Beth is a player in Total Drama Insanity.

Beth (TDIn)
Murderous Mosquitoes
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Take me out to the Drama Game!"
Place 17
Relationship Brady
Friends Daisy, Courtney, Cathy, Cody
Enemies Matt, Craig, Zeke
Talent Twirling fire batons

Since TDI...

Beth got her braces off, was accepted into the popular crowd in her hometown, and hooked up with a boy named Brady who also got his braces off and was accepted into the popular crowd the same time Beth was.

Time on TDIn

When Beth first arrived in Who are these freaks?, she was happy to see some of her old friends there, but was sad that Lindsay did not qualify. Beth was put on the Murderous Mosquitoes and was the only person without at roommate. After her team lost the first challenge, she was a voted to go by Matt and Zeke, but stayed due to most people voting out Matt. Despite this, Beth tried her best in challenges and even (along with Courtney) encouraged Cody to run the Relay Race. However, during Take me out to the Drama Game! Beth struck out twice. That night at the Bonfire, Beth, along with most of her team voted for Craig, but he played an Immunity idol and his alliance and Zeke voted for for Beth, causing her to be eliminated. However, she left happy, as she had got a call saying Brady (her boyfriend) was waiting for her at the loser hut.


Beth recived six votes throughout the show. ( two in One kick for the team and four in Take me out to the Drama Game! )

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