Battle For Dream Island: Australia

This is season one and it's in Australia, Nate is the host and twenty teens will compete for $250 000 on two teams where the losing team votes someone off. While the other team will be safe from elimination and get a special reward.


Host - Nate

Daring Dingoes:

Jay – The Artist

Toby - The Crzy Guy

Phillip – The Strategist

Kevin – The Tough Guy

Nicki – The Mean Girl

Haley – The Nice Girl

Mia – The Dumb One

Amber – The Dumber One

Jordan - The Sister 

Kicking Kangaroos:

Luke – The Friendly Guitar Player

Peter – The Nerd

Drake – The Bad Boy

Johnny – The Party Guy

Brad – The Jock

Ashley – The Smart Girl

Naomi – The Positive Thinker

Mackenzie – The Silent One

Elektra – The Goth/Emo

Taylor – The Social Phone Lover

Episode 1

Welcome to the Island

Nate: Hey there! I’m Nate and I’m the host of this new awesome TV show, called ‘Destiny Island’. So here’s what going on: twenty teens aged about eighteen signed up to compete for $250 000. As you can see *camera pans to sky* our contestants are in that helicopter, but they weren’t told that they have free-fall down. I’m mean, hahaha I like it!

  • One at a time Nate introduces each contestant as they fall.*

-Title Sequence-

  • Other twenty contestants stand together in a group*

Nate: Hi there! Welcome to the island! You will be split into two teams and every two days you will compete! The team that wins receives an award and the other team will have to go the docks to vote someone off! You also have a chance to confess on your own in down time just tell everyone what’s on your mind,

  • gets handed script*’

Nate: Okay! If I read your name come to the left of me! Oliver, Jordan, Nicki, Haley, Kevin, Mia, Phillip, Amber, Toby and Jay! You are now the Daring Dingoes! Now if you hear your name, come to my right! Ashley, Luke, Peter, Taylor, Drake, Naomi, Mackenzie, Johnny and Brad and Elecktra! You are now the Kicking Kangaroos!

Elecktra: What’s with all the Australian Animals!

Nate: Well we are in Australia! So take your bags to your cabins!

Alex: We don’t have bags!

Jay: And there are no cabins!

Nate: Oh yeah! The budget ran out with the skydiving thing with the helicopters and stuff! So just wait here!

Toby: You’re the worst host ever!

Nate: Let me just inform you that I have been nominated for best host three times in a row!

Drake: Did you win! I don’t think you did!

  • Nate rolls his eyes*

(CONF) Haley: So far everything stinks, except Jay, he such an awesome guy!

Nate: QUIET!

  • Truck drives in*

Nate: since you don’t have your stuff, or anything I am using this supply truck to let you grab what you can in one minute! You have minute to win it! Ready…Steady…Go!!

  • Contestants jump on truck to get what they can*

Ashley: We need to have some people grab the crates and others put them in a pile!

Drake: Yeah right!

Ashley: Come on anyone?

Naomi: I agree!

Taylor: Yeah Yeah! Whatever! *pulls out phone and starts texting*

Nate: *To Taylor* Hey! Did you know that you’re on a TV show and you are meant to be competing NOW!!! *Takes away her phone* Now go!

  • Taylor unenthusiastically hops on the truck and starts untying crates*

Drake: Hey Peter!

Peter: Yes?

  • Drake Throws Box at him*

Peter: Ow!

Nate: A knockout! Let’s see what the dingoes are up to!

Toby: Ok guys! Throw them to me!

  • Dingoes throw boxes at him*

Toby: *Dodges* this is fun! *Grabs one and chucks it on the ground* Touchdown!

  • Jay throws box at Toby’s head*

Jay: Finally!!

Haley: Nice throw! *Blushes*

Jay: Thanks! It’s all in the arm; did you know I’m an artist?

Haley: No *Giggles* Are you good at drawing people?

Jay: Wel- *Gets cut off by Nicki*

Nicki: Stop slacking off! If we don’t get enough sleeping bags. I’ll make you sleep on the ground, with a rock as a pillow! *Grunts, then throws box at Toby (who recently got up)*

Nate: And that’s time! Everyone hop off the truck and stand by your crates!

Mia: Why are the boxes piled up that high?

Jordan: I don’t know sister!

  • Phillip and Kevin pull the boxes off to discover Toby underneath*

Toby: Hey! *Laughs* It’s like a fort! *Jumps out and starts shooting everyone with air guns* Yeah!

Nate: TIME! So you have managed to get about 99% of the crates!

