This story is rated PG-13.
There is some language or violence that may not be appropriate for people under thirteen years of age.

Beyond this Town: The Story of a Lonely Cynic by CrystalNeonSummerSnow

Okay, this time the reason I'm writting a drama/angst is because I was inspired by a fanfic on this website -- Violet Hill! When I read it, I was truly amazed; it's a story Nicholas Sparks would be proud of.

Prologue: Every Story has its Beginings

" I can't believe you slept with her!" Noah's mother screamed at her husband.

" I thought that when you married me, you'd love me and only me!"

" I do, Brenda."

" Then what were you doing in bed with Monica?! You know she's been----"

" Your rival since preschool. I know, I know."

" And she still vexes me! She brags about what a better researcher she is, 'accidentally' spills coffee on my green suit, and enjoys making huffy comments about my weight and appearance behind my back."

" Well, she does have a point with some of the comments."

" Excuse me, James?"

" Well, you should lay off the doughnut holes. Otherwise, you'll look like Mariah Carey."

" You know that I'm pregnant again and I have cravings. Just lemme ask, what's better about her appearance? She's an anorexic, topheavy Heidi Montag wannabe!"

" There's more to her than just small hips, big H-cup breasts, and platinum blonde hair. She's really active."

" Yeah, she was pretty active with you last night."

" Well, a man has to have at least one adventure in a while."

" Well, from what I saw, you had series of adventures with her last night! A man has to have their limitations."

" Well, maybe I'm a different kind of man."

" That's so true, and you know what else is true? Since you're a different kind of man, you're not my man at all!"

" Fine!"

" Fine!"

All 6-year-old Noah could do was lean on his 14-year-old sister Leah for succor. She promised that when Christmas comes, things will get better...... At least, she thought so.

On Christmas Eve, Leah had to head out to the grocery store to buy a feast for Christmas morning. The stars grew dim, but the blizzard grew stronger. Even though the tiny Noah slept fine, instead of his head being replenished with visions of sugarplums and nutcrackers, all he could think about was Leah being back in time for Christmas. The next morning came gradual, but Noah didn't care. He quickly raced to the living room to see if Leah was there, but sadly, her groceries were present, but no Leah. Noah's fret grew bigger when the news clicked on. The lead story was about a 14-year-old girl who was walking in the blizzard last night and was mugged and kidnapped by two ghetto thugs. The patrol arrested the thugs and searched their condo, but the girl wasn't in sight. When the picture of the victim was revealed, Noah's heart was in an abyss of anguish. The victim wasn't just a teenage girl -- it was Leah! Noah looked at pine-leaf-covered present that was adressed to him from Leah, grabbed it, and rushed to his room. Without hesitation, he opened it and the gift wasn't a toy or mundane clothing -- it was a book; a book called Chicken Soup for the Soul: Tough Times, Tough People. On the cover, there was a small scrap of paper tied to it. Noah opened it and it read,

My dear sweet brother Noah,

If you're reading this, I hope your heart is harmonizing with love and happiness. I know a few days ago our parents divorced, but I thought this book will inspire your soul to survive and strive through these difficult times. Remember, I'm always her for you if you need comfort. I love you, Noah.

Your sister,


In that instant, Noah started to shed ice-cold tears, but had the strength to wipe them away.

" Noah? Are you in there? It's Christmas, sweetie, the family has to be together to open presents."

That was it? Didn't his mom see the news? Didn't she worry about Leah? Quickly, Noah put up the tear-stained note, rewrapped the gift, fiercely wiped away the tear-lines, and sluggishly walked back to the living room.

6 painful years later, 12-year-old Noah walked through the Victorian-styled hallway to the deathbed room to find his intelligent grandmother...... dying.

" Hi Grandma."

" Hello, Noah. My, you've grown a little since I last saw you."

" The last time you saw me, I was 4."

" Oh, that's right. Well, you've grown a lot since I last saw you."

" Hehe, right. So, please remind me why you're dying, again."

" I'm dying of pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, Noah."

" What?"
" That's a lung disease caused by very fine silica dust."

" Isn't that like in glass prodution?."

" Inside the quartz sand, yes."

" Oh."

" Here, Noah, take this."

" An antique cameo?"

" Mmm-hmm. When you find someone that seems to care a lot about you, give it to that person, show him/her that you care."

" Agreed."

Then, with a cough and a wheeze, she gradually closed her eyes and died. On the way out, he stepped on a torn piece of paper... a part of the will. He picked it up and put it in his pocket to read later.......

