney said.

Ezekiel shoots a bow arrow and it lands into the Dock of Shame.

"I got it, eh!" Ezekiel said. Nobody cheers.

The Gophers are practicing. Izzy is doing some animal tricks, and Lindsay spins like a ballerina. Trent plays a guitar.

At the Bass side, a swimming pool is brought up, and Tyler does a bellyflop.

Geoff rides a cow, but fails to impress his teammates.

At the confessional, Geoff says, "This cow is a little tricky. But I can handle it."

At the confessional, Bridgette says, "He can ride a cow?! Wow... that must be fetch."

Beth is taking a nap. Lindsay walks into the cabin.

"What are you doing?" asks Lindsay.

"Nothing, just taking a nap." Beth answered.

All the campers except Beth are then seen eating at the main lodge. Chef is serving them better food.

Later, at the talent contest, Chris brings up Lindsay to spin like a ballerina.

"Grand Master Chef rates it... only 4?" Chris results.

"Next, for the Bass, is Bridgette!" Chris said.

Bridgette plays yankee doodle from her nose. Grand Master Chef rated it a 6 thumbs up.

Heather is up. She performs a ballerina dance. She was rated a 8/10.

Tyler bellyflops. He was rated 7/10.

Owen dances in a burping way. He rated a zero due to being gross.

Finally, Courtney plays a violin music. She was rated a 7.

"The Bass win!" Chris said.

The Bass cheer.

At the bonfire, Chris says, "I only have 8 marshmallows on this plate. You know the routine. The first marshmallow goes to... Justin. Beth. Cody. Noah. Lindsay. Heather. Izzy."

The bottom two are LeShawna and Owen.

"LeShawna," Chris said. "I saw you practice your performance, and it was bad. Owen, your performance was gross. The last marshmallow goes to... Owen. LeShawna, well, your performance wasn't better, that's why you didn't perform. Time to leave."

6: The Sucky Outdoors

Eliminated: Ezekiel

At the campfire pit, Chris says, "Your next challenge is to stay overnight in the woods. You each will get a map. After you get back to camp, the winning team will get a reward."

The Gophers and the Bass are walking in separate directions.

At the confessional, Gwen says, "This is boring, man. But, hey? What is up with that?"

The Bass reach their campsite.

"So, what do we do now?" asked Geoff.

"We have to build our fire!" Bridgette says.

"Are tent has to be a few inches, eh." said Ezekiel.

At the Gophers campsite, the Gophers are making spaghetti.

Izzy is excited.

"We can't have spaghetti in picnics," Noah said. "we need barbecue."

"Oh, who cares?" asks Heather.

"Your face." said Gwen, smiling.

"Shut up!" Heather said.

At the confessional, Heather says, "That's just too much! Why is everyone my enemy?!"

At night, the Bass are in their tent. Courtney is guarding the tent. Suddenly, a bird bites a piece of Courtney hair. She says, "Ow!" The Bass wake up from the sound.

The Gophers are eating spaghetti. Noah isn't surprised.

"Good! Good! Good!" Izzy said.

"Wait, who said we ate spaghetti?" Cody said.

"We all are," Beth said.

Suddenly, a bear appears.

"A BEAR!" said Owen. The bear runs to the Bass' campsite and it mauls Ezekiel.

"Phew," said Lindsay, "Glad it didn't maul us!"

At the confessional, Lindsay says, "Is that a mauling bear, or is it just me?"

Ezekiel is sent to the doctor. Chef wrapped him in bandages. It rained.

At the morning, the fires are gone.

The Gophers arrived back to camp first, then the Bass.

"The Gophers win!" Chris said.

The Gophers cheer.

"Bass, I'll see you at the bonfire." Chris said.

At the bonfire, Chris said, "I only have 9 marshmallows on this plate. You know the routine. The first marshmallow goes to... Bridgette. Tyler. Courtney. Duncan. Gwen. Trent. Harold. DJ."

The bottom two are Geoff and Ezekiel.

"The final marshmallow goes to... Geoff." Chris announced. "Ezekiel, it's time to go."

7: Phobia Factor

Eliminated: Tyler

The campers are eating at the main lodge. Chris comes and says, "Campers! Today's challenge is a game I would like to call... Phobia Factor! In this game, you will be facing your worst fears.

At the confessional, DJ says, "I'm afraid of cockroaches!"

At the confessional, Lindsay says, "Cockroaches creep me out!"

At the confessional, Tyler says, "Mmmm... chickens."

At the confessional, Owen says, "Spiders, man! They bite!"

At the confessional, Noah says, "I'm not afraid of anything."

Heather says, "Being a disliked person!"

Izzy says, "Do you know when to get caught?! I'm afraid of getting caught!"

Cody says, "Mauling bears!"

Harold says, "Wooly Beavers."

Duncan says, "I'm not afraid of anything."

Justin says, "Not looking pretty."

Lindsay and DJ have to touch a cockroach. Lindsay touched it, while DJ didn't.

Tyler has to touch a chicken. He refuses to do it.

Owen has to step on a family of spiders. He conquers it.

Heather's challenge is people getting angry at her. She doesn't conquer it.

Bridgette admits she's afraid of skunks. She has to face a lot of skunks without getting skunk sprayed. She easily defeats it by kicking it out of her way.

Beth is scared of glass. She has to break a cup.

"I can't do it!" Beth said.

"Come on, Beth!" said Lindsay.

Beth breaks it and stays away.

Harold is afraid of claustrophobia. He has to stay in jail for 20 minutes.

He gets it and conquers his fear.

After more fears conquered, the Gophers won.

At the bonfire, Chris said, "Any treats? White? Soft? Jet-puffed? Marshmallows is the answer! Whoever doesn't get a marshmallow is eliminated from the game. The first marshmallow goes to... Bridgette. Well done. Harold. Gwen. Trent. Duncan. Courtney. Geoff. The final marshmallow goes to... DJ! Tyler, the Dock of Shame awaits."

8: Up the Creek

Eliminated: Beth

Chris says, "Campers, your next challenge is a canoe trip to Boney Island. When you get there, you must portage your canoes, then build a rescue fire, then paddle back to camp. The first team to paddle back to camp wins immunity."

"And, if you take anything off the island, you will be cursed." Chris said.

The campers start paddling.

Geoff and Bridgette are partners. They are flirting with each other. After flirting, Bridgette gives him a kiss.

Beth and Lindsay are partners. They are talking about Tyler. As they reach Boney Island, they portage.

"Hurry!" says Cody.

Cut to the rescue fire scene: the Gophers had already built their rescue fire.

Beth is getting some wood, but she sees a tiki idol, to which she takes it.

"Beth, what are you doing?" asked Lindsay.

"Nothing, just finding some wood." Beth said.

The Bass are building their rescue fire. Harold is in charge of it.

At the confessional, Harold says, "Should I put the paddles, or no? I guess I shouldn't."

With the Bass, they don't have that much wood.

"Come on, guys! We need a giant piece of wood!" Trent says.

"How do we get more?" Gwen asked.

With the Gophers, Lindsay gets more wood.

"I have-" Lindsay said.

"Shut it, Lindsiot!" said Heather.

At the confessional, Lindsay says, "Heather won't shut up unless I cover her mouth in tape."

Heather, from outside, says, "Lindsiot! Hurry! I need to do a confessional!"

At the confessional, Heather says, "Lindsiot is just a poor person. She must have got kicked out of that island."

The Gophers have a ton of wood now. They work together. The Bass have more wood.

"We have our fire building winner! The Killer Bass!" announced Chris.

Everyone paddles back. Trent and Gwen are near Geoff and Bridgette's side.

Geoff and Bridgette start flirting again.

Minutes later, the Bass arrive before the Gophers.

"The Bass win!" Chris announced.

The Bass all cheer. The Gophers are mad.

At the main lodge, Beth shows Lindsay her tiki idol. She admits she got it from the island and Heather gasps in shock.

"But you cursed us!" Heather says.

At the bonfire, Chris says, "7 marshmallows, 8 of you. If you don't get a marshmallow, you know the routine. The first marshmallow goes to... Owen. Cody. Justin. Noah. Lindsay. Heather."

The bottom two are Izzy and Beth.

"Beth," Chris said. "You cursed your team with a wooden tiki doll thingy, and Izzy, you messed up during the challenge. The final marshmallow goes to..."

Beth takes off her glasses and swallows hard, while Izzy looks confident.

"Izzy." Chris announced. "Beth, time to go."

At the Bass cabin, Geoff tries to flirt with Bridgette, but fails to do so.

9: Paintball Deer Hunter

Eliminated: Lindsay

The campers are awoken by a terrible noise.

They meet Chris at the bonfire at ten. "Are you guys ready for a game of Paintball Deer Hunter?!" Chris asked.

"I am! I am!" Lindsay yelled.

"Shut it, Lindsiot!" yells Heather.

At the confessional, Cody says, "This is gonna be interesting."

After breakfast, the campers are met by Chris.

