Welcome to Anywhere But Last! This is a story created by Plat in his first attempt at a comeback to create wiki content since 2011! *legasp* In this series, three teams of six compete to finish in anywhere but last place, which means I guess someone will win at the end. I hope y'all enjoy reading this; it's short and sweet. :)

Anywhere But Last Descriptions


Sylvester- The overconfident, negative host that wants to bring out the worst in his contestants. He wants to make Anywhere But Last as entertaining as possible and he rented out an abandoned island in Oceania to make this experience miserable for everyone.

Sasha- The angry, overworked chef. She has worked too many years in Brooklyn as a waitress and has learned to make the best out of nothing. She is on a minimum wage salary. She cooks the food for the contestants and wants no sass in return.


Joey (The Wannabe Loudmouth): Joey is the type of person who talks too much for his own good. He has very outlandish ideas and pretty much says whatever is on his mind. He thinks that everyone pays attention to what he's saying because no one shuts him up when he talks when really, he annoys everyone. He thinks he can win ABL because he is "likeable".

Kyle (The Overthinker): Kyle loves reality tv. He joined ABL because he wants to prove that his strategy can win the game. However, he overlooks that the social game is a huge part of strategy and often overestimates his opponents. Kyle is often friendly but gets caught too often trying to do too much.

Gaby (The Nosy One): Gaby joined ABL thinking that it would raise her popularity. Gaby likes to know what people are doing and is constantly in paranoia that no one is saying anything bad about her. Gaby constantly puts tons of make up on and always goes around and asks other people how she looks. She constantly gets into other people's businesses but she is so charismatic that other people don't notice as much.

Dorian (The Charming Sociopath): Dorian is a rather unique character. He goes around corrupting other people to think like him. He joined ABL to prove that his way of thinking can have him win the entire game. Dorian is an attractive young man and believes that he will do anything to win the game. He will be backstabbing and manipulative and has a past that can haunt anyone. Looks can be deceiving and Dorian is the classic example of it.

Natasha (The Smiling Cheerleader): She is the one who rallies for football games. She's been the head cheerleader since elementary school and she is full of spirit. She convinced others to come to the games and always has school pride. Contrary to the stereotype of most cheerleaders, Natasha isn't bitchy or mean, but rather nice and always helpful to others. Her downside? She is a little naive about the world but with the right push, she can become an ultimate competitor.

Jenna (The Follower): Jenna has always been the third opinion, the second best friend, on the outside of the circle. Jenna never has been in the spotlight and she prefers it that way. Jenna joined ABL because she likes other people and she generally goes with the flow. She is hoping to use this under the radar strategy to win the game.

Alex (The Goofball): Alex is not your stereotypical chill funny party dude. Alex has been the class clown all his life, but not in a good way. He is a goofball in the sense that he legitimately doesn't know many things about life and always seems to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. He joined ABL to see if he can learn more about himself and about others.

Allie (The Emotional One): Allie has been involved with the theater her entire life. Allie has always been the star of the show and she is very emotional. She has only had one boyfriend her entire life because she has been too emotional to get a new one. Allie loves soap operas and romantic movies. Allie tends to have only a close group of friends that she can share secrets to. Allie joined ABL in order for her to see branch her acting career.

Nick (The Hipster): Nick is a stereotypical hipster. He dislikes everything mainstream and dislikes society in general. His close group of friends include hipsters only and he is very uncomfortable going outside of his comfort zone. Nick joined ABL to try to show that hipsters can do stuff like this and that they aren't just a bunch of posers.

Julia (The Silent Nerd): Julia has been fascinated by books her entire life. She is not an uptight nerd but rather one who minds her own business and enjoys reading for fun. She is poised to get into a good college and she studies many days to try to get into the best schools of the country. Julia is smarter than everyone else in the competition and is ready to add ABL to her resume.

Lola (The Homeless One): Lola has been living on the streets her entire life. With no one to turn to, Lola's parents died many years ago. She resorted to stealing and begging to making it this far in life. She mainly joined ABL for the money and nothing will stop her on the way to winning ABL. Her motto is to steal from the rich to live another day.

Sha'Brian (The Ghetto Dude): Sha'Brian is your classic ghetto trash talker. He was raised in the ghetto and isn't afraid of anything. He intimidates a lot of people with his mean appearance and can sometimes run people the wrong way. He joined ABL thinking he can outlast the other contestants by yelling at them and controlling them.

Chanyu (The K-Pop Star): Chanyu has always been used to the spotlight. She is a teenage K-Pop sensation who looks to build on her career by joining ABL. She hopes none of the other contestants know who she is so she can keep a low key appearance. She plans to fit right in with the other contestants and use her likability to get her further in the game.

Jim (The Dealer): Even though Jim is underage, he is involved with many illegal activities. He might not mention it much on the show, but Jim has been dealing drugs his whole life. He never gets caught and Jim makes a ton of profit. Jim knows how to slither his way through a conversation and must hide his true identity in order to last in this game.

Oscar (The Wilderness Survivor): Even at a young age, Oscar has already gone on many trips around the world and has survived many different situations. He has lots of stories to tell and can make something out of nothing. Oscar has been known to climb huge mountains and explore dense jungles. ABL is just another adventure for him.

Xavier (The Sarcastic Realist): No reality show group would be complete without a good old sarcastic know it all in there. Xavier has a lot of good one liners and tries to see the world as it really is as opposed to the facades of many other people. Xavier is a cool, chill, shade wearing guy with many opinions of life. He might offend some people though as his dry humor isn't for everyone.

Kitty (The Underachiever): Kitty's real name is Katherine but she likes to be called Kitty. Kitty is a huge underachiever; she has a high IQ but she rarely puts it to good use. Kitty joined ABL in order to see if she can find that hidden intelligence but she mostly set low expectations for this trip. Kitty is a social bird, but if she uses her brains, she could become an ultimate threat.

Teresa (The Caring One): Teresa likes to care for other people. She loves other people and joined ABL to nurture the other contestants and to work with her team. She is a team player and would sacrifice herself in order to please others. She doesn't have a killer instinct but would rather make friends and enjoy her experience on ABL.

Theme Song

Camera cuts past Sylvester brushing his teeth

Scrolls up high hill

Oscar jumps into the lake

Cuts to Joey talking while Gaby rolling her eyes on a canoe

Lola steals Joey's wallet and runs to the woods

Allie acting and trips over a rock, Xavier laughs

Alex insulting Sha'Brian in a canoe, Sha'Brian fights, both fall over waterfall

Teresa caring for beavers on a log

Beavers attack, run past Kitty doing makeup

Cuts to Sasha serving Jim and Nick food, while both grudgingly eating

Jenna watching, barfing and running out the door

Kyle sitting on the beach with Julia sighing from the side

Huge whale floats by controlled by Sasha scaring Julia away

Chanyu on the dock posing while Sylvester paint bombs the dock to explode

Pieces of the dock fall onto Dorian and Natasha as the day turns to night

All eighteen contestants at the campfire while showing Anywhere But Last

Episode 1: Remember Your Place

Host: Sylvester


Sylvester woke up from his trailer and walked onto the beach.

"Ah, what a lovely day," Sylvester says. "Oh, the camera's rolling. Shoot."

Sylvester quickly runs back inside and quickly changes into a light green top with jeans.

"Welcome to Anywhere But Last!" Sylvester announces. "I'm your host, Sylvester. Over the next two months we have gathered 18 teenagers to one of society's most beloved and treasured locations: a deserted island in the middle of the Oceania!"

Sylvester snickers and rolls his eyes.

"Hey, which one of you morons chose this location anyways?" asks Sylvester. "Hope it's good for ratings. Anyways, over the next two months 18 contestants will be battling, fighting, and living with each other to win a grand prize of one million dollars!"

Sylvester grabs a suitcase near the ground.

"Only 1 will remain as the 18 contestants will vote out each other after every challenge," Sylvester explains. "Who will survive? Who will win the cool hard cash? And who will get me my triple cheeseburger and latte? Make sure that you go Anywhere But Last!"

(theme song)

Sylvester appears on a dock with his sunglasses on. "Welcome back to Anywhere But Last. The eighteen contestants will be divided into three teams with limited interaction among the teams. Now, let's introduce our contestants."

A handsome young man with blonde hair appears on a boat coming in. He smirks a quick smug as the boat comes up to the dock.

"Dorian, what's up?" says Sylvester. "We've been told that you plan on making this show a havoc!"

"Hey, Sylvester, keep it low key," says Dorian. "The element of surprise is huge."

(CONF) "Get ready everyone," says Dorian. "I love social experiments. It gives"

A normal-looking brunette girl appears on a boat behind Dorian waving to the shore.

"Welcome, Jenna!" exclaims Sylvester. "Welcome to Anywhere But Last!"

"Hey," says Jenna, walking past Dorian.

"Nice legs," says Dorian, smiling.

Jenna just accepts the compliment without much thought. "Thanks," she says.

Another contestant's silhouette is seen in the distance. Upon a further look, a smiling cheerleader smiles to the contestants on shore. She hops off the boat smiling.

"Hey, everyone!" says the girl. "I'm so excited to be here!"

"Natasha, our cheerleader has arrived!" says Sylvester.

"I'm looking forward to competing with you all," says Natasha.

(CONF) "I've always loved team spirit," says Natasha. "Hopefully my teammates are nice and we can get along! Woohoo!"

The next contestant arrives. He has short hair arriving while rolling his eyes.

"Great," says the contestant. "This place looks shittier than I imagined."

"Xavier!" says Sylvester. "Have any witty one-liners this season?"

"Have any generic reality show host comments this season?" smirks Xavier.

Sylvester looks at the camera and whispers, "He doesn't know who he's messing with."

The next competitor arrived with a sideways baseball cap and saggy pants.

" 'Sup everyone, Sha'Brian's heya," says the new contestant. "All you mudafuggas ah gonna go down!"

"Uh...this is...Sha'Brian," says Sylvester, slightly scared.

"What's up mah homies?" asks Sha'Brian, knuckle fisting with Xavier.

(CONF) "Great," says Xavier. "Five seconds in the show and I already hate everyone."

A scratched up girl appears with ragged clothes and a pocketknife.

"Lola!" yells Sylvester. "Nice to meet ya."

"Don't talk to me," says Lola.

"Feisty," says Dorian. "I like it."

Lola flips her hair to smack Dorian's face. "I've learned that pretty boys don't have many brains," says Lola.

Xavier snickers while Natasha looks on with a grim face.

(CONF) "Why is everyone here so mean already?" asks Natasha. "On my cheerleading squad, our motto was to always smile and get along. These people look like they all want to kill each other."

Another girl appears with tons of make up on and with short shorts.

"Gaby, glad to have you on the show," says Sylvester. "Ugh, how many more contestants are left?"

"Thanks, Sylvester, by the way, that cooking show that you put on..." starts Gaby.

"Don't mention that!" yells Sylvester. "That cooking show was an...experiment."

"Really? Because on your Twitter you posted..." continues Gaby.

"Alright, next contestant!" Sylvester interrupts. "Welcome, Oscar!"

"Let's go!" screams Oscar, jumping on the dock. I am so pumped for this! A crappy old island is my specialty!"

(CONF) "I've been a jungle boy my whole life. When I was younger, I made fire from two tiny sticks when camping alone in the woods. I'm a nature kind of guy and this competition was built for me," says Oscar.

"Next up, Jim!" announces Sylvester.

Jim appeared with red eyes and a big jacket. All the other contestants gasped.

(CONF) "How'd they even let that guy in?" asks Dorian. "It's so obvious that he's a-"

(CONF) "Man..." says Sha'Brian, "That's messed up."

"Hey, what's up?" asks Jim, looking at the other contestants.

"Keep moving, hun," says Lola.

Another contestant arrives. She has glasses and is carrying a small backpack. When she looks at the island, she sees some scary looking contestants and cringes.

"Hey...these people weren't like the ones on the brochure," says Julia.

"Because life apparently is full of sunshine," remarks Lola.

(CONF) "Alright, here's my first confession," says Lola. I'm homeless. Yeah, that's right, I'm living on my own. I guess that doesn't make me that friendly but hey, you gotta get by.

(CONF) "Seriously dude, these people are so mean," says Oscar. "People need to lighten up around here."

"I didn't mean to offend anyone..." says Julia.

"Well, you did, and it might be too late," says a voice coming from the shadows. "I'm Kyle, nice to meet you all," says the stranger.

"Dude, you're stealing my job!" whines Sylvester.

"Well, since the host does play a vital role to the show, the correct assumption is to suck up to the host," sighs Kyle. "I guess..."

"No one cares, dork-face," snorks Xavier.

(CONF) "I care..." says Julia.

"Okay, everyone meet our stereotypical hipster, Nick!" announces Sylvester.

"I don't like the term hipster," says Nick. "It's too mainstream of a word. I prefer just being called unique."

"I like unique," says Gaby, observing Nick. "What music do you like?"

"60s-" starts Nick.

"Ew, never mind, get away from me," says Gaby.

Nick walks up to Jim. "Man, you really, really need some eye drops."

"Yeah..." says Jim. "It's a...a...disease."

"Step asid-uh!" yells a voice yelling across a dock. A Korean girl with blue hair arrives on a boat with loud K-Pop music in the background. "Chanyu is here! And I'm here to win!"

"I can tell her strategy isn't going under the radar," whispers Kyle.

(CONF) "That was funny..." says Julia. "But I can't say that out loud...people might judge me."

(CONF) "Yeah, I should have made a more low-key entrance," says Chanyu. "Believe it or not but I'm a K-Pop star. If anyone finds out I'm rich and successful, I'll be voted out for sure. But I don't think anyone is gonna notice."

The waves move as a tan-colored boat arrives to the show. Another contestant pops out and starts talking.

"Hey, everyone I'm Joey! Don't mind me; I'm just one of the cool kids," he says, walking past Dorian. "Dude, what's up? We're gonna be best buds, right? Totally man."

"Yeah, totally," says Dorian.

Joey walks past Gaby. "Hey girl, what's up? I'm Joey. You're gonna get used to me because we're gonna spend a lot of time together."

Gaby just starts laughing and walks away.

(CONF) "Joey?" asks Gaby. "He's...weird...very weird. Doesn't he know that no one wants to talk to him?"

"Next up is Alex!" announces Sylvester. "Welcome to Anywhere But Last."

"Hey man, your voice is really annoying," says Alex.

The contestants gasp and Sylvester starts to get mad.

(CONF) "Bad idea," says Lola. "Rule number one of psycho reality shows: don't insult the host."

"Dude, don't test my patience," says Sylvester. "I'm one impatient host."

"Yeah, that explains the shitty living conditions," says Alex. "I didn't mean your voice was annoying in a bad way."

(CONF) "Yeah, not the best thing to say..." says Alex. "I have a bad habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time."

Another contestant arrives, looking mature and smiling.

"Hey, everyone. I'm Teresa. I'm looking forward to playing a cool social game with everyone here."

Xavier coughs and rolls his eyes.

(CONF) "Ugh, suck ups," says Xavier. "There are two types of people I hate in this world: suck-ups and obnoxious crazy reality show hosts."

(CONF) "Ooh, a confessional!" says Teresa. "I don't think I'm going to hide that many secrets anyways. I don't think teammates should lie to each other. It ruins the chemistry and the atmosphere."

The next contestant walks up on the dock and immediately faints.

"Oh god, what happened?" asks Natasha. "Is someone gonna help her?"

The girl gets up and starts laughing. "Ah, another victim of my magnificent acting! Thank you, thank you from the magnificent Allie!"

"Allie, our drama chick has arrived!" announces Sylvester.

"Why," says Allie, "How ever did I get on this show? Oh, wait, we all know the answer to that."

The last contestant arrives on the dock and Sylvester sighs a sigh of relief.

"Finally, our last contestant!" Sylvester announces. "How's it going, Kitty?"

"Hey Sylvy, what's up?" says Kitty, in a flirtatious voice. "Oh my god, I'm actually like soo excited to be here."

(CONF) "I'm competing with that...?" asks Julia.

"Okay," says Sylvester, glad that everyone is here. "Now, I will split you up into three teams. If I say your name step over to the red mat. Xavier, Sha'Brian, Kitty, Chanyu, Oscar, and Teresa!"

The six contestants observe their new teammates.

(CONF) "Chanyu is ready for this gam-uh!" yells Chanyu. "No one here-uh is as smart-uh as me so I'm gonna lead this team-uh!"

(CONF) "Whatchu lookin' at!" yells Sha'Brian. "I don't got to have no friggin confessional all da time!"

"You are now known as Team Execution. Now, lemme have Gaby, Joey, Nick, Jim, Jenna, and Allie over here," says Sylvester. "You are now known as Team Stealth!"

(CONF) "Stealth," says Jim, shaking nervously. "I'm a stealthy person, I would say. I have to avoid...many people to get around."

(CONF) "Of course they put me on the same team as Joey," says Gaby. "How predictable."

"Finally," says Sylvester, "Dorian, Kyle, Natasha, Alex, Julia, and Lola! You are now known as Team Reconnaissance!"

"Can't wait to have you on the team hot stuff," says Dorian, glancing at Lola.

"I doubt you'll last a single day out here, pretty boy," says Lola.

(CONF) "Hey, at least if Dorian's on my team I can vote him out sooner," says Lola. "However, with all these other idiots on my team, I don't think that'll be possible."

"So, we've now met our contestants. What fun and exciting challenges lie in store for our competitors! Make sure that you tune in Anywhere But Last!" yells Sylvester.

Episode 2: Close Call

Host: Sylvester
Cook: Sasha

Team Reconnaissance


Team Stealth


Team Execution


"Welcome to Anywhere But Last!" announces Sylvester, proud and loud. "Last episode, many different things happened. We introduced our 18 contestants. Dorian's pretty boy charm affected Lola. We learned that Joey annoyed the hell out of Gaby. And finally, we learned that I'm the most awesome reality show host on here planet. Who will win? Who will lose? Who was born to sing the blues? Find out and make sure you are Anywhere But Last!"

(theme song)

The three teams stand in their groups as they wait for Sylvester to make an announcement.

(CONF) "And so...we were standing there," says Oscar. "Just standing there without any emotion or doing anything. I thought this show would be more exciting than this."

Sylvester ends the awkward pause by making an announcement.

"Now that you have been split up into teams, it's time to show you your living arrangements," snickers Sylvester. "And here they are!"

Sylvester points to three moldy crappy looking cabins that look like they haven't been washed in months.

(CONF) "Oh my freaking god," says Kitty. "This is where we're living? This is not happening. I thought this reality show would like, boost my image, not make me all...icky!"

"This is where we're living?" asks Gaby, looking horrified.

"Don't worry," says Joey, stepping out of nowhere. "Count on me to be there for you and to protect our team. Did you know that 80% of reality shows are won by a combination of..."

"...complete idiotic statisticians that never had friends?" finished Xavier. "If so buddy, you're getting there."

Most of Team Stealth starts to laugh after that comment.

"Seriously, just shut up," says Gaby.

"Like, totally shut up," says Jenna. "It's not cool to do that...right?"

Jenna looks to Gaby for approval.

"Yup, totally," smiles Gaby.

Team Reconnaissance starts to unpack in their cabin.

"Hey hot stuff," says Dorian, looking at Lola, "wanna bunk together?"

Lola scoffs and turns away.

"Why do you keep coming on to me, freak?" responds Lola. "Just a desperate perv?"

