Ari (Spirit)
Screaming Gophers
Gender Female
Hair color Red
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Fear Snakes
Talent Singing
Ariana "Ari", labeled The Sweetheart is a contestant on Total Drama Island (Spirit's Version).


Ariana has always had a talent - singing. She always used it to win competitions. Ariana became very popular and somewhat mean. She became the head cheerleader, she won prom queen, and she was the owner of the main table at lunch. And then one day her friends got sick of her ruling the school, and they dethroned her by exposing a video of her crap talking everyone in school. The next day, she arrived with a haircut and a new outfit. She preferred that people call her Ari, and she had a whole new personality. Sweet, cute, and shy. Teachers and students were confused by her act, but went along with it because she finally stopped bullying them. Ari found Total Drama at an open casting call after walking home from school. She's hoping to really show the school that she has changed for the best.


  • Annabeth was created by Wiz-Dan on DeviantArt.
  • Ari's character design is somewhat based off of Ariana Grande when she played as Cat on Victorious.

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