"Okay, the hunters of the Bass squad are: Geoff, Bridgette, and Courtney. And for the Gophers squad: Noah, Owen, Heather, and Justin. The rest of you are now deer."

"Lame!" the contestants who weren't called said.

As the campers are hunting, at the confessional, Heather says, "Being a deer would stink. But, now that I'm a hunter, I could shoot that Lindsiot."

At the confessional, Lindsay says, "Why call me that name?!"

Heather shoots Lindsay as fast as she can. Lindsay hits her body into a tree, resulting in an injury.

"What do we do now?" Geoff asked.

"We have to shoot someone!" Bridgette said.

Lindsay walks slowly. Bridgette shoots her, and Lindsay bumps into another tree. She bumps into three more trees, and she gets mauled by a bear.

Lindsay is sent to the doctor. Chef wraps her in bandages.

Later, Heather shoots Trent and Gwen. She shoots Cody, then Harold.

Later, Noah and Owen are still trying to shoot someone.

"What do we do now?" Noah asked.

"Shoot someone!" Owen said.

"But we need to see at least one deer!" Noah said.

They shoot Duncan, who then runs into a lake of alligators.

"Yes!" Owen said. Noah and Owen high-five.

Cut to the next scene, where the challenge is over. A lot of the Gopher members are covered in paint, and Lindsay is injured. "The Bass win!" Chris announced. "Gophers, I'll see you at the bonfire."

At the bonfire, Chris says, "I only have 6 marshmallows on my plate. When I call your name, come up and claim your marshmallow. You know the routine, whoever doesn't get a marshmallow. The first marshmallow goes to... Owen. Noah. Well done you two. Heather. Justin. Cody."

The bottom two are Izzy and Lindsay.

"The final marshmallow goes to..." Chris said.

"Izzy!" he finally announced. "Lindsay, the Dock of Shame awaits babe."

10: If You Can't Take The Heat...

Eliminated: DJ

"Today's challenge will test your skills in the kitchen. You will be cooking a three-course meal and serving it to me for tasting. The winners get a reward, the losers will send someone home." Chris said. "Get some ingredients."

Geoff is appointed the head chef for the Bass, and Izzy for the Gophers.

When the Bass get their ingredients, Geoff told everyone to partner up with two people.

"Okay, Duncan, DJ, and me will work on the vegetable soup with onions." Geoff said. "Harold, you, Gwen, and Trent are on sausage and pepperoni pizza. Bridge, you and Courtney are on chocolate cake."

"Okay, I set everyone up!"

From the Gophers side, Izzy said, "Noah and Owen are working together for the coconut seaweed extra dish." Izzy said.

"Great, we're making coconut?" Noah said.

"Yes, you are." Izzy said. "Heather and Justin, you two are working on Hawaiian Punch for drinks. All you have to do is get some water, and turn it into fruit flavor by putting strawberries, oranges, apples, and bananas."

"I can make Hawaiian Punch." Justin said.

"Oh, really?" Heather said.

"Okay, no bad comments during this challenge!" Izzy said. "Cody and I are on barbecue ribs!"

While cooking, Geoff and Duncan add broccoli, carrots, and cabbage to their soup. DJ refuses to help. Harold, Gwen and Trent prepare the pizza by putting tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and sausage and baking it. Suddenly, Harold decides to make the crust larger by turning it into stuff crust. Bridgette and Courtney are working together for the chocolate cake by cracking eggs into a bowl, preparing the chocolate frosting, and then mixing all the ingredients needed for the cake.

Everyone prepares for the results.

Cut to the tasting scene. Chris tastes the vegetable soup. "Eh... six."

Chris tastes the chocolate cake. "You know what, the frosting tastes good, and the flavor makes me feel relaxed! Nine!" Bridgette and Courtney cheer.

The sausage and pepperoni pizza is served. Chris tastes the crust, and tastes the sausage and pepperoni. "It's really good! The tomato sauce could be a little better, but, eight!"

Chris tastes the coconut seaweed extra dish. "I think the seaweed is a little okay. Seven."

Chris is served barbecue ribs. "Tastes good! Nice flavor! Ten!"

Chris finally drinks the Hawaiian Punch. "Nice drink! Ten!"

"The Gophers win a reward tonight! A five-star dinner under the stars! Bass, I'll see you at the bonfire.

At the bonfire, Chris says, "I only have 7 marshmallows on this plate. And if you don't get one, you must walk the Dock of Shame, catch the Boat of Losers, and leave. And you can't come back! Ever! The first marshmallow goes to... Geoff. Duncan. Bridgette. Harold. Gwen. Trent. Campers, this is the final marshmallow of the evening."

Courtney and DJ open their eyes big.

"Courtney!" he announced. "DJ, you were a lot less useful in the challenge. So, pack your bags, it's time to go home!"

"Aw, man, for real?" DJ asked.

11: Who Can You Trust?

Eliminated: Bridgette

"Campers," Chris said. "Today's challenge is based on trust. You will be going on five challenges. The team that wins the challenge believes in trust. So, let's go!"

"Your first challenge is a mountain climb." Chris said. "The players going for the Bass are Gwen and Harold, and the Gophers are Noah and Cody."

Noah and Harold are chosen to be the climbers. Harold reaches the top before Noah.

The next challenge nominees are Justin and Heather for the Gophers and Trent and Gwen for the Bass. "Your next challenge is to prepare fugu sashimi and feed it to a teammate." Chris said.

Gwen prepares fugu sushi while Heather prepares fugu blowfish. Justin chokes and Trent doesn't.

Justin is sent to the doctor. The next challenge is the Blind William Tell, where the challenge nominees compete in a crab apple shooting challenge. The nominees for the Bass are Bridgette and Geoff and the Gopher nominees are Cody and Izzy. Geoff and Cody are the shooters while Bridgette and Izzy are the target.

The Gophers win the challenge. The next challenge was a blind trapeze challenge, where the nominees have to jump over a pool of jellyfish while blindfolded. The nominees are Owen and Noah for the Gophers, and Duncan and Courtney for the Bass.

"Gophers, your up first." Chris said.

Owen catches Noah, while Duncan fails to catch Courtney.

The final challenge was the Blind Tobaggan Race, where the blindfolded person has to drive a bobsled, while the unblinded person has to guide them. The nominees are Gwen, Justin, Harold, and Owen. The Gophers won the challenge, which means the Bass have to vote someone off.

At the bonfire, Chris says, "I only have 6 marshmallows on this plate. You know the routine. The first marshmallow goes to... Trent. Gwen. Courtney. Duncan. Geoff. We're down to Bridgette and Harold."

Bridgette swallows, while Harold looks scared.

"The final marshmallow goes to Harold." Chris says. "Bridgette, time to go."

12: Basic Straining

Eliminated: Owen

At the Dock of Shame, Chef said to the campers, "Today's challenge is a boot camp run by me! The rules of this are to speak when I tell you to speak, and eat when I tell you to eat!"

"Oh, really? Is that all?" Heather asked.


"After the challenge is over," Chef said, "we will continue another challenge tomorrow morning! You got that?!"

"Yes, Master Chief!" said the remaining contestants.

"And if you feel like giving up," Chef said, "ring the bell to the Dock of Shame!"

The campers are holding the canoes. The Bass win the challenge easily.

The campers have to right an essay.

At the confessional, Gwen says, "This is the most boring thing I've ever done in my life."

At the confessional, Heather says, "I don't want anyone to quit like Katie did!"

A flashback of Katie quitting the game a few episodes earlier appears.

"The Gophers win!" Chef said.

The campers are doing the thriller dance. Chef is guiding it. The Gophers and the Bass are split into two sides. The Bass are dancing in the left side and the Gophers on the right side.

At the confessional, Trent says, "Seriously? This is the lamest dance I've ever done in my life."

At the confessional, Courtney says, "Left, right, left, right, left, right, what kind of dance is this?!"

The Bass won the thriller dance due to Trent quitting.

At the confessional, Cody says, "What the heck was does?"

At the confessional, Justin says, "Probably the worst dance for my beauty looks."

At the confessional, Noah says, "I'm never going to do this dance ever again."

At the confessional, Izzy laughs and says, "Okay! Okay! That was so fun for someone with a wicked bear costume, like me! How can someone hate this dance?! Dancing is good for exercise!" She laughs again and falls down.

At the confessional, Geoff says, "I guess no one likes this dance but me. It's just funny, man!"

At the confessional, Duncan says, "This beat was cool."

The next challenge was to run in an obstacle course.

"Can you run at least one minute?!" Chef said.

The only nominees for this challenge were Harold, Owen, Duncan, Courtney, and Izzy.

At the confessional, Noah says, "This is actually more like a "mud obstacle course".

Izzy swings on a vine and laughs, "HAHA! Go swing, vine! I have Graham Cracker!"

Owen refuses to do the challenge.

After completing the obstacle course in one minute, the campers go to bed.

At the confessional, Gwen says, "The obstacle course is actually mud!"