Dorian rolls his eyes and laughs.

(CONF) "Do you think I'm desperate?" asks Dorian. "How many ladies do you think my looks have gotten me?" Dorian laughs. "Too bad she can't come up with a better response."

Kyle continues to unpack. "Ignore the pretty boy and you'll make it further in the game," he says. "If he gets to the end, he'll be sure to impress the jury."

Lola nods her head in agreement while Dorian just smiles back.

"Can we please not be so hostile on the first day?" asks Natasha. "Save the massive strategy scrambling for later."

"Who needs strategy anyways?" asks Alex. "Aren't we here to win money and not talk to other people?"

Dorian facepalms while Lola shakes her head.

"Dude,," responds Kyle.

(CONF) "I think Alex just needs a friend," says Natasha. "He seems good-hearted but I feel like he just says the wrong thing at the wrong time."

Natasha slowly starts to walk to Alex when Dorian interrupts her.

"Hey, Natasha, is it?" asks Dorian. "Nice to meet you."

Natasha blushes and forgets about her plans with Alex. "Nice to meet you too."

Dorian thinks and says, "You know, I really agree with your points. We really should all be nicer."

Natasha blushes again and nods her head. "Good...idea."

(CONF) "See? You need gullible allies to win this game," says Dorian. "And I did not come here to not win this game."

At Team Stealth, the teammates also were starting to get to know each other.

"You know, I propose we have a leader on this team," says Joey confidently.

No one responded as Gaby rolled her eyes.

"Seriously, we don't need a leader," says Jenna. "Stop acting so confident all the time."

Jim looks away from the conversation.

(CONF) "Yeah, I'm trying to go under the radar for now," says Jim. "It's just's been like five hours since I've had a sm- ...and it's only day 1. I don't know how much I can take it."

"Come on, dudes," says Nick. "Just get along and make peace. No need for fighting."

Allie claps and congratulates Nicks' speech.

"Bravo! Bravo!" yells Allie. "I agree. My dearest teammates, we should all just unpack and wait for the adventures that await us in life!"

(CONF) "Ughh," starts Gaby. "This place is terrible already. We have a useless follower, a hippy, a druggy, an annoying freak, and a drama queen. This team sucks."

Joey ignores all the suggestions and goes to the highest bunk.

"I, Joey, the captain of Team Stealth, declare that we shall win every challenge that comes our-woah!"

Joey stops talking as he falls off the bed onto the floor. He starts twitching and moaning.

"Well, that's one way to shut him up," laughs Jim.

The camera cuts to Team Execution. Oscar is shown not even having luggage there.

"Dude, where's all your stuff?" asks Sha'Brian.

"I didn't bring anything here," replies Oscar. "I could just use the wilderness as my suitcase."

"So, like, you didn't bring any clothes?" asks Kitty. "That's really disgusting."

Xavier rolls his eyes. "You really couldn't even bring hygiene to this competition? What a try hard."

(CONF) "As a motherly figure, I endorse personal hygiene," says Teresa. "Oscar here just defies all the rules I'm accustomed to."

"You need different sets of clothes," says Teresa. "Lucky for you, I brought some extras."

"I don't feel like wearing skirts anytime soon," says Oscar. "Plus, I can just use weeds to cover myself."

"Weeds?" asks Jim, suddenly interested, coming from the other cabin.

"Like, get back to your own team," says Kitty, chewing a huge wad of bubble gum.

Chanyu starts to unpack and sees a picture of herself at a concert. She quickly hides it before anyone has a chance to look at it.

"What was that?" asks Gaby.

"Nothig-uh!" replies a scared Chanyu. "Stop being so nosy all the time!"

Teresa shakes her head.

"Chanyu, there's no need for any secrets on our team," Teresa says.

"Cool, then you'll all love my cool adventure stories!" announces Oscar.

"Ugh, like, don't like keep me up at night with those annoying stories. I need my sleep," says Kitty.

Sylvester pops into all the cabins to announce something.

"All right, unpacking time is over!" announces Sylvester. "Meet me in the dining hall for lunch!"

The scene shifts forward to all eighteen competitors in line waiting for lunch. A mean looking, Brooklyn type chef appears. She has a lot of scars and is burly in appearance and has a loud voice.

"All right, lunch is served!" yells the chef. "Those who don't get their lunch in 3 minutes won't get any lunch!"

"Oh, haven't I mentioned?" says Sylvester. "This is Sasha, your chef for this season!"

Oscar gets out of line and leaps into the woods.

"What's his problem?" asks Lola. "I need all the food I can get."

"Maybe he's looking for some weeds," says Jim, rocking back and forth.

"Are you okay, dude?" asks Sha'Brian.

"Yeah...totally," says Jim.

Kitty looks with disgust at her food.

"Oh my god, are we like actually eating this?" asks Kitty.

"Shut up and eat your food," says Lola.

(CONF) "These meals to me are so much better than what I'm used to," says Lola. "It might taste like crap but at least crap is better than nothing."

Oscar comes back with blueberries and shares them with his team. Teresa smiles.

(CONF) "Maybe I've judged Oscar the wrong way," says Teresa. "He might just be a team player after all."

"Can we have some berries?" asks Gaby, looking at her plate.

"Sorry, I only have enough for my team," says Oscar.

(CONF) "I'm so hungry..." says Julia.

Sylvester interrupts the meal with an announcement.

"I hope you all are enjoying your food," says Sylvester. "Actually, I don't care, I'm just saying generic host nonsense."

"I told you that you were," says Xavier, rolling his eyes.

"Anyways," says Sylvester, "today's challenge will be a game of zombie hunting! Except, there are no zombies and there is no hunting."

"Awwww..." says Joey.

"What will actually happen is that Sasha will go around with her sniper rifle full of paintball guns and try to hit you. If she hits you, you become a zombie. Zombies can infect other teams by touching them, making them zombies as well. The first team that has all their members eliminated will send someone home tonight. Any questions?" says Sylvester.

"Yeah...why is this show so cheap budgeted?" asks Alex.

"Shut up," answers Sylvester. "You'll all be playing in a labyrinth to make it more interesting."

Team Reconnaissance starts at the upper left corner of he labyrinth.

(CONF) "Labyrinths are like puzzles," says Kyle. "Puzzles involve strategy. I like strategy. Therefore, by the transitive property, I like, that was nerdy."

"Hey Kyle, nice nerdy confessional," laughs Dorian. "You're using high school logic to think you're cool?"

"Hey, don't be mean to Kyle," says Natasha. "He can't help it if he's nerdy and uncool."

(CONF) "Ugh, how did he get my confessional?" asks Kyle. "He's good..."

"I say we split up to make it harder for Sasha to find us," says Lola.

"Great idea!" says Kyle. "We can get even more lost than we already are!"

Julia laughs while Lola rolls her eyes.

"Fine, you people do what you want but I'm out of here," says Lola.

"Lola, that's not very- oh, she's gone," says Natasha. "Well, no need to stand in this corner. Let's get walking."

Team Stealth was in the upper right corner of the maze.

"We should, like, travel as pairs," says Gaby.

"Great idea!" says Jenna, while Nick rolls his eyes.

(CONF) "Man, like Jenna seems so cool, but she always follows whatever Gaby says," says Nick. "She needs to find peace and love everywhere."

"As the leader of Team Stealth," says Joey, while Jim rolls his eyes, "I declare that we all travel as one big group, no objections!"

The rest of Team Stealth rolls their eyes, reluctantly following Joey.

Finally, Team Execution starts out in the lower left corner. Oscar starts to climb the labyrinth to get an aerial view and scurries away.

"How can he do that?" asks Kitty. "Like, the bushes are all prickly!"

Chanyu sees a narrow looking path and heads that way. "I'll be heading-u my way too, okay?" she asks, as she walks away.

"The four of us left should travel in pairs," says Teresa.

The other three members of Team Execution agree, as Sha'Brian travels with Kitty and Xavier travels with Teresa.

The challenge begins, as Sasha starts to hunt down the remaining competitors. Sasha runs into Team Reconnaissance first.

"I'll get you now!" yells Sasha, chasing after Team Reconnaissance.

Kyle and Julia run one way while Dorian and Natasha run the other. Sasha snipes Alex to put him out of the challenge.

"So I guess I'm a zombie with you, stink breath," says Alex.

Sasha growls and tackles Alex to the ground.

(CONF) "I don't understand why people hate me so much," says Alex. "Am I that ugly?"

Meanwhile, Joey runs into a split in the road.

"Can we like, just split up now?" asks Gaby.

"Great idea!" says Jenna.

Joey shook his head and angrily looked at his teammates.

"Has anyone else here completed zombie killers 3 and has the highest score in the town?" asks Joey. "You guys should be thankful for my leadership."

Joey goes to the left with Jim and Allie, while Gaby, Jenna, and Nick sneak off to the right.

Meanwhile, Sasha ends up catching up to Sha'Brian and Kitty.

"Oh no, Mr. Snipah, you are not taking me down!" yells Sha'Brian.

"Don't shoot me, I'm prettier than that guy!" pleads Kitty.

Sasha grins and snipes both of them.

"Aww, man," says Sha'Brian.

(CONF) "That was embarrassing, going out that early," says Sha'Brian. "Mah homies are gonna make fun of me for that one."

(CONF) "Damn, like, it was still true, I was like, prettier than him," complains Kitty.

Xavier and Teresa move forward, trying to get a better position.

"So, what do you think of our team?" asks Xavier, bringing up conversation.

"I like the team aspect, and I like our team," says Teresa, smiling.

"Anyone in particular that you like?" continues Xavier.

"No, not at all," says Teresa, blushing.

(CONF) "How did he catch on that quickly?" asks Teresa. "I mean...nothing."

Meanwhile, Alex runs into Joey, Jim, and Allie.

"Time for you all to die!" yells Alex, tagging all three of them."

Allie spins around three times and falls to the floor.

"My life! It's fading away, the light, the light!" yells Allie, finally closing her eyes.

Nick rolls his eyes while Jim cradles in a little ball.

"I'm fading away," says Jim, obviously struggling.

Meanwhile, Dorian and Natasha continue walking.

"So, now that you're in my alliance, how's about we discuss who we are going to vote off if we lose?" asks Dorian.

"I'm not the type to talk behind people's backs..." says Natasha.

"What about Lola? She's a threat," says Dorian.

"I dunno..." says Natasha. "It seems awfully risky to get rid of someone like her so soon."

(CONF) "I mean, Dorian's cute and I want to impress him, but I don't want to strategize so quickly!" says Natasha. "I want to play the game honestly, and not talk behind people's backs."

Lola continues to walk on the top of the maze and sees Oscar on top of the hedges as well. They both stare at each other and continue moving. Lola sees Chanyu singing walking on a path below her and she starts to spy on her.

"Gosh, I can finally sing my songs without being near the others," says Chanyu, feeling relieved.

Lola gets a puzzled expression on her face.

(CONF) "Her songs?" ponders Lola. "Is Chanyu hiding something?"

Kyle and Julia continue to walk to a corner.

"Oh, shoot, a dead end," says Kyle. "What should we do now?"

"I dunno..." says Julia.

Sasha suddenly appears with her sniper rifle as Kyle and Julia get scared.

"Go! Run in the other direction!" says Kyle. "I'll distract her."

Julia runs the other way as Sasha snipes Kyle. Once safe, Julia blushes.

(CONF) "Wow, that was so nice of Kyle," says Julia. "He's so...brave."

Xavier and Teresa keep walking until Joey, Jim, and Allie approach them and tag them both. Xavier rolls his eyes and shows his discontent.

"What a stupid game of tag anyways," he says.

Meanwhile, Sha'Brian and Kitty approach Gaby, Jenna, and Nick.

"Ahhh! Run!" yells Gaby.

Jenna sees this as her chance to impress Gaby and steps in front of the zombies.

"Take me first!" screams Jenna.

Sha'Brian and Kitty tag Jenna as Gaby and Nick run away.

"Wow, man, that was intense," says Nick.

(CONF) "Jenna's so expendable," says Gaby. "I'll string her along, but like, she's such a loser."

Sasha sees Dorian and Natasha nearby and snipes them both.

"Awwww, I hope our teammates are doing well," says Natasha, obviously upset.

Chanyu continues walking and bumps into Julia. They both cringe as Jenna, Jim, Joey, and Allie tag them.

(CONF) "That was scary," says Julia. "There were four against two and I've never been in a situation like that before."

Oscar continues walking on the hedges along with Lola. He finally decides to talk to her to set up an alliance.

"Hey, most of the other losers are probably zombies by now," says Oscar. "You and I should stick together."

Lola thinks and then nods her head.

"Fine," she says.

(CONF) "In the wild, you learn to keep your friends close and your enemies closer," says Oscar. "And I plan to keep my enemies close."

(CONF) "Partnering with Oscar?" asks Lola. "Probably not the best move but hey, he can get his way around the hedge."

Sasha finally spots Gaby and Nick and snipes them both.

"Wow," says Nick. "That was like, totally violent."

Sylvester appears on a monitor on top of the maze.

"Greetings contestants," says Sylvester. "I have an announcement. Team Stealth is the first team to be completely eliminated. Which means Lola and Oscar win for Teams Reconnaissance and Execution!"

Lola and Oscar hi-five while Team Stealth looks upset.

"Sorry Team Stealth, but I will see you at the bonfire tonight," finishes Sylvester.

The scene switches to night as the six members of Team Stealth sit at the campfire. Nick, Gaby, Joey, Jenna, Allie, and Jim wait the final results.

"Okay," says Sylvester. "You were the losing team, so you will have to vote someone out of this game. In this game, you get a bronze medal signifying you are safe."

"Why not gold?" asks Allie.

"Hush," says Sylvester. "The gold medals are given to the winner of Anywhere But Last. For now, you guys are last, which is the one place you don't want to be. Anyways, if you don't get a bronze medal, you have to walk to the closed white van and disappear...from the game. Now, the first bronze medal goes to...Jim."

Jim smiles and collects his gold medal.

(CONF) "Who did I vote for?" asks Jim. "I voted for Joey. That guy is like, nonstop annoying."

"The next bronze medal goes to Allie," says Sylvester.

(CONF) "I vote for Jenna," says Allie. "Her acting skills are not up-to-par."

"Next...Nick," says Sylvester.

(CONF) "I vote for Gaby," says Nick. "She's corrupting Jenna man and like ruining the peace."

Jenna, Gaby, and Joey look at the final two bronze medals.

Sylvester waits a while and finally points to Jenna.

"Jenna, you are safe," says Sylvester.

(CONF) "Why would they vote me out?" asks Joey. "I'm the team leader!"

(CONF) "These idiots are voting against me?" exclaims Gaby. "Ugh, this game is so annoying!"

"And the final medal goes to..." says Sylvester,

"...Gaby. Joey, you're out of the competition."

Gaby smiles as she gets the last bronze medal while Joey starts to complain.

"Me? I was your leader, the one who comes up with all the strategy, the..." starts Joey.

Sylvester pushes Joey into the van before Joey finishes his rant.

"Now, 1 down, 16 more to go! Tune in next time to see who else will get Anywhere But Last!" concludes Sylvester.


Allie: Jenna
Gaby: Joey
Jenna: Joey
Jim: Joey
Joey: Gaby
Nick: Gaby

Episode 3: Don't Be the Last Fish in the School

Host: Sylvester
Cook: Sasha

Team Reconnaissance


Team Stealth


Team Execution


"Last episode on Anywhere But Last," starts Sylvester. "Kyle stepped up to the plate and sacrificed himself in the challenge so Julia could continue. Teresa revealed that she might like someone in the game. Lola and Oscar teamed up, sending Team Stealth to elimination. And finally, Joey went home for bossing his team around and being too much of a leader. Wow, not a great strategy bro. This week, we will go to the water! Who will swim to safety? Who will cry like a baby? Find out now and make sure you go Anywhere But Last!"

(theme song)

Team Stealth makes their way back to their cabin after Joey was eliminated.

(CONF) "Meh, no one of value was lost," says Gaby. "Just another uptight loser with no social skills."

Jim continues rocking back and forth.

"What's wrong with you?" asks Nick.

"," says Jim.

(CONF) "Three episodes in and I already feel like I'm gonna die," says Jim. "I haven't had a smoke for a while; it's killing me."

Allie meanwhile continues on her acting.

"Well, golly everyone it's too bad Joey's gone," says Allie, in a strong southern accent. "What ever shall we do?"

Sylvester crashes in and tells the contestants to meet him by the beach.

(CONF) "The beach?" asks Sha'Brian. "Uh-uh, no way. I can't swim! I hope we don't have some type of water challenge today. My team will vote me off for sure if we lose!"

Sylvester arrives at the beach with the 17 contestants in their swimsuits.

"How's this for a challenge?" asks Sylvester.

"Ooh, a water challenge, you are just so cool Sylvester," laughs Xavier.

Chanyu poses in her new bikini and shows everyone around her. Lola looks in suspicion.

(CONF) "You know that feeling you get when you think you recognize someone but you're not sure?" asks Lola. "Well, that's the feeling I get with Chanyu. Something is up with that girl."

Sylvester announces the challenge. "This is a simple one everyone," says Sylvester. "All you have to do is swim in the water as long as you can. You can swim to safety if you feel like you're drowning but if you do you are out of the challenge. First team with all their members eliminated loses the challenge. Team Stealth, since you're down a member, you can have one person on your team have a five minute break. But here's the twist. Hidden somewhere in this lake is a hidden immunity idol. Find it and you can use it to protect yourself from the vote before the votes are read. Got it?"

The contestants nod their heads.

(CONF) "A hidden immunity idol?" ponders Dorian. "I mean sure, you're gonna have to waste energy you can use for the challenge, but the idol is a powerful tool in the game. I have to get it."

The contestants start the challenge by floating around. Sha'Brian starts to struggle immediately.

"Guys, I don't know how to swim!" yells Sha'Brian.

"Just spread your arms wide and float on your back," suggests Oscar.

Sha'Brian tries this but he loses balance and swims to safety.

"Sorry guys," he says.

Kitty screams at Sha'Brian.

"Why'd you even sign up if you can't swim?" yells Kitty.

Sha'Brian gets mad and yells back at Kitty.

"No white girl tells me what to do!" replies Sha'Brian.

Dorian looks at the two members yelling at each other.

(CONF) "Conflict," says Dorian. "What a wonderful thing. Also, I'm pretty confident our team will win the challenge so I'm gonna go look for the immunity idol. "

Dorian dives underwater while Kyle rolls his eyes.

"Way to help the team!" yells Kyle.

(CONF) "I would have loved to have that idol," says Kyle. "But honestly, having that thing just puts a huge target on your back."

Natasha starts to slip and starts to drown.

"Help!" she yells.

Alex tries to help but he starts to drown too. Lola swims by and helps them both out.

"Thanks Lola," says Natasha.

"No prob," replies Lola.

Dorian continues to dive down and finds a clue underwater.

"Ooh a clue," says Dorian. "It says 'to find salvation, check back in your cabin'...wait, Sylvester lied to us!"

(CONF) "Ugh, wasted all that energy for nothing," says Dorian. "Stupid host."

On Team Stealth, no one looks for the idol.

"Like, we can't afford to be two players down," says Gaby.

"I agree," says Jenna. "Too risky!"

Nick sighs as he sees Jenna is making no improvement. Allie sees Nick is distressed and swims over to him.

