Betsy, labeled the Southern Belle, is one of fourteen contestants appearing on Easy, Breezy, Beautiful. Allegedly sweet on the outside, bleeding communism on the inside, Betsy wants to use fashion as means to spread her ideology and cover the world in red.

Rampaging Runway
Betsy EBB
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated  ?
Place  ?
Relationship None
Friends None
Enemies Chadd, Danni, Spence
Full Name (Age): Betsy Bopper (25)
Current Occupation: Sweet little cowgirl
Hobbies: Cow-wrangling, horseback-riding, kick-boxing
Favorite Fabric: Burlap

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

In A Passion for Fashion, Betsy was one of the last few to be introduced, sharing a scene with Danni. Excited to finally be arriving to the island, Betsy showed her southern demeanor by playfully slugging Danni in the arm, bringing the blabbermouth to tears. Betsy quickly became annoyed, but nevertheless apologized, inadvertently befriending Danni. When the cast finally arrived, both Danni and Betsy were placed on the Rampaging Runways.

Betsy's odd situation with Danni continued in The Fabrics of Failure, where Betsy found herself the victim of Danni's over-joyous friendship. During the challenge, Betsy kept to herself, before getting fed up with Spence's taunts and giving a good old fashion southern butt-whooping. The arrogant douche was left with multiple bandages.

Betsy took on a more aggressive role in One Ring to Rule Them All, being paired with Chadd. After spotting Karen and Heath climbing atop the maze's walls, Betsy viciously pursued them, making use of her trusty golden lasso to apprehend them and obtain the ring. But that was only the beginning. After demanding the ring from her partner, Chadd decided to chuck the ring over one of the maze walls, inciting Betsy's fury and causing the Runways to lose the challenge. Hungry for revenge, Betsy forcibly got both herself and Chadd voted to the Fashion Face-Off. Through a combination of raw power and a little bit of foul play, Betsy crushed Chadd in the Face-Off, sending him home without so much as a hint of remorse.

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