The next morning's challenge was to hang on a tree. The nominees for the Bass are Trent, Courtney, and Harold, and the Gopher nominees are Justin, Izzy, and Owen. Owen gets off the tree fast. The Bass win the challenge when Trent stays on the tree.

At the bonfire, Chef says, "You know what? Your host is on vacation, so, I will do the bonfire ceremony instead, Gophers! Only 5 sweet bits here in the plate! The first marshmallow goes to... you!" He points at Justin and throws him a marshmallow. "You others," Chef gives marshmallows to Noah, Heather, and Cody. "Who'll receive the last one?!"

Owen and Izzy open their eyes big.

"You!" Chef points at Izzy, throwing her a marshmallow. "You, the fat one, time to take the Walk of Shame, or whatever it is!" Chef said, "Come on, soldier!"

13: X-Treme Torture

Eliminated: Duncan

The campers are awoken by a jet drove by Chris. "Get ready for the X-Treme Torture!" Chris said.

"Today's three challenges will be," Chris said, "skydiving, riding the moose, and skiing through the mud!"

The nominees for the skydiving challenge were Harold for the Bass and Izzy for the Gophers.

The Bass win the challenge due to Izzy being crazy.

At the confessional, Harold says, "The thing is, if we lose this challenge, I bet Duncan is going home."

At the confessional, Geoff says, "What was that all about?"

At the confessional, Noah says, "Torturing us into doing three challenges? Not cool, brainiac.

At the confessional, Trent says, "More like a Pain-Treme torture. But, don't tell anyone I said that. Pain-Treme, anybody?"

At the confessional, Gwen says, "What kind of thing is this?"

At the confessional, Courtney says, "This challenge is full of pain. Dang, that had to hurt for Izzy."

At the confessional, Izzy says, "THAT WAS A SKYDIVE! FUN! FUN! FUN!"

The next challenge is a moose ride. The campers up for the challenge are Duncan andIzzy. Duncan gets thrown out right away, while Izzy tries to avoid throw.

"The Gophers win!" Chris says.

The nominees for the final challenge are Heather, Courtney, Justin, and Gwen. Heather and Gwen ski, while Courtney and Justin try to cut them off the way.

"Are you ready?" Chris says. "Get set, go!"

At the confessional, Justin says, "Is it just me or is my pretty looks going to disappear!"

"I can do it!" Courtney says.

"Come on!" Chris says.

Cut to the next scene, the Gophers win the whole challenge.

At the bonfire, Chris says, "I only have 5 marshmallows on this plate. You know the routine, and the first marshmallow goes to... Courtney. Well done. Geoff. Harold. Gwen."

The bottom two are Trent and Duncan.

"The final marshmallow goes to... Trent." Chris says. "Duncan, time to go."

14: Brunch of Disgustingness

The remaining campers walk into the main lodge.

"Are you ready for today's challenge?!" Chris asked.

"Let me guess, do we have to eat bad food again?!" Courtney yelled.

"That's right!" answered Chris.

"I call today's challenge... the Brunch of Disgustingness, where you will eat disgusting meals!" Chris says. "The first meal we are going to eat is... bacon and fish in a package of raw gravy and a two-thousand pound dead dolphin!"

"Ew! I am not eating this!" Courtney said.

"Cool. I hope you can cook your own food though, because there is no good food." Chris said.

"What?! NO!" Courtney said.

"Bacon and fish... bacon and fish..." Trent said.

At the confessional, Geoff says, "This challenge stinks."

At the confessional, Gwen says, "Is it just me, or do I have to quit this challenge?"

"Raw gravy..." Gwen said. "Just stinky and smelly!"

The next meal served was vegetable soup with jellyfish, bees, cockroaches, and live small pound eating sharks.

"Why are we eating sharks?" Noah asked.

"It's bad for my looks!" Justin says.

"Who cares about your looks?" Heather asked Justin.

"I always care about my beauty!" Justin said.

Izzy bites a small shark. "Oh. yeah! HAHAHAHAA! This shark is just small and fine! I LOVE THIS SHARK!!!!"

The next meal served was spaghetti with grasshoppers and frogs.

At the confessional, Courtney says, "That is it! I want to eat better food instead of gross food!"

At the confessional, Noah says, "Chef's food was kinda disgusting too."

"This kinda food sickens me!" Heather says.

"I can't eat these!" Gwen says.

"Frogs are poisonous!" Trent says. "If you eat a frog, it will insert poison ivy in your body!"

"Where did you learn that?!" asked Gwen.

"When I was little!" Trent said.

The next meal served was a 230 pound eating shark.

"I don't know, these are deadly!" said Trent.

At the confessional, Gwen says, "Eat a shark?! It will eat up your whole body!"

"These gross-o!" Heather said.

The challenges were going on until the boys won.

"The guys win a reward tonight! A trip to a five-star resort!" Chris said.

"Yeah!" The guys cheer. The girls are sad.

15: No Pain, No Game

Eliminated: Courtney

The girls are at the Gopher's cabin, sleeping. The boys had just gotten back from their trip.

"What's up, ladies?" Cody asked. "Ladies?"

"I think they're taking a nap," Trent said.

"They don't need one," Justin said.

"Like, come on." Harold said.

"Alright, campers! The teams have been dissolved!" Chris said from the megaphone.

"Ugh?! We need to sleep?!" Heather said.

"Come on! The announcements are fun!" Izzy said.

"And we're bringing back two previously eliminated campers!" Chris said. "And they're coming back right now! We'll have our first returning camper coming right now!"

Eva returns to the island in a hellfire. "Who's returning to camp?" Chris said. "It's... EVA!"

"What?! You said they can't come back, ever!" Trent said.

A flashback of the Bass' first bonfire from episode 2 appears.

"And you can't come back. Ever." Chris said.

The flashback ends. "Oh, yeah, I lied. And also returning to camp... Tyler"! Chris announces.

"Yeah, baby! It's your athlete!" Tyler said, returning.

Eva and Tyler get off the boats.

"Yes! It's me! Thanks to my backstabbing lying little team who voted me off!" Eva said.

"Come on, guys! Why is it night?" Tyler asked.

"We just came back from a trip," Cody said.

This morning, the remaining campers meet Chris at the stage. "Today's challenge is a torture challenge. Spin this wheel to see what torture you do. Once you complete the challenge and win," Chris said. "You get a reward: a luxurious trailer!"

"Did you see we're doing this challenge?" Gwen asked.

"Yep," Chris said.

At the confessional, Tyler says, "Wanna bet this torture game?! I will win the trailer!"

At the confessional, Gwen says, "This is the most boring thing I have ever done in my life."

"Up first," Chris said. "Is Izzy! Your torture is... marshmallow waxing! We need to wax every marshmallow and see how much pain you can handle."

Chef puts the wax on Izzy. "AHAHAHAHAHA! IT FEELS GREAT!"

"Great riddance, crazy girl!" Eva said.

Eva's torture is to avoid getting hit by turtles. "Stand back, guys! I will win the trailer!" Eva said.

Eva tries to jump but ends up getting hit by a turtle.

"HEY! GET OFF OF ME!" yelled Eva.

"Man, that Eva has temper!" Cody said.

"Scary!" Owen said.

"Is it just me, or will my looks get bad if I do one of the tortures?" Justin asked, nervous.

"I guess you will lose your looks, loser." Heather said.

"What was that about?!" Courtney said. "Look, I was a CIT! I wasn't a loser!"

"I wasn't talking to you, Courtney!" Heather said. "Do you wanna quit like Katie did?!" Heather asked, then a flashback of Katie quitting in Dodgebrawl appears once again after Basic Straining.

"Stop!" Katie says in the flashback. "You know what? I quit! I can't stand not being with Sadie! I'm going!"

"I guess Ezekiel and Gwen are both safe for tonight. Now let's see how this goes: Zeke, you were supposed to be eliminated if Katie didn't quit!" Chris said in the flashback.

The flashback ends.

"Why would I do that?!" Courtney says. "I was a CIT! I never quit!"

"You always say that," Heather says.

At the confessional, Geoff says, "Court was a CIT? I'm like, "an adult can't compete in a competition.""

At the confessional, Noah laughs, "That's so lame! She's a CIT and she's competing! AHAHA! AHAHAHAHAHA!"

It was cut to the last torture done by Heather. Heather has to log roll with a bear named Molotov. She wins the challenge and the trailer.

At the bonfire, Chris says, "There are no marshmallows tonight. Instead, I'm gonna show you who everyone voted for. Oh, and remember, you guys are not allowed to vote off Eva, Tyler, or Heather! Eva and Tyler returned and Heather is immune!"

The confessionals play.

"I vote off Eva, because I know she has bad attitude upon us." Trent says.

"Since Eva returned, there's no other choice but CIT Courtney." Heather said.

"I vote off Eva!" Courtney said.

"I want Eva gone." Izzy said.

"I vote for Eva, because her attitude treats us into a bad, manipulative, anger issued person." Justin said.