"What's wrong?" asks Allie.

"Nothing much," says Nick. "Only Jenna is just mindlessly following Gaby."

"Ooh, someone has a crush," says Allie.

"I do not!" Nick blushes, swimming away.

(CONF) "He so has a crush on her," says Allie.

Gaby starts to lose focus and sits on the bench for five minutes.

" it!" gasps Gaby.

"Okay!" says Jenna.

Jenna swims closer to Gaby while Gaby comes up with a plan.

"Hey Jenna," says Gaby, smirking. "I really enjoy your presence. Wanna make an alliance?"

Jenna gasps, almost drowning.

"Sure!" she yells.

"Perfect," replies Gaby.

(CONF) "An alliance can take you a long way in this game," says Gaby. "I've already looked through Jenna's diary and saw that she idols me. All I have to do now is string her along."

Gaby jumps back into the water. Meanwhile, on Team Execution, Xavier starts to ponder.

(CONF) "Ugh, of course there's an idol out there. I have to resist the urge," says Xavier.

Kitty sees Xavier thinking while she laughs quietly to herself.

(CONF) "I mean, people think I'm stupid but I'm a National Merit Scholar," says Kitty. "What surprises me is like, no one on our team is looking for the idol. What idiots."

Kitty dives underwater to find the idol while Teresa frowns at the idea.

"She's going to lose breath looking for that idol," says Teresa. "It's even worse that we're already one member down."

"Don't worry," says Oscar. "I'll help the team win."

Teresa blushes while Xavier smirks upon seeing this. Teresa gives Xavier a dirty stare.

(CONF) "Why is Xavier so obsessed about who I like or don't like in this game?" asks Teresa. "It seems a little creepy if you ask me."

(CONF) "Do you want to know why I find this so funny?" asks Xavier. "It's like a stay at home mom having a crush on Tarzan. It's so...random."

Meanwhile, Julia loses breath and ends up swimming to safety. Kyle frowns and offers encouragement.

"Good try!" yells Kyle, waving at Julia.

Lola looks around and sees Dorian and Natasha hugging for warmth while Kyle continues to wave at Julia.

(CONF) "Call me paranoid, but we have two pairs already established on our team," says Lola. "We have Dorian and Natasha on one side and Kyle and Julia on the other. I'm stuck right in the middle. Ugh, I should make an alliance soon but they're all too clingy."

Dorian continues to swim near Natasha.

"So? What sports do you play?" asks Natasha.

"A little football, a little basketball," answers Dorian.

"That's so cool!" says Natasha. "I cheer for football and basketball games!"

"Well, Im the top receiver and scorer in the school so I'm used to a little attention," brags Dorian.

Natasha blushes and brings herself closer to him.

(CONF) "He's like the perfect guy," says Natasha. "I hope he notices me. He's athletic, nice, and really hot."

(CONF) "Wanna know a secret?" asks Dorian. "I've never played football or basketball in my life. I just made that all up just to make her trust me more. Man, I am good."

On Team Stealth, Jenna and Jim swim to the shore.

"Need...breath," says Jim.

"That's not the only thing he needs," laughs Gaby.

On Team Execution, Kitty fails to find the clue for the hidden immunity idol. She loses breath and swims to safety.

"Great," says Teresa. "Another player down."

(CONF) "At least I have an excuse for not doing well in the challenge," says Sha'Brian. "Kitty was selfish and looked for that dang mmunity idol!"

Teresa also loses breath and swims to shore. Team Execution looks scared as only three players remain. Xavier and Chanyu struggle while Oscar comfortably lies on his back.

"I've never done anything like this before," complains Chanyu.

"Why? Because you don't go outside much?" asks Xavier.

"Yeah," covers up Chanyu. "That's why."

(CONF) "If someone finds out my true identity, Im going to vote them off right away," says Chanyu. "It's too risky to do anything else."

Chanyu swims to safety, exhausted. Meanwhile, on Team Reconnaissance, Kyle swims to safety as well and sits next to Julia.

"How's it going?" asks Kyle. "No awkward twists yet?"

Julia laughs while she thinks of all the crazy things the show could do.

(CONF) "Oh god, I hope Sylvester doesn't come up with some more tricks," says Julia. "This show is already too crazy as it is."

Alex swims up to safety while Allie from Team Execution does the same. Gaby cringes as only she and Nick remain.

(CONF) "I'm actually a strong swimmer," says Gaby. "Our water polo team won states two years in a row. I really don't want to put a target on my back so I hope Nick lasts a while."

Right on cue, Nick loses breath and swims to safety, leaving Gaby as the sole member of Team Stealth in the water. Meanwhile, Xavier, not trying as hard, swims to safety for Team Execution.

"Time for a status update!" yells Sylvester. "For Team Reconnaissance, Lola, Dorian, and Natasha remain. For Team Stealth, Gaby remains and for Team Execution, only Oscar remains. Remember, if you lose, you're going to elimination!"

Oscar chills while Dorian comes up with a plan. Dorian whispers the plan to Natasha while Natasha gasps.

"That is so evil!" says Natasha. "Are you sure you won't get caught?"

"I'm sure," says Dorian. "I've done this many times before."

(CONF) "I admit, it is an evil and slightly gross plan," says Dorian. "But I want Oscar gone because he's such a threat. And I think I know how he can be voted out."

Dorian dives underwater and goes over to Team Execution. He pulls down Oscar's bathing suit which confuses Oscar. Oscar, embarrassed, swims to safety and puts on a towel.

"And the losers are Team Execution!" yells Sylvester. "I'll be swing you at elimination tonight!"

Team Execution groans while Dorian winks to Natasha.

(CONF) "I knew that would work," says Dorian. "Hey, I know it dirty. But sometimes you have to play dirty to win this game."

Meanwhile, Team Execution ponders who they should vote out and arrives at the elimination ceremony. Sylvester appears with five bronze medals.

"In this game, you want to finish anywhere but last," says Sylvester. "And these trophies represent that you live another day if you do not get voted out tonight. The loser will get in the strange white van and leave the game."

Sylvester tallies the votes and smiles. "Remember, only sixteen of you will be here at the end of tonight," he says.

(CONF) "Who do I vote for?" asks Kitty. "It has to be Sha'Brian. The dude lost so early in the challenge."

(CONF) "I have to say, I vote for Kitty," says Teresa. "She was not a team player today."

(CONF) "I vote for Oscar," says Sha'Brian. "The dude lost the challenge to put his pants back on. What kind of man is that?"

"The first three medals go to Chanyu, Teresa, and Xavier," says Sylvester, throwing them each a bronze medal.

Kitty, Sha'Brian, and Oscar look in fear at one another.

"The next medal goes to.............Sha'Brian," says Sylvester. "You are safe, for now. And the last medal of the night goes to.....


.....Oscar. Kitty, you are out of the game."

Kitty frowns as she enters the white van.

"You guys were stupid teammates anyways," says Kitty. "Good luck without me."

The van drives away as Oscar is relieved.

(CONF) "That was a close one," says Oscar. "I really need to compete harder in the challenges or I might just be voted out soon."

Sylvester appears to conclude the episode.

"Only sixteen remain, who will be voted out next?" asks Sylvester. "Make sure that you go Anywhere But Last!"


Chanyu: Kitty
Kitty: Sha'Brian
Oscar: Kitty
Sha'Brian: Oscar
Teresa: Kitty
Xavier: Kitty

Episode 4: Watch Your Back

Host: Sylvester
Cook: Sasha

Team Reconnaissance


Team Stealth


Team Execution


Sylvester yawns as he goes on camera. "Last episode on Anywhere But Last," he starts. "Dorian tried a sneaky play when he pantsed Oscar to give his team the win. Jim is still trying to get over some of his problems. And Lola is still suspecting that Chanyu isn't exactly what she seems. What will happen next? Who will save the day? Who will have hope to survive another day? Find out when you go Anywhere But Last!"

(theme song)

Team Execution comes back from eliminating their most recent member.

"Man, that was like, crazy!" yells Sha'Brian. "I was like shaking in my boots and quivering!"

Oscar looked scared and nervous.

(CONF) "I got the last bronze medal!" yells Oscar. "I thought my team liked me. Well, that shows how one challenge can screw someone over. I wonder who pulled down my pants during that challenge...hmmm, it had to be from someone on Team Reconnaissance since I saw Gaby next to me.

Teresa shook her head and said "She had to go. She was looking for the idol and cost our team."

Sha'Brian agreed. "Yea, I know ah sucked, but I'll do better in land challenges anyways!"

Meanwhile, in Team Reconnaissance's cabin, Dorian looks for the idol.

(CONF) "The clue said that salvation is in your cabin," says Dorian. "So I've been looking everywhere in the cabin but I can't seem to find that damn idol."

Dorian continues to look through drawers when Lola enters the room.

"What are you doing?" asks Lola.

"Uh, nothing," responds Dorian, closing the drawers.

Lola gives Dorian a suspicious look and exits the cabin. Dorian sighs and looks relieved.

(CONF) "If there's one person I don't trust here, it's Dorian," says Lola. "There's something about him that makes me cringe."

Natasha enters the cabin and slips on a rug.

"Oomph!" she says as she hits the ground.

The rug flies and Natasha notices a hidden idol under the rug. She picks it up and puts it in her pocket.

(CONF) "Oh my god, I just found the hidden immunity idol!" yells Natasha. "I just slipped on the rug, and the hidden idol was right under it. I hope I can use this thing to my advantage."

Dorian continues to look through the room when Kyle comes in.

"Guys, you know Dorian's probably looking for the idol, right?" asks Kyle.

"So that's it, ugh!" exclaims Lola. "I knew he was doing something sneaky!"

(CONF) "I really need to make an alliance to get rid of Dorian," says Lola. "If I align myself with Alex, Kyle, and Julia, we'll have enough votes to get rid of him."

Lola walks up to Kyle and Julia to talk about an alliance.

"Hey, do you trust Dorian?" asks Lola.

"Of course not," says Kyle. "He's a little snake that tries to use his ego to continue in the game."

Julia laughs while Lola continues her point.

"So, in that case, wanna make an alliance together rid of him?" asks Lola.

Kyle thinks while Julia looks nervous.

(CONF) "I might not say it out loud, but I think it's risky to align with Lola," says Julia. "She's really strong and athletic, and she might replace my place in the alliance."

Kyle agrees and Lola and Kyle shake hands.

(CONF) "One thing I learned on the streets is the more numbers you have, the better the result," says Lola.

At Team Stealth, Jim was cringing up in his ball as usual.

(CONF) "Must...continue..." says Jim. "So....hard...."

Jim looks sick in his bed when Gaby comes over.

"Wow, you don't look to good," says Gaby.

Jim coughs and continues lying in bed.

Gaby secretly smiles and walks out the cabin.

(CONF) "Hey, I don't care if he's sick, as long as I don't go home, I don't care what happens," says Gaby.

Jenna skips into the room and sees Gaby leaving, then immediately follows her out.

Nick sees this from his bed and sighs.

"Hey, Jim, can you give me some advice?" asks Nick.

Jim doesn't respond and starts to fall asleep.

"Well, never min-" starts Nick.

"You need some advice about your lover?" asks Allie, popping out from the ceiling.

"Were you spying on us?" interrogates Nick.

"Spying, investigating, same difference," says Allie.

"I really don't need your help," says Nick.

(CONF) "Okay, okay, a secret scary obsession of mine is that I like to spy on people," says Allie. "Learning about other people helps me become a good actress. At the theater, you never know which part you're going to get so you have to be prepared for anything!"

Nick walks out of the cabin leaving Allie and Jim.

"Hey, Jim, wanna play a game?" asks Allie.

Jim continues sleeping. Allie gets bored and starts to jump on Jim's bed.

"Wake up, sleepyhead!" yells Allie.

Jim groans and continues to look sick.

(CONF) "Ughhh... can't I get a second of sleep around here?" asks Jim. "Allie can be so annoying sometimes."

Meanwhile, Jenna and Gaby continue their alliance.

"Remember the rules?" asks Gaby.

"Of course, as long as I follow you in voting, we'll make the final two!" says Jenna.

Nick, spying from a tree knew his suspicions were true.

(CONF) "From spying on the girls, I knew they were making an alliance," says Nick. "Man, that is just like so messed up. Where's the love?"

Allie suddenly pops down on Nick's confessional.

(CONF) "Uh, a little privacy?" asks Nick. "Nah, no thanks," says Allie, laughing.

At Team Execution, Oscar started to lay in his cabin.

(CONF) "So I was thinking, how could I move this team forward?" asks Oscar. "How can I prove my worth to the team? Then, the idea hit me. All I have to do is go all out in the challenge."

Chanyu starts to sing one of her own songs when Xavier overhears.

"You listen to K-Pop?" asks Xavier. "What a loser."

"Yeah..." says Chanyu, nervously. "....I guess I'm a loser then."

"You sure are," says Xavier, walking away.

Sha'Brian starts to do some sit-ups when Teresa stops by.

"Shouldn't you be saving your energy for the challenge?" asks Teresa.

"Why should I, foo'?" asks Sha'Brian.

"Wow, no need to be snappy," says Teresa.

(CONF) "I'm just trying to create some team chemistry," says Teresa. "Sha'Brian and Oscar keep doing their own things so it's hard to keep the group together at all times."

Sylvester welcomes the three teams to the challenge.

"Hello, everybody!" yells Sylvester. "This challenge is what I like to call a first impressions challenge. I will ask a series of questions that you all must answer with either a member from your team or another team. We'll go on once you finish the survey."

The remaining contestants start to fill up the survey while Kyle thinks.

(CONF) "I think I know what they're doing," says Kyle. "We probably have to guess the most common answer. I should probably tell my team to just put down the same answer for everything."

Kyle explains his plan to Team Reconnaissance but Dorian brushes it off.

"Dude, that's just a stupid idea," says Dorian.

After the surveys are completed, Sylvester announces the second part of the challenge.

"Now, this is what I mean by first impressions," says Sylvester. "Each team has to guess the most common answer for each question. If you get it wrong, you get a strike. Three strikes and you will be sending someone home tonight. Any questions?"

"Yeah," says Xavier. "Any more challenges you want to rip off of crappy reality television shows?"

Sylvester rolls his eyes and announces the first question. "Who here is most likely to rob a bank?"

The three teams scribble down their answers.

"Reveal," says Sylvester.

All three teams guess Sha'Brian.

"Correct!" says Sylvester, grinning.

(CONF) "Man, they think I'd rob a bank just because I'm black?" asks Sha'Brian. "Wow, that's just low."

"Next question," says Sylvester. "Who here without knowing anything about them would you trust with your life?"

Team Reconnaissance answers Teresa while Teams Stealth and Execution guess Dorian.

"The correct answer is Teresa," says Sylvester.

(CONF) "Really? Me? As someone you would trust with your life?" asks Dorian. "I mean come on, what are they thinking?"

"Teams Stealth and Execution have one strike," says Sylvester, laughing. "Next question, who here do you think does not deserve to be here?"

Team Stealth answers Jenna, while Teams Reconnaissance and Execution guess Chanyu.

"The correct answer is Chanyu," says Sylvester.

Chanyu gasps while Lola secretly smiles.

(CONF) " I knew there was something up with her," says Lola. "Something's wrong with that girl. Trust me, I have good instincts."

(CONF) "What-u!" says Chanyu. "They think I don't deserve to be here! I deserve to be here."

"Team Stealth has two strikes, while Team Execution has one," says Sylvester. "As usual, Team Reconnaissance is dominating the challenge."

Kyle and Julia hug while Oscar is down in the dumps again.

(CONF) "Why can't we keep up with them?" asks Oscar, frustrated. "It just isn't fair."

"Next question," says Sylvester, "who is the dumbest person in the game?"

Team Reconnaissance and Team Execution guess Jenna while Team Stealth guesses Alex.

"The correct answer is Jenna!" yells Sylvester. "So, since Team Stealth has three strikes, they will be going to elimination!"

Jenna gasps at the results while Gaby shrugs her shoulders.

(CONF) "You know, dumb people make good allies," snickers Gaby. "More power to me."

Team Reconnaissance goes back to their cabin excited.

"Wow, we haven't lost yet!" says Dorian. "Let's keep the mojo going!"

"Ooh, bad statement," says Kyle. "Historically, people who say that gets screwed over the next challenge.

Dorian just rolls his eyes and walks away while Julia goes up to Kyle.

"He'll see what's coming for him," says Julia.

(CONF) "I'm actually looking forward to going to an elimination ceremony," says Julia. "Some people on our team are too cocky for their own good."

At Team Execution, Oscar falls asleep on the floor. Teresa goes up to him and tries to wake him up.

"Oscar, wake up," says Teresa.

Oscar continues sleeping while Teresa shakes her head and tries to nudge him on the shoulder when Xavier walks by.

"Awwww, how cute," laughs Xavier.

"You are so annoying," says Teresa, brushing Xavier off.

Oscar wakes up and looks at Teresa. She looks at him back and smiles and cuddles next to him.

"You know, I'm glad we don't have to vote anyone out," says Teresa.

"Me too," responds Oscar, relieved.

(CONF) "Teresa is helping me get my strength back," says Oscar. "I feel more confident that I can take this game now."

Sha'Brian grabs the two and starts to dance.

"Come on guys, let's celebrate!" yells Sha'Brian.

"Are you okay?" asks Chanyu.

"Yeah, man, I just need some air," laughs Sha'Brian.

(CONF) "That guy just confuses me sometimes," says Chanyu. "What's up with him?"

Meanwhile, Team Stealth was not happy about their situation.

"Ugh, I can't believe we lost again!" yells Gaby.

"Ugh, it sucks, right?" says Jenna.

Nick sighs while Jim doesn't say anything. Allie continues to act over dramatic.

"Well, everyone, to vote or not to vote, that is the question," says Allie.

Gaby rolls her eyes while Jim keeps his closed.

"Jim, anyone alive in there?" asks Nick.

Jim remains silent as Gaby facepalms.

(CONF) "As the leader of Team Stealth, I find it very hard to like, keep the team going," says Gaby. "Yes, Jim is having smoke withdrawal and is sucking but Allie has been acting like this since she was two. so, what I read her diary. Big whoop."

Jenna goes up to Gaby.

"Who should we vote for?" eagerly asks Jenna.

"It's gonna be tough," responds Gaby.

Sylvester gathers the five remaining contestants on Team Stealth for a vote.

"As usual, you each will receive bronze medals if you stay in the game. Otherwise, you are out of here," says Sylvester. "Everyone vote in the confessional."

(CONF) "I vote for Jim," says Allie. "He may be acting like he's dead, but I can see right through his disguise."

(CONF) Jim falls asleep, shakes his head, wakes up for a second and says "Allie."

Sylvester tallies the votes. "If you do not get a bronze medal, you will immediately go to the strange white van and get removed from the game. The first three bronze medals go to Nick, Gaby, and Jenna."

The three contestants smile as they receive their rewards. Jim looks lethargic while Allie looks nervous as there is only one bronze medal left.

(CONF) "Hard choice," repeats Gaby. "Hard choice...they are both so useless."

"The final bronze medal goes to," says Sylvester, "... ......


.......Jim. Sorry Allie, but you have been voted out."

"No, my acting career!" yells Allie as she gets pulled away into the van. "My brilliant career!"

"And that's three down, only 15 remain," says Sylvester. "Will Team Reconnaissance ever lose? Will Team Stealth ever win? And can Xavier make it through an entire episode without being sarcastic? Find out and make sure you go Anywhere But Last!"


