Avalon, The Letdown, was competing on Total Drama Pop Stars and was on Team Sopranos and The Cute Little Bunny Rabbits.

Avalon (TDPS)
Team Sopranos

Cute Little Bunny Rabbits

Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Wild It Up"
Place 12th
Relationship None
Family Mother, Father and Brother
Friends Tia and Richard
Enemies Chris, Victoria and Eriq
Fear Heights
Talent Ribbon Dance


Avalon was born into an above middle class family which consisted of her mother, father and brother. At a young age Avalon can sence doom in others and often makes bizarre predictions. Kids in middle school called Avalon, Miss Letdown due to her negative out look on life. One day her brother and his friends were at their local supermarket where they saw a flyer for a new show called Total Drama Pop Stars. Avalon's brother thought Avalon would be perfect since she loves to sing. When she found out Avalon just shrugged and thought it'll be a fun experienced but she told her family that she might fail. Now Avalon is ready to battle for the prize money and isn't going to let her family down.


Meet The Singers: Avalon was the first to arrive and quickly told Chris that she would fail which lead Chris to give her a weird look. She later glares at Victoria when she boasted about how much better she is than everyone else. She also laughed when Ulrich told Victoria she had a nice personality (meaning she's ugly). After Chris lied about the singing she was one of the eight that won the challenge thus being apart of Team Sopranos.

Black, Blue And Red All Over...Again: When it came time to vote off a member of their team before the challenge Avalon and Marissa had the most votes. Avalon was later chosen by Chris to sit out before Richard stepped in to take her place. During the boxing challenge Avalon won her match against Victoria even though The Baritones already won the challenge.

Wild It Up: Due to Xavier quitting Avalon was placed on the Cute Little Bunny Rabbits team along with Nina, Tia, Ulrich, Eriq and William. Once at Camp Wawanakwa Avalon says that her teamis doomed which Eriq shoots down and after they do lose the challenge Avalon is seen in the confesstional saying how right she is. At her teams first elimination ceremony she was voted off by her team.


  • Avalon was named after the DCOM Avalon High
  • Avalon's personality The Letdown was originally going to be The Killjoy or The Buzzkill before I changed it
  • Avalon was the first contestant eliminated after the team switch

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