Austin labled as the Hot lifeguard is a contetsant on Total Drama Cruise.

He joined Total Drama Cruise to show everyone his hotness and swim.

Lovable Pandas
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "Team Switch"
Place Fifteenth
Relationship TBA
Friends Max, Felicia, Tina
Enemies Myron, Leah
Fear Having a pimple
Talent Swimming


Austin was a very competitive swimmer. He swam since he was a kid and became an amazing swimmer and he became very hot at the same time. All the girls would watch him swim. When his parents made him get a job he decided to do what he loved and he became a lifeguard and all the girls fake drowning so he'll come save them.

Challenge Guide

Chapter One - Austin was in the final five in the surfing contest and won for his team.

Chapter 2 - Austin successfully made it under the pole but his team lost in a tie breaker. He voted for Felicia but Jordan was eliminated.

Chapter 3 - Austin's job was to find a bottle of sunscreen and he used his good looks to get Lauren to bring him her bottle of sunscreen but his team lost thanks to Myron and Leah. His alliance voted for Leah and she was eliminated in the end.

Chapter 4 - Austin did not perform in the talent show but his team still won.

Chapter 5 - Austin played Fast and Furious for his team and he gave his team invincibility.

Chapter 6 - Austin was on island two and he went to get food with Tina but they only found two bananas. His team won though.

Chapter 7 - Austin had to guess what the capital of Burundi and he guessed the nothing which was correct. His team lost and he voted for Yohan but he was eliminated.

Audition Tape

"I should be on Total Drama Cruise because I have the looks to be on T.V." said a teenage boy at a beach "Help me!" yelled a random person who was drowning in the water "I'll save you!" yelled Austin as he dives into the water and saves the drowning person "Pick me!" Austin yelled as everyone cheers for him.


He is in an alliance with Max and Felicia


  • Austin is a redesign of Tyler's original design.
  • Austin was on the last boat and the third one off.
  • Austin was stranded on island two.
  • Austin received a total if four votes.

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