Jim: Allie
Allie: Jim
Gaby: Allie
Jenna: Allie
Nick: Allie

Episode 5: A Major Shift in Power

Host: Sylvester
Cook: Sasha

Team Reconnaissance


Team Stealth


Team Execution


Sylvester wakes up and walks out of his cabin to state the intro. "Oh, hey everybody!" yells Sylvester, as he recaps last episode. "Last episode on Anywhere But Last, we encountered some major surprises. Natasha found this season's first hidden immunity idol. Jim was down in the dumps recovering from smoke withdrawal. And Lola teamed up with Kyle and Julia to take down Dorian. But in the end, it was Allie, the crazy head, that ended up going home. Only 15 left, make sure that you go Anywhere But Last!"

(theme song)

Natasha walks out of the shower whistling.

(CONF) "You know, I've been debating whether or not I should show Dorian the idol," says Natasha. "I mean, he is my best ally, but I want to have some power in the game."

Kyle stays up at night doing some puzzles while Julia looks over.

"How's that going?" asks Julia, leaning over and eventually lying on Kyle's bed.

"Going well," says Kyle, looking up at Julia.

"Need some help?" asks Julia.

"Nah, I'm fine," says Kyle, smiling.

Julia and Kyle keep staring at each other and then kiss. Julia blushes while Gaby spies from the side.

(CONF) "Another alliance?" exclaims Gaby. "No one on this island is allowed to have an alliance but me. No one."

Gaby grabs Jenna aside and starts to talk to her.

"Listen," says Gaby, "Kyle and Julia have made another alliance."

Jenna gasps while Gaby continues.

"I'm not going to let that happen," says Gaby. "What we need to do is split the pair up and I know exactly how to do it."

"How?" asks Jenna.

"Well, you see..." starts Gaby before Jim walks in.

"Hey everybody!" yells Jim, wobbling all over the place and crashing on the bed.

"Are you pretending to be drunk?" asks Gaby.

"He sure is," says Nick, walking in the room. "I tried helping him but there is nothing I can do."

(CONF) "I wish someone in this game would just wake up," says Nick. "And surprisingly, I'm not talking about Jim. Jenna seems so nice and sweet and evil Gaby is corrupting her. I wonder if I could break them up and vote Gaby out."

Dorian walks up to Lola and starts to talk strategy.

"Hey listen," says Dorian. "I know you are tight with Kyle and Julia, but have you seen them lately?"

"Not particularly," says Lola. "Why?"

"I saw those two making out," says Alex, popping out of nowhere. "So hot."

Lola, startled, doesn't know what to say.

"I have to use the bathroom..." mutters Lola.

Dorian rolls his eyes and walks away while Alex just stands in the room.

(CONF) "I don't know why they are so mean to me," says Alex. "I mean, I'm the swing vote between the two alliances. They should treat me like a god."

"He just doesn't know what to say," says Dorian. "Come on Lola, why are you aligning with those two? Join my alliance."

(CONF) "I don't like either alliance," says Lola. "I can't stand Dorian and I can't align myself with Kyle and Julia if I ever hope to win. I don't want to make a decision just yet..."

At Team Stealth, Gaby continues her plan.

"It can't happen yet, but we can be the only alliance in the game," says Gaby. "What we need to do is get one of the two voted out."

"Uh-huh," says Jenna.

"To do that, we need to make a cross tribe alliance," says Gaby.

"A what?" asks Jenna.

"We can make sure that one of them to home next by aligning with Dorian," says Gaby.

"Can't we align ourselves with someone from our team?" asks Jenna. "Nick is pretty cute..."

Gaby just slaps Jenna and walks away. Jenna starts to sigh and lie down.

Jim walks in and sleeps in the bed next to her.

"That's the stuff," he says and his usual cracked voice.

Nick walks up and sees Jim and Jenna in bed.

"Dudes, sleeping a lot is too mainstream," says Nick. "It's time to get up and actually work."

Jim and Jenna continue to sleep.

(CONF) "Why won't our team do anything?" asks Nick. "I don't think that any team ever wins by lying around. I won't be surprised if we lose the challenge tonight."

At Team Execution, Xavier continues to count down the days.

"When will we just die?" asks Xavier.

"Great attitude," says Teresa. "Come on, lets work as a team."

"How's about we fly solo?" asks Oscar. "Most of these challenges are individual anyways."

"Sha'Brian agrees!" yells Sha'Brian. "Ain't nobody got time for anything else!"

"You guys-uh are so loud-uh," says Chanyu, listening to K-Pop. "Let me-uh listen to music-uh."

Xavier just stares and rolls his eyes. "Let's just die..." he continues.

The immunity challenge comes in as Sylvester welcomes the contestants.

"Welcome to the immunity challenge!" yells Sylvester. "This challenge will be more team-oriented."

Teresa glares at Oscar while Oscar stands there shocked.

(CONF) "A team challenge?" asks Oscar. "You mean I can't just win by myself this time? I've spent my entire life learning and competing on my own. How do I do this in a group?"

"This part is going to be a four part challenge. Each team will only use four people so some teams are going to have to sit people out," says Sylvester. "The first part is a cook-off. Judged by Sasha, a team member must make an edible meal out of cactus and sand. That team member will pass a baton to the second member. The second member will search the desert for a hidden bone under the sand. The third person must then swim across a small lake to get to the fourth person. The final person must solve a riddle to win immunity. The last team to win immunity will go to elimination tonight. So choose your team members."

Reconnaissance- Natasha, Lola, Dorian, Kyle Stealth- Jenna, Jim, Nick, Gaby Execution- Teresa, Sha'Brian, Oscar, Xavier

"Ready...begin!" yells Sylvester.

Jenna immediately grabs the cactus while Teresa starts to put water in the sand. Natasha starts to pick off the spines on the cactus. Teresa puts the wet sand and picks off the spines with the wet sand. She gives the wet sand and unspiked cactus to Sasha.

"Mmmmm...tasty!" yells Sasha. "You pass!"

Teresa passes the baton to Sha'Brian, who starts digging.

Jenna looks at the materials and becomes confused. Natasha carefully keeps picking the spines.

Sha'Brian starts digging and quickly finds a hidden bone.

(CONF) "You see, I'm used to digging stuff up," says Sha'Brian. "Once I found a 20 dollar bill under the sidewalk."

Sha'Brian gives the baton to Oscar, who starts swimming across the ocean.

(CONF) "You know, I'm starting to finally believe in this teamwork thing," says Oscar. "My teammates are finally doing something."

Meanwhile, Natasha finally finishes picking off the spines and Sasha approves her meal. She gives the baton to Lola.

"Where is this damn bone?" asks Lola.

Oscar finishes the swim and gives the baton to Xavier.

(CONF) "Maybe Teresa was on to something..." says Oscar. "We're in first by a long shot!"

Jenna finally gets her act together and finishes the meal. She hands the baton to Jim.

"Ugh, what took you so long?" asks Gaby.

"Sorry..." Jenna meekly replies.

Nick, watching this exchange, sighs.

Lola finds the bone and gives the baton to Dorian, who takes off his shirt and starts to swim. Natasha googles at Dorian while Lola rolls her eyes.

(CONF) "Now I'm starting to feel bad," says Natasha. "He's so dreamy, and I want to tell the truth to him...but I have to keep the idol for myself...oh, decisions."

Xavier gets stuck on a portion of the puzzle while Oscar frantically paces around.

"Are you okay?" asks Teresa.

"I just really want to win for once," says Oscar.

Xavier finally finishes the puzzle and Team Execution cheers.

"Yay-uh! We won-uh!" screams Chanyu.

"Damn girl, that was a nice cheer," says Sha'Brian.

(CONF) "Now I'm getting more comfortable fitting in," says Chanyu. "It's great to not have the paparazzi around you all the time and you can just be yourself."

Meanwhile, Jim finds the bone and Nick starts to swim, while Dorian gives the baton to Kyle.

"Come on..." says Alex. "We can't lose to these bunch of awkward misfits."

Gaby glares at Alex while Kyle continues to work on the puzzle. Out of nowhere, Nick comes back with his baton and passes it to Gaby.

Side by side, Kyle and Gaby solve the puzzle. In the end, Gaby finishes first and gives Alex the finger.

"And Team Stealth stays alive!" yells Sylvester. "Team Reconnaissance, for the first time, I will be seeing you at the elimination ceremony."

Lola goes back to her cabin and ponders her options.

(CONF) "I have two main options in this game right now," says Lola. "I can either vote out Dorian and go with Kyle and Julia or vote with Dorian to get rid of Kyle, who lost the challenge for us."

Kyle comes back visibly upset while Julia tries to comfort him.

"It's okay Kyle," says Julia. "I probably wouldn't have done well too."

(CONF) "I screwed up today," says Kyle. "My mental skills were not on. However, a good strategist can choose who he wants home even when there is a target on his back."

Dorian continues to check around the cabin for the idol when Natasha runs into him.

"What'cha doing?" asks Natasha.

"I'm looking for a hidden immunity idol," says Dorian. "Have you seen one anywhere?"

Natasha pauses to think, and then answers.

"Nope, sorry," says Natasha.

"It's okay, I didn't expect you to know," says Dorian.

(CONF) "That was a hard lie," says Natasha. "I decided that it was best for me not to share the idol with the hunky guy. Makes it more of a surprise."

Kyle and Julia walk up to Lola and decide to discuss strategy.

"So, are you up for voting for Dorian tonight?" asks Kyle.

"Tough call," says Lola. "Dorian is a physical asset, and I don't want to be losing any strength at this point."

"Then, what about Natasha?" asks Kyle.

Lola ponders the thought.

(CONF) "It might not be a bad idea to vote out Natasha tonight," says Lola. "It gets rid of one of Dorian's allies and it helps keep our team strong. I'm still debating between the two."

Dorian meanwhile walks up to Julia.

"Hey Julia, what's up?" asks Dorian.

"Nothing," says Julia, as she awkwardly blushes.

"You know, Julia, I really care for your contributions and we can't have division in the tribe," says Dorian.

"Uh-huh," says Julia, staring at Dorian.

"So," says Dorian, getting closer to Julia, "how's about we not vote between the alliances?"

"Okay..." says Julia, still staring at Dorian.

(CONF) "I've never had a hot guy stare at me for so long," says Julia. "I can't vote him out now."

Sylvester welcomes Team Reconnaissance to their first elimination ceremony.

"Vote for someone in the confessional and the loser may never come back and has to go through the big white van," yawns Sylvester.

(CONF) "I vote for Kyle," says Alex. "That nerdy loser couldn't even solve a puzzle today."

(CONF) "My vote tonight is purely based on how I want to control this game," says Kyle.

Sylvester looks at the bronze medals.

"The first medal goes to Lola," says Sylvester. "The next one goes to Julia."

Julia and Lola receive their bronze medals while Alex, Dorian, Kyle, and Natasha await theirs.

"Kyle and Dorian receive medals as well," says Sylvester.

Alex looks shocked while Natasha grimaces.

"Alex...Natasha...only one of you will stay in the game while the other leaves..." says Sylvester. "The final bronze medal goes to...


...Natasha. Alex, get in the strange white van because you are out of the game."

"Wow, you wannabe reality freaks!" yells Alex as he is taken away.

Lola looks confused as Sylvester ends the episode.

"Only 14 remain, stay tuned to find out who will go Anywhere But Last!" yells Sylvester.


Alex: Kyle
Dorian: Alex
Julia: Alex
Kyle: Natasha
Lola: Natasha
Natasha: Alex

Episode 6: Show Me the Money

Host: Sylvester
Cook: Sasha

Team Reconnaissance


Team Stealth


Team Execution


Sylvester pops out of his cabin to recap the last episode.

"Last time on Anywhere But Last..." says Sylvester, "Oscar learned that maybe working as a team isn't such a bad idea. Chanyu has a hard time keeping her secret. Gaby comes up with a plan to split up Kyle and Julia. At Team Reconnaissance, two alliances clashed. Dorian was the leader on one side and he was facing up against Kyle and Lola. But down in numbers, he ended up manipulating Julia to cause an unsuspecting Alex to go home to save himself. What drama! Only 14 remain, make sure you go Anywhere But Last!"

(theme song)

Kyle walks back confused by the vote.

(CONF) "How did Alex go home?" asks Kyle. "The more I think about it, the more it doesn't make sense. Either Lola or Julia had to have betrayed me."

Kyle walks up to Lola and asks her what happened.

"Did you vote for Alex last night?" asks Kyle.

"I was about to ask you the same question, nubnut," says Lola. "One of you two betrayed the alliance."

Julia walks in the room and starts crying.

"It was me...I'm sorry," says Julia, as she continues to sob. "Dorian tricked me into voting for Alex and I couldn't resist him."

Kyle shakes his head but then comforts Julia. "It's okay; everything is going to be fine."

(CONF) "I'm more of a train wreck than I thought I was," sobs Julia. "I can't do a game like this."

Dorian meanwhile goes and hugs Natasha.

"How awesome was that elimination?" asks Dorian.

"It was pretty cool," says Natasha. "Go Team Dorian!"

(CONF) "Why did I get rid of Alex?" asks Dorian. "It was the easiest way to get Julia to flip. I'm just that good where I could make someone betray their alliance instead of getting rid of me. I'm in it to win it baby, and watch out because Dorian has got this competition in the bag."

At Team Execution, Oscar was thinking about their last win.

(CONF) "You know, that win revealed something about our team," says Oscar. "I can really trust the rest of our team to do well. Anywhere But Last isn't an individual game and they put us on teams for a reason. All of my survivor skills and physical strength has to be accompanied by assets that I could really relate to and I believe that our team together can win many more times."

Teresa walks up to Oscar and talks to him about the game.

"You know, we could work really well as a pair," says Teresa.

"I agree," says Oscar. "I've got the brawn; you've got the brains. We could run away with this."

(CONF) "Oscar is a good ally," says Teresa. "He will always be a bigger target than me so whenever we get down to the final three, I could always cut him loose."

Xavier rolls his eyes when he sees Teresa and Oscar giggling. Chanyu, next to him, doesn't understand what is going on either.

"What-uh are they laughing about?" asks Chanyu.

"I don't know but I hope that they could just shut up so the rest of us could have more airtime," says Xavier.

Sha'Brian walks up and sees that his team is not unified.

"Man, why is Oscar so obsessed with Teresa?" asks Sha'Brian. "That home-dog used to be all cool and tough but now he's like, not a homie anymore."

Chanyu gasps while Xavier smirks.

"Tell us what you really think," says Xavier.

Teresa and Oscar walk back and put their hands in the middle.

"Come on, team huddle!" yells Teresa. "Execution on 3! Execution on 3! 1...2...3...Execution!"

At Team Stealth, there was no team spirit to be seen.

(CONF) "Man, why did I have to get stuck on the team that does nothing?" asks Nick. "No one is lively around here."

Jenna and Gaby decide to make their interteam alliance.

"Hey Dorian," says Gaby, walking her way into his cabin.

"Hey sweet cheeks," says Dorian, responding.

"Jenna and I were wondering what you think about Kyle and Julia," says Gaby.

"Oh, I want them gone," says Dorian, smiling.

(CONF) "I was meant to play a game like this," says Dorian. "People are coming up to me and asking me for an alliance.I don't even have to put in any effort!"

"We should make a secret alliance then," says Gaby. "To the final three!"

"We've got a deal," says Dorian.

(CONF) "Do I plan on sticking to this secret alliance?" asks Dorian. "Of course not! But I still think that I could use this alliance to cause some serious havoc in this game."

Gaby and Jenna walk back as Nick starts to get curious.

"Where were you guys?" asks Nick.

"None of your business," says Gaby, ignoring Nick.

As Gaby leaves the cabin, Jenna waves to Nick and smiles. Nick sighs.

Jim pops up from under his sheets.

"Man, how much longer is it until I get voted out?" asks Jim. "I need my drugs."

At the immunity challenge, Sylvester brings out a million dollars.

"Just reminding you all what you are playing for!" yells Sylvester.

Jim looks and the money and his eyes glisten.

(CONF) "Man, that's what like twenty years of dealing can make," says Jim. "That's a lot of money."

(CONF) "And that is a good reminder of what will get me off the streets," says Lola.

(CONF) "And there it million flipping dollas!" yells Sha'Brian. "Dang that will bring a lot of bling!"

Sylvester puts the case away and points to a field.

"The interns have scattered Sylvester dollars among the millions of fake dollars in that field," says Sylvester. "Your job as a team is to find 5 of these Sylvester dollars and bring them back to me as fast as possible. Last team will go to elimination and vote someone out of the game."

The three teams sprint out to the field full of fake money. Lola immediately spots one and picks it up.

(CONF) "I'm used to spotting money on the street," says Lola. "It's in my blood."

Xavier rolls his eyes and yells at Sylvester.

"Couldn't you think of a more innovative challenge?" asks Xavier.

Oscar was nodding his head as well.

"I can't use any of my skills to find a needle in a haystack," says Oscar.

Teresa cheers him up.

"It's okay, Oscar, we'll still do fine," says Teresa.

Xavier sticks his tongue out at Oscar and Teresa.

Gaby meanwhile finds a dollar for Team Stealth.

"Oh my god, I like found a dollar!" yelled Gaby.

Right next to her, Jenna found a dollar as well.

"Yay, I found a dollar too!" yells Jenna, hugging Gaby.

"Yayyyy..." says Gaby, as she continues to look for the money. "Now keep looking!"

Lola finds another dollar to add to the one she found earlier.

(CONF) "This challenge is designed for someone like me," says Lola.

Jim, determined after seeing all that cash, quickly finds two dollars.

"I am so motivated!" yells Jim.

"Oh my gosh, me too!" yells Jenna, as she hugs him.

Nick glares jealously from the side while Gaby nudges him.

"Pay attention, soldier!" yells Gaby, as Nick rolls his eyes and continues to look.

Oscar sighs and yells in frustration. Teresa quickly comes over to ask what is wrong.

"Why are you yelling?" asks Teresa.

"Because his big ego can't stand the fact of losing anything," sarcastically states Xavier.

"No!" yells Oscar, obviously being defensive. "Well, actually..." he contemplates, "...maybe."

(CONF) "Ugh, I hate it when Xavier is right!" says Oscar. "It makes me look bad in front of my team."

Chanyu poses for the camera and looks like she has no idea what she is doing.

"Yeah, money-uh should just flow to Chanyu!" yells Chanyu.

"Woah, girl, why you be talkin to yaself?" asks Sha'Brian.

"It's an...old habit?" says Chanyu.

Jim finds another dollar and wins the challenge for Team Stealth.

"Woo-hoo!" yells Jenna, hugging Jim. "Way to go, Jim!"

Jim blushes while Nick rolls his eyes. Gaby smirks at this.

"Jealous much?" asks Gaby, poking fun at Nick.

"Just leave me alone," says Nick, sighing.

Oscar continues to struggle as he can't find any dollars.

"Can't we do a physical challenge?" asks Oscar.

Lola finds two more dollars, increasing the lead to four.

(CONF) "We were down in the challenge and I wanted to prove my worth to the team," says Teresa. "So, I just kept looking and trying my hardest."

Teresa suddenly finds a dollar as Team Execution starts to cheer. Julia and Kyle start to get worried.

(CONF) "Uh-oh, they're starting to pick up some momentum," says Julia. "I can't let our team lose again."