Nicki: Is the challenge over? I’m ready to vote off crazy here! *points at Toby*

Nate: This wasn’t the challenge! That’s tomorrow! You need stuff for your team camp so now each take a map and carry your things there and settle in!

  • Throws maps to Johnny and Haley*

Nicki: *Takes map off Haley* Ok follow me!

  • Jay, Phillip, Kevin, Haley and Oliver each take two of three crates*

Johnny: Ok! Let’s move!

  • Each teammate carries a box*

  • Twenty minutes later, each team is travelling along path through forest*

  • In dingoes all guys except Toby are carrying boxes. Toby is on top of the box Phillip is carrying. Nicki is directing them. Haley is staring at Jay, while Jordan chats with her. Amber and Mia are chatting. Oliver is talking about what food would be in the boxes*

(CONF) Jay: I kind of like Haley, I don’t know she’s the most amazing girl I’ve ever met.

(CONF) Nicki: I’ve come to win! Who needs friends when you can have $250 000!!

Phillip: Toby! You’re so light!

Toby: Yeehaa! Giddy up horsy!

Phillip: I’m not a horse!

Toby: *Stands Up* you need to imagine-

  • Phillip leans box to the side causing Toby to fall off*

Jordan: *To Haley* Are you gonna ask him out or what?

Haley: I don’t know he is just so nice!

Jay: *Turns around and smiles at Haley. Amber and Mia come to either side of him and start drooling over him*

  • All kangaroos are carrying boxes. Brad takes Naomi’s and smiles at her. Taylor is sulking without her phone and walking behind the group.  Alex is annoying Luke with uninteresting facts.  Drake is carrying two boxes and starts to slow down. Johnny is leading the team. Ashley is in front of Taylor slowing down to talk to her. Mackenzie is walking silently. Elecktra is walking next to Drake*

Ashley: *To Taylor* Hi! What’s your name?

Taylor: What does it matter; I’m nothing without my phone. Anyway I’m Taylor, you?

Ashley: I’m Ashley! Come on we can have fun without looking at a small screen!

Taylor: *Sarcastically* Yeah! Like that’s possible!

  • Ashley and Taylor laugh*

Alex:*To Luke* and that is how much a whale’s tongue weighs! Did you know what the most shoplifted book of all time is?

Luke: NO! Please stop, just please man!

Alex: Ok then. Did you know what makes the sound of your knuckle crack?

Luke: No! But you’ll probably tell me!

Alex: Ok, it’s the sound of…

  • After another twenty minutes the teams finally reach their camps*

  • Team Dingoes drop the boxes and Toby spots a banana and climbs up the tree to get it.*

Jay: *To Haley* Ok let’s run! *starts laughing with Haley*

Haley: Has anyone told you how funny you are?

Jay: No, not really!

Haley: Really?

Jay: Yeah!

Nicki: Ok set up!

Kevin: You are really helpful sometimes! Now ain’t one of those times!

Phillip: Yeah!  Oh and we’re missing one sleeping bag, so looks like our sleeping on the sand!

Nicki: No way! I say artist boy does!

Jay: You know I paint?

Kevin: He doesn’t deserve to sleep on the ground!

Nicki: But I lead you here!

Kevin: Yeah? And if we didn’t have you we would’ve gotten here, Hours ago!

Toby: Hey guys I made my own bed in the tree and – Oh! What’s this? *Swings down on vine landing on Oliver*

Oliver: Ow! He got the nuggets *cries*

Nicki: See weirdo freak here, no offense!

Toby: None taken!

Nicki: Doesn’t need a sleeping bag; therefore I get a sleeping bag!

  • Haley, Jay, Phillip and Kevin grow anger*

  • Team Kangaroo arrive at camp and set up. Drake uses knife to carve a skull into the tree.  Naomi sits down on one hammock and Mackenzie sits on the one below. Ashley sets out the food on the crates like a kitchen*

Drake: I’m gonna go for a swim! *Takes off shirt and runs down to water and jumps in*

Nate: *Walks in* Hows it going?

Taylor: I’m so bored!  Give me my phone!

Nate: Nuh Uh! Well you won’t be bored for long, meet me at the bottom of the cliff in ten! It’s challenge time!

Alex: You said the challenge was tomorrow!

Nate: I know but I got bored and decided to make it now, more fun for the viewers and me!

All: Awhhhhh!!!

  • Nate arrives on quad-bike with contestants standing in teams waiting for him*

Nate: Hey there!  How ya liking the island? And are you excited for the challenge!?