"Eva has got to go. She messed up in the challenge." Geoff said.

"Sorry if you returned in the same day, Eva, but you still got to go at this time." Tyler said.

"One word: Eva." Gwen said.

"Eva has to go." Noah said.

"Those backstabbing manipulative people better not vote me off!" Eva said. "I vote for Courtney."

"Well, the Eva votes don't count. So, that leaves us with only two votes that count." Chris said. "And the person with the only votes that count is... Courtney. Time to go."

"What?! This isn't fair! I was a CIT! Everyone needs me!" Courtney said.

She is dragged to the Boat of Losers by Chris. "LET ME BACK! LET ME BACK! LET ME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Courtney said.

"Bye bye, miss CIT." Heather said.

At the confessional, Eva says, "I'm actually safe!"

At the confessional, Heather says, "See ya, miss CIT!"

16: Search and Do Not Destroy

Eliminated: Harold

The episode begins with Heather waking up at her trailer. Chris then yells at the megaphone, "Alright, campers. Meet me at the stage at ten."

The contestants meet at the stage. "Alright, campers. Today's challenge is a treasure hunt!"

At the confessional, Noah says, "We need keys, brainiac!"

"What is this challenge?!" Heather asked.

"We have to find your keys in a place." Chris said. "The way you can find your key is to pick a treasure hunt card where you have to find your treasure."

Noah's key is it at the Dock of Shame, guarded by the bear Molotov. Heather's key is at the Boat of Losers. Justin's key is surrounded by fire batons. Izzy's key is at the main lodge's fridge, guarded by Chef. Harold's key is at the cave, guarded by a giant, always mauling bear. Geoff's key is in Boney Island. Eva's key is at the main lodge's roof. Tyler's key is surrounded by sharks of Lake Wawanakwa.

"Okay, time to get your keys!" Chris said.

Heather has to get her key at the Boat of Losers in a giant trip. She has to search everywhere on the Boat of Losers in a six-hour ride.

Eva's key is at the main lodge's roof. She has to get it before it falls into the communal bathrooms.

Harold has to get his key in a cave, guarded by a bear without even waking it up.

"This is a bad situation," he said.

Heather is spending her six-hour ride in the Boat of Losers while trying to find her key, but Noah has trouble trying to stay away from the bear, and trying to get his key.

Eva gets her key quickly.

At the confessional, Eva says, "You see that?! I'm really quick at getting the key!"

Justin has to get his key surrounded by a fire baton family.

At the confessional, Justin says, "My beauty is going to stop in this!"

"Steady, bear! Don't wake up!" Noah said, trying to struggle into getting his key.

Izzy has to find her key in the main lodge's fridge.

Izzy knocks on the fridge. "Knock knock!"

"Who's there?" Chef said in the fridge.

"Graham Cracker!" Izzy answered.

"Graham Cracker who?" Chef asked in the fridge.

"It's Izzy E-Scope here!" Izzy said, opening the fridge.

"Are you looking for a key? Because I'm guarding it." Chef said.

"Yes, I am!" said Izzy. "Now can I throw you out of my way?!"

"You can try, but I'm so strong!" Chef said.

"More stronger than me?" Izzy asked.

"Exactly," Chef said.

Heather has two hours left in her ride in the Boat of Losers. She still didn't find her key.

Noah is still struggling at the Dock of Shame.

At the confessional, Noah says, "Two hours of struggling my life to save my key from a bear!"

Harold got his key in a quick way. "My wicked skills stopped you, punk! Now let me have my key right now! Now that I got my key, you can't catch me!" he said.

Heather found her key in the Boat of Losers and she has to wait for one more hour to finish her ride.

After all campers got their keys, they opened their treasure chest.

Eva opens her treasure chest, and she won a Gilded Chris Award. Noah won a bag of candy. Justin gets a trophy.

"Justin wins invincibility!" Chris said.

At the confessional, Heather says, "I vote for Harold. He doesn't think anything of his skills except wicked."

At the confessional, Trent says, "Harold has to go. Sorry, buddy."

At the bonfire, Chris says, "So, the final 11! But, only 10 bits of marshmallows in my hand! You know the routine, whoever doesn't get a marshmallow!"

Chris announced the names. "The first marshmallow goes to... Geoff. Justin. Noah. Trent. Cody. Gwen. Tyler. Eva. Heather, and... Izzy! Sorry Harold, time to go!"

"See ya, guys! Nice knowing you!" Harold says.

17: Hide and Be Sneaky

Eliminated: Cody

"Today's challenge is a game of hide and seek. In this game, you have to avoid capture by Chef." Chris said. "Hide in a place where Chef can't find you. The person who sits on the safe zone at the end of the game wins immunity."

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" Eva asked.

"Kind of," added Chris.

"I've played this game when I was a kid." Noah added.

"You did? Now let's see how you do it here in camp!" Chris said.

"Move campers!" Chris said.

Eva is hiding at the main lodge's fridge, Noah is hiding in a cave, Tyler is hiding underwater, Izzy is hiding in the communal washrooms' toilet.


Justin is hiding in the woods. "This may destroy my beauty," Justin said.

Eva says in the fridge, "Chef won't find me here."

Noah is trying to hide in the cave. "This is bad."

At the confessional, Noah says, "This may be hard, but..."

Trent and Gwen are hiding together under the cabin bed.

"This is gonna be bad," Gwen said. "Chef is gonna catch us. Do you think we should hide here?"

"I don't think so, wanna bet?" asked Trent.

"Yes. Let's bet!" Gwen said.

Heather is hiding on the bushes, and Izzy is still laughing on the toilet. "AHAHAHAHA!" Izzy laughed.

Justin is hiding on the trees. A bear appears behind him. "This is bad! I should show him my beauty!" Justin said. Justin takes off his shirt, making the bear fall for his charms. The bear goes away, and Justin hides back on the trees.

At the confessional, Justin says, "I bet the bear fell for my beautiful charms. He thinks I look pretty."

Chef later sprays Eva in the fridge. He sprays Heather, then Justin, then Cody. Cody suddenly gets mauled by a bear.

"I got mauled! I got mauled!" Cody screamed. He is sent to the doctor.

At the Dock of Shame, Chris says, "Tyler wins invincibility!" Tyler cheers happily.

At the bonfire, Chris says, "So, the final 10 must become the final 9 tonight. Those 9 people will receive jet-puffed marshmallows. The first marshmallow goes to... Tyler. Justin. Gwen. Trent. Geoff. Noah. Eva. Izzy."

The bottom two are Heather and Cody.

"The final marshmallow goes to Heather." Chris announces. "Cody, time to go."

18: That's Off the Chain!

Eliminated: Justin

Eva, Gwen, Justin, Noah, and Trent are playing Frisbee near the beach. Heather is getting a tan in her cabin.

Suddenly, she accidentally destroys her tan. "MY TAN! NOOOOO!" Heather screamed.

At the confessional, Heather says, "My mom gave me this tan before I went to Camp Wawanakwa. And now it's destroyed!"

"Come on. We need to finish our game," Eva said.

"Don't rush us, Eva." Justin said.

Noah throws a super move. "I call this... the Frisbee master throw." he says.

"You can't have that kind of move," Gwen said. "I bet it's dangerous."

At the megaphone, "Alright campers, meet me at the Arts and Crafts Center at ten!" Chris said.

Heather is still fixing her tan in the cabin. "My tan!" she says once again.

After fixing her tan, she heads to the Arts and Crafts Center. "So, the final 9! Welcome to the Arts and Crafts Center!" Chris said. "Here, you will build your own bike!" he said. "To build your own bike, you need some wheels. Use a pumper to give your wheels pressure. Your bikes will be judged by me. So, good luck."

After finishing their bikes, Chris judges the bikes.

He first judges Justin's Beauty Speed Bike. "This is lame," Chris said. Justin frowns.

He then judges Geoff's Anti-Fire. "Cool." said Chris.

He then judges Heather's "Heather" Motorcycle. "Hmmmm... a concept of you and a different bike."

He judges Eva's Weight Lift Bike. "This is for working out," Chris said.

He judges Tyler's "Super Athlete". "It's okay. It could improve a little bit," Chris said.

He judges Trent's "Super Guitar" Bike. "Excellent!" Chris said.

He judges Noah's Intelligent Machine. "This is a slow bike, dude." Chris said.

He judges Gwen's Gothic Bike. "A bike for goths, I see," Chris said.

And he finally judges Izzy's Bear Bike. "Are you crazy, Izzy?" Chris said.

"It's me, Izzy E-Scope!" Izzy said.

They then ride their bikes. Izzy gets Geoff's bike, Gwen gets Noah's bike, Trent gets Gwen's bike, Justin gets Heather's bike, Tyler gets Trent's bike, Eva gets Izzy's bike, Heather gets Justin's bike, Geoff gets Eva's bike, and Noah gets Tyler's bike. "Okay, all the bikes are set, and... go!" The bikes cross. There were some wipeouts.