Teresa finds another dollar as she starts to find a groove.

(CONF) "Now I know how Oscar feels," says Teresa. "It's kinda fun!"

Teresa finds her third and fourth dollars as both teams only need one more dollar to go.

Dorian rolls his eyes as Natasha continues looking in the same spot she has been looking in for hours.

"Natasha, just look somewhere else!" yells Dorian.

Natasha ignores Dorian and continues digging. Dorian rolls his eyes but then stops himself from getting too upset.

(CONF) "I have to control my temper out there," says Dorian. "I'm here to win a social game, not make enemies with everyone."

Natasha continues digging and finally finds the last dollar.

"I found it!" squealed Natasha, as Oscar gets upset.

"Ugh! We lost again?" asks Oscar. "How could this happen?"

Xavier chuckles while Oscar gives him an evil glare.

"I guess this means that Team Execution did not execute in the clutch," laughs Sylvester. "Well, that means one of you is going home tonight."

Team Execution walks back to camp, rolling their eyes.

"We almost had that Cinderella story!" complains Teresa, as she hugs Oscar.

Meanwhile, Sha'Brian, Chanyu, and Xavier huddle together.

"Listen," says Xavier. "Oscar and Teresa have gotten really strong as a pair. Now might be the only time to take them out."

"Yeah-uh, and Teresa is nice to me," says Chanyu. "Let's vote out Oscar instead."

"But Oscar is mah homeboy," says Sha'Brian. "Also, we need strength for the challenges."

"Are you part of the alliance or not?" asks Xavier.

"Ah guess ah am," says Sha'Brian.

"Well good-uh," says Chanyu, listening to more K-Pop.

"You are such a wannabe," says Xavier, chuckling at Chanyu.

(CONF) "Wannabe?" asks Chanyu. "He doesn't know half of my life."

Oscar and Teresa also contemplate on who should go home.

"Xavier's been annoying and has been sarcastic this entire game," says Teresa. "We can't have that negative energy at camp anymore."

"I agree," says Oscar. "And I'll also agree that I'll lighten up a little bit more too."

(CONF) "I've had a good time if I go tonight," says Oscar. I've made good friends and have started to learn what working as a team is like."

Team Execution arrives at the elimination ceremony.

"You've all been here before let's just start to vote," says Sylvester, yawning.

(CONF) "I vote for Oscar," says Xavier. "The dude takes life way too seriously.

(CONF) "I vote for Xavier," says Oscar. "That guy just doesn't bring any energy around the cabin."

Teresa, Sha'Brian, and Chanyu vote and sit down.

"And now it's time to read the votes," says Sylvester. "Bronze medals to Chanyu, Sha'Brian, and Teresa."

Oscar and Xavier glare at each other.

"And the final bronze medal goes to..." starts Sylvester.

"...Oscar. Sorry Xavier, but you are out of the game."

"Whatever," says Xavier, rolling his eyes. "I need to socialize with people who have better breath."

Xavier gets taken away by a creepy white van.

"Well," says Sylvester. "Only 13 remain, who will win the ultimate gold trophy on Anywhere But Last!"


Chanyu: Xavier
Oscar: Xavier
Sha'Brian: Oscar
Teresa: Xavier
Xavier: Oscar

Episode 7: Are You Board?

Host: Sylvester
Cook: Sasha

Team Reconnaissance


Team Stealth


Team Execution


Sylvester walks out into a game room.

"Welcome, everyone, to a very special edition of Anywhere But Last!" yells Sylvester. "In order to spice the game up from time to time, we will be holding these game sessions instead of our usual challenges. Don't worry, someone is still gonna get the boot but I figured that camp life can wait a while. Now sit back and make sure you go Anywhere But Last!"

(theme song)

The 13 contestants come in, looking at the complex game board.

"Welcome, everyone!" yells Sylvester. "No time for strategizing; it's do or die time."

"What kind of challenge is this?" asks Oscar.

"It looks confusing," says Kyle. "I've never seen a challenge like this before."

Lola rolls her eyes and glares at Sylvester. "Can we get this over with?" asks Lola.

Sylvester continues. "This challenge is going to be a massive adventure. Each turn, a team will roll a ten-sided die to see how many miles you have to travel on the course ahead. Each team will have a different course and many tricks and traps will appear on the way. Last team to arrive will vote someone out right when the other two teams finish. Understood?" asks Sylvester.

Teams Stealth, Reconnaissance, and Execution nod their heads.

"Team Execution, since you lost the last challenge, you go first," says Sylvester.

Team Execution goes to their side of the course and roll the die.

"It says we got a five," says Chanyu.

Team Execution moves forward three spaces until a giant spider appears.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" screams Chanyu, flailing in fear. "I hate spiders!"

(CONF) "That girl needs to get it together," says Oscar. "These little spiders aren't gonna kill you."

Teresa finds a stick and gives it to Oscar. Oscar ends up smacking the spider to the ground. Chanyu sighs and hugs Oscar.

"Thanks for helping me out," says Chanyu.

"No problem," says Oscar, smiling.

Teresa blushes a little and tells the team to keep moving on.

Dorian rolls the die for Team Reconnaissance.

"Let's seems we got a seven," says Dorian.

(CONF) "I need to get more strategy in this game," says Dorian. "Right now, I have two alliances: one with Natasha and another with Gaby and Jenna. All I need to do is make an alliance with the third team. But with who...?"

Dorian looks at Team Execution and sees Teresa blushing at Oscar while Sha'Brian and Chanyu are off in the distance.

(CONF) "If you look at it, the choice is easy," says Dorian. "Oscar and Teresa are already locked up in an alliance. Sha'Brian is just plain crazy. Therefore, Chanyu is both insecure and impatient, a perfect member of my alliance."

Team Reconnaissance moves seven spaces and sees that there is a locked door that prevents them from moving forward.

"What do we do now?" asks Natasha.

Lola immediately tries to start picking the lock.

"Ooh, look at super-skilled girl going at it again," laughs Kyle.

Julia snickers while Lola rolls her eyes.

"Got any better ideas, smart ass?" protests Lola.

Kyle looks around and sees a little note on the door.

"It says that someone has to tell an embarrassing secret for us to move forward," says Kyle.

(CONF) "Oh no," says Julia. "I have so many secrets that I don't want anyone to know about. This is a little scary for me. If no one volunteers, we can't go on, but I really don't want to share my humiliating childhood. Let's just say that I spent a lot of time getting gum out of my hair."

(CONF) "Embarrassing secrets?" asks Natasha. "All I have is my hidden immunity idol, but I don't want anyone to know about that. I mean, Dorian has even asked me about it and I lied straight to his face. I can't just reveal it now!"

Team Reconnaissance stands at the door until Kyle finally speaks.

"Fine, I spent most of my childhood alone. I didn't have any friends growing up," sighs Kyle.

Natasha, Dorian, and Lola try to hold in their laughter while the door opens. Julia remains silent as Kyle rolls his eyes.

"Next time, one of you suckers is next up on the totally embarrassing secret train," says Kyle.

Team Stealth rolls the die. Jim reads that it's a three.

"Yo guys, we should like, totally go for this," yawns Jim.

(CONF) "You know, this show is actually teaching me something," says Jim.

The team moves forward until a genie appears out of nowhere and traps Jim.

(CONF) "I really think that my rehab is going well," says Jim. "Although seeing that weird genie did make me have my doubts."

The genie goes to Jim and surrounds him. "Jim," says the genie,"I will grant you one wish...either you move ahead five spaces for free or I can give you one quick smoke right now."

Jim gasps as Gaby glares at him.

(CONF) "Oh god," says Jim. "I've spent all this time rehabbing away from my addictions but now the genie is offering me a tough choice. Should I take it...?"

Jim sighs as he makes his decision. "I've decided to move my team ahead five spaces."

Gaby cheers as Jenna hugs him. "You're awesome, Jim!" she says, as Nick continues to look on with jealousy.

Gaby sees Nick and pulls him aside. "Listen," says Gaby. "Focus on the challenges and helping our team win. You've got no shot with Jenna so just save your energy."

(CONF) "Well, that was mean," says Nick. "It would be so much more chill if everyone just acted nicer to each other, man. Gaby is such a bossy person."

Team Execution rolls a one, and nothing happens.

Team Stealth jumps into first place, but Team Reconnaissance was not about to back down. Lola rolls the die and it ends up being a 10.

"Yes!" screams Lola, as the team moves forward. Team Reconnaissance ends up on a red space, where something had is supposed to happen. Suddenly, Sylvester appears to give the news.

"You must sit one person out the rest of the challenge," says Sylvester. "Who is it gonna be Team Reconnaissance?"

Natasha volunteers to sit out of the challenge. Dorian winks at her and smiles.

(CONF) "I'm used to sitting out and cheering for our sports teams back at home," says Natasha. "This should be no difference. Plus, Dorian feels like I took one for the team! That's good, right?"

Meanwhile, Kyle and Lola strategize about what to do next.

"I feel like Dorian might have the idol," says Kyle. "He's acting so confident lately."

"That's something to look out for," says Lola. "Wanna check his stuff when we get back?"

"I like that idea," says Kyle, grinning.

After a couple of turns, Team Execution gets to roll again. Chanyu screams some words in Korean, and then spins the die and gets a five.

"Ah-uh!" yells Chanyu. "I was hoping-uh for a ten-uh."

At that moment, Lola realized where she recognized Chanyu from.

(CONF) "Oh my god," says Lola. "She's a famous Korean pop star! ...and believe me, I only know that because of my stupid little sister. My parents only had enough money to raise either her or I, and they chose her because she was "prettier" so they felt she would get further in life. Ugh, she is obsessed with those K-Pop CDs. I want to cause Chanyu pain because of the pain she caused me....but I have to wait and choose my moment to strike."

Oscar looks at the obstacle and sees a rope-swinging challenge and widens his eyes.

(CONF) "Finally!" says Oscar. "It's time to show my skills! I can show finally that I am a physical threat that can't be beat!"

Oscar swings on half the vines, but then ends up tripping and falling in the middle.

Sha'Brian glares at him. "I thought you were good at this!" he yells. "Dayumn boy, way to let us down!"

Oscar, disappointed, ends up alone in the jungle. Teresa walks to go comfort him, but Chanyu pulls her back.

"Let-uh him deal with this one on his own," she says. "It'll help him grow."

Oscar yells in the jungle. "Why can't I prove myself?" he asks, almost crying.

Dorian ends up going up to him and puts a hand on Oscar's shoulder.

"I know your pain, bro," says Dorian. "Until high school, I was always picked last for sports even though I knew I could do well. No one else gave me a chance."

Oscar, hearing this, stops crying and smiles. "Thanks man," he says. "You're obviously ripped now, so I know that you must have put a lot of effort in to prove the other people wrong."

Oscar and Dorian hug it out and Oscar walks back to his team.

"Thanks for that; I owe you one," says Oscar.

(CONF) "Again, was I telling the truth?" asks Dorian. "Of course not! But now I have alliances on all three teams. This game is just too easy."

After more rolling, Team Reconnaissance is only 2 spaces way from the finish when Julia rolls a three.

"Team Reconnaissance wins again!" yells Sylvester. "Either Team Stealth or Team Execution is going to the elimination ceremony."

(CONF) "I am not going to that damn ceremony again!" yells Sha'Brian. "Ain't there no way in hell I am taking this out of my hands."

Team Execution rolls a five, and ends up three away from finishing. Sylvester pops up with seven mutant rabbits.

"Whoever can knock out these rabbits before they knock out you can advance your team an extra three spaces!" yells Sylvester. "Choose your victim."

(CONF) "I really want to try and do this," says Oscar. "But if I fail, then that's another time I would fail. Decisions, decisions..."

Oscar raises his hand and ends up volunteering. Sha'Brian glares at him from the side.

"The hell you doing?" asks Sha'Brian. "I wanna be da hero!"

Teresa puts her hand on Sha'Brian's shoulder to try to calm him down. "You'll get your chance later," she says smiling.

Oscar, fists ready, gets prepared to take down the rabbits.

(CONF) "Here we go," says Oscar. "It's just me vs. the wild, like it always has been. How hard can this be?"

(CONF) "I was looking at this fight, and I was like, he's totally gonna die," says Gaby. "Whatever, at least he's not on my team."

(CONF) "Why are all those rabbits so messed up?" asks Jim. "Did they get drugs? Why do the rabbits get to get wee-"

Chanyu cheers from the side. "You can do it!" she yells, as Lola gives her an evil glare. Dorian notices this glare, and raises an eyebrow.

(CONF) "Lola knows something about Chanyu," says Dorian. "And I'm gonna find out what it is."

Oscar walks up to the rabbits, and pumps his chest.

"Bring it on!" he yells, as the rabbits attack.

A flash of white light surrounds Oscar, as he becomes unconscious. The next thing he knows, he wakes up at the elimination ceremony.

"Oscar, are you okay?" asks Teresa, stroking his head.

"Who cares?" asks Sha'Brian. "We lost because of him. Get him ouda heeya!"

"As you can tell Oscar, your team lost the challenge. Team Execution will be voting someone out tonight. Teresa, Chanyu, and Sha'Brian have already voted."

Oscar walks into the confessional and makes his vote.

"Y'all know the drill, if I give you a bronze medal you are safe, etcetera, blah blah blah," says Sylvester. "Chanyu and Teresa, you are safe."

Chanyu and Teresa hug each other as they receive their medals.

"One left, either Sha'Brian or Oscar is going home," says Sylvester. "Either the trash talker or the one that lost the challenge is going home. The next person voted out of Anywhere But Last is..."

"...Sha'Brian. Oscar, here's your medal."

Sylvester throws Oscar a medal as Sha'Brian yells at his team.

"To hell with y'all!" he yells as the creepy white van takes him away.

(CONF) "I voted with Teresa to keep Oscar because I find it so romantic how they stick together," says Chanyu. "Also, Sha'Brian was really mean blaming Oscar for how he loss the challenge. We lose as a team, not as an individual."

(CONF) "Yay, Oscar is safe another week!" says Teresa. "Sha'Brian was a major negative energy to our team, and was really bringing down our morale."

"Only 12 remain," says Sylvester. "Who is the next unlucky loser to get kidnapped away next on Anywhere But Last!"


Chanyu: Sha'Brian
Oscar: Sha'Brian
Sha'Brian: Oscar
Teresa: Sha'Brian

Episode 8: Fear the Wheel

Host: Sylvester
Cook: Sasha

Team Reconnaissance


Team Stealth


Team Execution


"Last time on Anywhere But Last," starts Sylvester. "Lola discovered that Chanyu is secretly a Korean pop star. Oscar again failed to win a challenge on his own for his team. And finally, Sha'Brian got voted out for being mean to his team. Only 12 remain, try not to go Anywhere But Last!"

(theme song)

Team Execution returns, looking exhausted.

"I'm sorry Oscar," says Teresa. "That just have been scary for you."

"I'm just upset there's only there of us," says Oscar.

(CONF) "It's-uh weird-uh only having three people left on our team," says Chanyu. "I feel totally like a third wheel over here."

"I'm just glad that Sha'Brian can't ruin the positive energy of our team," says Teresa. "That's all that matters, right?"

"Right," says Oscar, nervously pacing.

Meanwhile, on Team Reconnaissance, Natasha starts reading the rules on her idol privately.

"You must play the idol before the votes are read," says Natasha. "The person with the second-most votes gets voted out. You must choose whether you want to play it or not, because you can be voted out with the idol. Sounds intense."

(CONF) "I'm guessing that the other idols are in the same place where I found mine," says Natasha. "Should I help someone on another team find theirs or should I risk looking fishy looking under other teams' rugs? It's so tough..."

Kyle notices Natasha pondering.

"Everything okay?" asks Kyle, noticing Natasha not in the loop.

"Yea...everything's fine," says Natasha.

"Does this have anything to do with Dorian?" asks Kyle.

"," says Natasha. "You all assume he and I are super tight, but I think he doesn't tell me anything."

(CONF) "If I can find the idol, we have enough votes to send Dorian home," says Kyle. "The only wild card is Julia, who might vote to keep Dorian again."

Meanwhile, Julia and Lola are swimming together, chatting.

"How have you spent your childhood?" asks Lola.

"I've mostly been caught up in my books," says Julia, nervously.

"It's okay; you can trust me," says Lola. "If you have any secrets, I probably have one a lot worse."

"Well...," says Julia, "I'm scared..."

"Of what?" asks Lola.

(CONF) "I feel uncomfortable answering all these questions with Lola," says Julia. "It is kinda nice though that someone cares about my feelings for one time in my life. This experience might be worth more to me than the prize at the end."

Meanwhile, Dorian meets with Gaby and Jenna.

"So, how are the guys on your team holding up?" asks Dorian.

"Oh, Jim is absolutely useless," says Gaby. "He just sits there wanting drugs all the time. We need to vote him out next."

"Yeah," says Jenna, agreeing.

"But think about this," says Dorian. "Who's a bigger threat at the merge, Jim or Nick?"

"Ohhh," says Gaby. "I see where you're getting at. Nice thinking."

(CONF) "This is too easy," says Dorian. "I'm getting other team members to vote out their stronger players. They should just give me the check now and save their time."

Gaby and Jenna walk off in private.

"Are you fine with voting out Nick?" asks Gaby.

"Well..." says Jenna.

"Good," says Gaby. "I guess next time we lose, it won't be that hard on you."

Dorian returns to Natasha and talks strategy with her.

"We need to look for the idol," says Dorian. "We need it to insure our safety."

Natasha hides her blush as she knows she already has the idol.

"Uh, yeah, sure," says Natasha.

Dorian looks around the cabin, as Natasha in unsure what to do.

(CONF) "Should I look in the cabin with him?" asks Natasha. "It's a waste of time, but I don't want him to stop trusting me."

Natasha searches lightly for the idol when Julia, Kyle, and Lola walk in.

"Woah," says Lola. "You two are looking for the idol?"

"Why aren't you?" asks Dorian.

"Because we need to work as a team, not as individuals," says Lola. "You two are just digging your own graves."

(CONF) "We'll see about that," says Dorian, grinning and folding his hands.

Kyle and Julia walk to the beach, holding hands.

"Are you understanding yourself more out here?" asks Kyle.

"Yeah," says Julia. "Being out here this long really makes you think about what you are doing with you life."

Kyle and Julia kiss, and stare into the distance.

Meanwhile, Nick and Jim were in the Forest, trying to find something more tasty to eat than Sasha's cooking.

"These berries look good," says Nick, sighing.

"You okay, bro?" asks Jim.

"Yeah," says Nick. "I'm just thinking about Jenna."

"I know how you feel bro," says Jim. "I'm missing my girl back at home."

"What's her name?" asks Nick, curious.

"Heraline," says Jim.

(CONF) "I've never heard the name "Heraline" before," says Nick. "But it kinda sounded like..."

"You mean Caroline?" asks Nick.

"No," says Jim, looking defeated. "I just...kinda...gave a nickname to my heroine."

Nick looks in both fright and disgust, trying to figure out what to say.

(CONF) "This guy does have a problem," says Nick. "As a friend, I should probably find a way to help him."

Nick hugs Jim. "You'll get through this," says Nick.

"Thanks," says Jim, almost crying. "You're a good friend."

Lola and Julia walk in, and see Jim crying.

"You okay?" asks Lola. "Something happen to you?"