RRIIINNNNGGG! A strange and noisy alarm woke Noah, who is now 13. He quickly got up to find out what happened. His mother was installing an alarm to wake the crowded family and was testing it. She was going to give birth to another girl tomorrow so she sat Noah down and said in a low, stern voice,

" Noah, with your father leaving us 7 years ago, to get back at me he stole my bank ID and stole almost all my money and deposited it into his bank account, so I can't afford another room for Janis when she's born tomorrow, so I'm afraid you'll have to take your stuff and move up into the attic. I'm really sorry, Noah, but in times like these we have to make do with it."

Expresionless, Noah took his books, clothes, and personal notebook (guys don't call it a diary!), and rearranged them in the attic. He tottered onto his new bed, completely abashed and weary. His father had betrayed him again, and now his family has to suffer for it. He curiously glanced at the part of the will he found a year ago and thought, Well, now might be the perfect time to read it.... So without warning, he read the sentence that was censored from the will. It read,

........Well, I, Amelia D. O'Hara, swear with every dying fiber of my being to never tell anyone that my husband, Abner O'Hara, sliced my arm with his pocketknife, leading to this fatality.

At that moment, in a fit of anger, Noah crumpled up the scrap of paper and threw in on the cold, dusty floor. He couldn't hide his soggy eyes any longer so he broke down crying, a way of letting out his cut-to-ribbons emotions of the agonizing life questions that burningly course through his veins: Why would his father betray the family for a Heidi Montag wannabe? How could his mother not care about Leah's disappearance? Who did his grandfather think he was killing his grandmother? What gave his father the nerve to hurt his family's finacial life? Will he ever find happiness? He didn't know, but all he knew was that there was only one ray of joy: the book Leah gave him 7 years ago. He read it, over and over, and he never stopped reading books. It was the only way to relieve his pain. When he was done for the night, he glanced outside at the hot and humid midnight summer sky and thought, Soon beyond this town, a new story will lie ahead............

1: After the Dock

Noah, who's now 16, packed his things after being eliminated on Total Drama Island.

" Anything can be better than this," he muttered, " because I didn't vote myself off for nothing."

On the way to the dock, he felt a hand on his lanky shoulder; it was Cody. Oh great, Noah thought, total humiliation yesterday and now he wants to talk to me. How rich.

" Hi, Noah. Umm, you left this book in the cabin. I didn't know you read Chicken Soup for the Soul."

" Hey, don't touch that! You'll just soil it."

" Sorry. Umm, usually you aren't interested in this kind of stuff."

" Well lo and behold, you were wrong."

" Umm, so, where did you get that book?"

" Why should I waste my time answering your awkward when I should be home right now?"

Noah quickly got in the boat before he could argue more with the guy, and the last words he heard Cody say were,

" That doesn't answer the question!"

The next long day, Noah awoke to find that instead of being in front of his banal faded-gray house, he was at this luxurious, five-star, classy resort. Noah's dark chocolate irises widened; this was better than that bush-league island. On the inside, he was layered with ecstasy and bliss, but on the outside, he shruged and said,

" Whatever."

When he stepped into his room, he felt like a million aces. After speanding 3 endless, grevious years of poverty, now he's in a room with fresh-scented candles and throw pillows on his bed. He stepped out on the balcony, looked at the note Leah wrote years ago, and sighed in a breathe easy tone,

" You're right, Leah. I did strive through it all and here I am."

But his so-called "finished pain" wasn't here yet.

He looked out the window and only saw Ezekiel and Eva, the other two people who didn't really bother him on the show. He smiled and sighed,

" Glad all that melodrama is over with."

He was about to walk onto the balcony again, but quickly jerked his head out the window to see something that will bother him: Justin. Noah's blissful smile quickly resumed into his casual expresionless smirk.

" Great. Well, I better try to make the best of it."

He sluggishly got dressed into his swim trunks and walked out to the pool.

2: Hands Off

" Well, well, well. Look who's here." Justin sneered.

" Someone alert the bounty hunters; this fugitive has escaped the loser bin."

Noah just ignored and turned away.

" Wow, then why are you still here?" he muttered. Justin rolled his eyes.

" Oh, good comeback. Don't quit your day job, Mr. Cynic."

" Well, at least I'd be smart enough to get a day job."

" Bookworm."

" Mannequin."

" School pet."

" Style monkey."

" Atom-brain."

" Philanderer."

" You'd save a pile of dog dodo on the street if your fav librarian stepped in it."

" You'd steal a used bra if Heidi Montag once wore it."

Before things could get more atrocious, Chef Hatchet blew his whistle and blustered,

" Enough catfighting, you fruit cakes. Either jump into that pool or get your fragile booties back to your room!"