"The winners of the race are: Eva's Weight Lift Bike, Geoff's Anti-Fire, Justin's Beauty Speed Bike, and Tyler's Super Athlete!" Chris announces.

"Here's your sudden-death challenge," Chris said. The people in the sudden-death challenge are Eva, Geoff, Justin, and Tyler. "You have to cross different obstacles: dodging the minefields, moving through the oil slick, and avoiding the piranhas! Get ready, get set... go!" Chris announced. There was wipeout between Eva and Tyler on the minefields. Justin and Geoff cross the oil slick.

Justin is trying to keep the piranhas busy. Geoff goes in front of him.

Justin is the last to cross the finish line. "We have our winner, Geoff! Justin, since you were the last one to cross the line, because Eva and Tyler couldn't make it, it's time to ride the Boat of Losers!"

Justin packs his bags, and he rides the Boat of Losers. Everyone waves him goodbye.

19: Hook, Line, and Screamer

Eliminated: Eva

The final eight campers are watching a movie. They look scared at the Psycho Killer on TV.


"What is wrong with your attitude? Your just cruel," Gwen said.

"The Psycho Killer with a chainsaw and a HOOK!" said Izzy, bringing up a hook.

"The hook is used for only the Psycho Killer," Noah said.

"THERE IS NO BACKSTABBING PSYCHO KILLER!" Eva said. "I mean, I guess the Psycho Killer is real... GET OVER IT!"

"Shut up!" yelled Trent.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" Eva asked.

From the megaphone, Chris says, "Alright, campers! Today's challenge is to survive from a psycho killer!" Chris said. "Oh, and remember, if you face the real psycho killer, you win immunity!" he said.

The campers are at the bonfire. They are reviewing the rules given by Heather.

"Rule #3: never make out in the woods!" Heather said.

"Is that all?" Noah said.

At the confessional, Tyler says, ""Is that all?" Wow, Noah man."

"Rule 4?" Tyler asked.

I will say it later!" Heather said.

Izzy is running at Chef's kitchen, stealing some pizza. "Mmmm... pizza!" she said.

Later, Geoff is hiding on the bushes. Noah is in the communal washrooms. Noah smiles and says, "he won't find me here."

Eva is losing her temper because of the challenge. "I WON'T DO THIS STUPID CHALLENGE!" she said.

But, thinks aren't going good for Geoff. He finds Chef dressed as the psycho killer. He screams and runs off to the safe tent. Eva gets to the safe tent, then Heather, then Gwen, then Izzy. Chris comforts them by saying it was just Chef. Everyone except Noah runs to the tent.

Cut to the communal bathrooms. Noah is hiding when he sees the real psycho killer. He defeats it by punching him in the groin. "Ow! That hurt!" the real psycho killer said.

At the bonfire, Chris says, "It seems to all of you that Noah won invincibility. Unfortunately, Eva's attitude in the challenge caused her to get eliminated, so, bye to her."

"What?! This isn't my end in the game!" Eva yells.

"Oh, yes, it is! Come on!" Chris said.

20: Wawanakwa Gone Wild!

Eliminated: Trent

The campers' food are worse than usual. The gruel is now made out of paste. Chris approaches them and says, "Campers, welcome to your way on the final seven. You will all be going to do your next challenge."

At the confessional, Gwen says, "Why is the food worse than usual?"

"It's time to pick an animal from the bucket!" Chris said.

"Deer?" Noah said.

"Bear!" said Izzy.

"Hunters?" Gwen says.

"Snakes?" said Geoff.

"Beavers?" Trent said.

"Wolves?" Tyler said.

"Sharks?!" Heather said.

"You all have to face the animals to save Wawanakwa. Ready... search!" Chris said.

Gwen is dressed as a deer, and Noah is dressed as a hunter.

Heather has to swim with a shark. "WHY AM I DOING THIS CHALLENGE?!" Heather said.

At the confessional, Heather says, "If that Lindsiot is here, I'm going to do something. To everyone else who got kicked off, kick Lindsiot's butt for me!"

Noah and Gwen are on a hunter-deer battle.

Geoff has to kill a snake with a paintball gun. He is also dressed as a hunter. The snake has a hidden gold treasure behind his back. "This is hard..." Geoff said. "Hey, snake, want to play paintball?" Geoff asked.

Noah and Gwen continue their battle. "Deer beats the hunter!" Gwen said. "No! Hunter beats deer, remember?" Noah said.

At the confessional, Noah says, "You know why hunters beat deer? Deer is more weak than hunters. I studied that in high school. My friend Joey made a science project about it, but all he did is draw a picture between a deer and a hunter. It was a pretty good day for Joey."

Geoff is struggling for the golden treasure. "Steady, steady..." he whispered nervously.

Heather is still on top of her shark.

Geoff shoots the snake with a paintball gun fast. He gets the golden treasure and runs back to camp.

At the confessional, Geoff says, "I think I just cheated. I had to shoot the snake with a paintball gun."

Geoff won immunity. "Geoff, you get a reward," Chris said. "A gourmet meal."

"Ah, sweet, man!" Geoff said. "I love gourmet meals!"

At the bonfire, Chris says, "Tonight, only six of you shall remain in Total Drama Island, which means there are six marshmallows. If you get a marshmallow, it means your in the final six. The first marshmallow goes to Geoff. The rest of you didn't have immunity. The next marshmallow goes to... Noah. Heather. Tyler. Izzy. One marshmallow and two players: Gwen and Trent."

"The last marshmallow goes to... Gwen." Chris said. "Time to go, Trent."

"Farewell, everyone!" Trent said.

As the Boat of Losers takes Trent and his guitar away, the final six campers (except Heather) wave him good-bye.

21: Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon

Eliminated: Heather

The episode opens with the campers in the main lodge, eating Chef's special.

"We're having the special?" asked Gwen.

"Yes, expect you guys never had it?" Chef answered.

"I think the sandwich is a grease burger!" Heather said.

Chris comes into the main lodge. "Hey, guys, Chris McLean here!" Chris said. "Time for your next challenge!"

"It is near the end, and now we're having yet another challenge?" Noah asked.

At the confessional, Gwen says, "I know, the challenges are pretty tiring."

"I'm ready for the next challenge, man!" Tyler said, causing other campers to glare at him.

"So, only six of you remain in Total Drama Island," Chris said. "Let's take a review to see who didn't go all the way to the final 6. The order of elimination was Eva, Sadie, Katie, LeShawna, Ezekiel, Tyler, Beth, Lindsay, DJ, Bridgette, Owen, Duncan, Courtney, Harold, Cody, Justin, Eva again, and Trent. So, our next challenge is a arm-to-arm challenge! You will be competing in three challenges to survive in this mega-challenge! If you win, you are safe from elimination!"

"I am so winning this challenge!" said Heather.

"I will not let you interrupt me when I am talking!" screamed Chris. "Anyway, you will be hand-cuffed, as you were probably guessing!"

"Cool! I once put a police in a handcuff, and I was like, "Oops! I thought you were a bad person!" and I screamed so hard, and went like, "AHAHAHA!" like it was the day one of my friends broke up with her boyfriend, and he totally was really admired that day from his teacher for the break up!" Izzy said.

"Okay, here you will get handcuffed each other," Chris said, giving them handcuffs. "Here are the partnerships: Tyler will work with Heather, Izzy will work with Noah, and Geoff will work with Gwen. And... start your first challenge! You have to eat a big-lunch meal served by Chef!" he said.

"But we just ate!" Gwen said.

"True, but now we are eating for the challenge! Your partner will get a tray to eat! One of you will be the feeder, and one of you will eat the food! The team that finishes the food first wins!" Chris said. "Go!"

"Great! I am not working with Lindsiot's boyfriend!" Heather says. "I hate Lindsiot, and too bad she didn't make it to the final 6! She came in 17th place! So sad for her!"

"You actually think you can mean to my girlfriend!" Tyler said.

Heather doesn't answer. She feeds Tyler in a violent way.

"Dude! Feed slowly!" Tyler says.

"I want you gone!" Heather said, continuing to rush Tyler. Tyler vomits on the ground. Heather doesn't care.

Noah and Izzy won the challenge.

"Time for you second part of the challenge!" Chris said. "Yeah, I know! We will go back to Boney Island! I know, scary, haunted, others! Paddle your canoes to the other side of the island! And get on your canoes... paddle!"

Geoff is taking photos of the handcuff. "Just taking a picture," Geoff said.

"What is that for?" Gwen asked.

"Nothing." Geoff answered.

Noah and Izzy are on their canoe. Izzy is saying, "I once went on a canoe trip, and it was like the biggest ride and I was like, "Where are we going?!" like, yeah! And our canoe was going so fast like a dolphin!"

"Woah, your canoe trip was pretty crazy, like you?" Noah asked.

"No, just saying it. It's true. My teacher in canoes wanted me to improve everytime!" Izzy said.