"...I can't stop thinking about drugs," says Jim.

(CONF) "The only reason I started getting involved with drugs is because both my parents died when I was 12," says Jim. "I use drugs as a coping mechanism so I don't become super depressed."

"It's okay," says Julia. "You have friends here to help you."

(CONF) "I have friends...?" asks Jim, still upset. "Wow...that feels so fulfilling."

At the challenge, Sylvester holds up a wheel with all of the contestants' faces on them.

"Welcome to the wheel of fear!" yells Sylvester. "In this challenge, the wheel is spun to see who goes for each team. We've done enough research to know what all your worst fears are. If you conquer your fear, you get a point. First team to three points win!"

(CONF) "That's just sadistic," says Kyle. "How'd he get everyone's fears?"

Sylvester spins the wheel and it lands on Teresa. "Teresa, you're up!"

(CONF) "I'm normally a positive person," says Teresa. "I don't like negative environments. I wonder if, how can he know?"

"Teresa, your challenge is to spend the rest of the day in prison!" yells Sylvester. "Not escaping will earn you a point for your team."

Teresa sighs and walks into the prison, shivering.

"Isn't this fun?" asks Sylvester. "Next up, Julia!"

Julia shivers as Sylvester reads Julia's fear.

"Julia, you have to listen to Dubstep for 20 minutes!" yells Sylvester. "Ooh, that's bad."

(CONF) "That music is horrible," says Julia. "I'm used to listening to classical music...this will be tough."

Julia puts on the headphones, and starts running around and takes them off.

"I can't do this!" Julia yells.

Sylvester shrugs and spins the wheel. The wheel lands on Nick.

"Nick," says Sylvester, "your task is to shoot a deer in the forest with this shotgun here!"

"What?" asks Nick. "I'm a pacifist! I can't shoot an animal!"

"That's what makes this show so great," says Sylvester, snickering.

Chanyu glares in disgust.

"That's not fair-uh Sylvester. You are-uh twisted-uh," says Chanyu.

Lola rolls her eyes at the sound of Chanyu's voice.

(CONF) "Every time Chanyu speaks, I can't think of anything but my freaking sister," says Lola. "I feel like I need revenge...or a sense of completion. I want to make Chanyu pay for what she did to me."

"Come on, Nick, just shoot the damn deer!" yells Gaby.

Nick continues to hesitate, until Jenna joins Gaby.

"Come on Nick, you can shoot the deer!" yells Jenna.

Nick, smiling, takes a deep breath and shoots the dear. Team Stealth gets its first point.

"Woo-hoo! Go Nick!" yells Jenna as she hugs him. Gaby glares at the two while Nick smiles.

(CONF) "Wow! Jenna is finally paying attention to me!" says Nick, clearly satisfied. "Maybe she finally can break out of Gaby's shadow and help me vote Gaby out! How cool of a story would that be?"

(CONF) "I can not let Jenna get closer to Nick," says Gaby. "He needs to go next. I can't have this happen."

The wheel lands on Natasha next, as Natasha squeals.

"Oh my gosh, what am I facing?" asks Natasha.

Sylvester snickers and opens a can full of worms.

"Ewww, I can't eat worms," says Natasha.

"We need the point!" yells Kyle, frustrated.

Dorian rolls his eyes and then goes up to Natasha. "Think about it," he says, "some birds live exclusively off of eating worms. They must have some nutritional value. Also, I will be so happy if we score a point.

Natasha blushes and eats the entire can of worms.

"Teams Reconnaissance and Stealth have a point each!" says Sylvester. "Let's check out on how Teresa is doing."

Teresa, in a fetal position, rocks back and forth in the cell.

"Does this mean I can't go to college?" asks Teresa, clearly upset. "How can I talk about my feelings here?"

Teresa hears Oscar yelling from the distance.

"Go, Teresa!" yells Oscar. "I believe in you!"

"Thanks!" yells Teresa. "I don't even know if I believe in myself."

(CONF) "Oscar is just so chill," says Teresa. "I don't even know if I could have stayed in that prison as long as I did if I didn't have Oscar's support."

"Next up is Lola!" yells Sylvester. "Lola, we want to see your soft side. Tell us your entire life story."

"Wow, that's personal," says Lola. "Ummm, I don't think I can do it. There are some things in my past that the public shouldn't hear."

"Come on," says Kyle. "We all have secrets!"

(CONF) "Yeah, but not secrets that will get you arrested," says Lola. "Some people are just so sheltered and think that keeping secrets is such a big deal. So naïve."

"Next up is Kyle!" yells Sylvester. "Kyle, we all know how you like to overthink everything. I want you to not talk the rest of the challenge!"

Kyle rolls his eyes and does not say a word, while clearly struggling.

"Hey Kyle," says Sylvester. "I can't tell, how many votes are required in a majority if there are five votes in total?"

Kyle paces around until he just glares at Sylvester.

(CONF) Kyle holds up three fingers, holds up a picture of Brad Culpepper, and then rolls his eyes.

"Who hasn't gone?" asked Sylvester. "Oh, Gaby! Your challenge is just not to snoop around." Sylvester holds up Natasha's diary and Chanyu's backpack.

(CONF) "Oh no-uh!" yells Chanyu. "That-uh backpack-uh holds all of my K-Pop secrets! Gaby better not open it!"

Gaby looks at the stuff and decides not to look at anything.

"Yay! Go Gaby!" yells Jenna.

(CONF) "Yeah, like, Natasha and Chanyu? They're like, non-factors in this game. If it was Dorian, I would have looked, but come on, Natasha and Chanyu?" asks Gaby.

(CONF) "Thank God Gaby didn't look at my diary," says Natasha. "It had information about my idol and about my feelings for Dorian."

"So right now, Team Reconnaissance has 1 point, Team Stealth has 2, and Team Execution has 0 with Kyle and Teresa in limbo," says Sylvester. "Oscar, you're next with your fear!"

(CONF) "It's a good thing I'm not scared of an object," says Oscar. "The only thing I fear is a person, and there's no way that person can be here."

"Oscar, welcome back your kindergarten teacher, Ms. Mazy!" snickers Sylvester.

"Hey, Oscar," says Ms. Mazy as she walks in. "You were my favorite student! It's so glad to see you again! Give me a hug!"

Oscar freezes up and whimpers as everyone else starts laughing.

"Seriously bro, you're scared of a kindergarten teacher?" asks Dorian. "That's hilarious!"

(CONF) "She was like, too nice," says Oscar. "I dunno, I guess I just didn't like being told what to do as a small child. I guess I just am an independent person."

Oscar continues to be frightened until he remembers Teresa struggling in the prison. He takes a breath of air and runs, crying to hug Ms. Mazy.

"Oh, Oscar, it has been a long time, hasn't it?" grins Ms. Mazy.

"And that's the first point on the board for Team Execution!" yells Sylvester. "Chanyu, you're up next. Your challenge is to....wake up the dragon of a thousand moons!"

"What-uh!?" screams Chanyu. "But that's just an urban myth, a legend!"

"Yeah, but we found out you weren't scared of anything reeeaal," says Sylvester, "so we got a bunch of interns to imitate the fearsome dragon."

(CONF) "When I was young-uh, my parents used to scare me by saying we had a dragon that would eat you whenever I wouldn't listen to them. They called it the Dragon of a Thousand Moons."

Chanyu looks up, nods, and then karate chops the dragon. Underneath the fake cover that interns are hiding behind to make the dragon, a nasally yell can be heard.

"So there we go!" yells Sylvester. "Teams Stealth and Execution at 2, and Team Renaissance at 1. Jenna, you're up next."

Jenna walks up to Sylvester and smiles.

"Your challenge Jenna," says Sylvester, "is, wait, do we have any information on Jenna?"

Sasha looks through the index cards with all of the different fears on them, and shakes her head.

"I guess by default then, Team Stealth wins a point and now has 3," says Sylvester. "Let's check up on Kyle and Teres-"

Right as Sylvester mentioned Teresa, Teresa comes running out of the prison crying. "I can't take it anymore! I feel so alone!" yells Teresa, as she continues to cry and runs into Oscar's arms.

"Sorry you had to suffer so much in there," says Oscar. "I hope you feel better here with the rest of us."

(CONF) "I'm so glad Oscar is so understanding," says Teresa. "It's good to have a friend like him around."

Teresa, still in Oscar's arms, kisses him on the cheek. Oscar blushes and smiles back at her. Meanwhile, Sylvester awards Kyle a point for not talking this entire time.

"Here's how we stand," says Sylvester. "Team Stealth is automatically safe with 3 points while Team Reconnaissance and Team Execution both have 2. Therefore, Dorian is the only one left and can win it for Team Reconnaissance. If he loses, by tiebreaker since Team Execution had less people to begin the challenge, Team Reconnaissance will go to elimination."

(CONF) "It's do or die time," says Dorian. "The entire challenge comes down to me facing my biggest fear. Ooh, this will be tricky."

(CONF) "All I was thinking was that Dorian cannot win this challenge," says Oscar. "I don't want to go to the elimination ceremony again."

"Dorian," says Sylvester. " need to shave all of you hair off!"

Dorian and Natasha gasps as Lola starts snickering.

(CONF) "Oh, this should be priceless," says Lola.

Dorian sighs, and starts shivering. However, he takes three deep breaths, grabs the razor, and shaves his hair off.

"Done!" yells Dorian. "Team Reconnaissance for the win!

"Woohoo!" yells Natasha, as she yells him as Kyle, Julia, and Lola cheer.

(CONF) "Well, it looks like I'm gonna be bald the rest of the summer," says Dorian. "Sucks to suck, but I am here to win. No hair cutting will get in my way."

(CONF) "That was so brave of Dorian to go in like that," says Natasha. "There is no way I would have done what he did.

"It looks like Team Execution is gonna have another date with me at the elimination ceremony tonight!" yells Sylvester. "Oscar, Chanyu, Teresa, I'll be looking forward to seeing you there."

"Ugh-uh!" yells Chanyu. "How can this happen?"

"By the way," yells Lola, still at the challenge, "Chanyu is secretly a famous Korean pop star! She doesn't need the money!"

Everyone gasps as Chanyu looks at everyone with sheepy eyes.

"I'm-uh sorry, everyone, I didn't mean to hide-uh it from you all!" yells Chanyu. "I'm sorry."

Oscar and Teresa look at each other and nod their heads.

At the elimination ceremony, Sylvester holds two bronze medals. 

"You guys have been here three times; you should know the drill. It's voting time!" says Sylvester.

(CONF) "I vote for Oscar, just because why not?" says Chanyu.

(CONF) "I vote for Chanyu. I can't believe she held that secret for so long!" says Oscar.

"The first bronze medal goes to Teresa," says Sylvester, throwing the medal to Teresa.

"The last bronze medal of the night goes to..." starts Sylvester.

"...Oscar. Chanyu, you have been eliminated from the competition."

"Bye-uh, both of you! It's been fun!" yells Chanyu, being thrown into the strange white van.

"Well, that was an interesting turn of events," says Sylvester. "It looks dim for Team Execution with only two members left, but anything can happen!" Find out the truth with only 11 contestants left next time on Anywhere But Last!" says Sylvester.


Chanyu: Oscar
Oscar: Chanyu
Teresa: Chanyu

Episode 9: A Pair-tridge in a Pair Tree

Host: Sylvester
Cook: Sasha

Team Reconnaissance


Team Stealth


Team Execution


"Last time on Anywhere But Last," starts Sylvester, "the teams had to face their worst fears as phobias came to life. We found out that Oscar is afraid of his childhood teacher. Dorian shaved his head for a new look. Lola has too many secrets about her past. But, even after all of this, it was our resident K-Pop star Chanyu getting the boot after Lola revealed that Chanyu is rich and famous. Rich and famous, huh? What a life. Anyways, with only 11 left, can Team Execution hold on? Find out and make sure that you go Anywhere But Last!"

(theme song)

Oscar and Teresa walk back to their cabin looking slightly depressed.

"I can't believe it's just the two of us left on this team," says Oscar. 

"Don't feel too depressed about it," says Teresa. "We can still pull this off."

(CONF) "Ever since Chanyu got voted out, I've been feeling depressed," says Oscar. "Whenever it comes down to it, I can never secure the victory for our time. I'm the biggest loser on Anywhere But Last."

"I guess..." says Oscar.

"We've still got each other," says Teresa, blushing a little.

"With each other, I believe we can go very far," says Oscar, blushing back.

(CONF) "Every time I see Oscar, I get butterflies in my stomach," says Teresa. "He's messy, goofy, and totally not my type in real life. But I guess...on this show, anything can happen!"

As Oscar walks into his bed, Teresa trips on the rug in her cabin and looks under the rug.

(CONF) "Is this...?" asks Teresa, confused and bewildered.

When the next day approaches, Oscar gets out of bed and hugs Teresa. 

"Good morning," says Oscar, yawning.

Oscar looks at Teresa and can tell she looks really nervous.

"Is everything okay?" asks Oscar. 

"Everything is fine," answers Teresa. "Don't worry about anything."

(CONF) "My dad told me if a girl tells you not to worry, then you have to worry," says Oscar.

Meanwhile, at Team Reconnaissance, Dorian continues to look for the idol.

"Where is this dang idol?" asks Dorian, continuing to search.

"Stop looking for it," says Lola. "You're never gonna find it."

(CONF) "I'm never going to find it?" asks Dorian. "Does that mean Lola already has the idol? That girl really does have some tricks up her sleeve. I think she needs to go before Kyle or Julia."

Dorian sneaks up to Julia, smiling.

"Hey, Julia," says Dorian, waving to her.

"Hi..." responds Julia.

"So, what do you think about the game so far? Enjoying your time here?" asks Dorian.

"Ummm...." says Julia.

Right as Julia is responding, Kyle walks into the cabin and grabs Julia's hands.

"We don't talk to weasels," says Kyle, as both he and Julia walk out snickering.

(CONF) "Ugh, that was rude," says Dorian. "New agenda: get out Kyle and Lola both. This is going to be tough. I really hope Lola doesn't have that idol. Time to keep searching!"

Kyle and Julia walk out of the cabin and walk to the lake.

"I'm glad you helped me back there," says Julia.

"Anything to get you away from Dorian," says Kyle. "That guy is super shady."

"I guess so..." says Julia. 

Kyle and Julia look into each other's eyes, and kiss again. However, this time, Lola, who is walking past them, catches them kissing.

(CONF) "I knew they were close, but not this close," says Lola. "As they say on the streets, two goons always pack more of a punch than one. Gotta sleep with one eye open from now on."

As Kyle and Julia split up to look like they don't spend too much time together, Lola walks up to Julia. 

"So, anything happen today?" asks Lola.

"Nothing much..." says Julia.

"Are you sure?" asks Lola. 

"Yup," responds Julia, going back into the cabin.

(CONF) "She's not biting," says Lola. "That means I can't trust her completely from now on. Good to know."

At Team Stealth, Gaby brushes her hair while talking to Jenna. 

"Do you know what the game plan is?" asks Gaby.

"Yup!" squals Jenna.

"Good, we know that Nick is next to go, right?" asks Gaby.

"Right..." answers Jenna reluctantly.

(CONF) "Nick is the biggest threat in the game, and I have Jenna on board with voting him out next time we go to elimination ceremony," says Gaby. "The next step is to throw the challenge...without the rest of my team knowing. I still need one more vote to vote out Nick, though. And that one vote is..."

Gaby walks up to Jim in the cabin. 

"Hey, Jim, how's that drug withdrawal going?" asks Gaby.

Jim glares at Gaby and pretends to go back to sleep.

"You know Jim, I did bring a pack of cigarettes with me..." starts Gaby.

Jim looks up at Gaby and glares at her.

"Where are they?" sheepishly, yet desperately asks Jim.

"If you vote for Nick next time we go to elimination, I'll give you one," says Gaby.

"Sure, I'll do anything for one!" yells Jim, clearly distraught.

(CONF) "Jim might be a better alliance member than I thought," says Gaby. "If I can use him with cigarettes, he could be very useful in this game."

(CONF) "This addiction is getting worse than I thought," says Jim. "I really need to compose myself. Come on, Jim, breath. It's not that hard."

Natasha meanwhile sits by a tree by herself. She looks kind of down until Nick walks over to her.

"Are you okay?" asks Nick, concerned for Natasha.

"Everything is...all right," says Natasha. "Nothing to worry about here."

"Usually, whenever I feel a little down, I like to do a little meditation to calm myself down," says Nick. 

"I guess I can try some meditation," says Natasha. "Usually I just make up a cheer to get myself back up, but everyone has their ways."

Natasha and Nick close their eyes and take a couple of breaths in and out.

"Imagine you are in a forest..." starts Nick, as he and Natasha eventually fall asleep.

Meanwhile, Gaby and Jenna walk by and see Nick sleeping next to Natasha.

"Are you cuddling next to the enemy?" asks Gaby, waking both Nick and Natasha up. "Are you asking to be voted out next?"

"Yeah, that's rude!" yells Jenna, as she stomps away.

(CONF) "I didn't expect Jenna to get that emotional," says Gaby. "I mean, I never thought someone as idiotic as Jenna could have feelings anyways, so I guess that's shocker #1 for the day."

Natasha walks away while Gaby glares at Nick.

"Watch your back," says Gaby as she turns her hair around and walks away.

(CONF) "She's so intimidating," says Nick. "I wish I could stand up to her, but I'm afraid she could hurt me."

The three teams walk out of their cabins to see Sylvester with handcuffs in his hands.

"Today, I feel like there is some tension in the air. I bet you all want some time alone to relieve some of that tension and stress that Anywhere But Last has given you." says Sylvester.

"That would be great!" says Teresa, looking for a break amidst all the drama. 

"Unfortunately for you Teresa, I am going to do the exact opposite of that!" yells Sylvester, laughing. "There will be 5 teams of 2 randomly assigned by me. For Team Reconnaissance, Team 1 is Dorian and Natasha while Team 2 is Kyle and Julia. For Team Stealth, Team 1 is Gaby and Jim with Team 2 being Nick and Jenna. For Team Execution...well, Oscar and Teresa you will team up. Everyone understand?"

"Ummm," says Lola, "what am I going to do? Sit here and look like a little doll?"

"Well, Lola, we have a special surprise for you. Since you won't be participating in the challenge, you will be our first contestant to chill on a brand new twist this season: The Choice Cabin! You'll get more information when you get there. For now, our strange white van will take you to the Choice Cabin."

Lola reluctantly goes into the van and vanishes before the challenge.

(CONF) "This is great!" yells Nick. "I finally get time with Jenna alone for once! I hope this goes as well as I thought it might."

On Team Execution, Teresa smiles as she is paired up with Oscar. 

"How bad do you want to win this game?" asks Teresa.

"Oh, so badly, you have no idea," says Oscar. "My family needs this money and I would love to reward them for all that they have rewarded me throughout life."

(CONF) "I wasn't really a jungle boy by choice," says Oscar. "Often, I would have to scour through the jungle near the suburban area where I live to get some berries for my struggling family. If I were to win this competition, I really could help them out."

"That's so sweet," says Teresa, hugging Oscar. "I wish more men out there were as nice as you are."

Oscar smiles back at Teresa, trying to cheer her up for the challenge. 

"Let's finally win a challenge so one of us doesn't have to go home!" yells Oscar.

"I really don't want one of us to be voted out," says Teresa. "We've created such a bond...a lifelong friendship."

