Benjamin is a character from the series Total Drama X. He first appeared in Total Drama X: Sunset Valley along with thirteen other competitors. He is given the label of "The Mechanic".


Benjamin is the oldest child in his family, with 2 brothers and 1 sister. His father since birth had taught him about robotics and complicated machinery, as he is a mechanic at a very big business.

Benjamin's line of males in the family had been mechanics and technicians for years and years, and Benjamin is looking to continue that line.

He decided to join the show so he can pay for college and architectural design to become a better technician and planner.


Benjamin is an African American teenager that is of normal height and weight. He seems a little buff in him upper body. He has black eyes and hair that resembles Benjamin Banneker's.

He wears a blue collar shirt without buttons, and normal length jeans. He has dark blue shoes.

On his left wrist, he owns a wrist watch that he may occasionally wear.


On Total Drama X, he is shown to be modest and humble and trustworthy. He stays calm in most situations and usually isn't seen with extreme emotion.

Aside from this, he also seems to be a little shy and asocial. He doesn't seem to communicate unless he wants or needs to, and doesn't explain his motives most of the time.

It is also clear that he has a very good knowledge of machinery and technology. He is seen creating and fixing things he finds around.

Sunset Valley

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Audition Tape

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  • Benjamin is the first character to be created for Total Drama X.
  • Benjamin was based off of the creator's grandfather and Benjamin Banneker
    • Both of which were mechanics and/or fixed technology from time to time.
  • Benjamin originally looked much older than his current design, having a much more 5 o'clock shadow appearance than the current stubble.
    • The creator changed it to make him looker younger and more like a teen.


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