The two enemies glared at each other and kept glaring until Noah exhaled,

" I am not gonna spend the day arguing with this fashion barbarian until I'm blue. I'm heading inside."

As he meandered away, he thought, So much for leisure and rapture.

Later, when Justin was gone, Noah finally grinned and went back outside to snack a little.

" Hey, chicken-legs." Eva laughed. He just chortled and rolled his half-lit eyes.

" Hey, Eva. Wow, for once, you're in a good mood."

" Yeah, I just scared the soul out of Heather. I told her that if she gets me voted out again, I'll pull her tounge out of her piehole and screw her into a pretzel."

" Wow, very girly."

" Hey, like the song goes, every rose has it's thorns."

" Well, sometimes you can try to cut of at least 50 of the thorns."

" Hey, you know I can't do girly. I can show people I'm tough and get the true respect I deserve."

" Then why did people vote you off? See you later, Eva."

Noah left a baffled Eva, walking alone again.

When Noah came back, he noticed a little something was missing -- the cameo his deceased grandmother gave him! Where was it? Of course, his worst enemy: Justin. He stormed into the pretty boy's room and saw him messing with the precious jewel.

" What are you doing with that?! HANDS OFF!"

Noah yelled so loud, if you were in China, it'd sound like a bomb had been set off.

" What do ya mean 'hands off'? Is it yours?!"

Noah quickly snatched the cameo, then a rag, and polished it like there was no tomorrow.

" Wow Noah, I had no idea you were such a metro."

" Oh, coming from the guy who spends all his days applying mousse on his coiffure. Yes, this is mine, but it's not to wear. My grandma gave it to me. She said on her deathbed to give it to the person that was special to me."

" Too bad she didn't keep the receipt."

" Okay, you know what, rubberhead? At least she cared about me. At least I have family members that care about me as opposed to your family who only like you cause you preform your 'modeling techniques' over and over like a wind-up doll."

Then in an instant, he threw the rag in Justin's face and ran back into his room. With a frown, he looked at an old picture of him and his dad and grandpa, and whispered,

" Almost all of my family cared."

3: An Important Phone Call

The days dawned and dusked throughout his time of Playa de Losers, and Noah was always unsettled by arguments he'd have with Justin all the time; one of their biggest fights was when Justin gossiped about the "incident" with Cody saying Noah did it on purpose and was only screaming to eclipse his true emotions and Noah got so furious and posted a fake naked pic of Justin on MySpace with a comment under saying,

" Gosh, I guess we can ANALize that Justin's a bigger moron than we thought!"; that fight was still left unreasolved. Propituously, when Total Drama World Tour was over, that ment Noah could finally arrive home. Finally, he could go home to his mother, dear enough to embrace her and tell her he missed her, and finally live a life without trouble and fear. That is, until he got a phone call on his Verison cell. What now, he pondered.

" Hello?"

" Noah, honey? Is that you?"

" Mom? What's wrong?"

" Well, I have to work late again to earn more money."

" What? But, I thought our finacial troubles were cooked; I thought we were out of the poorhouse."

" Well, we are, almost, but that's not why I'm calling. Your ex-father called, earlier."

" Oh, you mean the backstabbing cheat?"

" Now, don't say that, Noah. Sure, I'm still mad at him, but he was still your father. Anyway, he called saying that your grandpa died."

" Why? Did he go crazy at the mental hospital and kill himself?"

" What are you..... You read the censored part of the will, didn't you?"

" No, I saw it and thought it was a study note."

" Noah, you must promise not to speak of that to anyone. If one person found out, the O'Haras will be looked at in a displeased way. Anyway, your father claims he's very upset about his lost and that when you head home, he wants to talk to you, personally."

" Why? Did Valentino buy a love pillow for Valentina?"

" Noah Lee O'Hara, can't you just try a little positivity? Listen, maybe if you talk to him, he might realize how stupid he was in the past. Soon, the whole family will be together and happy again."

" Not all of the family."

" Don't worry, Noah. I bet Leah is growing up somewhere, charitable and joyous."

" I'll count my blessings for her."

" Bye, Noah. See you at home, sweetie."

" Bye, Mom."

Noah apprehensively hung up, unaware of who was shadowed in the background.....

4: Twitter

In a few days of bracing and planning, Noah was on the road back home. Hotel to hotel, city to city, all Noah could think of was how he was gonna face his father's dishonest, conniving face and how to tell him how much his emotions were cut to ribbons by what he did to his mother. When he settled in a fancy Hilton-like hotel, Noah knew he had to relax. So, he checked his Twitter page to see if anyone had said anything about him while he was gone. Well, someone did say something, but it wasn't just someone, it was Justin.... and he revealed Noah's secret past online!!!!