(CONF) "Okay, fine," says Teresa, "I'll admit it, I really like Oscar. He's so funny, athletic, and down-to-earth. We're so compatible yet so different in so many ways. It's like a match made in heaven."

Oscar looks around at the four other teams they have to beat in the challenge.

"We can do it Teresa," says Oscar. "I believe in us."

"I believe in us too," says Teresa.

Sylvester arrives and guides the contestants to large surfboards hovering above the water, barely large enough to support the weight of one person, let alone two.

"Welcome to part one of this pair-tastic challenge!" yells Sylvester. "Once you both change into your bathing suits, you will both try to stay on the surfboard above the ocean for as long as possible! In this three part challenge, you are playing not to lose. This is part one of the challenge. The first two pairs to complete the challenge are guaranteed not to lose for their team. By the end of part three, the last team not to win will cause their entire team to go to elimination!"

Gaby looks at Jim, who is half asleep. 

"Wake up soldier!" yells Gaby. "I can't afford to lose this early in Round 1. Get your druggy butt in gear!"

"You go, Gaby!" yells Jenna, completely ignoring Nick next to her.

The contestants change into their bathing suits and walk onto the surfboards, their bodies smushed against each other.

"This is kind of uncomfortable...." says Julia.

"Well, just be glad you're not chained to Dorian," says Kyle. "There is a good chance he could make a move on you on the surfboard. That was just be weird."

(CONF) "Maybe it wouldn't be bad if Dorian was pushed up against me," dreams Julia.

Sylvester officially starts the challenge, and immediately Nick and Jenna start to struggle.

"So, Jenna," starts Nick, awkwardly trying to start conversation, "how did you grow up as a child?"

Jenna just looks at Nick and nods her head.

(CONF) "There has to be something more in there," says Nick. "There has to."

Jenna and Nick are the first pair to fall into the water after losing their balance. 

Teresa begins to wiggle until Oscar balances her out.

"There is no way we can lose this," says Oscar. "Believe in us."

"I believe in us," says Teresa. "I believe in the remains of Team Execution. Let's execute the rest of the competition!"

(CONF) "I really didn't mean execute," says Teresa. "That's a harsh word. What about vanquish? Is that worse?"

Oscar looks over at the other three pairs, and sees Kyle and Julia struggling. Natasha was able to balance nicely due to her past as a cheerleader.

"Looks like your balance comes into good use," says Dorian, hugging Natasha tightly.

"Yeah..." says Natasha.

(CONF) "Dorian is such a hunk," says Natasha. "His body is....well, perfect. I would let him ride a surfboard with me any day of the week."

Meanwhile, Jim and Gaby look uncomfortable balancing on the board.

"Ew, don't get too close to me, you druggy freak," says Gaby, trying to create some separation between herself and Jim.

"My bad..." says Jim. "I'm just really out of shape since I started smoking."

"Hang in there," says Gaby, trying to balance both of them.

(CONF) "I really need to prove my worth to my team," says Jim. "It's about time."

Meanwhile, Kyle and Julia end up falling into the water as they are unable to stay on the surfboard.

"Look at that Oscar," says Teresa. "Only one more team to outlast!"

(CONF) "I'm feeling super confident," says Oscar. "All we have to do is outlast one more team and we Team Execution avoids elimination! We really need a break after being to elimination three times in a row."

(CONF) "I really hope we don't go to elimination," says Teresa. "We've gotten rid of all the negative energy, so karma must be on our side!"

Natasha and Dorian end up looking perfectly still on their board, while Gaby and Jim are wobbling all over the place.

(CONF) "Ugh, how long do I have to be attached to this loser?" asks Gaby. "It's kinda weird being pressed up against him in my bathing suit...ugh. If this is what it takes to win a million dollars, working must be complete hell. Moments like this help me keep my head in the game and ready to backstab friendships."

Gaby and Jim continue to wobble, but Teresa, while looking at them and smiling, loses her balance and falls off the surfboard.

"The two teams that are safe are Dorian and Natasha, and Gaby and Jim!" yells Sylvester. "That means that none of the teams are safe from elimination yet. Let's see how Lola is doing at the Choice Cabin."

Lola arrives at a separate part of camp where she finds a cabin with two urns in it. She sees a note on the cabin and reads it.

"Welcome to Choice Cabin," reads Lola, "a chance where you can change the game without the other contestants knowing how it is changed. Ooh, cool. In front of you, you have two urns. The urn on the left gives you a clue to a hidden immunity idol. The urn on the right allows you to switch to another team. You must select one urn and only one urn."

Lola thanks about the decision, not immediately going for either option.

(CONF) "Wow," says Lola, "it seems like this decision will give me a lot of power regardless of which one I choose. Hmm, do I like my position on my team?"

After thinking, Lola chooses the urn on the left and reads her hidden immunity idol clue. 

"If you think all hope is lost and cannot be found, you better start searching close to the ground. To find salvation, look back in your cabin," says Lola. "So it's close to the ground in my cabin..." 

The strange white van appears again to take Lola back to the game. 

Sylvester appears to start Round 2 of the pair challenge. 

"The three pairs left are Kyle and Julia, Nick and Jenna, and Oscar and Teresa," says Sylvester. "In this round, we are going to ask questions to one partner in privacy. We will then ask the other teammate those same questions. The first team to get two questions right will be safe and the last two pairs will compete in Round 3."

The girls end up getting asked two questions as Sylvester tallies up the answers.

(CONF) "I hope Kyle knows stuff about me..." says Julia. "I think we have talked enough to think he would know some of these answers."

(CONF) "Oscar and I have such a connection," says Teresa. "There is no way we aren't winning this challenge."

(CONF) "Ugh," says Nick, "this is going to be tough. I know almost absolutely nothing about Jenna, since we never have really talked. I'm going to be so embarrassed."

"First question," asks Sylvester. "What is your partner's favorite food?"

"Ummm...." says Nick, " it pizza?" 

"Incorrect!" yells Sylvester. "The answer was....whatever Gaby's favorite food was, which ended up being escargot."

(CONF) "Wow, really?" asks Nick. "I really thought she could think more for herself."

"Is it homemade roasted chicken?" asks Oscar. "Teresa talks about making chicken all the time, and I've always been eager to try some."

Teresa blushes as Sylvester nods. "What is your answer?" asks Sylvester, looking at Kyle. 

"Julia's favorite food is strawberry ice cream," Kyle answers confidently. 

"Correct!" yells Sylvester. "Next question, if either Kyle or Oscar get it right, they win the challenge. 

(CONF) "It all comes down to this," says Oscar. "This is my second chance to win this for us. I'm sick of losing challenge after challenge. If it comes down to us losing, either Teresa or myself have to go home. I cannot let that happen. Team Execution must execute this time!"

(CONF) "I know that Kyle is a thoughtful guy," says Julia. "The problem right now is I have a hard time in my mind separating my feelings for him and for Dorian. Life is tough sometimes."

Sylvester opens the next question. "What is your partner's greatest life goal? Since the guys answered last time, this question will go to the ladies."

Jenna stares at Nick and smiles.

"Is independent guitarist?" asks Jenna.

"Uhh...correct!" yells Sylvester, clearly shocked. Gaby looks on with an evil gleam in her eye while Nick smiles back at Jenna.

(CONF) "The connection between Nick and Jenna is stronger than I thought," says Gaby. "Jenna needs to be mine, so I cannot let her get any closer to anyone else. She is a valuable number for my alliance that I need to keep around for a while."

Gaby walks around to Dorian and Natasha, who are watching along with her. 

"Hey, guys!" says Gaby, in a high-pitched voice that makes her seem more bubbly. "How are you enjoying the challenge?"

"It's great!" says Natasha, clearly unaware that Gaby is putting on a front. "How is everything at Team Stealth going?"

"It's terrible!" exclaims Gaby, putting on a little bit of a sad face.

Natasha gasps, clearly fooled. "What is happening that is making you upset?"

Gaby sheds a tear and looks up at Natasha. "'s kind of embarrassing..."

"You don't have to share if you don't want to," says Natasha. "Everyone is entitled to privacy."

"I guess I'll tell you..." says Gaby, lowering her voice. "The other day, I was walking down to my cabin in my bathing suit...and Nick said some vulgar comments that were condescending to women."

Natasha gasps while Dorian looks on skeptically. "What!?" asks Natasha. "What did he say?"

Gaby leaned to Natasha and whispers. "He said that all women are good for are standing around in their bathing suits and looking sexy. It really hurt my feelings!"

Natasha's face turns a bright shade of red and hugs Gaby. "It's okay; if the merge comes soon, you bet for sure that I will do all I can to vote him out."

Dorian smiles, while Gaby hugs it out with Natasha and cracks a smile. "Thank you," says Gaby. "It means a lot to me that I have someone on my side."

(CONF) "Gaby was completely lying," says Dorian. "But damn, that was impressive. I thought I was the most manipulative person here, but I guess Gaby had me beat on this occasion. I'm not going to tell Natasha the truth, because it does benefit my game to have Nick gone sooner rather than later." 

Teresa beams up and smiles at Oscar. "Oscar wants to be a wilderness survival guide!"

Sylvester looks at the card, and shakes his head. "That is incorrect," says Sylvester. Teresa gasps while Oscar looks away. 

"Actually, my greatest life goal is to find a girl that can care for me, and appreciate my personality," says Oscar.

Teresa blushes, while staring into Oscar's eyes.

(CONF) "Oscar is amazing," says Teresa. "I am a person of believing that good people should get further in life, and Oscar is a wonderful human being. If it came down to me or him going home, part of me thinks that it might be better to ensure that he stays in the game."

Julia adjusts her glasses and answers the question.

"Kyle wants to be a successful entrepreneur who runs a technological store," says Julia.

"That is correct!" yells Sylvester. "That means Kyle and Julia win this part of the challenge, and that Team Reconnaissance is safe once again! Nick and Jenna, and Oscar and Teresa, that means you two pairs are going into part three of the challenge." 

Kyle and Julia hug, while Teresa looks the most visibly upset. Gaby meanwhile grabs Jenna and pulls her aside.

"Listen here," says Gaby. "I looked into Sylvester's backpack the other night, and I am pretty sure that some type of swap or merge is going to happen soon. We cannot go into that merge with Nick still here. He will for sure defect away from our team and betray us. So, in order to get him out, I need you to throw this next part of the challenge."

Jenna blinks, and responds without much hesitation. "Ok!" she says.

Sylvester meanwhile comes to the last two pairs with two disgusting-looking, heavy grubs. "This last challenge is an eating challenge. The first pair to down this grub will win immunity for their team, while the losing pair will cause their team to go to the elimination ceremony."

(CONF) "This is do or die time," says Oscar. "There are no excuses here. Team Execution must execute here in the clutch, and I need to prove that I am a competitor. I live in the wilderness and for moments like these. If I put my mind to it, there is no way that either Teresa or I will go home."

(CONF) "I am so ready to take this challenge on so that Oscar and I can win," says Teresa. "I care so much for him and we have survived four eliminations already. We really are a power couple at this point and my loving nature plus his athletic ability can cause us to go really far in this game!"

(CONF) "I have a bad aura that Gaby is plotting against me," says Nick. "I can't lose this challenge and fall to the evil demon queen. Not yet, at least."

The pairs begin to eat the grub, which causes Teresa to gag. Jenna puts small bites into her mouth, while Nick and Oscar furiously continue to eat the grub. Nick ends up being the one to finish the grub first.

"Team Stealth wins immunity!" yells Sylvester. "Sorry Team Execution, but I will see your sorry butts at the elimination ceremony once again."

Gaby glares at Jenna, while Nick celebrates with Jim.

(CONF) "I wish I could have eaten that grub," says Jim. "Anything sticky in my mouth will help me get my mind off...of...other things."

Teresa and Oscar hug, knowing that one of them will be eliminated. 

"I'm sad that it has to end this way," says Oscar. "It was great getting to know you on this crazy adventure."

"I know," says Teresa. "I liked getting to know you as well."

Oscar and Teresa look into each other's eyes, and exchange a kiss.

(CONF) "I am so upset that one of us has to go," says Oscar. "We both are forced to vote for each other at the elimination ceremony, so we will probably have to go to a tiebreaker challenge. I'm not sure what that challenge will be, but I will find it extremely difficult competing against her."

(CONF) "My entire life, my mom has told me to always do the right thing," says Teresa. "When I was younger, I would always sacrifice my personal agenda to further the agenda of my single mother and my younger brother. Giving means so much to me, and part of me wants to prove a point bigger than this game. I really hope that I can prove how giving I am." Teresa thinks for a little bit, and raises a finger in discovery. "I think I know how to do it."

Sylvester welcomes Team Execution, which just contains Oscar and Teresa. 

"How weird is it that we have the outdoor guy and the loving caretaker to be the last two on a tribe," says Sylvester. "Only one of you will get a bronze medal tonight. The rules state that you cannot vote for yourself, and that if we have a tie, we must go to a tiebreaker challenge. For formality, you both have to cast a vote anyways."

(CONF) "I have to vote for Teresa," says Oscar. "This game is awful; there is no other scenario where I would vote for her."

(CONF) "I vote for Oscar," says Teresa. "But stay tuned, what I'm going to do might shock a couple of people."

Sylvester gathers the votes, while Teresa stands up.

"Hey Sylvester," says Teresa. "I have a little something that I would like to use."

Oscar gasps, while Teresa pulls out the hidden immunity idol. 

(CONF) "When Teresa pulled that idol out, I knew for sure that I was going home. It's a good move for her, and I'm happy that she found it," says Oscar.

Teresa approaches Sylvester with idol in hand. Before she gives it to him, however, she looks back.

"I'm not playing this for myself. I'm going to play it for Oscar."

Oscar looks with a blank face, and then looks at Teresa. "You don't have to do this for me," says Oscar. "We're all playing our own games, and I would feel terrible if you ended your own game for mine."

"It's something I know I have to do," says Teresa. "You deserve to be here so much more than I do. I hope you do well."

Sylvester hands the bronze medal to Oscar. "With that, Teresa, you have been eliminated from this game."

Teresa enters the creepy white van, while Oscar remains crying.

"I'll never forget your sacrifice!" yells Oscar, waving at the van. "I will win this game for the both of us!"

(CONF) "That was the most touching thing another human being has ever done for me," says Oscar. "I have to stay focused the rest of this game."

"Only 10 remain and we have a big surprise for the contestants," says Sylvester. "Make sure you stay tuned to Anywhere But Last!"


Oscar: Teresa
Teresa: Oscar

Episode 10: An eMerging Threat

Host: Sylvester
Cook: Sasha

Team Reconnaissance


Team Stealth


Team Execution


"Previously, on Anywhere But Last!" yells Sylvester, grinning with a small smirk. "The contestants competed in pairs to win immunity for their team! Nick finally discovered that Jenna did in fact knew a little bit about him. Gaby concocted a lie to Natasha that called out Nick as a guy who objectifies women. And our favorite lovebirds, Oscar and Teresa, got split up when Teresa decided to play her idol on Oscar in order to save him in this game. Now, only ten remain. Who is going to emerge out of the dumps when we turn these bronze medals into silver ones? As the stakes raise, make sure that you go and be Anywhere But Last!"

(theme song)

Oscar wakes up in the Team Execution cabin alone. He look around, waiting for their to be someone to cheer him up, but nobody is around. 

(CONF) "Yeah, being alone is kind of depressing," says Oscar. "What Teresa did last night was very admirable, and I probably need a lot of luck to win now. I hope that the other two teams will go after each other before they go after me. As a physical competitor, I have to try very hard in order to make it further in this game."

Gaby looks through the window of Team Execution's cabin, and sees Oscar alone. She quickly moves out of the way before he has a chance to see her.

(CONF) "Coming down to ten people, I know that a potential merge is coming up," says Gaby. "I need all the protection I need. I finally got a hold of Natasha's diary the other night that Sylvester revealed she had in the fear challenge. It reveals that she does have the hidden immunity idol, and it conveniently tells me where exactly in my cabin I need to look."

Gaby pulls Jenna aside while Nick and Jim are still fast asleep. 

"I need you to do me a big favor," says Gaby.

Jenna looks puzzled, but shakes her head. "What for?" she asks.

"I need you to somehow get Jim and Nick out of the cabin, so I can look for something," says Gaby.

"Can I know what it is?" asks Jenna.

"You may not," says Gaby. "Just trust me on this one."

"Okay..." says Jenna. 

Jenna goes over to Nick's bed, and playfully hops onto it. Nick wakes up, pleasantly surprised.

"Hey Jenna, what's groovy?" asks Nick.

"Oh, nothing much," says Jenna, giggling. "Do you wanna go out to the lake for a swim?"

Nick's eyes widen as he answers without much hesitation. "Of course I would like to!"

(CONF) "Wow," says Nick. "This is the first time Jenna has given me this much attention! It must be due to not having Gaby around to tell her what to do. If this is the Jenna I want to see more often, I need to get Gaby out of the way and eliminate her."

Jenna leads Nick out of the cabin, while Jim remains asleep in there. Gaby tries to signal Jenna to go back to wake up Jim, but Jenna just continues with Nick walking to the lake.

(CONF) "Ugh! Can that girl be more annoying?" asks Gaby. "She literally had one job, and she failed at it. When she gets back, I'm going to have to scare her into place."

Gaby tiptoes into the cabin, trying not to wake up Jim. She looks under the rug, and discovers a bump. She quickly grabs the immunity idol and stuffs it into her bra. Gaby smiles and leaves the cabin, not knowing that Jim had one eye open the entire time.

(CONF) "Since I sleep all the time, everyone underestimates me," says Jim. "I can be sneaky too, and knowing Gaby has uh...whatever that is can help me...maybe she'll give me something better than a cigarette next time!"

(CONF) "So I got one idol, but I know that there is one more idol left in play since Natasha has the Reconnaissance idol," says Gaby. "If I can somehow sneak into Team Execution's cabin, I can be the most powerful player in the game with two idols. That will cause me to be unstoppable!"

Meanwhile, at Team Reconaissance, Lola is annoyed at all of the flirting going on. Kyle and Julia are snuggling, while Dorian and Natasha are whispering to each other.

(CONF) "I didn't join Anywhere But Last to watch couples be gross this entire time," says Lola. "I came here for one thing: the check. Having two votes is extremely powerful now that there are only ten people left in this game. If I align with these people the entire time, I'm destined not to make it to the end. Dorian and Kyle are too smart to let me get that far. So for now, I need to make sure I'm always one step ahead of them."

Kyle and Julia walk outside of the cabin to the patio, and begin to talk.

"What is our course of action from here?" asks Julia.

"This is our time to make a big move," says Kyle. "The optimal strategy for a game like this is to lay low at the beginning, and strike when the time is right."

"Really?" asks Julia.

(CONF) "I thought we should be nice to everyone," says Julia. "Kyle is a little more cutthroat than I am, so I appreciate that he can protect the both of us from impending harm so we can survive whatever is thrown at us."

(CONF) "I know I haven't done much up to this point," says Kyle. "I'm a strategist. I know when to make my moves and when not to make them. Now is the perfect time to strike. We're getting to the point where I know Team Reconnaissance is not going to stick together, and I need to strike at Dorian before he strikes at me. I have Lola and Julia on board, and I am prepared to throw the next challenge to get rid of him. My path to the end now is just like clockwork."

