Antonio (SS)
Clam Chowders


Gender Male
Hair color Light Brown
Relationship Fiancée
Family Father, Mother, Fiancée
Fear Having to Eat Pork
Talent Teaching, Singing In French

Antonio, labeled as The Unintentional Eye Candy, is a character on S.S. Total Drama.


Antonio has recently graduated and works as a teacher in a high school. He was never handsome at all, he is average-looking body wise, and has a unibrow and a gap in his teeth. Still, the majority of his female students see Antonio as the most beautiful man in the Earth, making the male students incredibly jealous. Besides having some stalkers, Antonio receives gifts more often than any teacher in the school he works, and has love letters handed to him weekly. The attention he gets doesn't come only from his students, some teachers and a lunch lady are also attracted to Antonio and have unsuccessfully tried to flirt with him. Despite all efforts from his admirers, Antonio is engaged with an Argentinian woman, who have already received some death threats from the most unstable students, and that one lunch lady.

Antonio joined Total Drama to win the money for him and his fiancée.


  • Antonio is based on a teacher from the authors' school.
  • Antonio's bio is based on real facts, but is obviously exaggerated for comedic purposes.
  • Antonio was originally eliminated right before the merge.

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