Noah started hypervenaliting and collapsed of pressure, almost fainted. Now the whole world knew what a hard time his past was. He was devestated; his soul was filled wounded with aching visions of how people will see him now. Will they realize he's not just a boy and treat him differently or does his pain give them a licence to destroy his rep? The only way he could find out: he had to afloat his worry and go out to fill the blank.

He walked down the block, being stared down by wandering peers; at least it was of concern, not smirks. He went into a bar stand to buy lunch, yet unfortunately, Justin and the Drama Brothers had the same idea. Justin saw Noah looking awkward and uncomfortable, everything he enjoyed. So to savor the moment, he stood up and called out, " Hey, people, look over here! It's Noah, the unlucky little maggot who has a terrible father, a missing sister, deceased grandparrents, and an attic for a room."

Laughter, laughter, more laughter. Noah sunk in his seat, vanquished and miserable.

" Justin, what are you doing?! Get back in your seat!" Trent rashly whispered.

" Not now, Elvis. I'm enjoying the fun."

Justin walked up to Noah and started to smirk more.

" Wow, you're as poor as Ke$ha was before."

At that moment, Noah finally snapped. He clinched his fist, gave Justin a hard punch in the jaw, and yelled,


Then, with a series of tears, Noah fled the bar.

5: Hospital Visit

" Justin, don't you understand? You really hurt him." Trent firmly confronted.

" How would you feel if you had a secret past and he revealed it?"

" My life is never a secret. Everyone knows who I am."

" No they don't. What they don't know is that you're a selfish, shallow, stuck-up, evil, arrogant, barbaric, no-good, backstabbing jerk wad who isn't even familiar with the word sensetivity."

" What's that suppose to mean?"

" Ugh, look, you have to talk to Noah. He's really in need of bliss and after what happened in the bar today, you have to apologize."

" How can I apologize?"

" Well, here's this." Trent handed Justin this coffee-stained scrap of paper that had a song written on it.

" What is this crap?"

" It's a song called Beyond this Town. It's a song about striving through the painful memories."

" Uhh...."

" Listen, doing this for Noah will glue him back together. And maybe you two will probably---" RRRIIINNNNGGGG!

" Hold that thought, Trent. Hello? Yes, this is Justin speaking. Uh-huh? Uh-huh? What? Okay, we'll visit. A hospital nurse called; Noah's in the emergency room."

" Say what again?" Trent worriedly ask the doctor. The doctor nodded and said,

" That's right. Noah took a pocketknife and sliced his arm. He claimed that he couldn't take the humilitation anymore, so he wanted to commit suicide, but a woman quickly called 911."

" Can we visit him?"

" You can in just a minute."

As the brothers waited, guilt started to increase in Justin. He's not the caring kind, but how could one harmless little prank make Noah so suicidal? It may seem OOC, but he has to heartedly apologize to Noah with words and song. If he doesn't, what will happen to Noah? The minute the nurse said, " You may come in," Justin raced into the room.

" Noah!"

" Justin? What are you doing here?"

" Noah, Noah, for once in my life, I'm extremely sorry!"

" Justin---"

" Hold on, I'm not finished grieving. Even though all the countless time when I apologized, I didn't mean it, but when you did all this to yourself, I never thought I'd cause something this unethical! Noah, you were suicidal."

" I know, but it's just, when you destroyed my rep for revenge, I guess I just felt like life would be better without me."

" But your wrong. You don't have to kill yourself, you just have to be mortal, honest, and at least care a little."

" Starting now. I'm sorry I posted that embarrassing pic on MySpace. I'll delete it."

" Yeah, well I deserved it. I'm sorry I was such a jerk and revealed your secret on Twitter."

" Well, don't be. I've been so censored from my emotions and my past, so I guess it's good to share your emotions with the people that care."

Justin weakly smiled and said, " Watch our preformance on TV today. I think you'll like it."

6: Beyond this Town

" Hey, everyone! You ready to make some noise?" the Drama Brothers cheered to the fans. Justin stood in front of the stage, took a deep breath, and said,

" Well, we're starting out the concert with a new song dedicated to a friend who is in the hospital right now. It's a country song called Beyond this Town."