"Yeah," says Kyle. "I know I'm not the most outgoing guy, but I hope I can make you feel comfortable, Julia. We may not be as outwardly emotional as other pairs out there, but I know I can trust you."

"I agree," says Julia, blushing.

(CONF) "If Kyle were to leave this game, I'm not sure what I would do," says Julia. "I usually keep my emotions in check, but I've never really felt this way about a guy before. I might become more vocal if he were to leave, as I would have nobody to protect me. I just hope we can trust Lola and her hidden agendas."

Oscar steps outside of the cabin and meets Lola by a tree with a lot of branches on it. Lola looks around to make sure nobody is looking, and they begin to talk.

(CONF) "Since the paintball challenge, I have secretly been communicating with Oscar to make sure that I could work with him later down the road," says Lola. "Now that he is here, we can discuss our future plans of action. I might be homeless, but even the homeless have to trust a fellow every once in a while. If it was between Oscar and Dorian, I would take Oscar every time."

"It sucks being the last member of my team," says Oscar. "I need to trust you going forward to get anywhere in this game."

"Don't make it too sappy, kid," says Lola. "This is to further both of our games, and making sure we can split up the couples before they pick us off one by one."

"Who do you think the biggest threat is?" asks Oscar.

"Dorian by far knows what he is doing," says Lola. "He is devious. He can conjure up the most crazy plans, and somehow make it work every time."

"Can we stop him?" asks Oscar. "I know he is the head of the snake, and we should cut him now before he gains too much traction."

"We should talk more later," says Lola. "But I am completely on board with you."

(CONF) "Having a new ally is great now that I am alone," says Oscar. "She's not the friendliest person, but at least I can count on her not to screw me over. I still can't feel safe anymore, though. I'm going to try my hardest to win as many challenges as I can from here on out."

As Natasha begins to remain awake, Dorian begins to talk with her in the cabin. 

"Do you think that other people might be afraid of you?" asks Natasha.

"I know they are afraid of me," says Dorian. "It hardly matters, even if they do."

Natasha gasps and hugs Dorian. "It should matter! What if you get blindsided?"

"They can't do it," says Dorian. "They're not powerful enough."

(CONF) "These kids think they are so smart," says Dorian. "What they don't know is that I already have the game locked up. I knew from the start that my plan is foolproof. I use my charm and wit to make sure that they will vote for anyone but me. If I don't get any votes, I can't get voted out. It's as easy as that."

"Can you really trust Kyle and Lola like that, though?" asks Natasha. "They can be really sneaky. What if they don't want to keep the team strong?"

"I know how to get myself out of this," says Dorian. "Do you not trust me?"

" you," says Natasha.

(CONF) "Dorian is kind of hard to figure out," says Natasha. "I feel like he knows everything about me, but I know nothing about him. Could he be playing me? Is it possible? Am I that naive?"

Later in the day, Dorian goes up to Kyle and sits down with him.

"Yo, Kyle, how's it going?" asks Dorian.

"It's going well," says Kyle. "Are you down to ride our team down to the final five?"

"I am 100% down," says Dorian. "Look, I'm not stupid, Kyle, and I know you're not stupid either. There are ten people left, and we have five of them. If we play this right, there is really nothing they can do."

(CONF) "After my conversation with Dorian, I don't think now is the time to strike," says Kyle. "He does have a point that we control the numbers right now and it is not advantageous to have other people around. If Dorian makes the optimal move that he should, he'll probably stick with us for one more vote before he tries to go rogue. I can trust him, for now at least."

Kyle tells Julia his plan of not striking at Dorian immediately.

"I'm glad you told me this information, Kyle," says Julia. "This type of sharing shows that you really are a trustworthy person. I'm happy that I met you out here amidst all of the chaos."

(CONF) "Kyle....he does make me happy," says Julia. "It's true."

Julia nervously shifts around, and Kyle kisses her. Behind a tree in the distance, Gaby spies on them with Jenna.

"Hmmm," says Gaby. "They seem to be the closest pair on the island. I was more worried about Oscar, but I see now I have bigger fish to fry."

(CONF) "We at Team Stealth only have four members," says Gaby. "Team Reconnaissance is five strong. That math is not good for us, if it were that straightfoward. Luckily, I have established some trust with that hunk Dorian, so I'm sure I can convince him to do whatever I want."

Gaby walks up to Dorian and puts her hand on his soldier.

"Hey Dor," says Gaby, using her flirtation skills to her advantage. "How's everything going?"

"Everything is great," says Dorian. "I have a beautiful woman next to me; what more can a man ask for?"

(CONF) "I know Gaby is trying to play me," says Dorian. "I'm trying to play her back as well. We're both attractive, fit, intelligent individuals. She has her pawns and I have mine. All we have to do at this point is make sure we don't go after each other and we should be fine."

"You know, I don't think that Nick is the biggest threat anymore," says Gaby. "As much as I despise the kid, I think that someone on your side is more dangerous."

"I know," says Dorian. "You don't have to say any more to me."

(CONF) "The problem with targeting someone on my team is that then I have to rely on Oscar to have the numbers on my side," says Dorian. "That kid is a wildcard, though. I'm thinking at this point it's more about friendships than it is about teams."

Sylvester welcomes the three teams to a mat in the middle of the beach. "Welcome contestants," says Sylvester. "As you all have been pondering, there is now going to be a merge. The problem with this is that we don't have a merge name or a color. Each one of you will now compete as individuals, and will try to create a merge name and a color that will best represent the personalities on this new tribe. I will give you each a flag, on which you will color and write the new team name. The person with the most creative name and color combination will win immunity. Tonight, you cannot vote for the person with immunity, while everyone else will vote a person out of the game. I will then give out silver medals, and the person not receiving a silver medal will get taken away by the strange white van."

(CONF) "Just like I suspected, it's merge time," says Kyle, grinning. "This is where the real game begins. I have waited all my life to be in this strategic scenario. It's kind of humbling."

(CONF) "Does this mean I have to interact with more people?" asks Jim. "Ugh, this is so hard to get through!"

Gaby starts to work on her tribe name, with Jenna secretly looking on to try to copy her name. Nick goes to Jenna and pulls her aside.

"You know, we are individuals now. You don't have to copy other people," says Nick.

Jenna blinks, and responds. "Okay!"

(CONF) "I know I sound like a dead horse by now, but this seriously has got to stop," says Nick. "I know that Jenna has a bigger purpose and aura about her, but now I can't know where she is at."

Natasha gives an evil glare at Nick, to which he seems surprised by.

"Hey Natasha, how's it going?" asks Nick. "Do you want to do some yoga later?"

Natasha doesn't respond, still giving Nick the cold shoulder.

(CONF) "I can't believe that Nick pretends to be so nice," says Natasha. "What Gaby told me about him makes me despise him even more. I thought I could trust him as a friend since he helped me meditate. But if he really objectifies women like that, he has to go!"

Jim starts to draw a picture of a leaf, coloring the flag green.

(CONF) "I want to name us Team Weed," says Jim. "It'll help me cope with everything."

Julia starts to draw a picture of a library, carefully coloring in each book. Lola looks on and is surprised by her artwork.

"You're really good at drawing," says Lola. "Where did you pick it up?"

"I spent a lot of time drawing as a kid," says Julia. "It seems to just carry over with me."

(CONF) "I'm naming us Team Determination," says Julia. "Books inspire me, and I hope that my love of reading will inspire more people everywhere to keep reading more books."

Dorian draws a peace symbol on his flag, using white to color in his flag.

(CONF) “Am I a peace-loving person?” asks Dorian. “Of course not. But what I do know is that it is an advantage to have other people thinking that I am a peace-loving person at the cost of winning this one immunity. So, for now, we’re Team Peace. It’s a long-term strategy.”

Natasha draws a picture of a human pyramid, coloring the people in it pink.

(CONF) “Pink is the color of cheer,” says Natasha. “I wouldn’t do it any other way. I’m calling us Team Spirit, because we all sure smell like it.”

Kyle draws a picture of an island, strongly resembling the island that they are on right now.

(CONF) “I’m going to keep it simple,” says Kyle. “Why not just represent the force that we are playing on right now? I’ll call it Team ABL, and color it blue.”

Lola draws a picture of a knife, colored red. Julia walks by, and looks terrified from the flag.

“What?” asks Lola. “Do you have anything against my flag?”

“No…” says Julia. “It’s just a little creepy.”

“Hun, you wouldn’t say it was creepy if you had to use this thing as a way of life,” says Lola.

(CONF) “Team Knife,” says Lola. “Simple.”

Nick draws a picture of a guitar, coloring it brown.

(CONF) “Team Guitar is what I’m going for,” says Nick. “You have to just appreciate the acoustic nature of everything.”

Gaby draws a picture of a beautiful yellow dress, clearly showing her sense in fashion. Jenna looks on with awe as Lola rolls her eyes from the side.

(CONF) “You don’t get as far in life as I have without looking fabulous,” says Gaby. “That hobo Lola just is jealous that no guys ever pay attention to her. Team Fabulosity is obviously going to reign supreme.”

Jenna quickly finishes her tribe name and flag, not revealing what she made to anyone.

Oscar looks around, seeing that he is the last one who has not completed his flag yet. He quickly finishes his flag, and turns it in to Sylvester.

“Alright,” says Sylvester. “I have all of the flags and their colors. The design that I feel best represents both the individual and the game the best will win immunity!”

All the participants wait as Sylvester judges all of the flags.

(CONF) “Immunity is crucial here,” says Oscar. “People will look at me as a threat since I was such an underdog on my original tribe. I might have to win from here on out.” “The top three, in no particular order,” says Sylvester, “are Julia, Gaby, and Oscar. Each of them had creative designs that were good both in quality and meaning.”

(CONF) “Sylvester is just mad that I didn’t play to his rules,” says Dorian. “Sometimes the player just outsmarts the host.”

“And the winner is…” says Sylvester, “Oscar! His design of Team Wilderness and accurate drawing of the jungle wins it for him. Seems only fitting that a crazy jungle boy can draw a jungle pretty well, huh. The tribe color that he chose, black, to represent the jungle at night, is going to be your new tribe color. Anyways, for the rest of the nine of you, one of you is going to be taken away tonight. Fight your guts out to see who it’s going to be.”

Oscar cheers, while Jenna and Gaby hug and congratulate him for winning. Kyle looks on and rolls his eyes.

(CONF) “Gaby and Jenna know that Oscar is the swing, so they are trying to be extra nice to him,” says Kyle. “I see right through their little play. But if the former Team Reconnaissance sticks together, the worst they can do is force a tie. And since we have no idea what the tiebreaker is, it’s wise for them to avoid that.”

Back at the cabins, Oscar contemplates which way he is going to vote.

(CONF) “Lola is an ally, but why should I vote with the Recons if I’m just going to be sixth on the totem pole?” asks Oscar. “The problem is that I have no relationships with any of the Stealths, but at least I’ll go up a spot. I just want to make Teresa proud.”

Kyle and Julia cuddle on the beach, discussing the events of today.

“Do you trust Dorian?” asks Julia.

“I trust him to at least stick together for one vote,” says Kyle. “It would be foolish of him to flip now.

Dorian and Natasha walk up to Kyle and Julia, and sit down beside them.

“What’s the plan?” asks Natasha. “Who is the most threatening on the other side?”

“I think Nick has got to go,” says Dorian. “He’s very likable, and is quite physical too. Plus he has numbers in Jenna and Jim. I don’t want to make this a bureaucracy though. What do y’all think?”

“I agree,” says Kyle. “It seems like the most logical move.”

“I just can’t wait to get to final five, guys,” says Natasha. “It’s going to be great!”

(CONF) “As I know now, we are sticking to the plan and getting rid of Nick,” says Natasha. “As a cheerleader, I’ve always been taught to stick with my team throughout adversity.

Meanwhile, Gaby and Jenna discuss who they are voting out with Nick and Jim.

“I say we vote out Dorian,” says Nick. “He clearly is the biggest threat on the other side.”

Jim slowly opens his eyes from his light nap and nods. “Yeah…..I think so too, man.”

Jenna opens her mouth to speak but Gaby interrupts her.

“But don’t you think that maybe Kyle is the bigger threat?” she asks. “I think that Kyle has to go before Dorian.”

(CONF) “Do I truly believe that Kyle is a bigger threat?” asks Gaby. “Of course not. But the other people of my former team do not need to know that.”

“I still say that we vote out Dorian,” says Nick. “He interrupts my vibe and is too slick for my taste.”

Jim nods his head, and dozes off back into sleep. Gaby rolls her eyes, and walks out of the cabin alone. She looks out at the former Team Execution cabin, and glares an evil smirk.

(CONF) “Since I already have found the idol in my cabin, and know that Natasha has another idol, I know that there is one idol left in play,” says Gaby. “Where would that be, you might ask? It’s clockwork, really. My nosiness is going to really help me out now.”

Gaby walks into the Team Execution cabin, and looks under the rug near the front of the cabin. She finds the third idol, stuffs it into her pocket, and carefully walks out.

(CONF) “So now, I have two idols to protect me,” says Gaby, dangling the two idols in front of the camera. “I am now the most powerful player in this game, but nobody has any idea that I am.”

Meanwhile, Oscar goes up to Nick and starts talking to him.

“Hey, I’ve been thinking about it a little, and I think that it’s best for me to roll with the Stealths to try to make it to the end,” says Oscar.

“Yeah. honestly, I like you a lot more than I like Gaby or some of the people on the other side,” says Nick. “You seem pretty anti-establishment, and I don’t like people who are too uptight.”

“I agree, man,” says Oscar. “In fact, you and Jim are the two people that seem the most chill. If we get to the final five with Gaby and Jenna, I think that we could easily vote them out and become the final three.”

“I like the sound of that, man,” says Nick. “You, Jim, and I can do some serious damage in this game.”

(CONF) “You see, just a day ago, I seemed like the biggest target in the game and destined to go home next,” says Oscar. “But now, it seems like my prospects are looking up and I have a decent shot in this game.”

Meanwhile, Kyle and Julia are discussing their future prospects in the game.

“Do you think there is any chance that you could go tonight?” asks Julia. “I’m really afraid that Dorian might pull a fast one on you.”

“I don’t think he will,” says Kyle. “I think that I’ve worked my relationship with Dorian to the point where he’ll stick with us.”

“He seems a little shady…” says Julia. “I’m not sure we can trust him.” (CONF) “I know Julia is afraid, but I think that everything is going to go according to plan,” says Kyle.

Natasha walks up to Kyle and Julia and sits down next to them.

“I really just want someone from our team to win,” says Natasha. “Also, I can’t stand Nick. I’ve heard that he says really degrading comments towards women.”

Julia, upon hearing this, flares her nostrils, and looks more visibly upset. “That’s really rude,” she says. “I’m just glad that he is going home tonight. That pisses me off so much.”

Kyle shakes his head in agreement. “I don’t like seeing Julia upset, so I am completely on board with making this happen.”

(CONF) “As well as being a emotionally satisfying move for Julia, this is great for me. We can pick off the former Stealths one by one, vote out Dorian and Natasha next, and vote out Lola at final three to have Julia and I be the final two,” says Kyle. “It’s really that easy. I’m so happy that this game has turned out like this for us. I know from Dorian that Gaby can’t really stand Nick either, so we may not even need Oscar for this vote.”

Gaby and Dorian meanwhile start to whisper in the corner of the woods.

“Do you know what’s happening?” asks Dorian.

“I know exactly what should happen,” says Gaby. “I think too that you know what needs to happen tonight to move yourself up on the pecking order.”

Dorian ponders for a second, and nods his head. “I can make it happen,” he says.

(CONF) “I really have all the power in this game right now,” says Dorian. “I control who goes home tonight, and it’s such a wonderful feeling. No matter what I do, somebody is going to be pissed off tomorrow, and come guns-a-blazing after me. I’m ready for it, though. This is what I signed up for. Let’s get some blood on my hands.”

Right before they leave to the elimination ceremony, Dorian walks up to Natasha and whispers to her his vote. Natasha opens her mouth in shock for a second, but then whispers back to Dorian something else. They both nod their heads, and walk to the elimination ceremony, where they see Sylvester with silver medals.

“Since you all have made the merge of this game, now I will introduce the concept of silver medals,” says Sylvester. “These are the medals that you want to get at the elimination ceremony to avoid being taken away by the strange white van. In the confessional, you all will vote out anyone in the game, aside from Oscar who has immunity. Remember, if you have an idol, you have to play it before I start handing out medals.”

(CONF) “I vote for Nick,” says Julia. “Not only is he rude, but he is the biggest threat to Kyle and I. Good bye.”

(CONF) “I vote for Dorian,” says Oscar. “He just completely is just the opposite of who I am as a person.”

Sylvester counts the votes, and smirks. He grabs the nine silver medals he has with him, and starts to hand them out to the contestants.

“Oscar, you get the first silver medal for winning immunity,” says Sylvester. “The next six medals go to Natasha, Lola, Jim, Julia, Jenna, and Gaby.”

The seven who are safe grab their medals while Kyle, Dorian, and Nick look on with worry.

“All three of you received votes at this ceremony,” says Sylvester. “Dorian, you are also safe.”

Dorian receives his medal, with Kyle and Nick being the last two people remaining.

“The last medal goes to…” says Sylvester,

“…Nick. Sorry Kyle, but you have been eliminated from Anywhere But Last.”

Kyle stands up in shock, with his jaw dropped and his eyes glaring at Dorian. “Why did you betray me!?”

“It’s all a game, and you just got outplayed,” says Dorian.

“Well, let it be known to everyone here that Dorian is a snake and should not be trusted,” says Kyle. “You’re such a scheming little brat.”

Julia runs up to Kyle and hugs him, on the verge of crying. “I hope you have a fun time without me. I’ll fight on for you.”

Julia and Kyle kiss, as the strange white van comes and takes Kyle away. Julia is left remaining bewildered and upset.

“Well, wasn’t that eventful,” says Sylvester. “How will this drama between Julia and Dorian unfold? Make sure that you stay tuned and stick around for Anywhere But Last!”


Dorian: Kyle
Natasha: Kyle
Gaby: Kyle
Jenna: Kyle
Kyle: Nick
Julia: Nick
Lola: Nick
Jim: Dorian
Nick: Dorian
Oscar: Dorian

Episode 11: Not Just a Follower

Host: Sylvester
Cook: Sasha

Team Wilderness




Elimination Table

Place Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
TBD Oscar IN WIN Kitty WIN WIN Xavier Sha'Brian Chanyu Teresa Dorian
10th Kyle IN WIN WIN WIN Natasha WIN WIN WIN WIN Nick
11th Teresa IN WIN Kitty WIN WIN Xavier Sha'Brian Chanyu Oscar
12th Chanyu IN WIN Kitty WIN WIN Xavier Sha'Brian Oscar
13th Sha'Brian IN WIN Oscar WIN WIN Oscar Oscar
14th Xavier IN WIN Kitty WIN WIN Oscar
15th Alex IN WIN WIN WIN Kyle
16th Allie IN Jenna WIN Jim
17th Kitty IN WIN Sha'Brian
18th Joey IN Gaby

Color Chart

     This contestant was on Team Reconnaissance.
     This contestant was on Team Stealth.
     This contestant was on Team Execution.
     This contestant made the merge and was on Team Wilderness.
     This contestant won immunity.
     This contestant was safe at the elimination ceremony.
     This contestant received their medal last at the elimination ceremony.
     This contestant was eliminated.

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