Artie is a character labeled as The Geek in Total Drama Idiots.

Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "?"
Place  ?
Relationship  ?
Friends  ?
Enemies  ?


Once you first meet Artie, you don't know his true instincts. Once you do... good luck. Artie was born and raised in a pervish environment. It wasn't all his fault that he has super annoying, it was his parents. He got average grades at school but that didn't mean his mind wasn't messed up. At school he had some other pervy friends that weren't very social like him. No girls liked him. This part was what he has been having trouble understanding. He entered Total Drama Idiots as a fresh start to girls and hopefully find one that he really likes.

Total Drama Idiots


Audition Tape


  • Artie is moderately based off Artie from Glee.

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