Jeremy Starr was once a famous actor. However, a few duds and some small scandals has put Jeremy's career in a bit of a rut. Desperate for work and possible fame, he takes the opportunity to host a brand-new survival reality show where 13 complete strangers compete for the chance to win $1,000,000.  Hilarity, danger, romance, lawsuits, and drama ensue as the land they compete on (as well as their host) is crazy and vicious. If they want the millions, they'll survive on "Attack of the Island"! ...We swear it's more original than it seems. Our lawyers can prove it.


"Our Machines won't try to kill you"



Jeremy Starr, The Host/Failed Actor (Male)

Vern, The Dwarf Sideki...I mean, Bodyguard (Male)


Screaming Toads

Alan, The Schemer (Male)

Dale, The Douche (Male)

Venus, The Athlete (Female)

Sharon, The Assertive Twin Sister (Female)

Karen, The Passive Twin Sister (Female)

Joey, The Untalented Entertainer (Male)

Pat, The Weirdo (?)

Killer Vultures

Lana, The Nice Girl (Female)

Roy, The Free Thinker (Male)

Albert, The Brainless Genius (Male)

Mary, The Mute (Female)

Nora, The Culture-Obsessed Geek (Female)

Brick, The Really Strong Brute (Male)


#1- Welcome to the Island

#2- Race to Starr Mountain

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