At the confessional, Noah says, "I have no clue what she's talking about."

"So, was your teacher with you in the canoe?" Noah asked.

"No, we had a paddle partner along the other teenagers who wanted to go on a canoe, and the canoe trip was a huge wipeout for all of us!" Izzy said.

The campers arrived at Boney Island.

Chris from the jet says, "Welcome back to Boney Island! Here you will find the wooden tiki idol Beth stole from here! Now your next challenge is to return it back into the cave. It's easy."

"We have to make sure we throw the idol into the cave," Gwen said to Geoff.

"Okay." said Geoff.

Noah & Izzy are going into the cave with the idol when a spider approaches them. They scream and run away. They throw the idol into the cave, shocking Gwen and Geoff.

"Noah and Izzy win again!" Chris said. Noah and Izzy high-five.

"Return to Camp Wawanakwa at ten!" Chris said.

Noah and Izzy are in their canoes. Izzy talks more about her canoe trip, saying, "And then I went to this creepy island in my canoe trip and it was like a souvenir, like this place. You know, it was almost like this, except it is different." Izzy said.

"Woah, is it a ripoff of Boney Island?" Noah asked.

"No," Izzy said. "It actually had a haunted house."

The campers arrived back at Camp Wawanakwa. "This is your final challenge!" Chris said. "You have to make a totem pole of the camper's carved heads in the order of how they were voted off." Chris said.

"Piece of cake!" Izzy said.

At the confessional, Izzy says, "I saw many different kinds of totem poles before!"

"Okay, Sadie got voted off 2nd," Gwen said. "Or was it Katie? I think it was Katie, no, Sadie!"

Heather and Tyler are working hard.

"Lindsiot got voted off 8th." Heather said.

Later, Noah and Izzy just finished their totem pole. "Noah and Izzy win for the 3rd time! Everyone else vote off someone, besides Izzy and Noah." Chris said.

At the bonfire, Chris says, "Tonight, there will be five campers left on Total Drama Island, which means there are five marshmallows. First of all, Noah and Izzy win invincibility, so they get the first marshmallow. The next marshmallow goes to... Gwen. Geoff."

The bottom two are Heather and Tyler.

"The final marshmallow goes to..." Chris says, with the dramatic music playing. "...Tyler!"

"WHAT?! You guys can't do-" Heather said. Before she could finish, Chris pulls her and drags her to the Boat of Losers and throws her in.

22: Haute Camp-ture/After the Dock of Shame

Eliminated: Geoff

Every previously eliminated campers are having fun at Playa Des Losers, where they are sent after being eliminated instead of going home. Everyone is having fun except Eva, Courtney, and Heather, who thought they were unfairly kicked off the show. Justin is testing his beauty looks.

Sadie and Katie are glaring at each other at the snack bar due to Katie quitting the game.

"Why did you even quit the game?!" Sadie asked.

"Well, I just quit just to see you again? Don't you remember?! Whatever, my potato chips is fine!" Katie said.

"Well, I think my barbecue chips that day was SO much better!" explained Sadie.

"No! My potato chips that day was finer! My PB&J sandwich was even better than my potato chips that day! Whatever, at least I'm much better than you!" said Katie.

"Well, I think my barbecue chips are more flavored! Now you have to ruin the fun! What do you think you are?!" said Sadie in a dangerous way.

"Whatever! You're fat! You ate barbecue chips, peanut butter and jelly, fried chicken, fries, donuts, cupcakes, cookies, chocolate milk, sweet cereals, and marshmallows! You ate so much fat food!" Katie said.

Sadie gasped in shock, and Katie and Sadie move away from each other and walk to different directions.

Lindsay is swimming. "After my body cast was removed from the Paintball Deer Hunter challenge, I have to say, it was Heather! That mean queen bee!"

A flashback appears.

In the flashback, at the confessional, Heather says, "Being a deer would stink. But, now that I'm a hunter, I could shoot that Lindsiot."

The flashback ends.

"After the motocross race challenge," Justin said. "And I was sent to this place at sundown, I have to say, this place is better for my looks!"

"I wish I could stay in the game!" Courtney said. "It's Eva's fault I could kicked off the show! Her and Heather voted for me, and eight votes for Eva didn't count?! I was a CIT! I NEVER WOULD GET KICKED OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will get a lawsuit! I'm gonna call my lawyers to sue the show!!!!!!!"

Trent is playing his guitar, saying, "After I was kicked off from the final seven, I was upset that I had to leave, but this place is sweet!"

Duncan is saying, "Yeah, I was pretty sad to get kicked off, but I like this place. Now I can not worry about competing and stay in this beautiful place!"

Sadie is grilling barbecue, saying, "I think when Katie quit the show, I was like, "WHAT?!" and I can't let her do it! She was supposed to be in the final 5!"

Katie responds. "Well, what would I say? Sadie was supposed to stay with me in the first place!"

Courtney explains what she thought happened to her. "I really had a bad experience in Camp Wawanakwa. It stinked! I was supposed to stay in the game!"

Eva is getting food. "What can I say? I got unfairly kicked off!"

Flashbacks of Eva in camp appear, then end.

Katie is seen being grumpy, with Lindsay sitting next to her. Lindsay says, "After my butt got voted off, I totally saw the view of this place! It's pretty, and I like the resort!"

Chris is at the dock. "That's it! Stay tooned for what the losers think of the final five!"

Sadie says, "I think Izzy is just plain crazy."

Flashbacks of Izzy acting crazy appear, then end.

"Izzy? She might be crazy, but I think she's the coolest girl in the world!" Owen said.

LeShawna said, "That girl is crazy. I totally think she's not belonging in the final two."

Lindsay said, "She really is crazy sometimes, but I totally admire her."

Justin said, "That Izzy E-Scope doesn't belong in the final four. She's just plain crazy."

Trent said, "Izzy? I think E-Scope is a great name, but I think she can be a little insane. Her tactics are like animals, and she always laughs."

Ezekiel said, "She always laughs, eh."

Harold said, "Izzy? That girl always laughs."

Katie said, "Izzy is actually pretty funny! She was a little crazy at times, but I laugh!"

Sadie said, "I disagree with Katie. Izzy is insane, and I don't laugh at it."

"Oh, you are supposed to agree!" Katie said.

"Why would I do that?" Sadie asked.

"Because I want to apologize," Katie said. "Besides, you don't understand why I quit in the first place."

Sadie forgives her and they hug.

Justin said, "Geoff is a party boy. He likes to party, and he looks like he got drunk or something like that."

Duncan said, "Well, I think Geoff is party-obsessed."

Lindsay said, "He was really funny at times, but he's cheesy."

DJ said, "Geoff? Man, that dude is useful. I think he can be party-obsessed, but he's one of my buddies. Aw, what's the matter, Bunny?" he asked Bunny, who is next to him.

Katie says, "I think he was really cheesy at times, but sometimes I usually didn't mind him."

Heather says, "Geoff? That guy is a loser. He was such a party-obsessed man. I can't stand him and his happy-go personality.

Owen said, "I'm not afraid of Gwen. She was a little nice to me, like Izzy."

Katie says, "Gwen is a little harsh at times, but sometimes I didn't mind her."

Heather says, "Weird Goth Girl? I can't forgive her. I usually hated her, and she wasn't fun at all. She's my weakness."

Justin says, "I think she's sane, because she can be nice to my looks. I bet she will fall for it."

LeShawna says, "Gwen? Man that girl was pretty harsh, but actually she's a little sweet and sane. I think that girl should win."

DJ says, "Gwen? Man the lady is gentle. I think she should win."

Harold says, "I'm kinda scared of Gwen. Sometimes. Don't tell LeShawna!"

Eva says, "I think she was fetch at times, but sometimes I didn't pay attention to her.

Katie says, "Noah? He was really intelligent!"

"He has sarcasm at times," Sadie said. "He says "brainiac", and other sarcasm words, you know."

"Oh, I know." Katie said.

Lindsay approaches them and says, "I know, right?"

Sadie and Katie look at each other.

DJ says, "Noah? At first I didn't pay attention to him, but now I noticed he was a little rude."

Owen says, "I think Izzy and Noah would make a good final 2!"

Justin says, "Noah? I didn't really mind him too much."

Flashbacks of Noah appear, then end.

Harold says, "I think Noah is scarier than Gwen. He says "brainiac", and other words."

LeShawna says, "Okay, he's a turkey at times. I think he says sarcasm a lot. I mean, call people bad words? No way. I guess I would just put him in the house."

Lindsay says, "I really want Tyler back. He was so much fun."

Katie says, "He sucks at sports."

Flashbacks of him appear. "He didn't conquer his fear of chickens, made it to the final 5, and says many words that I didn't mind."

Owen says, "We didn't have any interaction due to being on separate teams. In the dodgeball game, I think he revealed he sucked at sports."

Justin says, "I'm actually neutral towards Tyler. I would vote for Izzy to win over him."

