Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Black

Ariel, labeled The Nice Guy, is a character on many different stories.


Happy, nice, and sweet; Ariel is all. He'd like everybody to be his friend. When he was in Kindergarten, he always shares his crackers with everybody. In 1st Grade, he let people go on the slide before him. Back in 2nd Grade, he let people color with his 'Crayola Crayons - 64 Pack'. Everyone asked him "Hey Ariel, can I use your crayons?" and Ariel replies "Sure! I have the 64 pack!". In 3rd Grade, his lunch was always a tuna sandwhich. He gave one of his classmates half the sandwhich. Back in Grade 4, he had donuts for snack; 12 of them. He gave his classmates donuts. Back in the 5th, he played 'Little League Baseball League', and was always a good sport. In 6th, when he graduated, his graduation speech gave compliments to his classmates. He was nice after 6th Grade too!

Ariel joined 'Total Drama' to show that nice people deserve a chance to win money.

Short Biography

Ariel is a happy, nice, and sweet individual. Honestly, he'd like everyone to be his friend. He compliments everyone on their excellence, lets everyone use his possessions, and, in general, is just a kind-hearted friend. He joined 'Total Drama' to show others that nice people deserve to win something just by being sweet.

Audition Tape

Ariel is seen sitting on his bed, smiling. "Hi, my name's Ariel. I'm considered very nice. I'd really like to be on your show. It'll be a great way to meet new people! And then we'll be friends, and then... Yeah! It'll be great! So, pick me for your show!"



  • Special thanks to Reddude for drawing Ariel:
  • This character is based on Mr. Totaldramaman.
    • Although, Mr. Totaldramaman has dark-brown hair, and brown eyes.
  • Many users mistake Ariel's pronounciation of his name, pronouncing it air ee' il. The correct pronounciation is are ee' el.

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