Elektra: No!!! I want to leave!

Nate: Well ‘News Flash” You ain’t goin nowhere until you’re eliminated, and no quitting!

Elektra: Grrrr…..

Nate: Anywho! Your challenge is to jump off that cliff, grab a puzzle piece and return to your team! One at a time! Oh yeah and you can only start building when the whole team was there and you have ALL the pieces! Any questions?

  • All contestants raise their hands*

Nate: None? Okay! Ready…Steady…Go!!

  • Toby and Brad race up the mountain*

Nicki: Come on phsyco, you can do it!

Brad: What jump should I do?

Toby:  Yeeeaaaaahhh!!!!! *Pushes Brad and Jumps off*

Brad: Hey! You can’t do that!

Toby: YYYEEEEESSSS III ccaaaaaaannn……*Splash*

Brad: What the hey! *Jumps off* AAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! *Lands on Turtle*

Nate: Is Brad alive and can Toby actually do something that’s not biting his foot! Find out when we return on DESTINY ISLAND!!!

  • Camera pans out to discover Brad laying down. Nate grabs his arm to feel his pulse*

Nate: Hello Brad? Come in  Brad? Nothing?

Nate: Hey we’re back with Destiny Island and Toby is running towards the pile of puzzle pieces, and Brad…Well brad is-

  • Brad Wakes up*

Brad: I’m alive! Its so good to be alive!

Drake: HURRY UP!!! They’ve taken the lead.

  • Brad starts to run towards the pile. Toby is already back at his team and Phillip is next*

Naomi: Drake that is rude to say!

Drake: Oh sorry, I didn’t know you were my mother!

Brad: I’m here! Whos next!

  • Mackenzie raises her hand and runs off*

Phillip: Wow this is high! *Jumps off* AAAHHHHH!!!!!!

Mackenzie: *Jumps off and looks scared, but silent*

Kevin: Come on Phillip! You’re almost there!

Jordan: Yeah! Come on baby!

Jay: What did you just say?

Jordan: uh…Win! There’s no maybe? *Cowars away*

Phillip: Huh? What was that? *Trips making him lose the lead*

Jordan: Hurry Honey!

Jay: Excuse me?!

Jordan: Hurray Sonny!? Hahah…..*Walks off*

  • Mackenzie passes Phillip with puzzle piece*

Phillip: Hey get back here! *Follows*

  • They become tied*

Ashley: Come on!!!

Brad: Hurry!!!

Mia: Yay! We’re Winning!!!!

Amber: We are yay!! Where are we?

Mia: Uhh….My daddy’s private pool?

Toby: Cool!!!

Phillip: *Trips* Watch out!!!

 *Hits Oliver. Who falls on Toby*

Oliver: hahahaah Payback!!!

Nicki: Hurry!!! Whos next?

Jay: Me!!!

Nicki: THEN GO!!!

Haley: There’s no need to be mean!

Nicki: I’m not mean, I’m ANNOYED!!!!

Kevin: Come on let’s just cheer on Jay!

Haley: Go Jay!!!!!

Amber: Yay Jake!!!

Mia: Isn’t it James?

Nicki: Whatever!! *Sarcasticly* Yay Jay….

Toby: Hey that rhymes!!

Elektra: I better go! Next!

Drake: Whatever! Hope you death is painful! *laughs*

Elektra: *Running away* I’d prefer a quick and non-painful one! *laughs*

Brad: Nate? Why do you have to hurt us!

Nate: Ratings!

Brad: *Faints*

Nate: Hahaha funny, see?

Drake: Come on electric!

Elektra: It’s *trips* Elektraaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jordan: Come on Jay!

Luke: What no mess up this time!!

Oliver: Or do you like him!?

Haley: Guys that’s enough! Leave her alon sometimes I bet you made mistakes!

  • Oliver and Luke have flashbacks*
    Luke: Sorry! Everyone makes mistakes!

Oliver: Yeah me too, sorry! *Burps* Lunch! You’re back!

Jordan: Thanks!!!!

Toby: Guys! Jay’s almost here!!

Kevin: After him one more piece of the puzzle!!!

Phillip: And we win!!!

Nicki: The other team is close behind!

Haley: I’ll go next!

Kevin: Get ready girl! It’s up to you!

Phillip: Hurry Jay!!!

Ashley: Come on elektra!

Naomi: You can do it!

Drake: You’re almost there! Please hurry I wanna win!

Elektra: *sarcasticly* Wow! That’s nice!

Drake: What can I say I’m not a nice guy!

Peter: Wait whos going next?