Beth says, "Tyler is actually a fake athlete. He sucks at sports, and he doesn't make a choice."

The nightime is dark. Trent is playing his guitar. The losers are deciding who they want to win. Suddenly, a girl walks into the place.

"Hey, I'm a host! I'm Mildred Blaineley Stacey Andrews O'Halloran!" she said.

"You like good in that-" Owen said.

"Don't speak when I tell you to speak!" said Blaineley.

"Wait, where's Chris?" Beth asked.

"He's at camp." Blaineley said. "He told me to come over here and see who you want to vote for to come at Playa De Losers from the final 5: Geoff, Gwen, Izzy, Noah, or Tyler. Katie and Sadie, your up first."

"I want Geoff to come here!" Sadie said.

"I actually want Geoff too!" Katie said.

"DJ, it's your turn," Blaineley said.

"I think Geoff should come here," DJ said.

"Why are you voting Geoff off?!" Courtney said.

"That's three votes: Geoff." said Blaineley.

"What?! No!" Courtney said.

A lot of people and a parrot accidentally say Geoff.

"The last voter: Bridgette." Blaineley said.

"Geoff!" Bridgette said.

Geoff is eliminated.

23: Romeo and Izzy

"Campers," Chris said. "Your next challenge is to make a Romantic movie based on the movie, Romeo and Juliet, and when you win, you will get two prizes: you can get the Romeo and Juliet special edition DVD tape, and you get the Romeo and Juliet marriage dolls! Take a role from the sand bucket to see who you are acting as!"

Izzy's role is Juliet, Noah's role is Romeo, Gwen's role is Juliet's father, and Tyler is Romeo's father.

"Okay, campers! Start your script! Your challenge is to write a play about your lines!" Chris said.

The campers are up the stage, writing a paper script.

"Juliet should say, "Romeo? Can you marry me?"" Noah asked.

"Okay, so now we need a little more lines from you, Noah!" Izzy said.

"Should I say, "I'm a cowboy!"" Noah said.

"Wait, Izzy! Romeo's father and Juliet's father need to fight about how Romeo and Juliet will get married, and they don't want them to get married!" Tyler said.

"Okay, so, any other suggestions for the play's lines?" asked Izzy.

"Romeo should say, "Will you go out with me?"" Tyler suggested.

"Okay!" Izzy said.

"I think Juliet should say, "Of course!"" Gwen suggested.

Izzy put the line on the paper.

"Izzy, I have a suggestion!" Tyler said. "You have to write about the marriage later on the play! Because if you don't, the movie is not based on Romeo and Juliet!"

"Okay, here I go," Izzy said. "We're moving on! The fathers have to fight!"

It moves on to the next part of the script. "Do I have to draw pictures and buy costumes?" Izzy asked.

"Don't draw pictures," Tyler said. "Chris is buying the costumes, I think. Write the next part. It shouldn't be Romeo and Juliet killing their selves, it should be different! Besides, you and Noah will die of you kill yourselves! Write some more words: in this play theater, it should be the fathers apologize and agree to make them married."

"Okay," Izzy said.

"Make words like "We're sorry! We'll make you married!" or, whatever you want!" said Tyler.

"Okay! I'm putting that!" Izzy said.

"Now let's play the movie!" said Izzy.

"Well, me, Romeo, will be dressed as a cowboy." Noah said.

"We need to practice first," Tyler said. "That way we won't get messed up.

At night, Chris announces, "It's the Total Drama Island play theater! Everyone who is watching, thank you for seeing the contestants practice! We bought their costumes, and they are ready to perform! Let's see the roles: this play is based on Romeo and Juliet, except the fathers let Romeo and Juliet get married in the play. In the real movie, they can't get married. Now let's see the roles: Izzy as Juliet, Noah as Romeo, Gwen as Juliet's father, and Tyler as Romeo's father!"

The final four campers come out of the curtains with their costumes on. They start the theater.

"Who are you?" Izzy said in the stage, in the setting.

"My name is Romeo," said Romeo's role, Noah.

"Romeo, will you marry me?" said Juliet (Izzy).

"I'm a cowboy. And yes," said Romeo (Noah).

It moves on to Romeo and Juliet's wedding.

"They shouldn't get married!" said Juliet's father (Gwen).

"Don't get married!" said Romeo's father (Tyler).

"Well, we are getting married!" said Juliet (Izzy).

"Don't you get it?" said Romeo (Noah).

Romeo's father (Tyler) and Juliet's father (Gwen) start to argue, and the play goes on and they finally agree.

"THE END!" said puppets.

"Let's see, you guys all acted great, but the play is a little non-interesting," Chris said. "I have to say the best roles are Noah and Izzy! You both get the rewards: the special edition Romeo and Juliet DVD movie, and you get the Romeo and Juliet marriage dolls!" Chris said.

24: Are We There Yeti?

Eliminated: Tyler

"Campers," Chris said. "Your next challenge is to escape the forest and get back to camp before the other team does!" Chris said. "You will be teamed up in two sides: boys team and girls team. You each will get a map. The first team to get back to camp wins invincibility."

Noah and Tyler are paired up, while Gwen and Izzy are paired up.

"Oh, I once went on the woods and I was lost one time and I tried to find my way out and I did! It was so funny! Do you think?" Izzy said.

"Oh, doubtful." Gwen said.

Noah and Tyler pass them.

"So, it says that the other side of the woods is the right path." Tyler said.

"Yeah, you're right." Noah said.

"Yeah, let's head there." Tyler said.

"Are you an expert map reader?" Noah asked.

"No, I just saw where the other side of the woods is." Tyler said.

Tyler vanishes from Noah. "TYLER?!" Noah said.

Izzy and Gwen are walking in the left path. "Oh, you know the path, do you?" asked Izzy. "It's clear!"

Noah walks by himself. "I have the map in my hand. I need to get there," Noah said. "Yeah, it's near. TYLER? Okay, I'm getting tired. Whatever."

Izzy and Gwen are still walking. "Now, I believe it was all Total Drama Dirtbags!" Izzy said.

"Not funny." Gwen said.

Izzy, Gwen, and Noah had reached the other side of the woods at night.

"Tyler vanished, y' know." Noah said. "I was walking with him, then he disappeared in a weird way! I bet he's kidnapped, or maybe someone took him!"

Gwen and Izzy both gasped. "Woah, that's tragic. I actually was walking in the woods one time when I was little in a kid's summer camp and we were walking, my sister was with one of her friends, and I was with this guy in a brown hair who annoys me. He disappeared for no reason, and the police reported the kid missing. He was found dead in the river." Gwen said.

"He was found dead?!" Noah said in shock.

"Yes. It's a true story." she answered.

Later in the morning, the campers wake up.

Tyler is in a house, injured. He said weakly, "Ow... I think I got injured... I got bandages... and I'm like a garbage freak..." Tyler said.

Noah arrives before Izzy and Gwen.

"WHAT?! WE LOST?!" Izzy said.

"Actually, Noah arrived without Tyler, so Izzy and Gwen win!" Chris said. Tyler then arrives, injured in a wheel chair.

At the bonfire, Chris says, "After tonight, there will be three of you left in Total Drama Island. The first marshmallow goes to... Izzy. Gwen."

The bottom two are Tyler and Noah.

"The final marshmallow goes to... Noah." Chris said. "Tyler, I'll roll your wheelchair to the Boat of Losers."

"Thanks a lot guys..." Tyler said weakly.

25: I Triple Dog Dare You!

Eliminated: Gwen

The final three campers are eating pancakes at the main lodge.

At the confessional, Noah says, "If Owen is watching this, he might be dying to eat pancakes.

Chris comes into the main lodge and says, "Campers, there are only three of you left on Total Drama Island! You stayed for a long time and you came all the way to the end!"

"This is great. I hope I win." Noah said.

"Who will make the final two?" said Chris. "Because one of you has to go home today."

The remaining three campers are on the stage.

"We're having our challenge on the stage?" Gwen asked.

"Oh, I remember when I once played a guitar on a stage, and it was like, "Boom!" and I noticed that the strings on the guitar came off, and I was like "Oh! Am I bear!"" said Izzy.

"Why would that happen to your guitar?" said Noah.

"Oh, I don't know. I was playing it so hard, it went like out of the guitar!" said Izzy.

"Not funny." Noah answered.

"Today's game is to do a dare given by previously eliminated campers! Spin the wheel and do the campers' dare! I will read the dare to you! Now let's see the dares of Sadie, Katie, LeShawna, Ezekiel, Beth, Lindsay, DJ, Bridgette, Owen, Duncan, Courtney, Harold, Cody, Justin, Eva, Trent, Heather, Geoff, and Tyler. So spin the wheel to see which dare you will do." Chris says. "Noah, you're up. You can choose someone to do the dare, too. If you refuse to do the dare, you will board the Boat of Losers, and you lose your chance for one thousand dollars!"

Noah rolls the wheel, and it lands on Courtney.

"Courtney's dare: chew a dry can of worms!" Chris said.

