Nifty Nostalgia
Gender Female
Hair color Orange
Episode Eliminated "tdfmovie"
Place 19th
Family Mother, Father, Izzy (cousin)
Friends Nifty Nostalgia
Enemies Everyone else
Fear Sanity
Talent Mild insanity

Annica, labeled The Mildly Insane One, is a competitor on Total Drama Flashback. She is the cousin of Izzy from TDI.


On the same day of Izzy's birth, Annica was born as well. This was not known until Izzy and Annica were about ten. Izzy's mom had gone into the hospital from skin cancer, and Annica's mom took their family to go see them. Upon the discussion, Izzy and Annica's similarities were revealed. Izzy's insanity was then taken up by Annica, who also strived for insanity. Alas, she did not have the right qualities to match Izzy's level. At age 14, it was discovered that Annica had developed bipolar disorder after her father died (from cancer). When she saw Izzy on Total Drama Island, she constantly applied for the show until she finally got on. She claimed she'd use the money to cure cancer, yet she has also stated that she'd give it to Izzy, to found a school, to start a publishing company, to save the rainforest, to recreate the "hidden eighth ocean," to populate we'll see.


  • Annica is obviously an edit of Izzy.
  • Annica's original name was Lizzy, but that was taken.
  • Annica's name was decided when Fanfiction2010 came up with a name on the author's talk page.
  • Annica's image was the first to be made for TDF.
  • Annica's original image came out blurry on the template, so a new one had to be made.
  • Annica is revealed to have bipolar disorder in tdfmovie.

Annica, originally.

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