Team Perci
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde with a golden streak
Episode Eliminated "Sun, Sand, And Surf"
Place 16th
Relationship Kamron
Family Mother, Father, Older Sister
Friends Aquamara (one-sided on Aquamara's side), Kamron
Enemies Aquamara (one-sided on Ariana's side), Perci
Fear Wearing ugly clothes, being seperated from Kamron
Talent Being fashionable

Ariana, labeled The Fashionista, is a contestant on Total Drama: Paradise Beach. Ariana wasn't always a fashionista. In fact, she used to dress ridiculously. Influenced by a silly children's show, Ariana would go to preschool dressed as a slice of pizza or something just as silly. When she hit second grade, Ariana was subject to ridicule, mostly by her older sister. The next day, Ariana went to school in normal, but not very fashionable, clothes. Then, Ariana completely changed her image when she and her family went to Paris, the fashion capital of the world. From that day forward, Ariana has worn stunning clothes. She joined Total Drama to show off her clothes on TV.

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