"I dare... Izzy for being crazy." Noah said.


"You can't, Iz." Chris said. "You might swallow it and choke." Chris said.

Izzy rolls the wheel and it lands on DJ.

"DJ's dare: were a purple dress with Beth's cursed idol on it." said Chris.

"I dare Gweny!" Izzy said.

Gwen weres it. The idol makes her uncomfortable. "IT'S REALLY CURSING MY HEART! BETH TOOK IT!" Gwen screamed.

Gwen spins the wheel. It lands on Owen.

"Owen's dare: eat a turkey sandwich made out of cockroaches!" said Chris.

"I dare Izzy." Gwen said

Izzy eats it. "The cockroaches! IT'S... bad!" said Izzy.

The dares go on.

Gwen did Beth's dare: break 200 glass cups. Noah did Justin's dare: create a pack of braces. Izzy did Tyler's dare: throw a hat at Chef. Noah did Lindsay's dare: put on an MP3 player made out of a bee.

Gwen did LeShawna's dare: add greasy salt into Chef's hat. Noah did Eva's dare: fight karate style with a bear. Izzy did Harold's dare: shoot Chef with a paintball gun. Noah did Ezekiel's dare: throw a toenail at Izzy and make her chew it.


Izzy did Trent's dare: draw a smiley face on Chris' hair. Noah did Bridgette's dare: put lotion on a bed. Gwen did Katie and Sadie's dare: drink worm shakes with gummy snakes.

Al the rest of the dares were done except for Heather's dare.

"We're down to one more dare! Izzy, spin the wheel." Chris said.

"Okay! I can spin the wheel before going at a park! I think it was fun that day, and I went on that birthday party, I had to spin a wheel before entering! Okay, thanks!" said Izzy.

Izzy spins the wheel and it lands on Heather.

"Heather's dare: shave you own hair!" Chris said.

"WHAT?!" Gwen said.

"I dare Gwen." Izzy said.

Gwen kept refusing, and she didn't shave her hair at all.

"Gwen, you're out." Chris said. "Time to board the Boat of Losers."

"RIGHT NOW?!" said Gwen.

"That means Noah and Izzy are in the final 2!" said Chris.

Noah and Izzy high-five for their victory, and Gwen boards the Boat of Losers.

26: The Very Last Episode, Really!

Winner: Noah

Runner-Up: Izzy

Noah and Izzy are at the main lodge eating Chef's special. Chris comes in and says, "Noah and Izzy, you all made it to the final two! Congrats! I viewed your confessionals about what you thought about this camp."

The confessionals play.

Noah says, "One think I hate? The food."

Izzy says, "I actually ate gruel before! It was like oatmeal!"

Noah says, "I met a lot of people. But the people I would hate to see again?" There are flashbacks of Heather, Lindsay, LeShawna, Beth, Geoff, Trent, Justin, Cody, Owen, and Eva.

Izzy says, "I like a lot of people! They were actually nice to me!" It shows flashbacks of Lindsay, Gwen, Harold, Justin, LeShawna, Beth, Cody, and Katie.

Noah says, "I hope next season has better food, because this food stinks."

Izzy says, "I really actually liked the food!" The flashbacks of gruel, the special, and pancakes appear.

Noah says, "You gotta hate the food.

Izzy says, "I think this is a great summer camp!"

Noah says, "It's actually kinda gross in the confessionals, the stalls, and I hope I never go here again."

The confessionals end.

Izzy and Noah are with Chris.

"Okay! This is your final challenge! You have to go olympics: you have to reach a flag, bring an egg to a nest, and the first person to get back here wins one thousand dollars." Chris says, "And now, let's bring in the previously eliminated contestants who rode the Boat of Losers."

They all walk. "Losers, pick for who you are gonna root for."

Harold, Lindsay, Gwen, Eva, Trent, Owen, and Beth choose Izzy, while the others chose Noah to win, most likely due to Izzy being so insane.

"So, Izzy, you wear the chicken hat, and Noah, you were the cow hat!" said Chris.

"Start!" he announced.

Owen and Lindsay run with Izzy. "Come on, Izzy! Hurry, Iz! Go on the flag!" Owen cheered.

"I know how to climb a flagpole, Owen! I once climbed up a flagpole, and I reached the top!" said Izzy.

Noah and Izzy start climbing their flags. Justin, Katie, Sadie, Heather, Ezekiel, Tyler, and Duncan are running and helping Noah climb the flagpole, except Sadie and Katie, who are gushing over Justin.

At the confessional, Sadie says, "I think Justin is beautiful! We can just sit next to him and gush over him!"

Katie responds, "Yeah! HE'S SO BEAUTIFUL!" Katie said.

Noah and Izzy are still trying to make it.

"Go do it, Izzy!" Owen said.

"I'm making it!" said Izzy.

"Are you sure you wanna do this?" asked Lindsay.

"I have to!" said Izzy.

Noah has reached his flagpole. Izzy gasped in shock.


Izzy and Noah have to cross the two bridges with an egg.

"Okay, watch out for the eagles and the sharks!" said Chris. "The eagles want their eggs, and if you land into the sharks, you will die."

"You mean, we have to avoid landing into the water?" said Noah.

"Oh, don't be worried, Noah." Izzy said.

They start crossing. Izzy brings her egg first, then Noah.

"Oh no! Izzy has caught up with me!" Noah realized that Izzy was swinging on a vine, so he ran and got ahead of her.

"I better catch him before he wins!" said Izzy.

Noah was running, and he was near the main lodge. He starts walking. "I'm... so... tired..." he said weakly. "Okay, don't give up, Noah. You can do it." He continues to walk still, then runs, then walks, then runs, then walks, then runs, then walks. Izzy is running so fast, but she was way behind.

At the confessional, Noah says, "I'm pretty sure I'll win. Izzy is insane, man."

Noah has reached the peanut gallery of failure, and crosses the finish line.


His supporters cheered. Owen fainted. "Izzy! IZZY! IZZY!"

Geoff and Bridgette are making out at the peanut gallery of failure.

The contestants are at the cliff. "Okay, this bonus challenge will determine who advances to season 2 of Total Drama!" Chris said. "If you go on the water, you advance to the next season. If you fall into the surfboard of failure, and hit the sand, YOU WILL NOT COMPETE!". The campers gasp in shock. "Are you ready? GO!" said Chris.

Geoff and Bridgette land in the water although they were making out. Lindsay lands in the water, Justin lands in the water, Tyler lands in the water, and Katie and Sadie land in the surfboard and into the sand.

"Katie and Sadie landed in the sand, which means, they will not compete for the next season." said Chris. Katie and Sadie gasp.

LeShawna, Courtney, and Cody landed on the surfboard and on the sand.

Ezekiel, Eva, and Owen also land on the surfboard.

"LeShawna, Courtney, Cody, Ezekiel, Eva, and Owen are not competing for season 2! Let's see how the rest goes!" Chris said.

All the remaining campers land into the water.

"Okay, 14 campers are qualifying for season 2, and we need a debuter! Those who landed in the sand, jump off the cliff for a second time to determine who will debut in the season." said Chris.

LeShawna, Cody, Courtney, Eva, Ezekiel, Katie, and Sadie all land in the surfboard, while Owen lands on the water. "Owen will debut in the season!" said Chris.

"Woohoo!" said Owen.

"WHAT?! I WANTED TO DEBUT!" said Courtney. Chris ignores her.

"Find out what will happen! Thanks for watching Total Drama Island! Stay tooned for... Total. Drama. Action!

Elimination table

# Contestant 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 141 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 231 24 25 26 TDA
8 Eva OUT Returns in No Pain, No Game3 LOW4 IN IN IN OUT FAIL


     IN: Had their name called at the bonfire ceremony

     WIN: Won challenge for him/herself or won individual challenge.

     WIN: Was on winning team

     OUT: Voted off in this episode.

     OUT: Was voted off irregularly due to special circumstances.

     OUT: Was automatically eliminated due to sudden-death challenge

     QUIT: Voluntarily quit in this episode.

     LOW: Received the final marshmallow at the bonfire ceremony.

     LOW: Was supposed to be eliminated, but something happened that made him/her safe.

     Name: This camper was on the Screaming Gophers.

     Name: This camper was on the Killer Bass.

     Name: Wasn't on any team.

     WINNER: Won the competition.

     RUNNER-UP: Came in second place.

    : PASS: This camper qualified for Total Drama Action and became a cast-mate.

    : FAIL: This camper did not qualify for Total Drama Action.


1: This episode featured no eliminations.

2: Ezekiel was supposed to be eliminated, but Katie saved him by quitting due to missing Sadie.

3: Eva and Tyler returned in episode 15 to compete again after getting eliminated.

4: With eight votes against her, Eva would have been eliminated, but none of them counted, and there were two votes for Courtney, and Courtney was voted off instead.

5: Owen originally did not qualify for Total Drama Action, but jumped off the cliff into the water, and it was revealed he will debut later on.

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