On stormy days, I gaze out at the rain

It brings back the sadness to me

My heart is filled anguish and pain

My life isn't as easy, can't you see

On sunny days, go out to the yard

And I say hello to every peer

I know that life is very hard

But I'm surrounded with happiness and cheer

I know you think beyond this town

It's forest is the whole

But beyond this town

Is the key to my soul


Beyond this town

I see the midnight summer sky

Beyond this town

I see the Chevys drive on by

Oh, beyond this town

You see the tears now have been shed

But beyond this town

A story lies ahead

I sneak out at night and walk alone

The only thing I ever thought of

Was a couple that would kiss and rome

Yet I never knew the first thing about love


Every time I walk on by

I see the graves and start to cry

If you laugh and stare me down

Then you just look beyond this town

Every Christmas, I never have fun

Because there's always a permenant frown

Yet, whenever I see the sun

I remember all the love beyond this town

(Chorus) (2x)

But beyond this town

A story lies ahead.

The Drama Brothers did it again; cheers and tears filled the air, but that wasn't what they were thinking of... They got a call from the doctor and mournfully, he said,

" Boys, you have to get here quickly. Something terrible is happening."

Without a sliver of hesitation, they raced to the Ferrari and drove off to the hospital.....

7: Leah

There they stood, in the hospital room, watching Noah get paler and paler. Justin turned away and said,

" This is all my falut. I'm the reason you're in this whole trouble, and it's too late."

Noah glanced at the shamed teen and quietly coughed,

" It's not you're fault, Justin. You apologized through song and word, and I forgive you for that. You don't have to be this mushy and intense and shamed all the time, but just care a little bit more."

Justin shot a shiny white smile and said,

" Noah, when you get out, I believe there's one more suprise left.....

When Noah walked into the waiting room, the biggest and happiest supprise was there: Leah was there, alive. In a flash, Noah jumped into the 24-year-old's arms and said,

" I'm so glad your alive."

" And I'm still glad that you alive. You know, Noah, you should count yourself lucky. There's a lot of people now who care about you and I bet you care for them, too." When the two siblings embraced again, Noah smiled at Justin, and said,

" You have no idea."

At the Drama Brothers' after party, Noah suprisingly showed up. He grabbed Justin's arm to pull him outside so they could talk.

" You found Leah, didn't you?" Noah said.

Justin just shrugged and said,

" Yeah, I guess I did."

" But how? How did you do it?"

" Harold and Cody did a lot of research on the web and on Google Earth. Ya know, once you think about it, their geekiness isn't so worthless after all."

" Yeah. Still, I can't believe this. I mean, before you and I hated each other, and now.... you changed."

" I had to. If I didn't, I could've lost you. I had to be sure you got your miricle."

" Justin, all this time, you were my miricle, and I didn't even notice till now."

With a smile and a hug, they went back inside.

8: 30 years later...

So, I guess there was a happy part to this story, but 30 years later, Noah finally went. It's a sad thing, but at least he was here for his miricle. At the funeral, Justin got up to the podium, gazed deeply at the fellow mourners, and said,

" Everyone, it's a sad thing that our friend, Noah Lee O'Hara, as passed, but the person most effected? Me. You see, y'all may've thought that Noah and I were sworn enemies and then just became friends in the end, but to me, he wasn't just a friend. He's special to me, and to all of us, in fact; his strength against the adversity he faced as a child and as a teen inspired the strength in all of us to look on the bright side. Yet, there's no strength for me that could change how I deeply feel about him. Thank you."

After burial, Justin knelt down at the tombstone inscriptied,

Noah Lee O'Hara


With a depressed exhale, he said,

" Hi, Noah. It's me, again. I just wanted to say that, even though I'll have a lot of good friends, none of the future above will ever replace you. I'm really gonna miss you......"

Then with his final words, he gently laid a ruby red rose, shed a flood of tears, and said,

" So long...... good friend."

Then as he walked out of the cementary, he saw a note pierced by the oxidized iorn portcullis. With high curiousity, he grabbed the note and it said,

......And, to end my will, I leave my grandmother's precious cameo to.... Justin. After all the years of pain and suffering, Justin was finally able to release my emotions and filled my soul with joy and peace again. Even though he may not, the only thing he could do is to come visit any time he wants to talk to me. I may have died, but my soul will still listen, cause I know he'll have adventures beyond this town.

Then, attached to the note, was the cameo; Justin's tears flooded the bronze structure of the jewel. He swiftly snatched a golden chain, put it through the miniscule hole, and put it on to wear. He turned to the tombstone and whispered,

" I will visit, I promise."

Then he walked away from the cementary, but left with the sun of his side and a smile on his face, and that is the end of our story. Remember, not every sad ending is just an ending, because miricles are always immortal.

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