TDAOA: 10th
Eliminated in
TDAOA: A horrible thing
Scott, Mal.
Courtney, Duncan, Zoey.

Beardo was a character in Total Drama All Over Again. He was at the begin the enemy of Courtney. He talked not much.

Total Drama All Over Again


Chris needs to say something

Beardo arrived as the third newbie. He gives everyone a name. When Courtney asked who he called the bad girl, he said he called Courtney the witch. They had a fight.

In All Over Again he arrived as on of the last. He walks around. "Yo Snowwhite, Bad Girl, Evil Hot Boy, Blonde Model, H-" Beardo said, but can't finish. - "Stop, stop. Who do you call the bad girl?" Courtney said angry to Beardo. "Heather, i called you the witch from all." Beardo said to Courtney. When he said this, everyone laughs about this. Later he was placed on team Mad Lions. At the challenge he helped the team. He won.

In Gonna Get 'Em All he was seen at the challenge. He screams "STOP THIS. WHERE'S LINDSAY?". She was kidnapped. They won the challenge later. At the mansion, everyone looks relaxed. Except Mal, he can't wait till the elimination ceremony. "Dude relax and eat. It's delicious." Beardo said to Mal. Beardo eats.


Zoey has to go

In The secret is Love he was at the mansion. He was very happy cause he won last time. At the challenge the Mad Lions, didnt do well. "We need to fix this tent." Beardo said to the team. "We know, but how? We havent a book for it or something." Scott answered. "I know how we can do this! You need to say: tent, don't do annoying. And it will work." Lindsay said. "Your kidding right?" Scott asks to Lindsay. "Yeah how do you know that? Tents cant be annoying!" Lindsay answered while she laughs. "Oh gosh." Scott said then. Mal walks back to the tent and makes it. He looks angry to Scott and Beardo. When Zoey's away they talked about voting her out. Beardo wanted to vote her out. Later he votes Zoey and she was eliminated.

In A horrible thing he looks to the rain. It's raining very hard, the cabin of Team Mad Lions nearly collapsed into each other. Chris runs his raincoat to the boys cabin and knocks. Duncan opened

Duncan and Beardo has fight

the door and looks at Chris as ridiculous. He laughs. Chris walks in. He looks to Beardo. - "Well, your new iphone is just arrived." Chris said and gives to Beardo. Then he walks away. Mal looks to the new iphone of Beardo and smiles then. "That is an awesome iphone, dude! I wish i had that thing! But i have no money for it." Duncan said. While he walks back to his bed. Scott looks to the iphone and goes to sleep again. Beardo puts the iphone on his nightstand and sleeps. All the boys sleeps. Cause it's 5:00 PM. When it's 7:00 PM, Beardo wakes up and screames. "WHERE IS MY IPHONEEEEEEEEEEE. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Beardo scremed. Duncan, Scott and Mal wakes up and looks to Beardo. "I dont know, dude" Duncan said. "YOU KNOW IT! YOU HAVE HIM. You are the only one that said, you want one. You are so poor, you stole it from me!" Beardo said angry to Duncan. "Relax i dont have it." Duncan answered him. Later at the challenge Duncan takes off his clothes. When he take off his pants, the iphone falls out of his pocket. Beardo looks really angry and runs to the iphone. "I knew it.. you had it." Beardo said angry to him. Scott walks to Beardo. - "Maybe he didnt, maybe it was a joke or something. Keep cool." Scott said to Beardo. "SHUT UP! You all did this to me. YOU ALL. Losers." Beardo said angry and walks away. Ella and Lindsay looks confused. "What a dramatic boy... he has his iphone back, what is the deal?" Ella said. "I think, he want a unicorn." Lindsay said with a smile. When it's evening everyone wants to vote Beardo out. And he is voted out. This was his last scene: "Well, bye i think! Duncan, i will get my revenge on you. The only friend i had here was Mal. Thanks buddy." Beardo said and walks away. "I'm walking with you, buddy." Mal said friendly. Fake ofcourse. He get's some tape and holds it behind him. "I have something to tell you. It was my plan to eliminate you. I had all of the time your iphone. I only made Duncan suspicious." Mal said and puts the tape on Beardo his mouth. He pushed him on the boat and the boat drives away. Mal smiled with an evil face.

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