Raging Water
Gender Female
Hair color Red
Eye color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Truth or Flail"
Place 15th
Relationship Matt(one-sided in his case)
Family TBA
Friends Shauna, Abby, Danielle
Enemies TBA
Fear TBA
Talent Being hot

Ashley, labeled The Flirt, was a contestant in Total Drama Paradise Cove. She was on the Raging Waters.


Ashley is used to attention... especially from the guys at her school. The guys would do anything for her, ranging from her homework to her chores. She enjoys having those guys around, but she hasn't found "the one." She joins Total Drama in hopes that she will meet the perfect guy.... otherwise she would settle for the million.

What’s your best quality?

My figure of course.

Faves? (Music, colour, movie, food)

  • My music.
  • Any color that shows me in good light.
  • Any romantic film.
  • Anything that dosen't upset my figure.

Describe your craziest dream.

All of the boys started to ignore me!

Best memory from childhood?

My first date!

Most embarrassing moment at school?

Some loser chick was getting more attention than me!

Describe the first job you ever had.

I worked at a clothing store.

Ten years from now, what are you doing?

Being a model and looking as hot as ever!

If you could meet any previous TD contestant who would it be ___________, what are you doing?

Lindsay and sharing make-up.

It’s the last day on earth. In one sentence, what would you do?

Total Drama Paradise Cove

Audition Tape


  • She is the first contestant to quit in this canon.

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