Johnny: Me!

Peter: Then get ready!

Luke: Good luck!

  • Jay gets back first and takes off. Elektra returns and Johnny sprints off*

Luke: Nice running! *Smiles*

Elektra: Thanks!

Drake: Yeah Yeah Whatever!

Elektra: *sarcasticly* Again! So nice! *Laughs*


Luke: Oh so I have to been, thens she’ll laugh!

Elektra: what was that?

Luke: Uh.. Nothing! You we’re really slow back then! *Smiles*

Elektra: How rude! *Punches Luke* You know it may not look like it but I have feelings too!

Drake:  Don’t worry I’ve got him!

Elektra: There’s no need! He couldn’t take a girls punch! *laughs*

Drake: *laughs* How’s Johnny going?

Johnny: *falling off cliff* Yeeeaaaaahhhh!!!!! I love the wind!!!!!

Jay:  Come on Haley! You can do this!

Jordan: Almost there! Come on!

Nicki: If we lose, you’re going home!

Jay: How are you planning for that to happen?

  • Nicki points at Amber, Mia, Toby and Oliver doing strange things*

Jay: *Sighs and facepalms*

Haley: *Jumps off* oh no! I’m behind!

  • Haley chases Johnny down the beach and ends up in front returning to her team with the last puzzle piece*

Haley: I made it! So let’s build this!

  • Phillip, Jay and Haley build the puzzle and finish when Brad arrives*

Nicki: Finished!!!

Nate: And the Dingoes win!!!! Kangaroos, see you at elminiation! You have one hour to decide who you are voting for then meet me at the docks! 

  • Night time at Kangaroos camp and they are talking in small groups about who to vote off*

Drake: Guys who do you think should go home? I say Naomi, she didn’t compete much is too positive!

Elektra: I agree

Taylor: Fine! Whatever!

Johnny: And I make four!

Brad: Who are you guys voting I will vote with you.

Naomi: Mackenzie I sense great danger heading our way, I think one of us might go home!

Mackenize: *points at Drake*

Naomi: Yes heh wasn’t ery nice, though we are going to need more votes.

  • Alex and Luke walks over*

Alex: Who are you voting for?

Naomi: We’re voting Drake, but we need more votes.

Luke: We’re voting him too, he’s gonna ruin my chances with Elektra.

(CONF): Ok I’m jealous of Drake and Elektra, she’s such an amazing girl though.

Peter: He is a bully, when we arrived I was unpacking when he threw my clothes into the water and started laughing, then punched me, twice.

Naomi: That’s four!

Ashley: Brad who are you voting?

Brad: I don’t know probably Mackenzie. She doesn’t even talk how can you trust her.

Ashley: Um…Ok! Thanks!

Ashley: Hey Naomi, who are you voting.

Naomi: Drake, want to vote with us?

Ashley: I don’t know I probably will.

Nate: Dingoes! Happy winnning! Your reward is this!

Toby: A giant blanket?

Nate: No! It’s a tarp to hang over your camp like a roof?

Toby: Why?

Nate: In case it rains!

Toby: I love rain, it makes a nice shower!

Nate: Whatever? Do you want it or not?

Nicki:*Pushing past Toby* Yes, yes we would, Thank you! 

  • At midnight the kangaroos are siting on the seats, in front of the campfire. Nate is standing waiting for the rest to sit down.*

Nate: Hey Kangaroos, have you decided who you’re voting have because nows the time to vote. Here’s how it works, one at a time a contestant will walk along the path towards the shack to write the name of the person you want to vote and drop it in the box. So Luke, you’re up!

  • After all the votes have been counted*

Nate: Now each piece of paper that comes out of the fire will be a vote, so let’s begin.
First vote is Drake,
Next is Naomi,
Next Drake,
Another one for Naomi,
And  another one for Drake,
One more for Naomi,
Yet another for Drake,
One more vote for Naomi,
A vote for Brad?
And the last vote goes to……….Naomi!

Nate: Naomi, It’s time for you to go, Any last words?

Naomi, Yes thank you, I wish you guys all the best and remember to think positive to feel positive and-

Nate: This is a reality show not a counslers office! Now bye bye! Walk down that path and continue meeting until you reach, well you’ll see!

Nate: Thanks for watching the first episode! We’ll see you next time! What will happen between Jay and Haley? What’s up with Jordan and Phillip? Can Mackenzie compete without the help of Naomi? And why didn’t Toby get elminiated first? Until then I’m Nate Johnson and this has been DESTINY ISLAND!!!!

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